Playstation Network Down: May 3

There were a lot of people that were reporting that the Playstation network down problem would be fixed by May 3 (today). As far as I have seen there is still no improvement in the problem. Users on youtube are laughing at and disliking videos that proclaim that it will be up right now. Most of the people saying this were just trying to get attention and had no real information.

playstation network down may 3The Playstation network down problem has been going on for about 2 weeks now. It has been confirmed that some self-proclaimed “die hard” fans of Playstation have actually went out and bought Xbox so that they could play online. Some people however have decided to just wait it out and play offline. How are you dealing with the Playstation network down problem?

Yesterday Sony blogged that their objective was to keep users and their information safe. Some users really don’t seem to care about this issue and just want their games back online. The safety of credit cards and other user information is extremely important. When will this Playstation network down issue go away?


  1. Jamie says:

    I’m not whiny, so I’m one who has decided to wait it out and play games like Uncharted 2, Red Dead, Fallout and even some old PS1 games I found (Yes, it was epic), instead of wasting hundreds on another system which to me, isn’t worth paying for to play online.

  2. Mitchell says:

    IGN says may 3 but sony says may 4. I will believe sony over IGN on this one.

  3. Jay says:

    This is a bunch of b/s i dont think sony knows what the hell they are doing, either that or they are being too cheap to actually fix the problem, they claim to be working 24/7, for two weeks now, if you think about it thats more than a month of regular monday to friday shifts. and then the welcome back package, i dont think anyone really gives a shit about playstation plus, give us a free game or playstation dollars. if its not up by the end of the week ima buy all the games i have for ps3 for my xbox. For a giant company like sony, to have such a cheap firewall is embarrassing, even before this attack there was word of a software you can download to get everything of playstation network for free, but sony is soo surprised of this “malicious” attach lol

  4. papriko says:

    i had faith, but i just went and bought an xbox 360 and i dont like the graphics or the button layout, but the online experience makes up for it. sorry sony, i got tired of false hopes and thank you soooooo much for letting some nerd on a bathrobe take my debit card information/bank information along with everything else. but as a consolation price i’ll send you my S.S. # so that you can let my complete information out there. at this point it doesn’t really matter. thanks for horsefucking me!

  5. shane says:

    Relax people, it will be back up soon enough, take this time to, I don’t know, get a life, lead up some acne, some of you definitely need to shower, it isn’t the end of the world, it is a minor inocnvenience.

  6. troller says:

    just goes to show the amount of loyalty psn users have, it’s sad really

  7. zhadow says:


  8. Josh/NC says:

    Im a sony/playstation guy to the core…I may not like it being offline. Isn’t no reason for me to give microsoft my money. In my opinion I agree with them making sure information is kept better secured. So ppl wanting 360 cya they got no life and can’t wait. Well CYA….in all fairness I can’t wait till its actually back on. GO SONY

  9. Anthony says:

    Hey The playstation network will be up to day its all over the news Japan has the online they are currently playing right now as for america and canada its going to be up tonight im out PEACE

  10. joseph says:

    Ok this is gettin really rediculous what the hell is takin so long man I’m gettin two diffrent stories on when the psn is comin back witch one should I believe cause my patients with sony is wearin thin hurry up and put it back online dude shit

  11. John says:

    Does anybody remember the crap with xbox? The system sucked they even had a two week period they were down, and people paid for that service!! Sony has been pretty much flawless since starting the network. For you dumb people use a credit card not a debit card so you don’t lose your money! In a day or two and it will all be back to normal, and the idiots will have spent $300-400 dollars instead of just waiting.

  12. sarah says:

    Every body on here writing or leaving messages is around 12 to 50 years in age, yet you all sound like little babys who lost there bottles or were never breast fed.

  13. G-ROC says:

    the call of dead maps are suppose to come out late may aronund the 25

  14. omlete says:

    Playstation is great and all but not working. I dont play games that are not online really. My wife already had a xbox kineckt for her and my kid so all i did was go out and buy black ops. I like playing games, it keeps me at home and out of trouble. My lady would rather me play games than go out with the boys and get loaded. Video chat on playstation is what I miss the most. My family is playstation so we used to video chat everyday since we dont live close to each other. When Sony puts the PSN back up everyone who went to xbox will gladly come back to the PSN to play with the people they have been playing with for years now.

  15. Sean says:

    Lol sony are pony

  16. Chris says:

    Wtf sony? You really dropped. the ball on this one,me and seven of my friends are buying xbox today and I hope this puts sony gaming out of buisiness for good because of their negligence

  17. nathan blust says:

    for all the people that are complaining its not sonys fault that some retard hacked the network you guys should be yelling at him because he ruined it not sony and to say sony doesnt care? they are trying to keep your credit cards and information safe what dont you idiots understand about that do you want somebody blowing your moms credit card so your family can go in debt than you wont have a home to play online with so just get a life for a couple of days then you can come and play your stupid games again jesus what is wrong with you people i would like to see you guys rebuild a whole new network retards

  18. Evan R. Samii says:

    The Only Way Ima Give Microsoft Money Is If I Buy Another Computer

  19. dave says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i cant play a game online boooooo feeking hoooo get a life folks look out that hole in your wall yes …..the window . that’s the real world out there go and enjoy it for a bit
    psn will be back when its back . and yes i am a playstation freek (had AN XBOX 360 AND IT WAS GUFF ONLINE OR NOT) i have had them all and the psp and after 6 fooked up ps3′s with BD faults im still with them so you die hard’s aren’t that die hard are you .
    you lot need to get a real world life
    anyway’s you lot forgot psn is a free service without psn+ so do we really have the right to grumbil that its down .i would worry more about looking after your bank accounts now i know i am and on that if any of you have any accounts online there’s a good chance this has already happened to you but you just don’t know it

  20. Jesse James says:

    I just found out yesterday that the playstation network is down. My cousin thought it was just his, so he told me to try it and it failed to work. So I googled it and it appears its been down for awhile now. I could really care less about it being down, just as long as the credit card information is safe.

    I can’t believe how some people are taking this whole thing?! Seem like most people don’t have lives!? Cry me a river! Get a job, actually hang out with friends, play outside, get some exercise. I know it won’t be the same not calling people “noobs” or yelling every cuss word in the book, with your girly, yet to hit puberty voice. Find a football to throw around…but oh shit, there could be germs on the ball…especially if it dropped on the ground! Dear God and what if kid #1 hit kid #2 with the ball…they could be injured or worse there could be a potential law suite…my God man stop the insanity!…”heh” Maybe the obesity rate will go down a percent or two during this “end of days event” I can’t believe people would actually go out and buy another system just to play online, you’ve got to be kidding me!

    I’m sure Sony is doing their best to get everything up and running again. Be strong, you’ll pull through this….

  21. Jon says:

    I am just waiting it out. But I will say that Playstation Network should have thought about the hackers out there, and realized that there are people out there who want to mess things up for other people. Next time be safe! FOR US!

  22. joshua says:

    For me,
    i like to play ps3 but its down so i havnt really touched it, it dose not really bother me. il just wait it out :) i think its sad how people have gone out and bought a x-box though….. plus the game they want, its a waste of money if you ask me :)

  23. Wolfleader says:

    It may be an inconvenience right now but at least i have netflix and have been renting bluray movies through this non online issue and best of all Osam Bin Stupid is Stone cold dead what more can you ask for? life is good !!!!

  24. jose says:

    love fifa 11 fk 360 love playstation i’ll wait

  25. Clem says:

    I’m a die hard playstation fan. But if this takes a few more weeks I’m gonna give up. i’ll have to go buy an xbox. Sorry, Sony

  26. RFColunga says:

    I am not upset but frustrated because the games I have and the money I have loaded into my account I am sure is still there or at least I hope it is, But with the size and resources of Sony that they have not corrected the problem is a major concern. Plus I bought games to play them not wait. If sony waits much longer I predict a sea of lawsuits not only from PS3 owners but the companies who make the games.

  27. Decendent says:

    Seriously? How can everyone complain about a service that is free? I am sure that Sony does not like spending all of the money that they have shelled out to have their workers working overtime in something that they do not see a huge profit in. I personally hope that they start charging us in efforts to keep this from happening again! And to all of the people who want to go out and buy an xbox 360, who cares? I personally would not waste my money on a device that is so cheaply made. But, it is not all about what I want. So get over it, things happen. Just be thankful that they are working on getting the problem fixed.

  28. PCVEEZY says:

    I really think that people are quite pathetic if they ran out and bought an XBox360, those people must not have lives. So the PSN has been down for 2 weeks now, big whoop. Yes it sucks you cant play online but its not the end of the world. These are video games we are talking about, virtual life not real life people. This kind of stuff happens every once in a while because the even bigger losers, the hackers, have no life whatsoever so they have to take it out on us normal people. Im sorry you hackers got beat up in school and got made fun of all your life, thats not my fault. Either way, this is no big deal to me. Ive been playing games offline such as AC Brotherhood, inFamous and other great titles. When the PSN comes back up then we can all throw our hands in the air and rejoice and we will all forget this ever happened and go back to playing online as usual. Until then, I will continue to lead a normal life and play some games here and there and also you know, go out and socialize in the real world which is more fun anyways. Video games are just a fun little side hobby that keeps me busy when im not at work or having real life fun. Anyways, I just think everyone needs to take their panties out of a bunch and be patient with Sony and let it all work itself out. Good day.

  29. nicole says:

    Who cares that it’s taking a little while to get back up and running? They are fixing everything to make sure nothing like this happens again. To all those people PATHETIC enough to actually go out and buy an xbox just so they can play online, well first off, have fun paying like 300 dollars for your new system and now that you want to play online, have fun paying an additional 100 dollars a year just to use the online service! So congrats, you are just screwing yourself out of more money! Just wait it out like the rest of us, its actually not that bad, now all you gamers can take this time until its back up to actually do something with your life. It’ll be back soon, so until than, suck it up and play some offline like the rest of us, or go out and do something with your life and stop being whiny little babies ! :)

  30. sean says:

    It’s free people. How can anybody complain! Go find a girlfriend or go outside. I love my ps3 and no way will I pay for online service from xbox.

  31. Irvin says:

    I am tired of waiting sony get psn running. These two weeks have been hell but that all changed when i bought xbox live and started playing online. I am starting to believe that xbox live is worth buying.

