Playstation Network Down: May 4

Well today is the day that the Playstation network down problem was supposed to be fixed. May 4 is here and the world is still waiting for their favorite games to come back online. It looks like PSN in Japan is already back online (these are just rumors) and had many in other areas hopeful but that’s not what happened. Everything is still offline in the US and Europe.

playstation network down may 4The Playstation network down problem seems to have become more complicated after the complete breach of its SOE sector. SOE stands for Sony Online Entertainment. There has not been any update on the official PSBlog since May 2 so we are still waiting to hear what is going on with this deal. The Playstation network down chatter is going crazy but the executives at Sony are being strangely quiet.

Popular belief is that the Playstation network down problem will be remedied by this weekend but that is not necessarily true. We are going to have to continue to play the wait and see game. There are millions of people that are sick and tired of the waiting game though. What have you been doing while the online games are down?


Posted on PSN blog:

“We told the subcommittee about our intent to offer complimentary identity theft protection to U.S. account holders and detailed the “Welcome Back” program that includes free downloads, 30 days of free membership in the
PlayStation Plus premium subscription service; 30 days of free service for Music Unlimited subscribers; and extending PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited subscriptions for the number of days services were unavailable.”

They also say that they are working around the clock and all that jazz… ;)


  1. steven says:

    playing socom 4 but need online to get platinum

  2. Unsastisfied person says:

    I’ve been playing MINECRAFT!

  3. Mathew says:

    I have been waiting patiently for the PSN to be back, but after yesterday(when it was suppose to come on) I am just getting annoyed. Sure i have been playing a lot of older games lately, such as, The Darkness, Metal Gear Solid 4, the Uncharted series, and the New Mortal Kombat. What is starting to annoy me is the fact that I have made many friends on the PSN, and I have not been able to talk to them. Although the PSN is not my life, it for me was also a stress reliever. After a long hard day at work, or when the kids are fighting with each other, or when it was all around a bad day, I would turn on some Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and talk to my squad, and it helped ease the tension in my mind. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was an update and a tiem it was suppose to come back, but this silent treatment is what is making me lose faith in the Sony Company.

  4. F4cl< F4cl< F4cl< F4cl< F4cl< YOU SONY MAY 4 or 5 FOR F4cl<ing LIES F4cl< YOU HACKERS

  5. Patiently waiting college student says:

    actually studying for finals…

  6. Nigel says:

    We have been playing on steam and xbox, lol.

  7. inZanity says:

    Seybold should be honest, simple yes or no answers, & give specific dates, not tell us 1-2 days, within a week, then May 3 turns into SOMETIME this week, if Sony is facing more setbacks Seybold, tell us, I don’t know why you haven’t been fired yet, but I guess you fit right in at Sony since they have displayed total disregard & have neglected us all. I’m a loyal Sony consumer but when the next-next gen consoles come out, I’ll wait a year to see if Xbox 720 has RROD problems, if not I would lean towards it over PS4 just because of the manner we’ve been treated. I’m not an XBOX fanboy, i don’t own anything by MS, my PS3 is my computer, just tired of getting the run a round, less you tell us worse people feel about Sony as a whole, which in turn will have a direct impact on sales of your other products, we need competition in gaming industry so Gates doesn’t have another monopoly with an inferior product, Sony please get PSN online soon, just tell us the truth what\’s really going on.

  8. Cody says:

    enjoying the outdoors again

  9. XFame says:

    I got a Xbox..I’ve been wantin one anyway so yea plus it gets everything earlier than ps3 to

  10. irod says:

    I’m loosing weight since the network has been down…

  11. Chris says:

    I believe that Sony is stalling and it wont be up for a very long time especially with the SOE being hacked my theory is that Sony are aware of this but dont want to tell us psn users that it will be a week or two more otherwise we probably go buy a competitors console. I hope Sony gets there asses taken to court for more than a billion and we are all compensated with more then a month free of something many of us wont use such as Playstation plus

  12. steve says:

    That’s it, I wait no longer, going out to by Xbox 360…This one customer Sony has lost!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget

  14. ZYG says:

    the girl’s cute

  15. KFitz says:

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous now. 2 weeks and STILL now PSN. I want to play online with my friends from around the world. This is a never-ending issue that seems to have no end in sight. What really grinds my gears in the fact that Playstation keeps saying it “should” be up a certain day, then, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t end up coming up. I’m seriously considering getting a 360. I’m fed up with this.

  16. In due time says:

    Sony said it would put PSN back up starting by region and not all at once. Just wondering but I’ve not seen a single article that states that Sony said they’d be back online today. Thanks for the news, I didn’t know it was back up in Japan then again I’ve just woken up.

  17. Southbendw1 says:

    I have seen people getting irritated without their online gaming, but fact is we have no control over, it will be back when they get it back and not a moment sonner. Why not use this time wisley and grow your trophy collection??? Thats what I have been doing.

  18. Cody says:



  19. TheLatinFire says:

    I guess I saw it coming… Since when has Sony ever been reliable?

  20. nerdie says:

    Pleeze bring up the PSN network ASAP so we can start playing our backed up games online.

  21. baggy says:

    japan is still down people ffs stop talking BS psn has not been fixed or updated..the last post in japan was made on the 3/5/2011 and still no ur not doing ur business any good by keeping us in the dark

  22. W says:

    That girl’s really pretty but why is her controller all backwards? Do they make left handed controllers?

  23. Mike says:

    We’ll be lucky to have it on by Christmas at this rate…

  24. Facepalm says:

    If you guys read the actual update, you would know that Sony was restoring the PSN by regions, and since its centered in Japan, naturally they started there. Other parts of the world will be restored over the coming days

  25. jamie says:

    Am off to play black ops on my 360 hahaha lol

  26. glfw1bldegl says:

    Sony really needs to spend more time securing their network. Sony spends more time trying to secure and copy protect their games than they spend on securing your personal data. This is not about consumer protection at all. It is about Sony throwing it’s money and weight around to slap lawsuits and restraining orders on those that they should work with, not against. As this issue clearly illustrates, Sony is NOT the smartest kid on the block and like Microsoft (viruses), they will continue to sustain similar issues until their arrogance subsides. As far as suing Sony for neglecting security of consumers data, I am ALL for it. Karma works in magical ways. The arrogant sue happy Goliath is about to be struck by MILLIONS of Davids harmed by Sony’s arrogance.
    I am an avid PSN user as well that is willing to wait it out in the hopes that Sony learns a valuable lesson from this ignorant lack of concern for consumer privacy.

  27. John Raz says:

    Well this is kinda BS. The plan on giving a month of gold membership, which i already have. The map pack from the pretige package of black ops, which I already have. So all in all, those of us who have been dedicated PS3 customers wont get nothing but a big F>cU. Dissapointer by far. I bought a 360 for my sons room, maybe i just need to step away from PS3 completely.

    First their update on the first of last month is a total invasion of privacy, but now they cant even keep the network up on a gaming system that “claims” to be better than xbox. This is rediculous.

  28. Ramon says:

    i have been playing on xbox live since its been down. i sold my ps3 and got an xbox 360. i was tired of waiting.

  29. John Raz says:

    its funny how they brought Japan up first even though Japan has a fraction of the users as the US does. People like US are on the bottom of the list even though we pay their bills. Nice one Sony

  30. max says:

    come on sony this is taking the mic now!! 2 weeks gone and these stupid hacking gay boi’s are still stopping us from gameing. just compleatly block his or their consolle for good!!! and just let us back online. oh and its gona take a bit more the a free months playstation pluse to make up for all the incoviniance thats be caused of the last 2 weeks! and maybe a few more updates on when we wil be back online would be nice 2!!

  31. unique nearn says:

    how much of this is true? i been online for 2weeks looking for some answers but all i see is friday then i saw tuesday but that came and went so how sure is it for friday cuz if not xbox here i come…

  32. Scotty Flamingo says:

    IF the PSN is back online in Japan it will be on for us in a day or two, they said on may 4 it would start to be back online, well it started in Japan. cant have 7mill ppl downloading the same file at the same time. What do you think about that??

  33. Sammy says:

    Personally, I have every PS and the PSP. Still have the boxes and all the games for each console as well. I was hoping to save these for 20 years and sell them like some of my other toy collection.

    At this rate, I think it is time to mothball my PS3 back to the box and move on. My only reason to stay was SOCOM and since the latest SOCOM is trash, there is nothing keeping me around.

    Don’t get me started on HOME. HOME is homo. That was a big waste of time.

    SONY QA has been crap for years. Patches take forever and they usually break more than they fix Their EXCLUSIVE games are garbage. Sony’s attitude lately has been arrogant at best.

