Playstation Network Down May 6

Well it seems that Sony is making a step in the right direction now when it comes to the Playstation network down problem. They are going to be offering complimentary AllClear ID Plus to consumers in the United States. This free identity theft enrollment is for PS3 and Qriocity members of PSN. This is not what users are wanting to hear however.

playstation network down may 6Since I have been covering the Playstation network down problem I have found that most users are not too worried about their information being stolen. What are most of them worried about? They are worried about getting psn back up of course. Their favorite games are calling for the online experience.

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There is a lot of back and forth between the users on whether they should switch to xbox or “stick it out” with Sony. Besides for this people are asking for freebies since the network has been down for over two weeks. The debate goes on about whether psn is truly free or if they are entitled to some sort of compensation. Either way the Playstation network down problem has caused quite a fuss!


  1. Shane Phillips says:

    they need to put some fire under their asses and hurry the hell up……they better be offering subscriptions to netflix
    and some free game downloads

    ya feeeeeeeeell me!!!!!!!!

  2. chris says:

    U say all u here from users is more worries about when the network will be back up and running.Yeah little kids who have no clue the seriousness of this problem. It’s more about a safe and secure connection now.Weather or not the playstation network will be back or not.Is simple put not a big concern anymore in my house hold. With the arrogance of sony and their PR team. They have alot of work to do on insuring a safe and secure connection for future gamers.Personal information being stolen is a huge concern for me.Do people realy think hackers are going to act on this information in hand ASAP. Ofcourse nothing has happend to anyones information yet(its too early). I dont care about free downloads on a network we are only allowed to have access to for 30days. There for all downloaded contact will be unavailable after the 30days. This is nothing but a marketing sceem, to look like a good faith move by sony. If its realy free we will get all the content we download in that 30day period free. IM TELLING U IM WORRIED ABOUT MY PERSONAL INFO .People who think otherwise are just naive and need to look at the bigger picture.Stop reading kids who post comments in these blogs and talk to some adults who own the ps3 like myself. Kids dont have any clue about the matter and just want to play a video game nothing more. What do u expect there are kids!

  3. Drew says:

    I have been checking in from time to time about when the network will be up and runnung again, and think that Sony should give away some good titles, a option if you will to all of the people waiting in the wings. Now when I say option I mean that you should be able to choose a game of your liking off of the network as compensation if you will. I already am a playstation plus member, and being a plus member really doesn’t have that many bells and whistles. So if that is there way of saying sorry, they should add some better benefits to being a plus member, and not offering a free game that was popular a decade ago, because I am willing to bet that is what they will do. I do understand that sony is a business and is here to make money, I just think it would be nice to see a company actually act as if it does really care about its customers rather than patronize them.
    Thanks for listening,

  4. MxNo says:

    Hu , for the plus ID will be given to US costumer only … WHAT!! you must kidding me , the world wide costumer where touched by this thing … and the forgive campaing is just for us resident … yeah i was totally again the lawsuit from that canadian woman again sony , but now … guest what i hope she’ll win !!!! THE REST OF THE WORLD IS BEIND YOU (exept Us Resident of corse… Bunch of spoonfed crybaby) !!!! and yet i start to get along anonymous team that did that … Sony CS just starting to be a big fail. Box shaped workspace ! give us back the possibility to install a dual os !! and the Backward compatibility we’ve been waiting for !!

  5. tim chasteen says:

    I have been playing the playstation for years, this is my favoroite system but what is going on right now bugs me to death this kind of thing should never happen cause they should have the best fire wall to keep those damn hackers out that love to ruin the fun for everyone,so i hope that this problem is resolved soon i am getting sick of waiting to play to play online very frustrating.

  6. Chris Ezell says:

    just check out their website they posted THREE!(i think you can call that an update!) updates. one pretty much says they are putting the final touches on now so it wont be long.

    And you dont have to worry about your info because if it hasnt been used by now then it most likely wont. This wasnt an attack for money it was a lesson and now Sony is going to teach a lesson to them And despite they say they didnt do it it is safe to call your new enemy Anonymous.