  32. ryan says:

    Guys u have to chill out. Yes it sad for sony to be under maintance because of a group of hackers but their are other things you can do. You guys are addicted tha you wont probably wont even go outside. Just stfu and chill their trying their best. Its not easy. But i also agree it is very sad a really good company isnt fixing the problem for 2 weeks now but…………i just dont know what to do

  33. Mark says:

    Sonys handling of this situation is pathetic. Sony to whoever bothers to read your customers comments. Sony, your executing of addressing the media and your customers is terrible. All you have been doing is stalling day in day out and giving false HOPE on when it will come back. For once tell the truth and allow your customers to know that it will take a long time to fix the PSN and that you really dont know what your doing. This has devastated millions and Sonys profits adn shares will keep dropping from now for days to come. I was a proud user of all SONY products and now i am ashamed to say i was a loyal customer to SONY

  34. JB says:

    Haha did anyone ead “Jays” comment? Is he retarded? You do know that a server network being hacked is way different from a game on the network being reverse engineered by breaking code right? I swear a bunch of retards give their opinions…”UGGHHH DUHH DID THEY JUST PUT WATER ON THE FIREWALL TO PUT IT OUT THEN GRAB THE SERVER TREYS?” retards…

  35. angry with playstation network says:

    the Psn is taking soo long and all my friends are buying x-box and i want to get it aswell because playstation network is too random they tell us they will be back on 3 may(today) but they are not back online at the moment so sorry PSN i am getting x-box Psn is too boring without online is time for me to meet my new console (X-BOX) and is safe than (PSN)…

  36. girl01 says:

    Well I’m getting tired of waiting for the truth about the situation and when the network will be back up. I love my ps3 but I went nd rented a Xbox so sense PlayStation its going to be up till whenever I’m going to beast on the new zombie maps on Xbox. If they just told the truth in the first place ppl wouldn’t be so angry I have looked on a bunch of websites for info nd none gave an exact date they say within the week bit if Sony feel the network it not secure by the end of may that’s an awfully long time to download new software so they need to be straight up nd tell us wuts going on

  37. Ibrahim says:

    I, personally, decided to wait it out. Why? Because I know that if I buy a new system, when the PS3 has online service back on, I’m not going to use the new system anymore. So the money I would’ve wasted on a new system, I might as well, I don’t know, save it up for my college payments. So for all you preteen trolls out there, now is the time to learn the meaning of the word “patience”, and also, what getting a real education is all about. Most of you guys complaining here don’t even have proper grammar skills. Even I (English is not my first language) have better grammar skills than you. Some of you can’t even type “patience” (@joseph, who wrote “patients”). You are hilarious. Get your ass of the chair, and do something productive other than whining and crying.

  38. bigfacebrian says:

    I think it will be up tomorrow, but I’ll bet that it’s a little glitchy at first. Also, I’m pissed that they’re only giving us a subscription to PSPlus for a month, a free month of they’re obscure music service that starts with a Q, and Selected PS Titles for Free (which I’m guessing is going to be like Crash Bandicoot from PS1 or something else you should have already played by now). Lame Sony. Boo.

    Anyway, I took my time off the PSN to start a food blog with my wife at So, if you’re a fat gamer like me – check it out! CHECK OUT OUR GROSS FATTY PICS!

  39. this is bull says:

    this is gettin ridic that we havent been able to play online in almost 2 weeks..if i liked xbox i would of been bought one but i hate xbox.. for a company that makes alot of money you would think that their security would be top of the line so that no one can hack the system but sony better give us some kind of deal for waiting most likely 2 weeks plus to play online..nobody wants to play games alone we rather be online playin competitive games.

  40. PCVEEZY says:

    Im glad that some people are on the same level as me with this, its not a big deal. Get a life people. I am just enjoying sitting back and laughing at the pathetic little souls that went and got XBox because of this whole thing. Online gaming is not that important people. GET LIVES! SERIOUSLY!!! Get a girlfriend, play a sport, get a job, DO SOMETHING! If I was your parent I would smack you right in your pathetic little face for wanting to buy an XBox because of this whole thing, YOU ARE JUST PATHETIC! And if your parents dont smack you then they didnt raise you right.

  41. nicole says:

    to the person who named themself “angry with playstation network”
    Really, you are pathetic, sure they said it’d be up may 3, but may 3rd still has 12 more hours in the day, ( well from where I live) They never gave a specific time, so just because its not up when you woke up doesn’t mean it won’t still come up today, and the fact that you are going to go and waste hundreds on a new system because you are not getting your way is quite pathetic, and Xbox is cheaply made and has crappy graphics, but have fun, I mean its your money, but you are still pathetic :)

  42. Nori says:

    I swear…the more I read some of these comments, the dumber I feel. I love how ppl assume it takes a couple of days to backup, rebuild, then restore a network of 70+ million users. You ppl really are ignorant.

  43. nicole says:

    “this is bull ”
    Sony doesn’t have to offer you anything for you waiting, they’d be generous for doing so if they do!
    In my opinion, they shouldn’t be offering anything free for people like you who are greedy enough to be like that, they are letting us use their online service for free, they could charge us like xBox but they don’t so you better be greatful.

  44. Tyler says:

    I love all the kids that say oh we deserve something even though you don’t buy anything on the Playstation . You get the servers free your buying movies from netflix so your not paying for that, and when you buy dlc you are paying the company that made the content not Sony. Sony gets paid from the companys when they want to put dlc and games on the psn store. Only people who should get a gift are ps+ users or mmo user like dc universe. And don’t say you should get something cuz of your credit card being stolen. There is no evidence of any being taken or any evidence of one being used. So stop complaining.

  45. austin says:

    I think with psn being down it gives some of these losers out here time to get a life. Trust me I’m upset about it too. But to give up on them and go to xbox is absurd. I like xbox but not enough to switch systems. With that being said ps needs to bring out controllers similar to xbox. I’m my opinion it would sell d it would sell dramatically

  46. JLowe says:

    Dear Sony,

    While I understand your Country had some obscure problem with water and radioactivity recently, that just cannot be compared to the anguish felt by gamers denied online gaming.
    Please have all Japanese workers stop trying to re-establish clean water and electricty to the millions effected and have them fix the free Playstation network immediately, because it’s just so, so horrible to be unable to listen to all the idiots online brag and curse.*

    *this was as sarcastic as I could be.

    Sony, some of us stand behind you. We’ll be here when you get it fixed.

  47. Greg says:

    It was probably some Microsoft hack that did all of this anyway. PS3 is worth the wait…ya’ll sounding like AZ Cardinal fans…quick to swtich when things aren’t going so well.

  48. nick says:

    so how come people in japan got their network back yesterday morning and we still don’t have access to it…. doesn’t seem right that just bc they made it that they get it back before everyone else….

  49. trevor says:

    why does it matter when the new map pack comes out when we cant go online

  50. Armour says:

    The welcome back program is a joke you give regular members of psn a free month of ps plus….then you give me a ps plus member a free month access of ps plus horseshit unlike the cheapskate normal members i paid extra to be included as a ps plus member and you treat me the same as them horseshit….your giving me back what i already paid for but you would give the average schmuck…possibly the guy that hacked this crap..the same thing you give me c’mon now who’s more loyal ps plus member’s who pay for the service or regular schmuck’s who u your giving the same thing i already paid for i think ps plus members should be getting something extra like the free realms ppl and dc online….ps bullshit

  51. Nicole says:

    Hahaha wow people, just take a breather and wait. Generally I am an impatient person but I actually have little concern for when the PSN will be back up. Don’t get me wrong, I miss playing online but I do not understand why people are ranting about it. Why not try doing something else, oh lets say like having a life? sheesh

  52. Jelly Donut says:

    This is so stupid. I just bought a ps3 like 3 days ago, got online and tried signing up for Playstation Network just to find out the network is down. Really great welcoming gift. Im thinkin about takin it back just because of this inconvenience. Maintenace shouldnt take more than a couple days. And on top of it all, this was all over a hacker. And Ive already talked to a playstation representative, and it was definitely over a single hacker. So, one person has to ruins it millions? They have to change their whole system because one single person broke through their security? And apparently this has been goin on for weeks now. Even xbox wouldn’t put their costumers through this much crap.

  53. Tyler says:

    Buying an xbox will not put Sony out of business. They already sold the devices to stores near u. Lol so if your just trying to get back at Sony that is not how. Please everyone just get a life. Go get some ass and then come back and play. I promise u pussy is way more fun then psn

  54. Chris P says:

    Man get over it people…. Stuff happens it’s life Sony is busting there ass to get da network back up. How do I know? Because they have lost and still are losing soo much money. So all the little girls complaining bout a FREE service cry me a god damn river!

  55. ALex Hendry says:

    xbox live was never down for 2 weeks wtf… ive been playin since halo 2 and i cant recall it being down for more than a day. I heard rumors that everyone gets playstation plus when it gets back up. hope its true

  56. nicole says:

    to “nick”
    they probably get it back first so they can test out and see if everything is working fine and there is nothing wrong with it, like glitches or anything, but it doesn’t matter who gets it back first, you will get it back, just give it time.

  57. justin says:

    Playstation better give us users something for this lockout they better open there check books and buy a game to release it for free on the network I have an xbox and have not made it active cuz I love playstation but they better do something soon or give us something for waiting and putting up with this

  58. Rab says:

    I can’t believe that a billion dollar company could be down for so long and what r they going to do to compensate customers

  59. pj says:

    wt the point bying xbox wn u have to pay online ps3 so what if ps3 got hacked and the people dnt knw hacker are bastard sn it gnna cme bck on

  60. arbaz khan says:

    Half of Ur company is a waste

  61. Fer says:

    I believe patience is a virtue not many people have, i have been enjoying these weeks with classic gaming and i am more than patient because i believe everything happens for a reason and everything will be worth the wait, i rather wait 2 weeks and get a couple of free games than play the same game everyday. Seriously some people are so impatient and desperate just to show off. Whereare the good ol’ times when gaming was about challenging yourself?

  62. MicroKidd says:

    I am a diehard PlayStation fan from PS1 then PS2 and now PS3. I am of the older group of players and I miss online playing but its not killing me. I will stand by Sony on this and like someone else mention Microsoft had a 2 week outage a while back. I have a xbox 360 and even thru this outage I haven’t played any Xbox games online. Like someone else mention I also played some offline games like Little Planet and Homefront along with Black-ops and Blur. And do you really think that many people (kids) will go out and buy a new or even a refurb Xbox360 just to play online. NO! Because their mommy and daddy wont buy it for them. When the PSN is back online there might be some bugs to work out and I expect that. Along with a new update to the PS3 to keep hackers from stealing from Sony. I have done some reading on the REBUG program that seems to be the way the hacker got in to the network and what Sony is doing to change that section. I am sure that once this is all over it will be like any other event in the world it will be forgotten. Like Katrina, BP Oil spill, EXXON spill Flooding it the Mideast, Japan, Iraq conflict. So think about the real problems that are out there and try to compare this outage to them. This is nothing.