    Most people in our clan have already moved in the last year since LIVE is only 5 US dollars a month and you have way better cross chat features regardless of what game you are playing.

    Gamestop is offering trade-in of PS3 for 129.00 US dollars until May 12. Just some info in case you want to go that route.

  34. Tom says:

    It’s really no secret that SOE are incompetent, full of contempt for their customer base and lacking in even the most basic administrative capability. It’s just now it’s been made clear enough for all to see. I would hope this public embarassment forces them to consider their organisation, but given the ‘contempt’ part above, I don’t find it likely.

    Still, even given SOE’s appalling track record – managing to run major properties into the ground, being out of touch with their consumers, and treating the US market like a lackey ( and the EU market like cattle) the fact that they kept the rickety network structure up for so long is stunningly inept – and they should be found legally culpable. No forced EULA agreement should be allowed to be a catch-all to dodge every shred of responsibility for users’ money and security.

    Give it a rest on the console wars posts by the way – the only people who rant on about perceived differences between platforms are too poor to own them all, and therefore have nothing useful to offer on the topic.

  35. Gnome says:

    I just don’t understand why all these 360 fans can possible think that the 360 is better than the PS3. The Ps3 is a beast of a machine. The 360 is way weaker in every aspect as far as hardware goes. I have a 360 as well…I will never give them money to play their crap made system on their servers..Just like Microsoft to double dip and make a buck. So on your Dual Layer DVDs you play your crap Games while I play mine on Blu-Ray..How did that HD format work out for y’all ? oh that’s right it didn’t. Even Microsoft makes you by their Hard Drives. At least Sony lets you use a 2.5 regular SATA drive. (off soap box) I can’t complain about our service we get for free. Like Southbendw1 said, we can’t control it. Complaining isn’t going to make them work any faster. It is what it is and it’s happened, we can’t fix that. So all you 360 fans, stay with your crap system that is so proprietary it’s not even funny down to that stupid power box you almost have to carry in a backpack..oh yeah PS3 uses a regular computer power cord..I’m just saying!

  36. Bomber707070 says:

    I think it sucks that PSN is down too as I have been a faithful PS user since 1998, however, I know we could be paying a monthly or yearly charge for gaming online the the 360 user. Sony is not as greedy as microsoft, and allow us to game online for free. Let them do their jobs and maybe we all should take this time to spend with our families and local friends.

    I agree that not being able to game with my distant friends is crappy but use Facebook or your free nationwide long distance on your cell phones and talk to them. There are more ways to stay in contact with them. And yes, you could even grab a piece of paper and a pen and write this thing called a letter. :)

    All I am saying is there is better ways to enjoy this time away from the PSN other than telling everyone how cheated you think you are. Other than DC online the PSN is free and will stay that way if everyone just relaxes.

  37. madman says:

    that suck for the one waiting to get psn back… i was one of you tell i got a 360 yesterday, i was done with sonys lies and keeping the ps3 players in the dark.. dont get me wong i luv ps3, but from what it looks like there going to have lots of isues for a min.. but hey i do hope it come back soon for all you ps3 player to get back online..

  38. JJ says:

    People saying that Sony has never been reliable are really getting on my nerves if it wasn,t reliable why did you buy a ps3 in the first place, would love to play online again but why are we blaming Sony, the hackers are hiding somewhere laughing there asses of after disrupting the whole online world, why is nobody from the 77 million PS3 users helping catch these idiots, somebody must know something…..they are the ones to blame not Sony…would rather wait and hope everything works out and is safer….JUST WAIT

  39. john_denim says:

    I think a lot of us PS3 fans are being extremely patient, but I know for a fact some people are trading in their beloved PS3′s for 360′s.
    Sony need to keep us informed, it’s easier to contemplate if we know an exact date. Two weeks though? What can Sony possibly be doing that takes 14 days????? Come on Sony, keep us informed!!

  40. JT says:


    “…more than a free month’s playstation plus to MAKE UP for all the inconvenience…” ?!?!

    Are you serious? Has our society gotten so bad as to think that someone should have to “reimburse” them for the “incovenience” of not being able to play a game? Get a life. I love my games too and would really love to be playing again, but why should Sony have to “make up” for you not being able to play for two weeks?

    Playstation’s online gameplay is free. So it’s a “service” they are providing…not a right.

    And as for why it’s taking so long, I don’t honestly know. None of us do. But I hope they take as long as necessary to make it as safe and secure as possible…hopefully having learned from this security breach.

  41. Dave says:

    It’s driving me nuts keeps us updated

  42. Skunkjunkie says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous at this stage , no news being released from Sony in days , at the start of all this I wasn’t even thinking of switching to xbox , i am now and so are most my friends , its been two weeks now and the thing that’s annoying me most Is the lack of information coming out of Sony they should be more forward with their customers after all were only supporting ur business by buying ps3 ,

  43. bill says:

    Uhm to the 360 fan boys I waited longer for my rrod problems to get fixed. But this is non sense that Japan gets theirs back first.

  44. Mr. pissed off says:

    Really Sony. All i know is that for playstations sake their online play is free. I know its complicated but i also know that, thats not my damn problem. i bought a ps3. i love my ps3. but the past 2 weeks my ps3 has been collecting dust. Man up please and let the consumer know whats going on. Dont have me waiting for a fix date and not have it fixed. Sony if u messed up then say so. Stop taking so many smoke breaks and get this dealt with.

  45. Xbox3suxme says:

    I can’t wait to jump on the new network. I’m sure since they upgraded it they went with top notch everything, so honestly I expect it to run faster and more efficient than the 360 now so pretty much aside from having 1 or 2 exclusives I wouldn’t mind playing, xbox is gonna be beat in every category now, even online. For the record I don’t care how long I need to wait xbox will never get my business. I envy japan they are enjoying the new connection already with probably 0 lag due to the small user volume.

  46. omlete says:

    All you people are so quick to bash on PS but remember whos network went down first………. XBOX did. and the whole xbox community was bitching about that. There is pros and cons to both systemsRight now xbox is online so I play on it. When PS is back up it will gain back all of its coustomers. Playstation might have problems but remember its FREE. That always brings in people.

  47. omlete says:

    but I am ready to play

  48. this sucks says:

    i will give psn till the end of may then i am buying a 360 i dont like playing off line cause it to easy i like playing online cause it fun i like competition

  49. Dumbarses says:

    All these Deathbox idiots seem to forget that a few years ago, you PAID subscription was interrupted for 2 weeks as well… PAID subscription while ours still remains FREE.

    Also, PS3 is still a greater machine than Xbox could hope to be and there still isn’t a game to fully show PS3′s art yet.

    Xbox nothing, I’m still waiting patiently… For you retards that are getting your panties in a wad, it just shows that you have no life so you have to find other ways to occupy your time. So go trade in your PS3 and remember to buy some extra batteries for your controllers. Don’t want them dying on you in the middle of you paid subscription.

  50. Tartarus4996 says:

    Seriously? you guys would buy a 360, what a joke. First of all this is the very first time in like 3 years that something this big ever happened, plus just because updates usually take only 1 or 2 days doesn’t mean you should bytch and complain it. My god go outside or watch tv JUST DO SOMETHING. Like i said just wait this is the first time in 3 years that an update has taken this long to fix and it should take this long. I don’t mind waiting since i’m a True sony fan fawk 360, they make their systems price less and make games only on xbox because they know ps3 is better and FYI xbox got hacked as well. Calm down and wait damn.

  51. Donald Nolin says:

    I bought my game expressly so I could play online with a handful of my buddies. I don’t have an alternative to play a network game in the absence of PSN. At least with other games like Quake there is an option to setup a “alternative” server to play on. I am pining for something like that for the PS3.


  52. Omar says:

    Really sony? Seriously? Can u guys have any worse customer support by not letting us knw crap and by taking 2 weeks to fix.why does japan have it!we want it!

  53. A boy says:

    I am seriously angry now. I have lost complete faith in sony and think they are a joke. MAy 4th and where is PSN.

  54. ps3user says:

    funny thing is that PSN is NOT live in japan but it is funny when rumors begin to be reported as fact….

  55. Robert Lee says:

    I did it!!! I went out and bought me an XBOX. Life’s too short to sit in chains wondering when I will be free. I emancipated myself!!! NEVER SURRENDER!!!!

  56. tennapop says:

    This is why you should never be a single console household. Too many damn fanboys on both sides. Can’t play online on my PS3? Fine. Lets grab my 360 controller. 360 RRoD’d? Ok cool… There’s always the Wii… Wii isn’t reading discs? Ok. Let me grab my 3DS or my PSP. Those don’t have a charge? I’ll play ROMs on my Droid X…. Phone is in the car? I’ll play something on my PC…

    There are a ton of options, and with consoles getting cheaper they are more affordable and many people can have multiple in their household.

