Top Chef Masters May 4, 2011 Results Who Got Kicked Off Top Chef Masters 5/4/11

Top Chef Masters May 4, 2011 results is going to be on the fifth episode of this season which is season 3. There are eight chefs remaining but one is going home at the end of the show. Who do you think will go home? Who gets kicked off Top Chef Masters 5/4/11?

top chef masters may 4As soon as they are available we will have the Top Chef Masters May 4, 2011 results posted. The chefs will demonstrate their speed as they are working at the traditional South California fast-food restaurant. This episode is called “Would You Like Fries With That?” They have to show their speed at the drive-thru all the while serving up great food in more than two minutes.

Who is going to win the Quickfire challenge? Who will get immunity? Who is going to win the elimination challenge. The chef who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 5/4/11 will be provided below as soon as the information is available.


  1. martchantilly says:

    How about kicking off Curtis Stone? He is without a doubt the most boring host, I have ever endured. He seems to bring no culinary insight, just a blah personality. I would rather turn over to watch Dinner Impossible on the Food Channel than watch one more episode of this show. I cannot wait for it to be over! Kelly Choi was a much better moderator.

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