  63. IDK says:


  64. Bill says:

    Bleh. My PS3 has broken down a while before the PSN got hacked or w/e happened. I haven’t bothered really because I never played much online, plus, I had finals. XD

    But hey, Japan had some major bullshit going on, they cant be concentrating on the PSN while a nuclear plant might explode. So, chill, play some REAL games, like soccer or basketball etc.

  65. Shaun says:

    Waaah Waahhh Wahhhh… “i’m going to buy an xbox 360 now” WAHHH *TEARS*.. LOL I wouldnt spend another few hundred bucks on another console just so i could play online when its going to be coming back up anyways sooner or later and in addition another 50 dollars a year for xbox live? .. I smell some undercover 360 fanboys in here flaming Sony articles.. I like my ps3 and I enjoy everything Sony has offered especially for the free online service.. All I know is when I get that free 30 day trial to playstation PLUS I will be downloading every single free game there my hard drive can handle LOL.. I probably wont be back on this article to read any more responses to this. I like xbox 360 and I like the PS3 but I prefer the ps3 IMO because of the free service, the graphics, the controller layout, BLUERAY, and the fact that most my friends have ps3s. You think that the same shit cant happen to microsoft or any other company?? Well its possible with all these Nergins can do the same to anyone else.. in the mean time ill just go out or play offline games like mortal kombat to kill time. I appreciate the hard work sony is doing just take this as a lesson learned..

  66. daz says:

    people it has give me time 2 wacth a few films ill never buy a crap box and pay 50 pound 2 go on line do u people work or wat sony all the WAY FOR ME DAZ WHE WIL IT B BACK PEOPLE

  67. Nuerok says:

    All I know is that I don’t really give a crap about security. If you had all your cc info on there then your just plain stupid. As far as for address, e-mail, etc.. Who the heck cares!!!! If they want to come see me, let’em come. I’d love to take some frustrations out on those lil chumps. Hurry up Sony, it’s been long enough you squinty eyed dweebs!!!

  68. Dean Shearer says:

    im waiting it out…. but its starting to drag on abit.. no times dates. surely it will be online veryvery soon???? i hope so

  69. Kingwest says:

    Loool I’m just laughing about some ppl comments, some says I will get xbox n I’m srry sony lol wtf who cares dude, anyways when it will come bk , some says may 4 n other says may 3, n till now it stills down

  70. Sean says:

    I hope that the amount of disrespect that sony has shown everyone will make them think twice before buying another sony product.

  71. Hops says:

    I can’t wait to see how much better PSN Home will be. If you consider the amount of absolute morons that have proclaimed they will never be back, it’s looking like good news all round.

  72. lemon says:

    boooooooooo i have no life im of to waste my money on x box just to play online

  73. archenemy says:

    Get over it. I own ps3 and xbox and ps3 owns xbox hands down. Sony has no reason to be sorry
    Its reallly sad the people that cannot wait for services to return. Just wait an be patience go outside see the sun. There is plenty to do off line workout hang with friends in real life. Truly sony now has the experience to avoid issue in the future such as this

  74. Chris Ezell says:

    To all of you people that keep telling us to “get a life” this is a topic about GAMING not GETTING A LIFE so get with the topic and stick with it.

    Oh and by the way playstation is what we do when we come back home from our lives! OH imagine that! we actually have jobs and come home and play video games! IN OUR SPARE TIME!!

    Not all of us are 12 year old kids living with their parents complaining about not being able to play games online. And some of us have buddies that live across the country so we cant very well “GO HANG OUT FOR REAL”! sheesh the people these days.

    I do believe sony said somewhere it would be up may 4. i saw somewhere (unconfirmed though) that it would be up tonight at 6:30 (i do believe that is san diego time) And sony is trying to REBUILD a network with 77 MILLION users data on it. That takes time to do it right.

    And cc info was not taken. Sony was just being cautious and covering themselves by saying “we cannot rule out the possibility”. though i must say i wont be putting my debit card in the system again.

    just wait. patience (not patients like somebody up there) it will all be over soon and we will be talking to our grandchildren about this. and that it never happened again.

  75. matthew says:

    i am a young school boy who like’s to wen he gets home to play on his ps3 online with cod but the couple of weeks i havent been able to i mean it bothers me but i can wait ill stand by sony for a little longer but if this lasts for another 5 days i will switch and if they can think they can make it all better by going here u go cheaper games that we still have to pay for and say sorry for psn being down so long it would be ok but sony isnt giving us a proper date or owt

  76. Havoc says:

    You see this is the whole problem… By not charging for its online play any half witted freak can play online.. hense why all these kids are so dam angry about it now… And why you end up playing online with some annoying little bar-steward… Ps3 network will be back up when its back up.. My guess personally after reading so many different oppinions is that it will be up today late evening… Or early tommorrow (may 4th) but seriously who knows…. P.s Cant wait to get back on mw and kill some angry noobs lol then they’d wish it was still down muahahahaha ^_~

  77. Rick says:

    Well guest there nothing that we can do
    But sit wait until they fix the problem
    And hopefully it doesn”t happen again.
    As for me to sell or throw away my PS3
    And buy an Xbox 360 that”s not going to
    Happen. And what if they hack into the xbox
    Then what now . Ooops where go again.
    So come on PS3 do your magic .

  78. Japan and compensation says:

    Well the things is, Japan’s PSN is already up as of May 2nd, 2011, but their is no firmware to download nor is the playstation store up and running. As far as Sony compensating customers, there’s gonna be an update the will download new firmware and a select few of psn games that are gonna be free to download.

  79. Big Dog says:

    It’s a bummer, true but life goes on. Find something else to do before PS3 online took our lives away lol, because when it’s back it WILL own me once more. Buy and XBox??? I’d rather pick ticks out of a badgers bottom.
    silverlining……..I have the best gardens in the neighbourhood, the kids now know who I am, I have run out of things to say to my wife and the SKY box is nearly back at 100% free.
    It will all be ok soon and we can go back to COD lmao!!

  80. Uzi chick says:

    >:( it’s been almost 2 weeks and I have thought about buying an Xbox cause I so wanna play that’s what I do. They have all this money and can’t Fix the problem?! How is it that the servers are up in japan but not in the USA?! I can’t even watch netflix cause I have to be signed in! :/
    Please fix this problem already!!!

  81. Alan says:

    I really don’t care. I just wanna be back online!!! Hopefully it’ll be on today!

  82. Dan says:

    I read all the posts. Most of you missed the point. It is not wether we could play online in the last two weeks. The point is Sony did not take accountability and tell us the truth at the beginning. Also, is the online service really free? No, it is a selling point when you purchased ps3, plus how many of you have never bought any game or upgrade online. Think about it harder and for the ones thanking for the downtime so they could enjoy other things, I suggest to donate you ps3 so can be even more happy. Do not fool yourself, the outage and handling are not acceptable, we did not get what we had paid for. So, get your money back by joining class action. By the way, I am not a MS if someone thought so. I love ps but not Sony.

  83. Not Chris says:

    Get a life chris stop makeing excuses on why u switched to xbox live because u have no life, oh noooo no online gameplay I’m going to die if I don’t play online!!!! Seriously u can’t go two three weeks without :(

  84. bob says:

    why not fix the problom and let ws game us game aswell

  85. Screw Hackers says:

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say, what the F*** do hackers get out of screwing with a huge network like PSN. I can’t imagine anyone would idolize them except other hackers who just envy them. They’re basically cyber terrorists. Except they have a lame excuse, it’s not even religious, they’re just bored! Anyways, I just wanted to say to all the hackers out there, GO F*** YOURSELF. Thanks.

  86. Zakk says:

    @PJ I can’t even comprehend what you just said

  87. Brady says:

    This is bull if it does go back up heck I will by an xbox. I choose ps3 over xbox for my birthday not to long a go and I thought it would be better bit I’m stuck with this crap please Psn get it movin!!!!

  88. ebbser says:

    thought it would be back today.fuck it just gona watch barca an real wont play 2moro either cmon man u

  89. Skps49 says:

    I’m also a die hard ps player but I stand by Sony on this issue. I can keep playing offline as long as it takes but I do hope it goes back up soon as I’m sure everyone else does. I feel that playstation will come out even stronger after this has been solved and I feel that this is something ps needed to show them that even the largest companies can be hacked. We as a society put so much trust into large corporations when we give them our personal information to be used over the Internet and I feel this should be a lesson that as the Internet evolves, so do hackers, and right now the security of our information needs a revamp. So Sony keep doin what you are doin and i say you should take as much time as you see fit… as long as I get to play Homefront online at some point cus I was a little disappointed in the campaign and graphics lol but I hear that online is a lot of fun!

  90. Dominique says:

    It’s just games people…no online play?..ok just tell your friends to come over and play 4-player games..or better yet..go to work

  91. ebbser says:

    why couldnt rover bark

  92. kilab52 says:

    LOL…its like lookin at gifts on CxMAS cant wait to playyyyyyyyyyy

  93. spr_dragonman says:

    i have all the game systems i love the wii and ps3 the most im here for sony all the way to the end take your time i rather have a 100% than 50% take all the time to fix the problem

  94. STOP CRYING! Be happy says:

    What do you all mean compensate? PLAYSTATION NETWORK IS FREE! All these kids are demanding compensation yet their parents bought them the ps3 and they haven’t spent a dime of their own money on games or anything. To those kids I say “Go outside and see what fresh air is”. I keep hearing everyone whine and moan but in reality this was the smartest thing sony could have done in order to rebuild the network and make it safer. Of course all the “kids” are crying about it but adults such as myself that have credit cards on file with sony are THANKFUL they shut down the network and are rebuilding it to prevent our information from being released in any way. If you all had listened to the sony press conference you would have heard them clearly say they will have everything back by this friday but stronger and better than ever. Adults can deal with it. Besides sont already plans to give everyone 30 free days of playstation plus and if you know about that, there are a lot of free download games on playstation plus. So stop whining or get an xbox. I for one will wait. Theres more to life than video games…

  95. ebbser says:

    how can poeple still raed tihs wehn all it splled wrnog

  96. Rissabae says:

    My Dad Is Driving Me Nuts About This Crap And I Need This Network Up And Running Already Ha Ha

  97. ProudPatriot says:

    man cant wait for it to come back so i can ignor my wife again lol,im glad we got bin ladin

  98. harry (psn owner) says:

    it has been 16 days sence psn went down i have been playing offline and it is so boring!!