  57. Eskimo says:

    Want to know what I’ve been doing? CONSIDERING BUYING A 360!

    I’m sick of this , PSN has been down for nearly 2 weeks. 2 weeks too long.

  58. Matt says:

    At least I got Demon’s Souls out of the way because of this.

  59. Mubeen says:

    i think its a good thing psn went down. helps me concentrate on work more. but of course i have a life.

  60. Tartarus4996 says:

    not every damn entertainment company is perfect h3ll IBM bank got hacked once and you know what they did? they hired the hackers to prevent any more intrusions. My point is it’s not sony’s fualt they got hacked if someone can hack a bank they damn sure can hack sony. sony said sorry, guys seriously just wait my god its wed you mean you guys can’t wait 1 or 2 more days and even if it does take longer who cares do something else i love psn and sony but my life don’t revolve around it damn i’m just gonna play some games through campain and visit some relatives, all this time your wasting complaining and you could be building up you profile trophies thats what a true gamer would do.

  61. Robert Lee says:

    SONY online is free yesterday, but is it free tomorrow??? SONY creates a problem, and now fixes it. The solution is an increase in security to the network, but in order to keep the high standard and quality up-to-date, SONY will tell us we need to pay a small fee to play online. It starts at $1.99/ mo then within 5-10 years it’s equivalent to the cost of XBOX online. Nothing is free in this world and SONY wants a piece of the action. 77 million accounts multiplied by $2 is a quick financial fix to the money SONY lost over 2 weeks time. Think about it!!!

  62. RJakaTOMCAT says:

    it doesnt bother me ive been earning trophies since it went down and i can wait longer if need be i dont need psn to live theres more for me to do

  63. Dave says:

    To all you PS workers who get paid to post crap about how we shouldn;t complain because PSN is free, I offer this.

    Yes, PSN is free. PSN is also totally useless by itself. Unfortunately, all the cool services (like netflix and online music services) are NOT free. In it’s infinite morosity, PS has written their software so that we are *REQUIRED* to log into PSN in order to use these services. So the PSN is of no real value anyway, it is just a hindrence to use of *real* services. Due to their high dollar marketing campaigns, Netflix in particular has grounds for a stock-crushing lawsuit over this.

    I sincerely hope that the new patch will remove this requirement and let me use my PS3 without having to log into their crap network.

  64. genghis hank says:

    …PSN isn’t back up in Japan :O

  65. RevolutionChucky says:

    when we are back, look me up… ill smash all competition in cod or svr 2011!

  66. Tortuga498 says:

    Its the first time i c a lot of kids outside playing in there yard. Thank you sony for letting the nerds come out. Its only a game its not the end of the world!

  67. Robert Rule says:

    I’ve never been an xbox fan but im going to trade my ps3 in on a 360 today nomore waiting to play black ops online for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Furtalance says:

    today is May 4, 2011..when will it be back guys…this is so not cool..when is sony gona use their head…they r gona lose so many clientel doing this stupid s**t…

  69. cole says:

    It comes on by region, no specific time is announced

  70. dis sum fuck shit says:

    ne ways honest i feel like everybody that has p3 should be mad like myself reason bein i bought the motha fucka game to play online … basicly is what im tryna say if they dont get this shit fixed so everybody who bought the ps3 to play online which is everybody should definatley get there money back. im really disappointed in sony….smh. makes me just wanna go get a dam xbox instead of all this dumbshit

  71. Anonymous/23 says:

    Well at least its confirmed thats its up in japan ill play the wait game alil longer also….plus psn could be aducted by aliens 2moro id wait for its return b4 buyng the working online gaybox lmao. There will never be a way you can justify xbox live and these so called rumors its secure….well we’ll see in a few weeks because i’ve actually read the hackers will be trying to break the ban system and set forth a free xbox live ??? What will they do when there down……….

  72. montehalls says:

    luckily I’ma die hard street fighter 4 fan & I can play the computer & train during this down time. I’m very patient so i’m not complaining about the wait. I have to say i’m expecting some kind of compensation, hope ps doesn’t disappoint. hope this is the last time

  73. Filimoeatu says:

    PSN is free. Any black op players on here? gamer tag filimoeatu request me so I can show you how to play. Clan battles too bring your clan and I’ll bring mine. Can you feel online playing yet? Haha I’m getting excited to shoot people when they’re trying to capture a flag it plant a bomb or even try to out shoot me
    DROP SHOT!!! All day. GO PS3!!!!

  74. John John says:

    why is everyone complaining about sony? you should be mad about the hacker/hackers that caused this mess. lots of big corporations have been hacked and were down for sometime. so stop saying sony didnt care. Asking why its taking so long…they are rebuilding the network with better security think you could do it in 1 day? as for all of you that are going to xbox because you cant wait..get a life.. its only video games..

  75. Tartarus4996 says:

    And by the way it has effected sony bad as well considering now xbox is trying to make more sales due to this delay. just wait please people it took 3 years for something like this to happen and everyone keeps complaining about how long it’s taking, GUYS 77 million accounts got hacked, and you expect them to get the update over with in one day? while you still blaming them that your personal info leaked out, come on guys how secure is it gonna be if they did it in one day? this will take time just relax and wait go outside or something.

  76. folksbizz says:

    Hey Sony blew it this time they keep saying this day that day but now its crazy I waited all the way till now two weeks its still off they did have a good network but this changes it wow this is wild we get no answer either so not today when cuz they might lose a lot of people if not has get it right ps3 been boring since

  77. Mista says:

    Im a die hard PS3 gamer who is a plus member i was coo with a week dwn mybe two but to make promises you cant keep is a diffrent story those who say it wasn’t going on today please pay attention to the dates and wording by sony today is the day “SOME” online features would be on now i like millions of other PS3 gamers would never grab an xbox because its just inferior to PS3 in almost every way but i can see how my fellow brothers are angry enough to say such a thing with the pompous attitude from sony over this whole time period i for one am upset i cant buy games play betas and i could be a victim also lol it’s adding up and now sony has broken promises i take that very serious because i myself am a man of his word…sony you should really consider getting your sh*t together real soon or”this is the end”

  78. Shana says:

    I would obviously love to see psn back up today but I would really love to see an update from Sony. I’ve grown pretty tired of them giving the same information over and over or keeping us in the dark. Last wednesday we were told within the week. I’m really pulling fpr sony and I know that none of what they’re going through is easy but if they weren’t positive, they shouldn’t have given a time frame. Frequent updayes and news would have been better received than deadlines thar can’t be met.

  79. SULET says:


  80. CHRISTIAN says:


  81. Cloud Strife says:

    Xbox was hit a few years ago and was down for a little over a month, So sony is still doing better then the xbox did and when it happened with xbox it was a confirm that cc# were stolen and sold out.. sont its a worry still not so much a 100% stolen type thing… Either way just wait another day at most i would think and im sure psn will be back up, i mean sh** you cant rush something that is as great as the playstation seeing how its the highest gaming consoule made plus all the things they are adding once it comes back on such as cross-game party chat, In-game video chat, Free downloaded of a game of our choice of the 3 or so they will put up for us, pree psn for a month… I forgive you psn!!! that sounds well worth the wait as soon as we have cross game party chat then xbox might as well shhut down there company and hang themselfs because playstation would have just bent them over and made a b*tch outta them

  82. Chad says:

    Sony isn’t going to charge anything for the services since they already have an option to do so. Most of you people are obviously naive as hell if you think they can just get a VERY large scale project finished top to bottom, bottom to top in 2 weeks. This is a huge undertaking for those of you who have never had a real job or know anything about business. If they just bust balls for 2 weeks and release something that hasn’t been fully tested through and through it will surely bomb and make customers and fanboys and everyone else more angry. Sony isn’t willing to take another hit like that. They are going to be 110% sure EVERYTHING is perfect before they release. Going live by region is in my opinion pretty standard move if they want to be successful… You have to think globally, people– not just about yourselves. I have a life and can certainly wait patiently until PSN returns and I have no problems with them taking as much time as they need, believe me– it’s probably for our own good. Sony is taking flack from so many angles right now and they keep getting more stacked on their plates. People… Relax and let them do their jobs. I totally understand the frustration but be sensible. I would imagine all of the Engineers and Analysts and everyone working on getting the Network rebuilt are biting there tongues because they know for the most part, a good amount of folks just have no clue how much work goes into this kind of project especially with the kind of pressure I would imagine they are receiving…

  83. BostonBruin4200 says:

    grand theft auto makes you completely forget about online gaming


  84. jmhoff17 says:

    My problem is not that it is still down, its the silence from Sony! Something of this magnitude warrants regular updates and some insight on what is being done. Weekly or biweekly vague postings on a Playstation website is unacceptable in my opinion. What bad pr.. you’d think that if they valued customer they wouldn’t be so tight lipped. It sucks that the network.isn’t back.up yet but my real issue is with how they are handling the situation with the consumer.