  7. your mom says:

    this is bs they need to huury up and fix this

  8. MxNo says:

    HU !!! they giving 1 month of free ps id plus , but for us costumer only, like they were the only 1 touched by this problem, now i’m totaly with that girl from canada sue them !!! THE WHOLE WORLD (exept over spoon-fed american) ARE BEIND YOU !!! yeah Sony CS is so failing during the last 2 years that I come , unexpectedly, to support the hacker team that wanted to teach a lesson to sony !

  9. The almighty truth says:

    If you read the terms and conditions for psn it says that they do not have to give us and freebies so it’s nice of them to do it anyway

  10. austin says:

    Chris thank you soooo much. I’m glad I’m not the only person on here that knows a little bit about this.

  11. cod12 says:

    come on new map pack for black ops came out plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give it freee

  12. Jessica says:

    Its not a big deal… DONT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE!!! DUHHHHHH , just buy a playstation network card…. PROBLEM with stolen CC information SOLVED… if you dont use it… they cant steal it

  13. 5p34k3r says:

    make me very sad that they are so quick to assist the US, and leave us all stranded.
    So though I have spent over $1500 on content & the PsPlus, because I’m in Canada, I get no compensation? I fail too see why the US gets compensation when sony is owned and based in WHAT COUNTRY AGAIN??? If the US is being assisted, why not the othe countrys? I would put my $ on the US taking the most $ from sheer user count population.

    Breaks my heart that over 7 years of loyalty, thousands of dollars of purchases, & giving my trust 4 my personal information, I get stepped on, and basically ripped off.

    Who needs faith in humanity? NOT ME!

  14. Nj says:

    Mxno ur such a lop. Has surpising has it may b americans like myself. Just want this bs 2b over already. The candian women is in the right & I hope she wins 2

  15. Killzone says:

    I for one would like these oh so adjusted people who tell us to outside or get a life because we are frustrated to go F themselves. I have a life but when I do play its 100% online. Thats my choice of use with this system. The free matchmaking made me choose ps3 over xbox not the titles and not a ridiculous hatred of microsoft like so many. w/o online play this system is paperweight.

    I was one of the people who were smart enough not to trust a company to keep my info secure and never used a CC to do any transactions. for those of you that do not have access to sony prepaid money cards I feel for you.

    Though some people who like to call others children for not caring about the security issues and just want psn back up, maybe you should consider that the security is just a non issue for some of us. It doesnt make us children because you made a risky choice (no company is 100% safe) and YOU are worried about it.

    Just look at the posts from the dozens of forums. People care less about why its down everyday and only want it to be up. I am willing to make a whole new psnid and scrap all my trophies (im lvl 14) just to get online if thats what it would take.

    there hasnt been a new update from sony since over a week ago. Oh yeah I read all the logs but they say the same damn thing. “yeah we are working on it.. shouldnt be much longer now.. thx for waiting wel compensate you” WE KNOW YOU ARE WORKING ON IT STOP TELLING US THAT AND GIVE US AN EFFING ETA.

    The thing is they cant give an ETA because they have no effing idea or why wouldnt they give it.

  16. Hugh says:

    To Chris (May 6, 2011 at 10:11 am). I can’t read and understand what you are saying. You have too many grammar errors. By the way you type, you appear to be a grade schooler. IMHO

  17. Jessica says:

    AMEN!!!!! to Killzone!!! My feelings exactly…. I dont sit in front of the PS 24/7 and I have a wonderful life, husband, and two children and Im a pediatric nurse….. I HAVE A LIFE!!!! Its just ridiculous and frustrating not to be able to get on when and where we want to and play ONLINE… when we paid ridiculous amounts for the system, games, and accessories… etc etc
    And like I said, dont put your CC info out there and it cant get stolen… USE A PREPAID card…. anyone can get one…..

  18. Jessica says:

    P.S. And to all those saying oh its gonna be this date, no this date, no it will be this date…. Call 1-800-345-SONY …. they will tell you it will be up later this week, and when you ask is later this week today or tomorrow, they will repeat the same thing and say “all we can tell you is it will be up later this week… ” So theres your answer folks…..

  19. giveuponsony says:

    @ HUGH..loser…..