  99. Cap_cisko says:

    Well I been a Playstation fan since the PS ONE came out.. no matter what they are going trew im sticking with them.. And thats that.. f*** xbox 360 and there gamers and traders.. And im out.. P.s playstation your the shitt. .

  100. Serec says:

    I appreciate that Sony is really trying their best to compensate with the users after PSN comes on. I mean they’re going to give you a FREE 30 Day trial to PSN+! I mean, thats pretty awesome if you ask me…
    Although I am getting a PS3 in the next few days, I still am not hesitant to buy one. I wish all of you who are complaining about wanting to get an XBox see how idiotic it is…I mean its only been 2 weeks with out online gaming and I think going out and buying another 400 dollar console is just over exaggerating.

  101. alex says:

    Sony has done a great job, giving ps3 users a system they can play for free!! Its Free, so you cant complain. I respect Sony for taking the time to fix all this for nothing! If they wanted they could make PS3 users pay for online and then they wouldn’t be spending their money to fix the system! Just wait it out and I’m sure it will come back better. Sony will come thru they always do.

  102. Patches says:

    Sony handeled the information poorly, they should have let everyone know to cancel credit cards much sooner. Really as soon as they new. Too many days went by. Most people may not care but identity theft is really real. I would love some free games and a securer network to commit to. I miss playing online and can’t wait to be back in the rocker…. Chair.. Patches waiting in seattle…

  103. Mossberg MIC says:

    yo i only had my ps3 for about 2 1/2 months, i only got it to play black ops online. its f@@ked up that the network is down. but ps3 is way better than xbox, just chill out and let fix the problem its worth the wait. ps i wish these gas price go down now thats something to blog about

  104. mike berry says:

    i like my ps 3 and im jus goin 2 wait it out although i do miss kickin ppl ass online

  105. sourdiesel says:

    they need to be real specific on the dates they give us.

  106. KY says:

    “Most of the people saying this were just trying to get attention and had no real information. ” Sorry to bust your bubble but… the date of May 3rd is derived from a statement made by Sony on April 26th, “We have a clear path to have PlayStation Network and Qriocity systems back online, and expect to restore some services within a week. ” Do the math, come up with May 3rd. The press release on Sunday only fueled speculation that Sony would be firing up PSN in a matter of days at most. I am getting tired of seeing news reports and posts where the “editor” has totally gotten the info twisted. SO, the people stating May 3rd as the day that we should have it are not just looking for attention. They have actually paid attention to what Sony said.

  107. Richard says:

    it really does suck but im not gonna buy an xbox im sticking with Sony its a shame it happened but im not gonna moan and bitch about it i’ve got plenty of single player games to crack on so this is a good thing for me lol. . i just hope it gets sorted very soon and our rewards for waiting will be worth it.

  108. j.b says:

    while its down it’ll give some of you poor black ops players to train on split screen agains 9 veterain computer players :) annoyingly gives you qs’s to practive thos no scope shots. who gives a crap that the psn is down at least there main priority is to protect people’s personal info, if you can’t servive that long without getting on line, you NEED to get a life, but…. you cant buy them online :)

  109. hu cares says:

    alright people one learn how to type and 2 its not that big of a deal just play games that don’t require online service to play it there are plenty of other games out there that ps3 has. That or use this time to stop playing ps3 and do something more productive i shouldn’t talk i play my ps3 as much as any other guy but still ps3 isn’t ur lives people so go out and get one lift some weights get in shape hang with friends if you don’t have any u shouldn’t be playing ps3 anyway u should be making some. Sony just got hacked and they’re trying to learn from it and make sure it never happens again. Plus they’re making it up to us by giving us something. I’m not quite sure what but they will make it up to us. Any company would do this so just shut up and deal with it

  110. Gabriela says:

    I honestly don’t see a point in buying another gaming console to “just play online”. But, oh well, they said they would have the network back on today and it is still not on from what I have read. I avoided turning my PS3 on, playing offline seriously doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, it’s pointless to me to turn on the gaming platform for about fifteen minutes and get completely bored of playing on my own. I can’t deal with this disappointment anymore, please turn it back on. The people that actually put their credit cards in there are simply stupid. No, there are obviously no other words to describe them, unless you would like to use the term “moron”. There, I’m done ranting.

  111. bill says:

    i’m about sick and tired of people sayin to quit bitching and go outside, its not even about that all you buttholes its about my personal information including possibly my credit cards as well as MILLIONS of other people and the hassle and worries that came with it, and the fact how sony is taking that is bullshit….tsunamis power plants shit, yea will affected millions of people too not as bad as some but it is still another global matter ……. ..turds

  112. banks says:

    dude people that have a ps3 just chill its not the end of the world, if u go buy a xbox u no life wut so ever so just be patient

  113. J Boerner says:

    sony has everyone mad because they will not or do not know a time for repair

  114. anthony says:

    i think when ever they do put it back on they should gave all playstation 20 dollar card…..and idk how dey cnt fix it if dey madee da dammn thing….they shold have been fixed it with all that money they have….smh

  115. robin says:

    sony…Wow….What a Great DR plan you have

  116. tony neal says:

    I’m down with ps3 all I know is people better be gettin they practice in on that nba2k11 cuz I’m gone be smashin heads once its back on. Belee dat

  117. Jackmouve says:

    IMO, you are an idiot if you buy a 360 just to go play online. Not only do you have to buy the system, you have to pay for the online and buy the game(s). I have almost 200 games and about 30 that I play online regularly, not to mention the PS3 Exclusives like Socom and GT5. So the whole notion of switching to the 360 is ridiculous, You would either have to rebuy all your games or switch just to play 1 or 2 games, either way….

  118. NS says:

    Go outside and enjoy the weather alittle, it has been beautiful out!

  119. nick says:

    Heres an idea for all those losers who cry and bitch and moan about not being able to play thir precious little game….GO OUTSIDE! Play some baseball with some friends, hti the golf course, go for a bike ride…..for god sake get some sun and exercise. Video games are one factor as to why most American children are obese these days! I will be happy to wait it out, and won’t be buying any XBOX

  120. Pissed off kid! says:

    Ok Sony… about we fix this shit before i go buy an xbox too, and i dont wanna hear it about japan and bp spilling their oil- not comparable at all….just wanna play my damn games

  121. bbtran says:

    i know im not in the place to say this, but if you have nothing nice to say please keep it to yourself.
    yea it may be an opinion but you dont know who your hurting by saying “get a life”. Yes we all complain, but what do we not complain about?

    Ok, now on the subject. we are all gamers either xbox, ps3, wii, pc, whatever esle you are, we are all gamers. we should be supporting each other. For example, my friend who owns an xbox always tells me it’s better than the ps3 but when the psn went down he asked, “what will gaming companies like mircosoft and sony do to prevent something like this happening at all.”

    Ps3 has been targeted but what if xbox users were too? then would us, the gamers, say well this is better than that and im gonna go get this because this is better… i don’t think we should do that.

    the true question is after this event is will gamers finally just talk as if they use the same platform? will we stop telling others that they have no life because we complain how we cant play?
    and beg me to ask, if you didnt have the platform you have now, would you own another one that you complain is worse or better?

  122. CHASEMONEY says:

    for weeks like this that why you don’t play the campaign mode c o d when you first get it lol It’s getting boring I missed talking online to my boys and killing cats with my gold guns playstation please get back online

  123. prettyma says:

    As bad as I want to play black ops, I’ll STILL STICK BY SONY, Ima ps3 fan and besides its FREE so I dont understand why people are complaining; NOTHING IS PERFECT, EVERYTHING HAS PROBLEMS, GLITCHES, ECT…..It’s sad to see how BRAINWASHED some of these people are.

  124. DCistheBest says:

    The PSN Will Be Up Soon….I Bought Games Right Before The PSN Went Down, I Geeked Up 2 Play Online!! I Will Never Go 2 S.hitBox!! lmoa…Been A Sony Fan Since The 90′s…So As Long As My Credit Is Straight, Indentity Is In Tack, I Can Wait!! Besides, My Heat Are Looking 2 Good In The Playoffs And I Can’t Miss That!! Hopefully It Will Be Back On Sometime This Week, So Til Then, Get Some A.zz From Your Girl, Smoke Some Tree, Watch Sports, IDK Do Something And Be Glad That The Network Is Free…You Complain About Services You Don’t Pay 4….Oh Yeah, Go Heat!!!!!!!

  125. I agree with microkid there was gaming fun before the Internet had anything to do with games I’ve had a ps1, ps2, xbox and the ps3 and Sony is by far the better quality in build and if you look after the little black baby it will look after you for years my ps1 and ps2 still work as they did straight out the box no failures.
    I’m standing by Sony I don’t think it’s fair to slate Sony on what’s happened and I believe what’s happened is a pissed off previous employee who wants to get he own back on sony with the help of other vindicators, like that person that got done for jailbreaking the ps3 and got banned from using any Sony products.

    However fighting against people who are “jailbreakers” is a never ending war, Sony and apple plus others trying to protect there product, they may aswell piss against the wind, put a wall up and people will find a way round like the iPhones bring a version out ooops it’s been jailbreaked, I know let’s bring another version out, oh guest what eventually it will be jailbreaked and so on.

  126. kungfu_joe100 says:

    It don’t matter if sony is up because the ” SOE ” is down. DC universe or games like it would not be able to be played online

    JESSICA LAUREN all i want to do is play DC universe online on ps3 is that hard to ask for?

    JESSICA LAUREN ” HELP US PLEASE!” write about a topic on S O E and will ps3 users will be able to play DC universe online while the S O E is down?

    I have personally called the Dc universe company tech support and they couldn’t answer my question. They told me that was a good question when i ask them ” WILL PS3 USERS WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY DC UNIVERSE WHILE THE S O E IS DOWN? ”

    JESSICA LAUREN bring that to the light for me i know u can do it!

