American Idol Results May 5: Who Got Voted Off American Idol 5/5/11

The American Idol results May 5 were not shocking. At this stage in the game anyone could go home. 60 million votes were cast for the show. Who got voted off American Idol 5/5/11?

american idol results may 5After some performances that were meant to be spirit lifting it was time to see who was going home. The two contestants that got the lowest votes were Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina. So who was eliminated from American Idol May 5? The contestant that went home was Jacob Lusk.

Jacob seemed to do great when starting out because of his uniqueness. After trying to please the judges he began to lose some steam. You have to remember just because it is what the judges want it is not always what America wants. Those are the American Idol results May 5.


  1. shaun S says:

    I was just kind floored. Not that Jacob got voted off, I was expecting that, but Lauren should not have been in the bottom 2. Lauren is busting with talent. The bottom two should have been Jacob and Haley Reinhart. Haley has the attitude, but I am not really sure that she should be anyone’s IDOL. Do you really want every girl in america striving to become a snotty, arrogant, brat that thinks they are better than everyone else? That is my opinion…take it or leave it.

    Good luck to everyone and kudos to them for making it this far.

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