  20. c.o.j says:

    the human race is a tribe of idiots !!

  21. Fuzzamuzza says:

    This is some BS I tell you. Sony just gives to much sh*t about personal info when about 10% of the population only use their credit cards and puts a real address. The other 90% of users use “PSn cards” so they don’t have to use their personal info on it. So SONY please hurry so that I can have a life once again. JK LOL.

  22. broon says:

    stick it out folk we all know ps3 rules and now this has happend pritty sure will be x boxs turn next ,,,to much ass holes out there wanting to fk it up for us all !!!! happy gameing ;o)

  23. Homer says:

    Chris your sentence structure is not that of an adult! For those in the know the personal information that was stolen may never be used. This is more than likely a revenge hacking just to piss off Sony and make them look bad. I put an alert on my credit report for good measure, but really don’ expect it ever to be touched. As far as the credit cards, that is not my problem that is the banks problem.

  24. tamd says:

    guys i have just had a bank statement and it shows Sony on line services have taken money from my account for services bought on the 19/04/11 after the network crashed, any ideas who to contact at Sony for a refund and complaint ?

  25. Homer says:

    I think its funny how people commenting are worried about the credit card data!!! Foolish Children, its the other personal data that can kill you. The credit card is the least of your worries, the bank is responsible for fraudulent charges, not you. Someone can start a line of credit with your personal info and destroy your credit rating!!! That is the worry here, not the CC.

  26. Mike says:

    I am running out of things to clean, to do lists are done, I have cooked numerous gourmet meals in the last 2 weeks, I have read over 2 dozen books, and I am about to finish my 2nd novel in the 2weeks psn has been down….

  27. kory palmquist says:


  28. Steve says:

    Hang in there ps3 users. Inside info says it’ll be up by tonight 12am est!!!1!!1!!1!

  29. adax says:

    yaaay! my psn is working finally!!!

  30. Maxrunner says:

    All I would ask for is one month of Netlflix for free – in other words , just $10 ….

    I can wait patiently for fixing this problem the right way…I am in no hurry….

  31. David Bair says:

    I think that this is outrageous on Sony’s behalf I mean look at the size of their company and how much they are worth and your gonna tell me that they don’t have a backup plan. I’m currently in the military (Air Force) if we don’t have a legit answer for something within the first day my butt is grass. They will throw the book at me, so I completely understand why people are so mad. The other thing is that we don’t have prepaid PSN cards over here where I’m at (Iceland) so I have no choice but to use my CC info. So I am trusting in Sony to keep my CC info safe which obviously they can’t do.

  32. biohazard498 says:

    im buying an xbox im done with sony not only did i pay 350 for my ps3 with in the year had to buy a new blueray eye and a new hard drive and now this shit over it later sony

  33. poop says:

    they should offer us 10 items from psn store, we get 2 pick

  34. Johnny Drama says:

    Not putting your CC info anywhere is Internet 101 if you actually used your real CC and not a pre-paid/PSN card your stupid! Sorry to anyone who did but that was dumb..The only thing that really grinds my gears about this whole issue..Is the hackers that were stealing the info if it is that Anonymous group and I’m 99% sure it was (As they left a calling card on the server). Is that the hackers are cause Sony is charging the guy that hacked the Firmware of the PS3..Not that I have a problem with that..But when you go online with a hacked system and cheat and ruin everybody elses gaming experiance is wrong..When the Jail break 1st came out it was worse then this outage..every online lobby was hacked and I didn’t play then til the update came out..I also deleted everyone on my list that had jail broke there system..I hate Cheaters/Hackers I hope they get caught and get the PC taken away for life!

  35. Void says:

    has anyone taken the time just to think about what thier saying? If this is the response to a 2 week lose of online play and a chance that you could lose some money (for which there is conpensation) god help you if you lost a loved one!!!!

    shut up and let sony deal with it do you have any idea how much thier dealing with? its not the end of the world, i miss the days of ps2 when gaming was about great games and community not fragging of trolling shame on you if you can’t deal with problems like this it won’t be the last with a console, or for that matter one gamers will face.