  85. manu6048 says:

    Hands down play station 3 is the best gaming system. I just can’t believe people can’t patiently wait till the server is back up. For all of you that can not wait I just have one thing to say …get a life.

  86. zzirGrizz says:

    It have been a lot more then 1 day.. PSN is down, and it’s not coming back anytime soon!
    I need PSN back soon, just before this hacking shit began I traded my xbox in a ps3..

  87. Brandon says:

    I’m going to xbox, not because I can’t live without online gaming. I really don’t play that much. However, Sony has lost my respect with their lack of transparency and accountability. Sony could care less about its customers and it’s obivous. More should do the same. If xbox was smart they would put huge discounts on their consoles right now. I’m suprised they have not.

  88. proteus says:

    quit crying you bunch of babies get out and get a life, make some money, MOMMIE my Game is not working BOO HOO. When it comes back up GREAT if you cant wait do us a favor and KILL YOURSELF the EARTH could use the space.

  89. m says:

    I have been quiet patient with Sony and really have got on with other things , but now 2 weeks later i am starting to get very angry with how long they are taking , after only 1 week after buying a new ps3 due to blu ray problems with my last one , psn went down . Paying £265 for a console and not being able to play Fifa 11 and kick asses i am starting to think they are hiding an even greater problem . Who do they have fixing the problem ? the goonies ? . Sort it out Sony you make billions and are now really taking liberties with your customers. It has now passed the laughing stage and the people responsible for this need putting in a darkened room with 10 ufc fighters and get the shit kicked out of em .

  90. chad says:

    THE LIGHT…………………….IT BURNSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. bryan says:

    well i am a man of my word and if the psn is not on by mid night i will go x box in the morning iam so pissed of with sony now were is our update and when we get 1 its just the same update from day 1 crap u are a massive company this bull shit should never have happened full

  92. Premason says:

    Problem-Reaction- Solution

  93. PCVEEZY says:

    Wow, I just love reading how all you virgins went out and bought an XBox 360, you surely have no life and no perception of reality. Just makes me feel good about myself. Seriously though, get lives. If you cant survive two weeks without playing a video game online theres something wrong here, you definitely need to get out of the house. Do any of you people have girlfriends/boyfriends?

  94. Tartarus4996 says:

    well i hope the people who get an xbox do realize that xbox got hacked first so id luagh so much if you guys switched and then they got hacked again lol

  95. Tartarus4996 says:

    3 WORDS- BUILD PROFILE TROPHIES! just saying wow you guys seem to forget what ps1 and ps2 was all about seriosly now that psn exists its like no gamer can live without it wtf??

  96. ps3guru says:

    Look man i don’t care about ps store i just want online to be active so i can whip you wingging crack lickers in black ops lol. But seriously Sony just get the online sorted so we can play games. Sort the store out later. Being a ps faithful i need to remind people Psn is free compared to xbox who make you pay for online play, god dam rip off monkeys. Stay patient, I’ve nearly plated gt5 thanks to the down time.

  97. PCVEEZY says:

    I just think its laughable that people are buying XBoxes because of this because once the PSN comes back up they are going to realize that they just spent $300+ and the PSN came back up a few days later. What a big waste of money. I have all three systems thanks to a little something called a GIRLFRIEND, something probably most of you people clearly dont have. But not once have I touched the XBox or Wii since PSN went down as PS3 is so much better than the rest. They have all of the superior exclusive titles and the system overall is superior. Since it went down ive pretty much played inFamous, Black Ops campaign, AC Brotherhood Story mode and a few other great single player games. You people just need to open up your curtains and realize that there is more to life then playing video games.

  98. Canadian says:

    So happy to see the network down finally my b/f has something more interesting to talk. This is crazy u guys ate crying like babies. Get up, go out enjoy life, there’s a world outside with real people u can talk to and explore.

  99. Tartarus4996 says:

    you know what i’m gonna do when psn is back? im gonna make a gamertag called TrueGamerFawk360, and build the trophies up to level 5 in 4 weeks haha lol

  100. Massive says:

    iam tried of waiting and, iam tried of sony lying. and when xbox got hacked it didn’t take two weeks for them to fix it.Its not about having a life its about what sony been tell us/and plus i got to paid for dc online lol

  101. biscuit4523 says:

    i think they owe me, because i pay for the fastest internet speed that comcast offers, just so i can play ps3 with no problems..we have three in the house..i pay $130. a month for it. and haven’t been able to use it. so yes sony owe’s me something.

  102. dakota says:

    i have both systems n hands dwn the 360 is better but its cost to much to pay fr monthly online gaming so i went n bought a ps3 wow what a mistake … 20 $ fr 3 months is worth it compared to the horrible psn like how hard is it to get it up n runnin … if it wasnt free to play online i would sell my ps3 cuz it sucks ….! XBOX 360 IS THE WAY TO GO!!!

  103. m says:

    Kicking the computers ass is like taking sweets off a baby , it’s now the 21st century , maybe we should just all go back to black and white t’vs too and play space invaders , even better i’ll get my commodor 64 out . This is my 2nd ever post on the psn problem and i am now sick and tired off talking about sex in the city or why the ironing is not done . Infact im tired off going out spending money when i just wanna play Fifa 11 . People need to realise we live in a society now were we expect things done at a faster pace also Sony should too . I am certain that if Sony was not scared that something is gonna come out and cost them millions or they know that we customers want something in compensation and they are trying to figure out the best solution at the cheapest figures so they save money then it would be back online . CAPITALISM you gotta hate it .

  104. Kennet says:

    I’M SO OVER PS 3 I JUST BROUGHT BLACK OPS FOR THE WII!! Talk about epic!!!. But honestly to who ever brought an xbox, when psn is back on. You will most defiantly switch me

  105. Chris says:

    OMG hold on today 4th May sony stated in its official blog “”We are working around the clock to have some PlayStation Network services restored” two weeks ago 22nd April on the offical playstation blog they stated “we are working around the clock to bring them both back online” hold on is this statement made today not the same statement made two weeks ago and if so does this mean another two weeks a month till psn is back up???

  106. Johnnyk says:

    Im hearing that people are unable to access netflix due to the psn being down. This has not been the case for me. While loading netflix I am forced to attempt to login to the psn at which point i receive under maint. Message. After several forced attempts netflix loads ands works like normal.

  107. me says:

    If they were not going to have it back up by the MAY4th deadline they made for themeselves, they should have said something on May 3rd, with a new update.

    The lack of communication is very damaging to sony.

    If I didnt have a life I would of switched to x box by now.

  108. thequestioner says:

    So now May 4 and no PS Network. yes this is frustrating. Why has Sony at least not stepped up and given an update??? they said initially “as early as May 4″ but still squat. I understand their outage and do not blame them for hackers’ actions, but Gheez – at least message regularly to the users!!! Want this to get fixed quickly? Contact the class-action attorney who filed suit with sony and file suits against every game manufacturer that you have games for!!! I personally have over $600 of ps3 games in my house and cannot use 50% of the services in the game. Those video game companies would then pressure Sony to fix this issue a lot faster.

  109. Nori says:

    Alot of you ppl r just dumb. For those going to xbox because they can’t wait any longer…what a bunch of tools.

  110. aliassassin says:


    Not all gamers are lazy. GTFO, N00B.

  111. cabbage says:

    ive got ps3 and xbox and im tired off all the aimbot cheats on xbox not because there good but because it keeps infecting my xbox and i dont want to cheat on cod cum on sony sort it out so i dont have to play that crap ps me and my mate got 58 kills between us on cod mod 2 on xbox only 3deaths and still lost team death match 360 players r crap

  112. jaydub526 says:

    Well i guess its back to the nintedo 64, thats how long its been, lets go psn,….. I’m waiting………..

  113. Kennilo98 says:

    Hey guys it’s still early and the day just started. Sony said it will be up this week so chill out and let them do their jobs. It’s ok for you guys too have down time and fresh air. Go to the park and walk or something.

  114. budah819 says:

    For the ppl out there buying 360s, good luck to u n when 360 goes down there will be no trading back systems considering PS prices! To the ones keeping PS3 u r the smart ones considering its gonna take microsoft 5 more yrs to have a system like sony n by that time sony will have a system (that has a wireless power supply, a cloaking device, etc…..) whatever u can think of to make the system better it will prob get a few ideas from ppl n use some of them! To Sony/PSN u r a multi billion dollar industry, u should have been in the process of making security adjustments with all the updates u were doing b4 this happened!