  127. Dave says:

    what i dont get is how can the psn be down and people still dont care about their credit card being stolen?? id care more about that than gaming

  128. johnsy says:


  129. wingnut says:

    why are you down i dnt know the details but still if it was a hacker i hear it was put in jail or do whatever but dont punisher the people that dont hack and have fun with the games and play fair so plz get it up soon

  130. Valter says:

    Everyone calm down!! I do more sex since ps3 down:-))

  131. chucky says:


  132. Chris says:

    I want to play my games online just been soo busy with school lately but, this ain’t even affecting me cause I still play offline. Plus its playoffs and I refuse to miss that. So I am a sticking with my PS3. No trading it in for xbox. When this gets fixed I know I am getting a free 30 trial on PLaystation plus. So eff it I can wait it out.

  133. John says:

    I have PS3 and love it. People that are talking shit are just little loosers that have no social life. Try playing assassins creed, or getting laid.

  134. lol@rage says:

    I’m a Sony fan. Always have been a Sony fan. I own an Xbox360 and haven’t touched it since PSN has been down. I’ve just been doing some amazing offline gaming on my PSP. Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Dissidia 012 have kept me busy.

    I may be a competitive Super Smash Bros. player, but my heart will always belong to the Playstation.

  135. Pancho says:

    Hey guys. I have good news. :D .
    Playstation network will be back on May 7.
    I was just informed by the sony corporation that playstation network will restore some users account which are the ones that were infected by this jerk. However, they are very very few accounts. wait until May 7.
    Thank you all ;)

  136. PANCHO says:

    Hey guys. I have good news. :D .
    Playstation network will be back on May 7.
    I was just informed by the sony corporation that playstation network will restore some users account which are the ones that were infected by this jerk. However, they are very very few accounts. wait until May 7.
    Thank you all ;)

    LMAOOOO just kidding idiots hahahahahaha

  137. DJ says:

    Hurry up I like my spare time playin online when Im not with my buddies…

  138. Russell18 says:

    Found this on a website

    Each territory will be offering selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download. Specific details of this content will be announced in each region soon.
    • All existing PlayStation Network customers will be provided with 30 days free membership in the PlayStation Plus premium service. Current members of PlayStation Plus will receive 30 days free service.
    • Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity subscribers (in countries where the service is available) will receive 30 days free service.

  139. brentman13 says:

    isn it going 2 b bac up 2dayy bah bah

  140. sanoh says:

    if psn dose not come back im taking my ps3 back and going to 360

  141. AAA says:

    Does any one know if were going to have to pay for psn after or free month? What if they do make it that way, that we have to pay 60 a year for it. If you think about Sony lost a lot of money n buy charging 77m ps3 players $ 60 for psn, would give them lots $$$$$$$$$ n with Money you get ( • Y • ) lol. But 4 real are we going to pay for psn for know on?

  142. Snoopy76 says:

    For me I’ve been given a much needed kick up the arse to apply for a better job!
    Also to see worthwhile friends out there in the real world, so in a good way, thank you Sony.

  143. warriorwithin17 says:

    For those of you who are saying you are switching to the shitbox 360, you ppl are a bunch of stupid retards. Why waste $300 on the shitbox 360 and an extra $50 on a yearly membership for LIVE when you can wait a few more days or so until PSN is back online. BTW, about PSN, I heard PSN will be back up on May 6. (Its not confirmed though). But all you ppl have to do is be patient, you can wait a few more days. Sony is just trying to make PSN’s security better so that way this doesn’t happen again. Im sure its going to be well worth the wait. SO PLZ BE PATIENT. IT WONT KILL YOU.

  144. Kyle says:

    I don’t think that they should have said last wednesday that they should be up and running within a week if they weren’t sure. It’s almost been the full 168 hours of the week since then and still on online. Sony if you really cared at all, you would have been done with this problem a week ago. It’s hard to believe with the technology we have today with a company like you, that this hasn’t been resolved yet with your people “working day and night.” Your bogus, get a date set and fix it already. You guys are rediculous.

  145. day man 1989 says:

    I’m more pissed tht sony hasn’t set a date for when the network will be completely restored and I think its worse reading blog after blog for the last two weeks saying “oh psn will be back up within a couple days” well a couple days turned into a couple weeks and all of this false information could have been avoided if playstation advisors would have been straight with a solid date of complete repair that being said, screw xbox 360 the system is a joke before i bought my ps3 i had 2 xboxs get the ring of death and not to mention the fact that you have to pay outragous subscribtions to xbox live just to play online I bought a referbished ps3 and ive had it for nearly 2 years and it works perfectly not a dent in the fender ps3 is where its at..don’t hold a grudge on psn this whole outage problem was out of there control players should be more pissed at the hackers who intruded the network and at least sony is taking the time to work out all the glitches and encrypting passwords so s*** like this doesn’t happen again

  146. Dustin says:

    I love online games, but if people can’t wait a few weeks to get it back then go buy an X box. I have both consoles and prefer PS3 all the way! As far as all you Black ops players on prestige level 13 get a life!

  147. jeff says:

    psn is GARBAGE!!!!!!!! as far as getting a xbox 360 i went and baught 2 of them for my son and i and look we are playing online WITH the new maps while the rest of you psn lovers sit back and wait for psn to get back up hahahah …im not sure that i will ever play ps3 again as a matter of fact i got to for sell not worth a damn right now but hey ..ide be better off giving them away ..its bad when game stop will not even take them on trade for x box lmao …well i must go play X-BOX 360 ONLINE now hahahah IDIOTS=sony psn

  148. BenMoney76 says:

    when i was trying to netflick it was saying the network was down but i just kept pushing x and it finally went thru and started playing no prob dont know if this is the same for online game play since it has been a while since i played online and haven’t tried that yet just thought i would pss it on

  149. Majima says:

    I’m a Hardcore SONY and Microsoft fan here.

    Two weeks without PSN really pushed my patience to Did i bother getting Xbox Live for my Xbox S??? F*ck no!

    SONY, I’m waiting for you baby!rofl:) I just wanna play BO or MW2!!!!!!!

    p.s. To the hackers who jacked 77million psn user’s account information, you are the next Bin Laden. Life imprisonment without parole B ! T C H!

  150. Callum Page says:

    look they should not compensate us. i have been using the ps network for ages and although it has not always had the best connection but its free! if we had to pay for online fine then we should be compensated but why should they compentsate us for a service we dont pay for. isnt it enough that people are already going to xbox just leave it at that

  151. hoosfn says:

    Wow some of you need to check back into the real world. Put down the controller and headset and look outside. What did you see? The sun,basketball courts, kids on bikes go enjoy yourself. This is going sound like old person but there is a life without playing online.

  152. RutroGeorge says:

    When I was young, we used to go over each others house and play video games together. It forced human interaction – try it people!

    We also walked 28.4 miles in the snow.

  153. Jeff says:

    PlayStation contingency plan = FAIL. Come on Sony.

  154. Mickey says:

    Just cuz it’s down doesn’t mean u can’t go to a buddies house and play together. I’ll just go to a friends house, get some booze, pack some bowls, and play some marvel vs. Capcom or mortal kombat (4 players at once is sweet), or CODat another friends on his x box. No way I’m getting an x box though. I don’t think it’s worth it.

  155. BIGDAMNJODA says:

    Only nerds switch to xbox cos they couldn’t play ps3. What a bunch of losers seriously you’ll need to go outside and make some friends, lose some weigh because the majority of these nerds are fat and try and talk to a girl. Get on My Level

  156. big dogg says:

    SONY??? can we at least have the new map pack for black ops for free???

  157. Wolfleader says:

    i Believe that after this Playstation will probably start charging for online just like stupid microsoft anyways i sure hope that never happens ….

  158. austin says:

    The comments that state to actually find a life are referred to the kids on here so don’t get so frustrated. And I work for a bank / credit card company as far. As cc info goes none was recorded and used at all. I mean read into it the messed up psn servers and what ever the hell else. But they didn’t Do it intentionally to steal info from debit cards or cc. They only done it to get back at psn. Some of you should probably read up on the problem instead if just finding a forum and posting blindly ( in other words I’m stating this towards the people who came here saying oh it was probably xbox or whatever who did this ) I’m just saying please get some knowledge on the problem before you complain about it. It will be back soon enough.

  159. Petey says:

    Ive actually been more social since the psn has been down! I hooked up with three girls and partied harder than I ever have in this 2 wk span! But bottom line is PSN is awesome and I will patiently wait for it! After all, its free!!! You can’t beat that!

  160. xGunsOfDeathx says:

    We better have atleast a week of Double XP and no more downtimes…!

  161. aron says:

    There’s life outside of psn…i mean it will be back shortly…

  162. will cooper says:


  163. MR.WRIGHT says:

    rab, why would they do anything to compensate us, we don’t pay for psn, now if xbox went down i’d b pissed and want money back, but as far as my psn (yeah i’m pissed it’s still down having to play lame old x-box) i wouldn’t expect any kind of compensation, now if they gave us 3X points for a week on black ope i’d b flippin happy lol

  164. PAPER13BOY says:


  165. vinnie says:

    i want ps3 network back so sue the domb person who did it GET THE FRICTON NETWORK BACK SO I CAN PRESTEGE IN BLACK OPS

  166. Ghost says:

    I just checked soon as I got home from school and it is still down what is going on when will it really be up and running tell the truth the truth will set you free

  167. Ghost says:

    Just give me a specific time cause I’m about to punch a whole in my wall I’m about to break down and cry

  168. Jesus says:

    why would people get an xbox just to play online like
    are people really that desperate?

  169. XxBRwnZxX says:

    PSN should give all users a PSN Card for the PSN store…….

  170. none of ure bussiness says:

    I WANT TO PLAY ONLINE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! im getting tired of single player i thought it will only take about 2 days ive been waiting so long im getting bored of single player im been playing online for about 9 months and i hav been very an but im not gonna qiut on sony and purchase an xbox im just gonna wait patiently and the best thing is the apology package well be getting when it back up and running well bye dudes

  171. i think it was about time becouse mad people switch and i was about switch this sh@@ stinks u should been fixed it like a week ago i better see some improvements

  172. Mike says:

    man this really sucks, i just bought my ps3 last week and havent even been able to play online yet :(

  173. ohh and we must have playsttion plus for a month

  174. xxslayer says:


  175. Jiggaboo Facebook says:

    I am so looking forward to some Killzone 3 online. What’s this about we’ll be getting 2 free games? That would be amazing.