  36. Dr.Mindbender says:

    Wah, Wah, wah Im getting an Xbox…..then go ahead and stop crying and get your xbox…
    My gosh, you guys have nothing to do but cry about psn being down? Cmon grow a pair….read a book…get a girlfriend,… to your girl friend….research whats really happening in our country today…..No America no, Xbox or PSN….hows that Slave!

  37. Johnny Drama says:

    I dunno I don’t trust the Internet and didn’t put any of my real info in my PSN account I used a fake Email and everything..

  38. Nori says:

    To the moron talking about Sony should have had a better firewall. You really have no idea what you are talking about…if you think a firewall is the only method used for security, well, your ignorance bothers me. I want to know why so many ppl are concerned about identity theft….omg they have my name birthday and address, I can find that information using google. Cancle your cards and ask for a new card number…its really that easy.

  39. Scrappy18711 says:

    Bio Your such an idiot you are extremely impatience and have nothing to do with your life buying a xbox is wasting money, if you do buy a xbox and when PSN is Backup You just gonna start playing the ps3 again so there’s no use of a Xbox

  40. Dr.Mindbender says:

    But yeah they need to get it back up….but seriously go outside and do something..
    It’s a nice day to be alive eh?

  41. iuen wyn jones says:

    im going 2 try at midnite i got a feeling it will be up and running by then

  42. Johnny Drama says:

    Funny I jusdt typed Prepaid visa and iceland into google and it gave me a list of ways I can get one in iceland..Not to argue I just found that hard to believe that people in iceland cand get a prepaid credit card..Turns out you can!!

  43. avatar says:

    thank for covering for Sony. atleast we users get an update..

  44. Dono says:

    Well, switching from one platform to another is a possible solution… But it comes with both risks, problem and bad sides effects. I know because I did it from the XBox 360 to PS3 2 years ago.

    Main problem is financial. You’ll have to buy all the games you loved and still want to play again. Sure their price might have dropped since you bought them, but when you think about getting something you already owned for that even reduced price, it’s a damn slap to your face. (And I didn’t even said that you’ll have to buy the new platorm, controllers if you’re playing more than one on a screen, etc.). It will be the SAME with the freaking add-on and other stuff you might have bought on the online shop of the platform (either Playstation Store or XBox Live Marketplace)

    Second, you will loose all advancement, title, records or anything which was registered to your account. It’s not new about the fact that All the platform are not linked together via their online systems and networks.

    This bring me to a 3rd bad side : No more friends for you. Even if you had real friend to play with, if they don’t have the other platform, you won’t be able to play with them. It’s a full restart on that part.

    Some games are only available on a single platform. I’m not saying to start a flame war about which games are better. We all have different taste. But that will still limit people who prefer some game over others.

    For those who think that either the PS3 or the XBox 360 are cheaper than its nemesis, it only means you haven’t experienced anything bad with one or the other while a lot already had. I know because I have experiented both major fails on both sides.
    The XBox 360 have weak component which can easily bend or broke due to dust as it easily block the fan (but you won’t hear it). To have a healty XBox360 you need to have a friend which will open the console (which void all garanties) and which will secure and strenghen the parts so that nothing can break or bend. The graphic card component of the XBox 360 is one of the most cheap component on the market and can easily break from anything as well as low heating (5 degrees celcius higher than the “normal” temp can actually break it).
    The PS3, while it have some more solid component, still have some problem of delicacy. Lots of pieces in it are not strong and have small durability (the blueray lenses, cables, etc.). On top of that, due to the complexity of the system, any error in the system will trigger an automatic blockage and a red screen which will need a professionnal revision for, sometimes, something as little and stupid as a corrumpted update from a game you just bought. A good exemple of that last is Playstation Home which is a real source of corrumpted data as it constantly download stuff into your console out of your control. (For those who don’t know, it’s the “Second Life” kind of thing that any PS3 user with a Playstation Network account can log-in. Every places or game you move up to in it starts downloads and automaticly install things on your HDD which can corrumpt anything at the same time.)