  115. JC says:

    The good thing is that I finished 3 games that I had sitting on my shelf that I never got around to since I’ve play online all the time. Now I’m ready for the PSN to come back so I can synch up all my new trophies…lol.

  116. Chuck Norris says:

    I will round house kick psn out of existince if someone doesnt fix it…………
    and no existince isnt spelled wrong any way i spell a word is correct

  117. Tartarus4996 says:

    i just read on pstation blog that it was the group Anonamous that attack them a message was in their servers that said Anonamous We Are Legion and well as i knew it would have been them because they said they would not attack people who have accounts on psn just attack sony so it makes sense that is was them.

  118. Chris Ezell says:

    Im shooting for later this week. and seeing as how im sick and tired of trying to convince you idiots to be PATIENT im not posting anymore. go buy an xbox see if sony cares. in the years to come there will be thousands to replace you.

  119. Jesse James says:

    I feel sorry for the people that are going out and buying other systems just so they can play online. Trust me, it’s not the end of the world if you’re unable to play online. Unless your world revolves around video games….then wow, pathetic. I’m not referring to the people that have a life but still play in their spare time. Its a good pass time.

    I just recently found out that the playstation network was offline. My cousin thought his playstation was messed up since it wouldn’t log on. So he asked if I was able to sign on, which I wasn’t able to either. So I googled it, and it seems that it’s been down for 2 weeks or so.

    I’ll play if I absolutely have nothing else to do. I can’t believe how people can’t live without being able to play online. It can’t be healthy! Go play outside, get some exercise/sun, play/hangout with your friends, get a job. If you have a job, thats great! (lucky to have one in these times). Get a social life. I know it might be different from what you’re used to…. not being able to call people “noobs” and saying every cuss word in the book.

    I’m sure Sony is doing their best to get it up and running again. They “only” have 77 million accounts that were hacked…. Give them time. Life will go on

  120. Tartarus4996 says:

    and yes they did optained credit info and etc but as far as sony knows nobody has reported any usage of their credit cards.

  121. ShadowKhan says:


  122. Chris Ezell says:

    okay i lied here is the latest from sony:


    NO THEY DID NOT GET CC INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE @#!% UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Chris Ezell says:

    and according to that blog it WAS Anonymous.

    placed a file on our servers called Anonymous with the words We Are Legion

    they are dead when sony gets their hands on them

  124. booze-fighter says:

    wat i dont get is y PSN hasnt said crap about this…i say it will b back online in a week or 2

  125. dude says:

    sony is taking way to much time now they have beat microsoft in there down time

  126. arsenalfc24 says:

    you people have no gratitude sony create a service which is free and superior to the xbox then as soon as psn goes down you want an xbox your pathetic get a life go out and play sport or anything these things take time you cant build a network in a very short amount of time its complex i bet if we sat most of you people infront of the programming area you wouldnt have a clue about any of it neither do i so i leave it to the pros and have PATIENCE something you need to develop

  127. Chad says:

    Instead of buying an XBOX… Donate money to Japan for Tsunami relief or perhaps Haiti or the many other places that have been devastated by storms and disasters. Seriously, you folks that are going to buy an Xbox on the principle that you’re angry or Sony failed you… blah blah! GET REAL! Bunch of VERY ungrateful people…

  128. Ellington says:

    When Sony gets their hands on them? You mean all 9,000 of them? GOOD LUCK!

  129. Stevo says:

    Thank you ps3 i have just brought a xbox.. Ps you bunch of cunts..

  130. dontcareonlinegames says:

    its probably a good thing (not playing online games) that way addicted players can go share sometime with family(I like to play but im really happy without games for 2 weeks and hope it does not get fixed soon,,,,,,,go outside and cut the grass,help your wife change the baby diapers. HAVE A LIFE

  131. Blah says:

    I would just like to point out that once you gained access to a system you can create any file with any content you like. They could just as well have put a file named with the content “we did it”. :)

  132. Joey Junior says:

    PSN better be thinking fast many people are starting to switch to XboX and I for one dont wanna be another PSN leaver. Half of my friends already switch to XboX its BS. No lie. Better think fast Sony.

  133. annoyed ps3 fan says:

    seriously why say ” PSN Will Be Back In May 4th So Dont Worry About Anything” and not bring it FFS i was looking forward to coming home from school

  134. Joka says:

    Guess it will b july 4th now

  135. charlee78 says:

    for those who don’t think these hackers got cc info, im not saying i know for a fact that they did or didnt but do you really think if they did sony would release that info? they haven’t said anything much about anything! i personally know of a co-worker/friend who had multiple charges to his account in denmark and a few other places for a total of about $800. believe what you may but if these guys just got into sony they’d prob have fixed the issue by now. i believe their just rebuiling a whole new network from scratch with security on steriods!!! in the mean while im enjoying some free time getting back in the gym, getting some sun just in time for the right weather, waiting patiently for sony to do their thing so i can do my thing in my spariest of spare time, feel me jesse james ;)

  136. gamer101 says:

    Any updatess for the PSN

  137. google me says:

    @blah we to be honest that’s enough evidence to put away the people of ‘anonymous’ and whether they did it or not it’s better to be rid of that group anyway, just to be safe

  138. Steve says:

    I’ve been going into the woods behind my house and playing my own FPS. IRL.

  139. Jay says:

    I just bought a Xbox and the new DLC – the zombie map is amazing!! i suggest throwing your PS3 away the online was never that great to begin with. XBOX is a million times better :-)

  140. kanilive says:

    this is complete madness im going to sale my ps3 this weekend if this issue is not resolved your taking away one of my socail outlets id hate to give in to a lesser console but it is what it is r.i.p.ps3

  141. Skykiller93 says:

    Since playstaition is down, i have been playing xbox 360. WHAT NOW SUUKKKKAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. YoMAN says:

    its not back today, maybe tomorrow
    if not tomorrow, then maybe next week
    if not next week, maybe next month
    if not next month, maybe next year
    if not next year, maybe next decade
    if not next decade, maybe next century
    if not next century, maybe next light year
    if not next light year, maybe next time
    if not next time, maybe next….the word ‘next’ lost its meaning to me..

  143. frankyF says:

    I don`t remember it being Sony who officially said that PSN would be back today ,but we still hoped the tech guys would be rite about the date….wish full thinking.
    Like all of you i`m really annoyed at the lack of live updates or at least day2day updates.We are treated with little respect considering the time & money we invest in Sony and its services.

    Lots of people are calling for -Patience- well to those people i say 2weeks is enough _patience- .
    Besides this is a blog dedicated to the issue of PSN being down not about ruddy patience and comments suggesting we all go out-side and get a Life.
    Some of us are at work all-day come home stressed get a ear full from the those in-doors
    and would appreciate some down time with your favorite online-game.

  144. Jay says:

    Go outside… or even more horrific [gasp] have conversation with family and friends

  145. psps says:

    i love u sony its not ur fault u got hacked keep up the good work i will never go to x box with its poo cloudy graphics and poo bulky controller and u have to pay to go online when my bro got 1 i laughed my head off when it came with a house brick on the power cable my old amiga 500 and commador 64 never even had 1 like that !!!!!!!!!

  146. Biron says:

    You ppl need to chill, u want to go buy a cheap ass xbox? by all means go get one. Im sticking with my ps3 I can wait for the ps3 network to come back on line.

  147. nicktheprick says:

    dude playstation network is completey free and thats why i love it. not too much stuff in this world is free no more people. just chill out smoke some weed get a job and get a girl and have some real life fun. hell thats what ive been doing lol. its really not a big deal guys it will be back on soon. no later than 12 midnight tonight. and to all the faggots that have went out there and bought xboxs your fuckin lame as hell. i hate xbox ive never bought one and never will. and you have to pay for xbox every body out there dissin ps3 listin shut the fuck up and get a life it is a trillion dollar company and we are there best customers and they are working very hard to fix the problem. stick with playstation!!!!!!!! dont buy those shit xboxs. but yea shit happends folks its just life so just deal with it. yall on here sounding stupid

  148. sid says:

    Ok I have a problem with my ps3….yes,yes I know the ps3 network is down. Here is my delima…..I was watching netflix for a week on my ps3 and now when I try to watch it it says ‘you must be logged into the ps3 network to have access to the netflix. Some of my friends told me they still can watch netflix, so why is the playstation network blocking me. Can anybody or any representative of the ps3 network help me, and tell me how to get around that problem until the ps3 network is back up. I thank you in advance.

