Survivor May 4 Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor 5/4/11

Survivor Redemption Island May 4 Results is going to be a nail biter. There are ten remaining castaways and four in the island. As the finale draws near things are getting emotional. Even if all Ometepe members remain one is going to have to go. Who is the next to get voted off of Survivor 5/4/11?

survivor redemption island may 4This is a pretty cut throat game and you have to do what you have to do to win. One of the castawawy is going to face a tough emotional decision. Another of the castaways will use all efforts to ensure safety in the game. There is no choice but to turn on their own with the Ometepe alliance. Who will everyone turn against when it comes to the Survivor May 4 results?

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If you are itching to see the Survivor May 4 results you are going to have to wait a little bit longer. We will update the site as soon as the results of Who was voted off Survivor 5/4/11 are available. Post your comments and thoughts about the show below.

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