Geronimo: Osama Bin Laden Dead Operation Code Name Geronimo

The news of Osama Bin Laden dead was all over the news yesterday. We have now found out that the code name of the operation that took this top terrorist down was Geronimo. The search term Geronimo is still topping the Google search trends today. Everyone is interested in making sure that Osama is in fact dead and gone.

geronimoGeronimo was the code name picked for the operation of the Navy Seals but why? As you know Geronimo was a well known Native American leader of the Chiricahua Apache who fought against Mexico as well as the US because of their expansion into the tribal lands of the Apache. Not only was this man known one that evaded the enemy but his name has also become a shout that many people shout before doing something big. If you parachute you may say Geronimo!

Some people think that the name of the operation is offensive. When the Seals killed Osama they send back a massage to their base “Geronimo EKI” and this meant that Osama had been killed. We will never know exactly what happened and who shot Osama Bin Laden but people are sure to speculate. What are your thoughts on operation Geronimo?

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