  149. Tartarus4996 says:

    sony said ina blog that further investigations showed that us and europe account cc info was also taking at leats im pretty sure it said that but who cares i never used my credit card so im not worried :)

  150. Trina says:

    My only thing is don’t say its going to be up and not have it up! They have got our hopes up just to let us down! They need to get it together soon, billion dollar company, this should not have happened!

  151. ry says:

    Chad you’re an idiot, why don’t we all give our money to other countries while people starve on the streets in our own.

  152. Mikey says:

    This is p-ing me off now sort it out sony

  153. mrfreeze1968 says:

    As a married with children man I find playing online as therapy for my aggression…lol!!! Seriously though it has been tough for two weeks without online play…but I am married so not getting any is the norm for me…I will remain patient and when online play becomes available I will wreak havoc lol!!!!

  154. big boone says:

    yall hurry up a fix this shit

  155. pedro says:

    that asian girls pretty hot.

  156. PITBULL614 says:

    I just wanna play online!!!! I’ve delt with not being able to play, working 2nd shift takes most of my time, but come on dude, the little bit of time when i did get to play made my day better before work. I just hope its back by this weekend, and we can all forget that this happened.

  157. jojo says:

    um yeah every1 is telling me to switch over to the 360 cause their never really having issues with their game system. makes me upset that the fact of the matter is that sony was so weak it was that easy to break into the system why?? i bought my system three months ago and been enjoying live. even though all i play is C.O.D., Call Of Duty. sell it, ill loose money. jus buy a 360. thought about it. but sence the system been down my friends and i been fishing, out on the water, basketball, and just whatever their is to do. reg, games are not fun if its not live. communicating with real people is where its at. talking smack with your buddies. but i hope they fix it soon b4 people get crazy.

  158. Widowmaker03 says:

    This doesn’t bother me either way. Since I have acquired many titles over the last year there is plenty of games for me to play. I just tried starting a deadspace 2 hardcore run and died in chapter 4. When I feel like playing online, I have an xbox 360 for that. Really 2 weeks of downtime for “free” online play is NOTHING to get upset about… that is unless you had premium PSN accounts (then I guess there may be some re-emberced time).

  159. mike says:

    how you change password and sign in id?

  160. Jason Griffith says:

    ok 1st of all, all you haters out there that are going to buy a xbox needs to get a life. 2nd of all, Sony is doing all they can in order to protect your identiy, and all you can say is “im going to get a Xbox 360″. i mean come on, the 360 gets hacked way more than the PSN. besides if your gonna switch than do it, it isnt like nobody will miss you. So just shut up and get a REAL life.

  161. Marcus says:

    Like I’ve said before. PSN can be shut down for the rest of this year and I still wont buy an Xbox. You have to pay to play online and you might get the RED RING OF DEATH. I’m good on that bullshit. Sony you are the best I’m going to wait for you to get things together. All you dummies go head and by a broken RED RING OF DEATH Xbox that you have to send in to get repaired a month after you buy it. Real smart guys!

  162. nobody says:

    K u people who say we should be pacient are BS come on sony is a multi million dollar company think of all the analysts they have and its been 2 weeks 2 weeks to get your act together is enough no we shouldnt buy xbox but come on we have the right to be pissed off now!

  163. greenoliver1ismypsn says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the comments below,go buy a Xbox, you can pay to experience problems, while Sony can lavish because all the annoying little kids with no life now have a Xbox.

  164. Sammy says:

    i <3 HACKERS. Mess wit hthe bull, you get the horns. Sony has been a negligent bully and got what they deserved.

    Case in point, We bought a PS3 with the option to run LINUX and play games. Last year, during an update, they stated that if you wanted to continue playing games you would give up Linux. While this means nothing to most people, the fact is that they not only downgraded their service, they changed the terms and conditions of your previous agreement. The funny thing is that when a company changes the terms and service agreement, the previous one you agreed to becomes null and void. Therefore, you are not bound.

    Geohotz decides he wants to have what he paid for and provided a hack to get it back publicly for all to enjoy. Sony jumps in and threatens the guy with a bogus lawsuit which never ended up amounting to anything. FINAL RESULT. PSN DOWN. SONY EXPOSED for being douchebags and totally inept considerring how many outside firms needed to be hired to help solve their internal problems.

    The lesson you should learn is to not treat customers like lackeys and, to hire hackers instead of suing them. Maybe if Sony would take a cue from other agencies on this approach, they wouldn't be so befuddled.

    Personally, its my opinion that ANONOPS are being blamed for this when maybe in fact this is SONY's doing on their own. You are probably saying that they wouldn't do this kind of financial damage to themselves. I say, what financial damage. This company rakes in billions with little accountability for the products they put out.

    Im done purchasing SONY products. I prefer PC gaming anyway considering how many chipmunks run rampant on inferior console games. And I LOVE PC GAME HACKS and MODS.


  165. mrfeeze1968 says:

    Sammy: I understand you like hacked games but a majority of us like playing on a level playing field…When mod2 was full of hackers I became enraged because the hackers ruined a great game. Hacking and cheat codes destroy everything…I want to earn my way to 10th prestige or 15th or whatever….I hate cheaters and hackers ruin everything!!!!

  166. verda says:

    umm rly you guys need to calm down so what if we want to play online i personally wouldn’t have bought a ps3 if not for online and sony should have be prepaired for a hack the do hold 10 million credit card numbers.

  167. DADDY says:

    Read the whole report people, it says the hack took place while all of Sony’s online team was dealing with the denial of service attacks. The hacker gained access through a “known vulnerability” in the systems software which Sony was unaware of. That being said, Sony is quite hush, hush about the whole matter, Sony did not even show up to a hearing they were requested to testify at and instead sent a letter….dunno about you people but if some broke into something of substantial value to me, you best believe I would be there in person…Sony waited 6 days to report the breach, none of the top people within Sony are saying much, if anything at all. My opinion is there is something bigger going on inside Sony, perhaps it was an inside job??? Who would point the finger at the so called “victim”? As for “Anonymous” I believed they claimed responsibility for their part in/on around April 20th, don’t you think that on a breach of this magnitude they would want to claim this one as well??
    I have been a loyal PlayStation gamer for as long as I can remember and I am done with them, not because the servers are down or BS like that its because they are handling this so piss poorly is ridiculous. Trying to get customers back with bribes and shiny things???? Seriously??? And for all of you with your class action lawsuits….you are all idiots! Really people?!, if video games and MMO’s are all you wake up for everyday I pity you. You’re whats wrong with America, everyone wants something for nothing…..BTW when the PSN is back up and running read the service agreements your case is null and void

  168. Ben says:

    I suddenly remembered I had legs. I also remembered that these legs could be used to visit the shop and trade in my PS3 for a sexybox so i didnt have to use them again :)

  169. tim h says:

    i hate hackers

  170. david says:

    Hi all the people who say they are going to xbox get a life and stop crying like a baby.this can happen to any one theres always going to be people who will try and hack a system. I would never lower my self by buying xbox I would rather swim with sharks

  171. Sammys Dumb says:

    @ Sammy

    If Dish Network changes my contact should I blow up their satellite?

    Get real, whoever did this is nothing better than a common theif once they made off with all our personal info.

  172. Brad says:

    Okay Sony here is the thing all your patient customers are becoming in patient because we are all sick and tired of multi player alone against 9 combat training dudes i am really fed up about you guys taking to long of fixing this problem now the second the psn is back up you better MAKE SURE we have A LOT MORE SECURITY

  173. wolf says:

    getting more and more pissed off with this situation. as i am unable to get the latest DA2 DLC and claim some free items i got with the 3rd birthday

  174. KEVIN THOMAS says:



  175. everyone says:

    people that are flipping out and buying other systems just because they cant wait to play their game really need to get a life

  176. beanie says:

    YAAAA!! canada’s network is up and going !!!

  177. Chris Ezell says:

    @ tarturus when you say “at least i think” you contradict yourself so dont speak it if you ar not 100%sure!

    here is EVERYTHING sony has said about the issue. just keep looking throughout the site:
    and no cc info was not taken. as i stated before sony was just covering themselves by telling us they couldnt rule it out. “however” the 22 million more accounts that were hacked on the 16-17 of april yep i do believe cc info was obtained there. that is in europe not here in america and i dont think that pertains to playstation just the other games like everquest and the such. so tarturus if you are in europe i apologize.

    here is what was told to me about them getting it back up in an email from sony:

    Q: Well since you asked (and i promise it will be my last question unless i am
    unable to resolve the situation) will there ever be a definate date/time
    that the psn will be back up?

    A:I have no problem with answering another question for you. Unfortunately, I cannot give a definite date/time as to when the PlayStation(R)Network will be back online.