  45. acorey says:

    Ps3 does need to make this right with there customers fast. Sh_t happens. But not to have a estimate time frame is pretty bad. I have both systems and love both I favored ps3 due to blue ray and free internet I felt damm there is no way xbox can compete even with the kinect but then the ps3 meltdown changed everything. It ps3 does not address this issue within a timely matter ps3 could be looking at a real maybe even un recoverable hit. Ps3 hope yall fix this issue and reward your customers otherwise you can suck a Dick and die like Atari and dreamcast and neo geo LOL.

  46. justme says:

    i just wanna know when it will be back on.

  47. please o please fix the playstation network im getting really pissed off also if u dont im going to return my playstation so fix it

  48. Corral1680 says:

    Just turn PSN on Already Itz so boring i didnt get to play on my spring break either which is gay JUST PLEASE TURN IT ON.!!!!!>:(

  49. mr middy says:

    To the guy that said were dumb for not buying psn card instead of using credit cards u must be stupid. Psn cards are not offered everywhere you’re dumb wasting gas or leg power just to go to a store and spend 20 bucks when I can sit on my ass n pay 15 bucks for my add on pack. Just had to get that out u really burnt my toast its not our fault its sonys.

  50. Zubzilla says:

    I seriously dont care what were going to get! I just want my psn back, and whats really pissing me off is that i dont want to leave ps3 and going to xbox but now im thinking im going to have to due to the fact that im an online gamer who records PS3 ONLY! Now this has been going on for over 2 weeks, im losing money but im also getting sick and tired of seeing a big company not being able to fix a problem they have dealt with before. Cm’n Sony your much better than this!

  51. biohazard498 says:

    i have a girl and yes a job and a life but when i play my games i like to play online so that makes me a idiot nice u ppl just dont know how much cash i put into the ps3 just to keep it working so ya im alittle pissed off i been patient this is the first time i made a commit about all this u tell me to go outside but yet u sit there on your pc dogging me sad really ant it and if i buy an xbox cool and your rite when the psn is up back to the ps3 so what like to play online dont matter what system

  52. Darren Tiler says:

    Can’t believe how long this has actually gone on for. An inconvenience of such by a huge company like Sony is definitely unnacceptable. I personally think that with a situation like this, having free access to online play isn’t a great difference to having to pay £40 a year. So I was happy to switch, now have the xbox elite and loving black ops new maps :)

  53. Sexi says:

    I think ur all bitches

    But seriously have they names a estimate to to which it will be back up and running properly yet??

  54. ken says:

    As of tomorrow im selling my ps3 nd going to the XBOX my trust on Sony will never be the same.

  55. Seandrick says:

    Guys, DON’T GET MAD AT SONY! The users name was Gio hot ….SO DON’T ADD HIM BLOCK HIM, HE’LL HACK YOU!! Don’t get an Xbox 360 ….Don’t leave Sony :’( once u get an Xbox your not coming back :’(

  56. nate says:

    who say psn will be back up at midnight wat websites u looking at

  57. mr zaki says:

    Since to weeks psn is off i had moor fun with go karting and paintball is jest painful but upset abut sony….all the money

  58. Sizzle says:

    wow psn is free unless u pay for + , but no mater what to me it’s free n if it’s down for a month i’ll still go back online with sony , will i switch over to xbox , nope as most games i play r 4 the pc only so who gives a f*** and do i think sony owes me anything , hell no i bough the ps3 and a few games n i can play ofline thoes who play online games only , go aftere the makers of the game for makin them online only not sony …..thats all i have to say

  59. PS For Ever. says:

    I just want to play MAG…The best on-line game,but a little tired of this crap…

    I hope someone is on this..if not X-Box…hear I come….1 week..I am give PSN..that’s it…..