  176. BeneBaccala says:

    I agree @ austin and also I have seen countless people suggest that sony should give all of its users $20 or other amounts of money. Really? Do you honestly think sony is going to give 77 million people $20? Do the math and you will realize just how stupid of an idea that is. Pretty big chunk of change huh? Offering its users a few free items and trophies as a token of appreciation saying “thank you for hanging in there and for your continued support.” Sounds a little more realistic to me. Im sure we will all be playing online once again by this weekend.

  177. Tyler says:

    I Have Both The PS3 and xBox But i barely play the XBOX. I Have alot of my ps3 games on here and i play them online. It just doesn’t seem right that Sony is so Big but its getting hacked. Hopefully it will be clear soon!

  178. Me :* says:

    So is anyone from SONY going to update us on what is going on? we were told one thing than once again Nothing!! it just doesn’t make since. I do believe it takes balls to get on a tv and let people know whats going on i get it stage fright, but seriously type a freaking message already! its not very cool leaving 77 million users out in the dark!

  179. somnang says:

    i wish ps3 network back online now. i am so boring. by the way i want to say hacker people is the insane people in the world.

  180. Ghost says:

    Why did you guys lie about psn working today

  181. King says:

    Not really a big deal for me. I’d like to play online, but can’t so oh well. Not gone buy a xbox nor am I gonna whine and make a fuss about it. Theres other things to do besides play games online. Find a hobby or find somewhere to go. Life goes on….

  182. jhon says:

    see ya online guy’s by friday xd!!!

  183. kenneth says:

    i just want an official date when it will be on

  184. Derek says:

    i bought alot of stuff online and somthing tells me i am not going to get it back — very pissed off and thinking of Turning to a X-box 360. i’ve been a play station fan for so long and this is how they repay me. 30 days of free shit is not enough. 8 more days and if they are not back then Good Bye PS3 and hello X-box 360. that would be it for Sony product for me . . R.I.P – count downs on now.. Eight Days is all i give them

  185. Chris H says:

    if your a “self proclaimed” die hard ps3 fan and you go out and buy and xbox just because the network has been down. Obviously you arent and never were a die hard ps3 fan. I would rather sit here and wait until ps3 gets its network back up than submit myself to buying an XBOX.
    Being as good as PS is, it was long overdue for a good hacking like this.

    PS3 vs XBOX … PS3 rocks it. If i was given a free xbox, I would turn around and sell it to buy a PS3.

    Here is something to chew on.

    Lets say PS3 was a terrible system. No one bought it and XBOX crushed every system out there and everyone wanted and bought an XBOX. If you were the hacker trying to obtain a name for yourself, or commit whatever illegal acts you are trying to do while you made this breach. Which would be the better choice? The better system right, the one with the most people playing, the most accounts you could get access to. In this scenario, XBOX would be a hackers target.
    Not the case though is it….


  186. iboost4u- says:

    i signed out of psn and i thought the promblem with ps3 was because i broke it because it said psn has signed u out so i restore every thing and to find out it was hackers not to start conflict but people is saying it was annoymous idk but now i cant even resturster to make a psn account

  187. Justin says:

    I don’t understand why people say to calm down that there are better things to do like go outside or whatever, but there in here to commenting, waiting for this stupid network to come back on. Don’t act like u have something better to do!

  188. Chris Ezell says:


    Did you not notice? We are talking about GAMING! not LIFE OR WORK! YOU need to go to work, or get better eyes if you cannot see what people have posted. I WORK for a living (imagine that a gamer with a life!) and i come back home at night and fire up the ps3 and play then go to sleep to go back to work! Are people blind? I really think so because i believe i posted something to that effect earlier.

    And to those that bought an xbox, personally i think some games just run better on the 360 (Oblivion to name one) but online gaming NO WAY! PS3 blows all consoles out of the water in this respect. You just wasted your money unless you wanted to play Halo (i understand).

    But when this thing is back up im laughing my butt off because i payed NOTHING except 60 dollars to get Dungeon Siege III for the PS3. And everyone else wasted 400 to 500 dollars considering the games that you now have to REBUY!


  189. jessie says:

    well i just say that it better be back up by thursday
    cuz me and like 100 more clients are ganna do the switch and im shure theres more besides us.
    if its not up join me and do the switch ..sorry sony i was a biqq fan . noww not so sure
    your a multie millioner company >:/ come on !!!

  190. Jack says:

    WTF I thought it was supposed to be up today, whatever I’ll just keep waiting.

  191. Xaver says:

    people should shut up cuz they know that they like ps3 and they enjoy the graphics specially me I like playing Black Ops and I want to get the new maps so I am just chillin to get the network back so be patience

  192. Zaler says:

    Wow… some people are ver serious about playing games. Those who bought xbox now have to begin from the start, pay the subs, and buy the games for Xbox…wasted all that money.

  193. dave says:

    They already have your money and the online service they offer they don’t charge for so there is no real hurry for them or real financial cost for them to secure your data or get back online

  194. koreas_greatest says:

    I agree with the double xp. But needs be 2 weeks plus however long psn has been down.

  195. Mark says:

    I find it funny how people r acting like it’s just
    call of duty and saying “we should get double xp
    and the new maps, etc.” there r other games than
    just call of duty…. Just saying

  196. rookieassasin says:

    Com on psn fix it

  197. dave says:

    wow austin says: May 3, 2011 at 4:56 pm If you work for banking and credit card industry no wonder we are in such bad shape. Proof read, grammar, spell check????

  198. ollie says:

    FFS Can all these people saying im goin to buy an xbox fuck off soo u wanna pay 50 quid for a month of membership yes the psn network is down but all we have to do is wait and they will be back in no time :) And probs be better soo jus chill


  199. GF says:

    I’m going to get an x-box for the first time this week. I’ve been a diehad PS user from day 1. Sony just didn’t really make me feel comfortable with the way they handled everything which is why I’ve decided to try x-box now. I’ve never even used an xbox before so we’ll see how that goes.

    I’m not rich or anything but I’m not broke either. I figure this will give me a couple of years to try it out before the next gen systems come out in 2014. I don’t mind the $60 charge for xbox live, fairly minimal in the grand scheme of things.

    I d gotta say though, I rarely leave comments because of the idiocy that is so common and the harsh comments. I mean who really fucking cares if I choose to switch to xbox for whatever reason I want. Why do people feel the need to argue and stand up for Sony. I swear most of you act like your on the payroll or something. If it’s not worth it to you to switch because of $ or because you are just so darn loyal and patient with Sony good for you. At least I know I’ll have options.

    I’m definitley not a microsoft fanboy or anything I’m much more of an apple person but there is something for supporting and buying from an amercian based company than from somebody in Japan. Quality coming out of Japan is not like it used to be. Go USA!!!

  200. Reynard says:

    Personally, I don’t see the point of getting so upset or buying a different console. I love my PS3 and my other PlayStation models. I know that the problem will be resolved eventually, and until then we always have offline gaming. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play some Guitar Hero.

  201. boricua says:

    esta situation is out of control psn is not giving a good service .I have a playstation 3 and its embarassing at this moment.

  202. none of ure bussiness says:

    i believe chris ozell is right i mean xbox is better according to graphics but punch in on google playstation vs xbox and it talks about some things and will tell u the winner i also agree with zaler im not gonna wish for an xbox till christmas my goal is to once own all the gaming systems and i dont wonna buy all those games but ill be able to buy more cause there cheaper than playstation

  203. 4REALZ says:

    im not mad at sony or ne thing i meen stuff happens . i will admit that its a little irratating that when i come home from work and wanna just chill and play some online but owell thats wat fallout and all those good single player games are for man..

  204. nas says:

    i think Sony is going to start charging us for its services and cover it up by saying its for security reasons.
    but if that happens me and a lot of other people are not going to adapt to that very well. im just saying i hope that doesn’t happen.

  205. none of ure bussiness says:

    i heard it was jb2020 or jabe 20 20

  206. Jrebel617 says:

    Go outside and get some sun. Because you all know once it is back up on line you all will be busy gaming

  207. chris says:

    LAN party and lots o’liquer

  208. scatterbrain says:

    Its bound to happen and probably a good thing, while it dose suck, it is more step to help keep our info safer. who in there rite mind would go by an xbox? about the only thing my xbox gets used for is a media server at my dads house and a few games other then that could care less about it. I dont care about if my cc number was taken there’s never any money on it lol and for everyone else worried about it get a prepaid just for this type of thing. I think at this point all we can do is wait some more, tomorrow is a new day with new hopes

  209. kG-mightypiranha PSN name add me! says:

    When is it going back up for sure?

  210. gamerguy345 says:

    Its been hard on all of us…

  211. cherryblaster says:

    I wish people who think they should switch to x-box would just do it already and waste there money and get the red light of death in about six months then you’ll see how great x-box is when you go through 3 in one year. Shut up already psn will be up when its back up its not the end of the world get a job or a hobby. The internet is not safe anything can be hacked its unfortunate that sony got targeted but it could have easily been x-box .

  212. scatterbrain says:

    Wait lol, you people buying xbox im glad and hope you never come back its probably because of people like you that make the games i play less enjoyable because your busy camping in a corner prone like a little b itch

  213. jon jon says:

    WHEN IS THE PS3 NETWORK UP? i am growing weaker each day, can’t hold on much longerr…… i feel like dying in my sleep. LORD STRIKE ME DOWN WITH LIGHTNING IF YO HAVE MERCY


  215. adam davis sony rep ny says:

    Actually Wed is the unofficial release date starting with San Diego region and so on that’s what I got from the inside but its not official so don’t get all hyped yet and don’t believe u tube videos unless they are news

  216. Jose says:

    This really sucks. i’ve been pretty patient, i get that it takes time but this is just ridiculous though come on. I’m not desperate or anything but i would love be back on playing.
    And to all of you saying “no life, go outside” it’s pretty ignorant if you ask me.
    You don’t know us in real life. After a long day at school or work most people just want to get home, relax, and maybe play video games at the end of the day.
    You guys make it seem like we just run home, get to our rooms, turn on the ps3 and play for the rest of the day.
    I know there actually are people like that but i mean the rest of us actually have things we need to do during the day.

  217. Cody says:

    I am only 16, I have a job, I am working on driving[practicing], schoolwork. Yeah I enjoy playing video games in my free-time, but I am not going to complain as if they control my life, and I can’t live without them. I can wait until comes back online, but I can admit it is getting sorta boring playing Single-Player during the down-time :P . I guess I’ll just stick w/ shooting Zombies in Black Ops, and progressing further in Gran Turismo 5, for now.