    Some PlayStation Network and Qriocity services should be available later this week. Any updates will be posted on the PlayStation Blog as quickly as possible.

    The initial phase of the rollout will include, but is not limited to, the following:
    - Restoration of Online game-play across the PlayStation®3 (PS3) system and PlayStationPortable® (PSP) systems,
    - This includes titles requiring online verification and downloaded games
    - However users are not able to buy/download items from certain stores that utilize the PlayStation Store commerce system.
    - Access to Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for PS3/PSP for existing subscribers
    - Access to account management and password reset (excluding DL list and code number entry)
    - Access to un-expired Movie Rentals on PS3, PSP and MediaGo
    - PlayStation Home (excluding store)
    - Friends List
    - Chat Functionality

    SNEI will continue to verify further security for transactions before resuming the full operations of the PlayStation Store as well as the rest of the Qriocity services, scheduled for this month.

    I certainly appreciate you patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please do not hesitate to write back if there is anything I can try to answer for you.

    Dan E.

  178. darth vader says:

    PSN is stinkin down still and ive been waiting. PICK IT UP SONY!!!!! PS3<XBOX360. I dislike xbox but i might switch!!!!!!

  179. anonamous says:

    I wish that sony would fix the psn allready so evryone can get back to gaming but seriously come on it was a huge hack and i personally would rather the problem be fully fixed than sony do a half ass job so give sony a break its gonna take time to fix any hack so just get use to it. And all of you “dont support sony, buy X-BOX people stop bitchn, get a life, and get some sun a break is goot for all of you assholes.

  180. stevenp says:

    Listen if u wanna rub Linux on anything go do it on your pc. Sony is corporate company that has rite to protect their product in however they deem fit. First of all their online services are FREE so beggars can’t be choosers. The system itself has built in components such as wi fi, Blu ray, web browser software, and not to mention a fan and heat sink that can handle gaming.

    I have an old 40g and it has not failed yet compared to the 2 xbox systems that all red ringed. So please if your gonna leave just go, hike up your skirt and go, we don’t need you. If this is all it takes for you to leave then I’d hate to see how you with other problems in life.

  181. Ashley says:

    I agree with everyone here saying that give them time. They have tons of accounts and information to restore. So yeah, it’s gonna take about maybe another week or so. It’s been down for what now…a month? That’s a long time. But you have to understand that they have tons of work to be done. Yeah, Sony is at fault for having faulty sercurity. But it probably could have happend to any other major company such as this one. Probably not to xbox. But xbox has always had their stuff together.
    I hear that its back up in Japan/Asia/ among other places along that line. And that today its supposed to be back up in Europe. And tomorrow will be the day for the USA and Australia tomorrow. But I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen. If its not up in Japan yet, it probably won’t be up in the USA by tomorrow either. Seeing as how Japan is like the number one place for Sony.

  182. Chris Ezell says:

    @ sammy bye bye sony wont miss you one bit.

    and what financial damage!?!?! are you on dope?
    it is costing them money having it down and their stock is going down. so ummm yeah i think they are hurting. and that email i posted there, that was answered SECONDS after i sent it! i do believe they care about their customers.

    now i dont give a rats tail about hackers but all i know is that if sony made a decision on something like taking linux and ps2 gaming off the ps3 GOOD OR BAD roll with it and shut up. if you really want to put linux on your ps3 (why i dont know it isnt all that great TRUST me ive had it) and want ps2 gaming (which i would like too but hey i cant so im OVER it instead of crying about it) just buy one of the older ps3′s.

    stop making sony out like they are lazy fat @$$es that sit around doing nothing while we are screaming to have psn back up. they are doing their absolute best.

    and @ blah as creepy as it sounds you picture looks almost exactly like me just without my long hair :3

  183. Dave says:

    OK we got Bin Laden, can we now get navy seals to get the hackers

  184. Osama Bin Ladin says:

    The Official PSN blog has just posted a report regarding when the Play Station Network will be online. Supposedly it will be back online in all countries by this weekend, according to the promis they made in the article. So for you impatient gamers out there… you can look forward to a better weekend.

  185. mike says:

    well iv been bouncing between fallout 3 and boarderlands pretty much games that dont requier an online connection. along with reading the endless bogs and videos about the attack waiting for my beloved psn to come back. it didnt happen today but it better happen before the weekend 2 weeks is quit a while for soooooo many people not to have it

  186. Terry says:

    I enjoy playing on-line and do miss my socom which is only for on-line play. Just have to be patient and hope the system that gets put in place is more secure and does not have this happen again. Security on here is no different then in your home. If you get broken into you get better locks and take more precautions for the future. If being mad with Sony makes you feel better then blame them. I however feel anger for the person or persons who hacked the site. Guess by them hacking it shows there was weekness and now Sony is trying to make things better.

  187. Anonymous says:

    ha ha should bought a pc like i did srew crapbox 360 n praystation LOOL

  188. Kawasaki says:

    Can’t believe the in patience! Japan has suffered a massive disaster. They have massive undertaking to rebuild their country and mourn lost ones! Give them time but there is a lot more to life than the psn! Hackers should be ashamed of themselves for targeting them at an horrific time!




  190. Mike says:

    i just pot a PS3 last night and im trying to set up an account, im assuming this is why it wont work? I can connect to my wifi and go on the internet i just cant setup an account…

  191. some guy says:

    @arsenalfc24 that argument is tired, we did pay for our online, the system costs more then xbox, thats paying for online, you buy a game like black ops knowing all your gonna do is play online and not the bs campaign mode, that 60 dollars is so that you can play online.

    This whole free argument is tired, thats like if you buy a car and to sweeten the pot the dealer gives you i dunno a free cd player, that cd player becomes your buying point and then a while later it breaks. Would you accept the “you get what you pay for bs statement”? F sony and F who ever talked me into switching a year ago, if I wasnt so tired after work i would of been traded my ps3 in for an xbox, maybe this weekend i will

  192. some guy says:

    hey p9issed off customer, your retarded, microsoft chrages microsoft points, the maps cost 15 dollars or 1200 ms points and if i remember correct you have to buy them in intervrals of 500 points so do the math, you pay more

  193. omar says:

    I WANT TO PLAY BLACKOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =,( when will it woorrrkkk

  194. some guy says:

    I also find it funny that all these peopletalking shyt to us potential xbox converters keep using the term get a life. Fo real? you came on a message board and told us to get a life. Think about the irony in your statement

  195. Mando says:

    I just have to say that I have always been a fan of Playstation,and i thought it was always so much better than XBOX. I have just bought an XBOX 360 to play Blackops it is used of course for real cheap. I Always complained about getting kicked out of rooms from the psn network, well i have to say that XBOX live is no better,and I had to pay for this. So when PSN gets back up and running I will sell the XBOX, and start my PS3 again. I think its pretty sad that all of PSN loyal fans have been kept in the dark over all this,and they still cannot fix the problem. Pretty sad that somebody can hack into a Network of that magnitude and brink it down. I think they have some skills that need to be addressed :)

  196. Irvin says:

    Hurry the f** up Sony I want to play some COD

  197. The 64′s really GREAT, let’s all play some Mario Kart, get our girl, get laid and go out, play ball outside with people and get a job or something, we’re not helping PSN by whining, so i’m just helping out my self and having fun otherwise, don’t cry about games cuz it doesn’t work for a while… go out, y’all sound like losers. no offense…

  198. ProudPatriot says:

    playstation network really needs to get back up and running,blackops gives me a reason to ignor my wife HURRY UP!!!!

  199. erk says:

    funny, maybe this will show ppl how risky it is to trust delicate info to a machine

  200. smasher502 says:

    i really think that they should give all psn users free credits to download a few things, i waited toooo long for this to come back on. this is torture.

  201. JIBBA JABBA says:

    You Mfers need to calm the F down. It’s just a video game system. Go ride bike fatty.

  202. XFame says:

    Awww hell yea 3weeks later and Sony still hasn’t accomplished nothing..a lot of people talking about 360 and when it went down the thing is it was down because of Microsoft not a hacker plus they got an extended subscription and have they had problems since then hellz no but every month something is up with psn I have a ps3 but Xbox always outdoes it…just being honest

  203. Morgan says:

    i also want my money back for my 6 month subscription for dc universe,i want my money back for all my games that i bought,i want my money back from this piece of shit system i purchased to play online but online doesnt work,i want to be compensated for wasting my time by faulsly advertising when the psn would be back up because my time is worth money.i want $100,000 dollars for my personal info being stolen because to me,thats how much my life is worth.and sony needs to be paying up

  204. Black- White says:

    My brother owns an Xbox 360 and always says that it is so much better than PS3. Also in school the friggin’ idiots that have 360′s brag about how awesome they are at online when the damn aim assist or whatever does everything for you. 360 owners have no skill. PS3 is way better compared to Xbox trust me I know, for those of you who are thinking about switching, I know that if you you’ll probably have wasted your money and just come back PS3.