  60. diego says:

    to all the guys saying to go outside an stuff stfu i get maybe it was fine the first 3 days or maybe the first week but now it’s been 2 weeks and still going, people have the right to complain why isn’t it up yet, if they were going to be outside all the time wth was the point of getting a ps3 in the fist place, if you don’t want to see people complain then don’t read the stupid blog, they aren’t being impatient it’s been 2 freaking weeks anyone in the right mind would get aggravated about this, I couldn’t care less about free ps+ , I would just be satisfied with psn being up again it’s the weekend if your one who put your credit card info, just cancel the card and order a new one how hard is that? hell they might have your name and address but anyone and I mean anyone could easily find that if they look hard enough, and all those ppl saying it’s the hackers fault? no it’s not! the only to blame here is Sony, they didn’t want people hacking the ps3 so thats why hackers attacked psn to send a message, and to all the ignorant people hacking the ps3, is not the same as hacking a game, those are completely different concepts
    hacking the ps3 will allow it to run homebrew apps, while hacking a game will allow you to cheat hackers arnt mad about hacking games they couldnt care less about that they are pissed that sony won’t let them hack the ps3 bc since they bought the ps3 they own it meaning they can do what ever they want with it, like wth I bought a ps3 if I can do what I want it’s not fair of Sony not letting you use the true potential of your console which I paid almost $400 for l, apparently you don’t actually own the ps3 your actually bought the right to use it but at the end Sony decides what you can and can’t do on it, that’s why they removed Linux function on the ps3 and people had no choice but to update or they couldn’t play online, people don’t notice these arnt the hackers fault in fact they are the ones standing up for our rights we as consumers have the right to use our products we purchased how ever we see fit, we all paid a huge amount to buy a ps3 not just to buy the right to use it, they are sending a message to sony that consumers have rights and what better way by attacking psn yea they upset many players I admit I’m also frustrated about this but look Sony is losing money by day, stock has fallen, they are willing to pay up to a million for identity theft and ps* for every single psn user, see they are losing a lot l, mean that’s the perfect message, if Sony keeps being stubborn and not letting people use their ps3 I’m sure hackers will hurt Sony even worst, so it comes down to Sony and if they let people run hmebrew on their ps3, they can easily fix the pirating of a game even geohot said so himself they have enough spyware to way more than just stop pirating, altho I am frustrated that psn is offline I’m happy that there are
    people willing to stand up to consumer rights I’m positive they could care less about credit card info, or else there would have been already many and I mean many identity thefts but sony confirmed that no major credit card companies had yet reported so this is just a act to get sony to lose more money by ensuring every psn user a million if their credit card was used, also as I said in the beginning if your worried about your credit card just cancel it and order a new one hopefully Sony recieved the message the hackers were trying to prove and will let people use homebrew on their ps3s if not them hackers will just do more damage and cause them to lose more money which I highly doubt they will want.

  61. down with crybabies and this site says:

    I’m so tired of crybabies fist Xbox is junk the Xbox has no were near the capabilities of a ps3 don’t get me started on how advanced the CPU and gpu working simultaneously together Xbox is junk and cost way to much for a yearly subscription to Xbox live that has in fact crashed more then the ps3 with out someone hacking it anyone remember the 3 weeks it was down when halo 3 came out hmmmmm so I say go waste your money instead of sniviling on every blog u come to I’ve had my ps3 since they first released I paid 500$ and was happy its all u snivilers that wanted a cheaper unit I wish Sony would over kept the original ones the backwards compatible one my ps3 has a 500 gig HD and has had 0 problems I also take care of my unit so get a life and quit crying go outside and maybe just maybe u might get laid

  62. DarkMaverick says:

    Progress reports from Sony would be much appreciated and would likely pacify the general public. Leaving us in the dark with only allegations and meager pieces of useless information clearly is generating most of the outraged customers. I absolutely love my station and will stand by it, regardless of the current circumstances. I would, however, appreciate a site dedicated to informing the general public of the detailed status of the network until it is back online.

  63. socom player!! says:

    well bout damn time!!!!

  64. Wraithking says:

    I made this post using my Ps3. Later I will stream free movies and Tv shows to my HDTV using my ps3. 360 no thanks.

  65. ed says:

    i just want to play black ops again, a security id and fraud protection is a good way to be secure. nowadays the cybercrime is everywhere, this is a red flag for all the internet and online comunity.

  66. Nori says:

    What exactly are you looking for from Sony? They give us information. I commend your loyalty, but let’s be honest…how much more information could they possibly give?

  67. darkdrow1 says:

    I agree that they need to update us more on when they aim tgo have it back online, I can only imagine how stressful it is for them to fix all of this crap, But really, we are the income of this company were there cash flow and finances give us some respect not all of us are children and we would like an answer or 2. We appreciate that you are doing everything you can to fix the issue and thats why we stand beside you, although we deserve to know when the system will be back up no debating that.