    I understand that Xbox 360 is up & running, and they have a lot of the games that PS3 does, but why waste $200+ on another console, with the additional cost of the Games, & getting Xbox LIVE. That is just completely pointless [waste of money], just wait for PSN to get up & running again. Do what I have been doing while PSN has been down: watch a movie, hang out with friends, relax with the family; basically stuff to get your mind off of PS3 for now, enjoy life.

    :) I have always been a PS person, so I am fine with waiting for Sony to fix any remaining problems, & get us back to gaming online[& using other services PSN provides us with]. Just have patience. Have a nice day.

  218. Howard says:

    Phuck it I’m still gonna play my SONY PS3 on my SONY 3-D TV bumpin through my SONY SURROUND SOUND!! Yall know that the SONY PS3 is #1 in console gaming PERIOD!! I also have an x-box 360 but that’s for guest. You only lay yo hands on my SONY PRODUCTS by SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY!! And you gotta play tha x-box on da vizio!! Cheer-up folks, it will be back on. Find some local competition or beat your games.

  219. Joe Callies says:

    Yeah, im mad that its down, but im not gonna buy a fricken Xbox360 just to play online…really?? haha i kinda laugh just thinking of it. but when the PSN goes back up, its gonna be awesome because all of us Ps3 owners get free acess to PlayStation Plus! FTW. Also free downloads and more stuff!

  220. dick sucker 21 says:

    stop wastin timw plez sony plez

  221. nate says:

    hurry up u guys have a million dollar company and you let one hacker in and take everything
    cmon lets get it back jesus im pisseeeeddddd

  222. Chris Ezell says:

    I only wish Japan would OFFICIALLY report that psn is up there. I hear some people say it is and others say it isnt. I would only assume that this may be affected by the tsunami they experienced (certain areas of Japan may have psn others may not because of possible damage of the servers) i dont know.

    I am also hearing some say it is up in canada. but i do agree with peoples frustration about sony not giving us an update with dates and times and there corresponding regions.

    this is the latest but not so greatest from sony :

  223. david says:

    everybody who’s sobbing and whinning about the PS3 being down..should go out and waste there money on pasafires er how ever the fuck u spell it,and dipers instead of an xbox360…

  224. ruff says:

    I just went out an got an xbox its actually pretty sweet graphics an all an its not that expensive to play online at all. I’ve all ways been a Sony guy never gave xbox a chance but me an a few of my buddies went out ant got them an I love it Sony what the POINT OF KEEPING THE SONY NETWORK SHUT OFF IF THE INFORMATION WAS HACKED THERES NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE NOW if Sony wants to update the security that’s coo but do it in a timely fashion like all the other updates.An when I hear people say why are u mad its free NO IT’S NOT FREE you pay for those expensive games, controllers etc

  225. nathanr11 says:

    its stupid that ppl would buy a xbox just to play online…really?
    you dnt have thing better to do with u life??
    eny way when the play station network comes back on were going to get new free stuff..
    like iof u had the map pack we might get more new ones..
    so just wait…it will pay off :)

  226. KILL-A-MANJARO50 says:

    Both sides are understandable in this argument. Much like politics, there are die hard fans of 360 and PS3. Then there is a middle, easily swayed crowd who will switch sides at the first sign of trouble. This crowd is massive. Sony is a great company, I love their technology. But this seems to be taking way too long for what’s at stake. All these new games coming out for PS3 are being shorthanded A LOT. After the first week I wouldn’t imagine if the user count went down by thousands. The problem has probably snowballed from there. For the sake of Sony gaming, they need to kick out the stops, get anyone and everyone on the issue, fix it as fast as possible, and pray it’s not too late because as loyal as everyone may be, patience is running thin like alcohol.

  227. KlLLZONE says:

    omg i cant stand you high and mighty all so “adjusted” people out there telling us to “go play soccer” or “play offline games.” who the hell are you to tell me or anyone how much this should bother me. There is only one reason I own a playstation and it was to play online only. Now that multiplayer games cannot be accessed it isnt the end of the world no but i do have a right to be pissed. I payed for the system, the game, playstation plus and the game subscription so none of this is “free” for me. I do work, I go outside and I do many other things but when I play, I play online.. or at least I did. I dont want their damned 30 days of PS+. I want to not have to recreate my psnid because i dont have my original ps3 and dont remember the info. I want to not lose lvl 12 as I worked hard for those trophies. And I want psn back up now!

  228. Chris Ezell says:

    you know now that i sit back and think about it wouldnt canada and usa be in the same region?

  229. STillup says:

    PSN is free, XBOX LIVE costs. Allow the time needed to repair the network, so we may all still enjoy it without a price tag. Sounds ok? If you subscribe to a PSN plus, or what ever it’s called you are losing only a nickel a day when it’s down.

  230. BeyondInsane says:

    I actually heard them say this Friday it would be up, i think this was stated May 2nd lol.

    Also the compensation for being down for so long is 30day free for PSN+ and for those who have it a free extra 30days.

    Do i care about the Free PSN+ not really. I just want some Mortal Kombat DLC.

  231. RadicalSony says:

    @STOP CRYING! be happy, maybe you don’t realize every second of a kid’s day is filled up. Video games were not designed for “adults.” I’m 14 and i like playing on psn when i’m bored. In your eyes we’re not allowed to be mad about it. When it was pouring rain every day this week I wasn’t going to go outside to get some fresh air, only to get drenched.

  232. hevquip says:

    hahaha, you’re all so right! when a company provides you a free service and it fails temporarily, the obvious solution is to go out and spend a bunch of money on a new console, games, and service subscription!

  233. RadicalSony says:

    First sentence i meant is not. I thought you would infer that, but i remembered you lack an understanding of common sense.

  234. Toro-90 says:

    Man all i know is, we still #1(PS3),,,,, and 4 those low life that get but hurt only b/c we cant play online.. all i could say,sure go by a Xbox 360 but then dont come back crying back to game stop that ur lame system broke down, B/c i know i will never, Ever!!! buy a piece of crap for $200, so good luck, and u know already.. PS3 4 LIFE

  235. sean says:


  236. ashley says:

    HEYS guys go uotside i agree with you sean

  237. sean says:


  238. zack says:

    This is not going to effect the 10 year old who has no money. Most of the people who put countless hours into video games and have the money to afford it are adults. Sony does not realize this is going to hurt them for years to come. their security has been an issue for a while now, with people hacking games. they should have known this was coming. i guarantee they do not realize the magnitude of this. if they want to keep MONEY SPENDING consumers, this is not the was to go about it. If you put a date and don’t fulfill it it is going to have more of a negative impact then not setting a date at all… ALMOST ALL MY FRIENDS EITHER BOUGHT AN XBOX ALREADY OR WERE GOING TO BUY ONE TODAY IF THE SYSTEM WAS NOT UP…

  239. Chris Ezell says:

    oookaaaay. several of my gaming friends are married and would find your reply very offensive.

    remember: only YOU can prevent trolling

  240. Chris Ezell says:


  241. Chris Ezell says:

    It is now 6:31 in san diego and psn is not up. We shall await the dawning of a new day with cheerfullness and hope.

  242. Chris Ezell says:

    and i bid all my fellow americans and british and canadian friends good night.

  243. lawl says:

    haha ive been having a gwd time not being online every second ov the day so y dont u go outdoors and do sum i dunno ………… exercise

  244. Pratik says:

    When I get my free month of PS+, I’m gonna download the Killzone 3 DLC for free even though I don’t even have the game.

  245. johnyboy says: a psn fan and user,but you hear me

  246. Omar Gonzalez says:

    PSN is like my family because my mom and dad work the whole day, I rarely see my brother, and I dont have other family that live close by me. So I really need PSN back cause i’m extremely bored out of my fkn mind!!

  247. Hunter says:

    i’m fine waitin around for playstation network to come back online. It’s just encouraging everyone to go outside and play. is it annoying that is it not online yes do i wish it was yes but people shoulden’t be complaining about not being able to go on their virtual crackpipe for a couple a weeks, and they certainly shoulden’t buy a 200 dollar xbox and 150 dollars worth of games just to play in the two week period that ps3 doesen’t work online. I mean holy crap who the hell died and stopped patience from mattering?

  248. Lance says:

    Dude i just wanna play again. i was like 5 levels away from 14th prestige. i just want my damn gold L96 already haha

  249. impatient says:


  250. Im That One Guy says:

    People who went to buy an Xbox 360 are not really PS3 players…

  251. Chris Ezell says:

    hey i like that good one

  252. Chris Ezell says:

    so i am not really a ps3 gamer because i am a multiplatform gamer?

    not being sarcastic just asking an honest question.

  253. kenny says:

    My Biggest complaint = My old Ps3 broke down with the ylod, but got a new system for only a $100 bucks, which is still not that bad, but since it is a generic problem, they should have cover it for free.

    no PSN? I don’t really care I play two games online, gta4 and lbp2, I have had the chance to create 2 full levels in the meanwhile, while when I was online I barely got 1 done in about a month.

    free games? sweet why not, I think costumers should be rewarded for their patience. it is a free service. if it was to become paid then that would be a big problem.

  254. rj says:

    yous are all noobs everyday noobs that are only noobs and yous have no lifes because yoous are noobs your parents brung noobs into this world xbox live is for NOOBS

  255. rj says:

    add me RJ_12INCHBANG im online psn networks are back on hahahahaha shame on yous it aint on im in australia

  256. Ralph says:

    I order Black ops for PC and i play on my son’s Xbox. I might shelf my PS3 next to the Atari, NES, Sega Genesis and SNES as something of the past that was good at one point in time. With rumors of Sony losing the contract with COD franchise what the purpose in keeping my PS3 active?.

  257. Whoever thinks psn is free is retarded. The price for playing on psn gets added on to your internet bill. Maybe if you all were more observant, you’d realize that.