  205. GPO Reckless says:

    Ok for real, this needs to stop. Give us a date and stick to it. EPIC FAIL is all i have to say.

    im not going to go buy a 360 cause i just sold mine, because i NEVER play it. PS3 has better graphics better online community, blue ray player, and its free. yes out of the years its been up there have been lag issues and what not, but minor issues.

    i highly doubt that Sony is going to half a$$ the issue to get it up and running again, simply because that would just set them up for failure rnd 2. ya dig.

    the communication between customer is a valued thing. i am sad to say Sony is failing at this. how can you justify not keeping us updated every day??? not to menton going 5 days without mentioning it was an intursion.

    YOU DONT SHUT DOWN THE WORLD NETWORK FOR NOTHING, YOU RETARDS!! any person with any type of common computer knowledge could tell you that.

    oh hey look someone has hacked in time to shut the network down…… we wont tell any one why though cause were not sure…..

    oh hey ok now it really does look like someone hacked out network……

    ehhhh maybe someone hacked our network…..

    ok yeah they hacked the network and they got some information…..

    ok world we have been hacked, we dont know how much they got out of OUR system, but we are working day and night to fix the issue.

    i mean really????? thats probably how it went too. how do you not figure out YOUR (i make sure thats noted because it is their network ya know) network is hacked until 5 days later?!??! BS!

    like i stated before, you knew it was hacked when you shut it down. THATS WHEN YOU SHOULD OF BEEN…. hey playstaion here, well looks like we are hacked, as a precaution you should change your passwords, get a new credit card, blah blah blah. not sit there with your hands folded in your lap and head down.. i mean really?????

    it makes me mad. I am not a trader though and stay true to the Playstation.


  206. dick sucker 21 says:

    man i just want to play like man

  207. georgieporgie says:

    @Jesse James

    You sound like a Casual Noob Gamer…go back to your “imaginary social life” and stop posting on this forum


  208. cOnekTiiONz says:

    sony said it will be fixed on may 5

  209. Sony Hater says:

    Sony is nothing more than a joke. EAD Sony

  210. gerkapopalot says:

    i agree with “JIBBA JABBA” its just a game and nothing in life is perfect, so take the good with the bad and stfu

  211. sg says:

    just give us a friken date!!!! UR just letting down UR costumers and losin alot of money in the process. if you give us a date than everyone wont complain any more.

  212. Kevin says:

    im having vacation this sucks! But ps3 ftw! :D DD

  213. tbob says:

    my card was seriously hacked so you guys might want to cancel yours before something happens cause i never honestly thought it would happen to me. just sayin

  214. Jess. says:

    Dude i just want chat…… D:<

  215. matt says:

    I had a 360 and sold it sono way will i consider buying microsofts noisey piece of shit again.

    Noonline for 2 weeks has killed my game time but oh well at least I completed my offline games and have given my FIFA 11 VIRTUALPRO A good chunk of levelling.

    Bring on fifa clubs.

  216. Twangyspoon-MAN says:

    i think GPO Reckless is right,,,,but forreal stop fooling around

  217. killzone says:

    when is going to be back on please tell me

  218. XxPrEDaToR63xX says:

    I wanna play battlefield 2 so bad. Hopefully it will be up by Friday at least.

  219. ps3 starting to suck says:

    bleh really they say this stuff and it does not happend so back to xbox 360 cause i have went through 7 ps3s cause of yellow light of death i noticed that yellow light goes on more then red ring and i have never had red ring and i have had my xbox 360 since 2006 and they have never gotten hacked so yea my opinion xbox 360 has actually took the time to make it awesome and it was made by bill gates so xbox 360 wins and psn is down the toilet

  220. mail says:

    all i want now is the psn to be back up. I dont give a crap about sonys apologies, i just want to play red dead online, something i havent done in almost three weeks. hurry freakn up sony.

  221. bigdawg1107 says:

    i like the ps3 better then the xbob but they are stating to piss me off. i just hope when we do get back on that all of our stats are there if i got to start back at zero ill be very pissed fix the problem all i want to do is play online

  222. hesohi says:


    The OTHEROS which you were trying to refer to was disconnected. We paid for that feature and we should be able to keep it. They CLAIMED it was because of security. Hotz offered to plug the wholes so you could have a win win but SONY just wanted to be the typical consumer bully. So he published the hack AFTER the disconnect. No biggie but SONY wanted to make an example out of him instead of working with him. SONY LOSES on all aspects because their motive was control and money.

    Hotz didn’t do this PSN attack and I doubt ANON did it either. What is interested is the letter from SONY to congress stating that they had already planned on moving their servers but were attacked prior to that. I don’t buy that lie. You are right that they needed a lot of outside help so I doubt that they were prepared for anything or were in the process of making big moves.

    As far as PC MODS/HACKS/etc for games. They are great when they add to the game. I don’t think console users get it because they are used to cheaters not MODS and HACKS to maps and other stuff. If you can add more to the console or game experience, do it.

    I’ll let the rest of the fanboys cry on about not being able to play and wanting to blame someone. Sounds like a few people here need to get together for a massive spooning session and dry each other’s tears.

  223. ~Freedom of Speech~ says:

    i cant believe the amount of people on here spouting stuff about rights of the consumer and the attack on peoples information, like it really matters that “anonymous” hacked the playstation network?!? much more underhanded and corrupt groups of people have access to millions of peoples information without having to alert the media to a hacking attempt.

    have any of you heard about the CIA? they are a big organisation in this place called America, they are an intelligence agency, charged with protecting the people, however they also see fit to oversee the running of…..Facebook! so if you really want to worry about personal details being safe then go and read facebooks terms of privacy and see what you think of sharing all your info with a government agency.

    while i dont agree with the hack attempt and im p***ed off that the PSN has been down for however long, im not surprised that sony have been so reluctant to release the scale of the problem, they are simply taking the lead from every major government in the developed world, think about it, when something happens how long before “we the people” know the full story? when the British government lost all the personal info of millions of people on a bus how long did it take for us to be told? there are still things which have happened in the public domain which have not been fully explained, 11/09/2001 is probably the most relevant. we all have the “official” view of what happened, which can be read here ( ), but as far as im concerned this is not a full explanation of the facts, im not going to go into why here as people will label me a “conspiracy nut” but just have a read of the report and see what you think.

    Is it really any surprise then that a multi billion dollar company reacts the same way as a government which is run by a multi trillion dollar company?

    ~Freedom of Speech~

    It’s like we all know what’s going down
    But no one’s saying s**t, what happened to the home of the brave?
    These m****rf*****s they’re controlling us now
    But no one’s talking about it, made us proud to be slaves

    And everybody’s just walking around
    Head in the clouds, we won’t awake until we’re dead in the grave
    By then it’s too late, we need to be ready to raise up
    Welcome to the end of days…….

  224. J says:

    Going to get my xbox today I’m done waiting for ps3

  225. Shadymf says:

    I LOVE my Xbox but I LOVE my PS3 equally. This just happens to be a case of “you get what you pay for” I’d gladly pay SONY the same 59.00 a year for safety and protection of my data. Anyone who complains about the fee xbl charges is either a child or unemployed. Most people pay for PS+ which turns out to cost you a lot more over a year. Duh

  226. Andrew says:

    I actually brought an Xbox today, i must admit im pretty impressed by it, obviously the controls is a little different but the games are impressive. Gotta reccomend Xbox Kinect, as for Sony, you guys have only yourselves to blame, cant even give people a daily update! What an expesive lesson this will be for you!

  227. CDogg1313 says:

    HA imma laugh when the playstation network comes back online and all you guys who went out and bought xbox hace to spend more for a new ps3

  228. Rev. O'Lution says:

    Calm down, play with your friends. And there’s always zombies…


  230. Jordan says:

    Ok look all of yu ps3 fens I thin you…… Shit what am I saying I am such a fern for black ops I have like 14 days played on black ops it’s now showing signs on life it’s 905 right now it should be on whitin the next few hours add me in you play black ops or 2k11 jayzdizzle96.

  231. David says:

    Well Sony I’ve been with you guys from generation one and now its time to jump ship because you are careless and thoughtless. I care because my daughter plays Little Big Planet 2 and buys 20 to 50 dollars of downloaded content from you as well as I do. You had billions of dollars and failed to update you software thinking your customers would always be there for you. UMMM wrong. I have 2 ps3′s and I’m going to XBOX 360. Enough is enough. I hope you get sued and lose everything.Sony your name is mud in my book.

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