Who Got Voted Off Dancing With The Stars May 3, 2011 Elimination 5/3/11

It’s Ballroom Greats week and we will see Dancing with the Stars elimination results May 3, 2011. There are six remaining couples. Who will go home? How did you like the performance last night? Wondering who got kicked off Dancing With The Stars 5/3/11?

dancing with the stars may 3Romeo and Chelsie ended up getting the lowest score this week which is odd since they got the highest score last week. Even more strange is the fact that Ralph and Karina got the highest score this week and the lowest score last week. On Dancing With The Stars May 3, 2011 Kristie and Maks joined the lowest scorers group. The highest scoring couples were Ralph and Karin and Hines and Kym at 66.

Guest performances tonight at by Nicki Minaj and James Blunt. Who do you think will be heading home tonight. We will update the site with who got voted off Dancing With The Stars May 3, 2011.

Update: Kendra & Louis was voted off! Kendra says that she will go back to being a Mom.

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