  258. JDfromUGC says:

    ITs been down for two weeks and all kinda mad but me and my gf went out to see fast 5 and had bf-gf fun so i forgot about ps3 untill i get the email saying you may log in

  259. Jake says:

    It’ll be fixed soon and sony will make it up to us they already said they would so sit down and shut up already these guys are rich and love making money and when psn is down they are loosing mony so I’m sure they are doing all they can to get it back online

  260. Jessica says:

    I’m not exactly sure why everyone has to complain about it being down for so long..there’s nothing we can do nor will our complaining bring it back any faster,I am a die hard black ops fan and typically on as much as I an,it’s addicting but some of you seriously need a reality check and get a life. If one of you had your credit card information used during the process of this hack you would be going after Sony saying they should of taken it down and fixed the problem. and to all of you who said xbox live never got hacked,or would have their customers wait 2 weeks..sorry to break it to you back in 08 it was down for 2 weeks. So give sony a break They WILL have it up eventually.Till then,go do something productive!

  261. leo b says:

    Hell yeah xbox went down for 3 weeks I remember it and damn be patient. Sony will be back up soon

  262. its not hacker says:

    DAM my UNCLE work AT SONY and told me that they where DOING the system toward PS4 from the PSN server they had to shut it down !!!! meanwhile they get somone in court for hacking but has nothing to do whit whats hapening right now. !!! EMPLOYE of sony say as a JOKE that we should GETING there CREDIT CARD info if we dont get pay enought and HE GOT REPORTED thats all i know AND beside yess they will give a mini game .1 GUY REPORTED CREDIT CARD FRAUD

  263. Anonymous says:

    we didnt do it. we could never do that. we love sony. :)


    To all the crybabies… get a life like so many others have said on here…. find some better things to do with your time… read a book, go watch a movie… go outside and do something… hell, go on a date, cause it sems like you dont have a life outside of online gaming.

    To those who expect something for free… gee.. this hack is already costing the Sony corporation billions of dollars… lets just screw them over some more… Did you know that for the first three years the PS3 was out, Sony lost MILLIONS of dollars on selling them for what they did? They have tried to compensate gamers and fans of PS for years… Stop expecting hand outs…

    To all the real PS fans… way to be patient and wait it out. You are true fans and Die hards like me. I miss playing online, especially with my step son who lives halfway across the country, but it will be back on soon so I can game on with him again. You guys and gals know who oyu are and you are awsome! to the whiners…. heres your cheese….


    oh and try again… PSN does not cost any extra for your internet bill.. I have had it for more than 4 years and I monitor my bill for EVERYTHING! so get a life XBOX junkie…

  266. Synyster Gates says:

    Wha you mean compensation?????? The network is free to begin with…..compensation….unbelievable

  267. Chris Ezell says:

    @psn cost money

    we have a saying for what you just said. its and ID ten t error. here let me write that out for you:

    I D 1 0 T

    thats your sign.

    i do not think sony is going to call your internet provider and say “hey this guy has a ps3 so we demand that you up your rates for him and give us the rest”

    open wiiide!
    because you REALLY put your foot in your mouth for that one.

  268. billy says:

    iit will be up nxt week from today

  269. w_KAMIKAZE_w says:

    WTF !!! 17 days !!! SONY come on

  270. w_KAMIKAZE_w says:

    17 days !! why!

  271. Analicious says:

    All you guys are really retarded

  272. soon we will be back online omg!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to kill some zombies and chat with my friends who are far away . sony will hook us up with free games they are awsome if u ask me. and they are showing us how much they apreciate us so everyone thank sony. dont show disrespect to them . they cant help that some little weazle hacked them!!!




  275. Matt says:

    why is everybody so caught up with the free playstation s*** is that what human beings have come to?? a free hand out when things don’t go their way?? why should we be compensated anyways Psn is free to begin some people are just straight up vultures you give them an inch they want a mile my god quit complainin if you dont like ps3 it get a 360 have it break down after 8-12 months wait the 4 weeks for it to be shipped, repaired, and sent back and see if you aren’t singin a different tune xbox is bull its always gonna be a inferior model in comparision no matter what and hell why not go outside and chill or learn a new skill people are so childish now a days go cry to someone who cares

  276. Frjam says:

    I agree, all these people whining about “compensation” are morons. I’m prefectly content catching up on my backlog of single player games. My only complaint is there are two trophies on Portal 2 that require me to be online, and I bought the game after the network went down. So I’m just shy of my platinum. ;D

    Either way. Ask Sony for your compensation. I’m sure they’ll be glad to refund you for the two weeks of PSN you lost. Let me know when you get your check for $0 from Sony. I’d like a picture.

  277. jamie says:

    Back to playing black ops now online.. Had enough of sonys bullshit now playing on xbox live.

  278. Justin says:


  279. jamie says:

    Well i bought mortal kombat on day of release like many other people did i payed 40 pounds for ive completed it now… Now it just sits there collecting dust when i could be playing it for the xbox am glad i own both consoles because if am not back online within the next week am sorry sony but my ps3 will be traded in for some xbox games at least microsoft have a better gaming service.

  280. Jay says:

    (Calm) Sony Sony Sony… (LOUD) WTFFFFFFFF… The May 3rd Thing Was A Dissapointment Get Us Back Up On The 4th Im In The #8 Clan In North America #2 Europe I Need To Get Back To My CoD4 To Hold Our Spot ReTRo FTW!!
    - ReTRo_ZinC

  281. reecyboy says:

    why cant xbox be hacked insted…

  282. jay says:

    NETFLIX is still accessible. All you need to do is open it. its gunna try to sign you in to psn. click sign in and when the PSN “maintenance” message pops up press circle. itll ask u again so repeat the process and ur netflix will be up and running.

  283. nathan says:

    i have a psp go which means i cant download games or buy new ones which sucks so aswell as not bein able to play online im pretty gutted but what does this mean for me last time i checked playstaion plus was only for ps3 users atleast when its promoted its always mentioning ps3 and not psp so how are sony gonna make it up to psp users coz im obviously not alone nonetheless i appreciate the update on info from sony and hope its fixed soon so we can all enjoy psn again

  284. sylvertooth says:

    i agree with all the comments this is bull how can one single person do this whats next for psn. It is sad that people depend on a game to make them happy but to some it is a national pass time,I play with my son and it’s like our male bonding thing that we can do every day summer winter or on a rainy day.and dont come with that read a book stuff he is a straight A student and we get out but cant all the time and lets face it ,it’s just fun and we want it back NOW,I hear they will try to make it up to use the best way they can free game and things of that nature but who’s to um going to fell like a kid in a candy shop when it goes back up…..Die Hard PS fan for life…….

  285. joey says:


  286. Oz70NYC says:

    I completely agree with the statement made by MicroKidd. As an “older” gamer (I’ll be 31 on the 27th), this doesn’t effect me in the slightest…namely because I actually have a life. I have a Fiance, a decent paying job, and a circle of friends I hang out with offline. I’m not a casual gamer though, I spend upwards of 7 hours a day gaming. With that said, the people bitching about the outage as I see it are without a doubt the “youngins” who have nothing else to do with their lives, because video games are their lives. I can understand you’re pissed, but seriously…get a life. It’s been said by a number of people here, but it really needs to be hammered home. And I can’t help but laugh at the people “saying” they’re going to by an 360 because of this. Really? If you have the expendable income to by a 360 in spite of Sony, rather then use it for something meaningful…you’re dumber then you “sound”. You’re going to drop another $300, plus $40-$60 for games just so you can “play online”. And you do realize that XBL isn’t free, right? You people have to be the dumbest human beings alive. Your logic is naive, childish and mislead. But that’s because you ARE naive, childish and mislead. If the shoe fits, I guess…wear it until the sole wears out.

  287. charles says:

    i dont know why people are mad because platstation network is free and x box u have to pay so be thankfull for that and everybody enjoy your family why the playstation is is trying to get it on so we can play.well everybody have a good day.

  288. BucketOfHeads says:

    seriously i use the online for skate 3 to upload and edit videos and of course call of duty but since mortal kombat is out ive been soooo into oldschool were it all started.twisted metal is gunna be sick and we have to wait for that..why cant people chill out on the online life sometimes taking a break will make you return with twice as much skill…but im not a 24/7 online gamer because i have a job….its hard to believe theres this many lil no life kids on ps3..i thought that was more of a 360 thing.ive always and forever see the playstation as a grown man/womans system i mean most everybody is a grown up by now that played atari,nes,snes/sega, then ps1.TWISTED METAL FTW

  289. Albert says:

    but yes getting a different system which is insane…………. just wait out the few months………..

  290. arabzkilla says:

    At first i really was pissed that ps3 network was down, but now i dont care anymore… wtv….i got over it.. its summer time now… lmaoo i dont even think i will go back to playing it.. it was ruining my life and the network being down.. made me realise of how much of a freak i was

  291. SleepingPill says:

    I think it is so foolish for X box Fanboy’s to laugh at Sony’s time of failure. What they seize to understand is that nothing is set in stone, and Microsoft can be hacked as well. I think it is pitiful that Sony allowed itself to get hacked by some kid though. I am a fan of Sony PlayStation product’s, and I have bought a Playstation 3 when it first came out with backwards compatibility.

    Sony has let us down, but it is not enough for me to buy a X box. I also got PlayStation Plus, so I hope Sony doesn’t plan to give everyone it, when I paid $50 for it. Rumor

    With that I just hope that Sony can make it up to the die hard fans, for their loyalty. I wouldn’t mind better updates, some form of backwards compatibility for newer models of the PlayStation 3, and downloads.

  292. Phil says:

    The world as ended for most ps3 fans lol. I mean come people, since psn went down my wife’s never been happier!! Ha ha saying that neither have I ” Kinky Kinky ” lol. I’m sure Sony will sort it all out soon, keep up the good work Sony.

  293. Anonymous says:

    On my way to the store buying that xbox 360

  294. Penetrader says:

    Nicole ur so right, people just need to learn that there’s other things in life than just sitting down on ur couch all day and playing PS3….

  295. Cudds says:

    With PSN being down, I finally got on my gaming PC. I must say…I’ve certainly missed it for it’s offline capabilities.

  296. JuanG says:

    Word on the streets… Sony/Playstation is going to compensate all of the 77 million PSN customers with a free 32″ Sony Bravia 1080p LED-LCD HDTV’s (Model #: NSX32GT1). Just got mine last night.

  297. john says:

    No…I think its going to be a lottery for the tv’s…i hope i get one

  298. Darren says:

    I bought my ps3 like a week ago so im not all that mad. i want to play online to but theres more to life than video games. its kina ironic that im saying this cuz you wouldnt expect a 15 yr old video game junkie to say that. in the meantime people you should really get out some and spend time with your family. they are the ones that are really important, not video games. so take a chill pill and enjoy life.

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