  68. blackmist7565 says:

    well im being patient but come on i have a wifi thing and it cost me 100 bucks a month so its waisting my money just come on i no u can do it ur just not trying hard enough

  69. Jessica says:

    Homer… they cant start a line of credit without your SSN… and no where on PSN does it ask for ur SSN……

  70. blacksparrow777 says:

    When you go to the playstation site there are tons of comments about the network being down. How is it then that they are signing in to leave said comments? I tried to leave one and it said sign in and when I did it said site down due to maintenance. Anyone shed some light on this?

  71. TAGE the Mage aka The Grim says:

    @DarkMaverick i agree with you 100%. We should now know by now that Sony has got us the AllClear stuff and has found no abuses it credits card that were stolen the only thing left for them to do Is TOO CLEARLY INFORM US OF THEIR PROGRESS EACH DAY not telling the same crap we don’t care about I stand by my 120 GB HDD that i love so much. But they should stop leaving consumers in the dark with nothing except hope and speculation. I read that the Network was to be up on the next Tuesday after the crash, Tuesday came around i waitedly anxiously nothing happened. Then Kazuo Hirai Promised that the PSN would be back online this friday. Just got off work turned on my system… Nothing. Now that Wall-Street Journal says that PSN will be back up in one week… So that means 3 weeks total of no online gameplay from a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY.. honestly what’s the deal

  72. chris says:

    sorry but i have a 360 and a ps3….. the ps3 is no way near as gd as a xbox the graphics are better on the 360 with the same game it loads games far quicker dont take half an hour to load a game then already board….. plus you can cross game chat…. only got a ps3 for one game and thats socom n im so glad i didnt pay for it.. (got it FREEEEEEEEEEE with phone)

  73. chris says:

    and my xbox has never crashed so the USA xbox must be juck compare to the UK

  74. PASCOE says:

    well said Diego , by the Way Dora and Boots are looking for you : P

  75. jamie says:

    Just had 5 long hours of black ops online on the 360… How many hours u played on the ps3 this last thought nite… Oh yeah none hahaha

  76. Assassin696 says:

    Thee absolute number one question ,aside credit or playstation dollars that i can quickly pick up with another case of beer ..x- box is freaking crap is why ever since i got my ps3 the crap -box just sits there for my girls dvd use when i wanna catch some time online with COD in the main room , all i heard was may 1st .. then the 3rd right!! now the 5th n the 6th.. i get all stoked but no, either the updates arent legit or im reading it wrong seems to me the PSN are just tossing dates n numbers out there for ppl to read for lessons i just wanna date approximately n for it to be right or further explenation is to why obviously theres nothing we can do with our hands tied wondering but itd be nice to take off the blind fold and have insight to understand when n where n this gamer will be there to sign back on. thank you

  77. aMMo says:

    Its nice that they are giving the US customers ID theft protection. What about us in Canada and the rest of the world. Also, I hear they are giving us free titles and PS Plus. I hear when PS Plus freebie is over, you lose all your ps plus downloads. What about the ones that arent free? Do they refund the money you spent on them? Regardless of any of these details, the only thing that matters to 100 million users is that the network is back up as soon as possible. As well as this type of thing never happening again.

    I only really care about getting back to Black Ops, even though I just bought two other games that I cannot play because I cannot download the content I need to run the titles. Stupidest thing ever, Sony should have had the safeguards in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. They were being lax in the security department and this is the result. I could care less about Qriocity or PSplus. I think they should just put $20-$50 on everyones account and let them chose what they get out of this whoe debacle. I love my PS3, but am losing faith in Sony as a whole. XBOX fanboys should shut their mouths as well because LIVE has been down longer on more than one occasion and not because someone hacked their network. Simply cause they’re SHIT.



  78. DarkMaverick says:


  79. Nori says:


    Please use proper punctuation. My english tthater would turn over in her grave if she ever saw that.

  80. Nori says:


  81. dilly says:

    i know this is a big problam realy big and i will wait untill its fixed but i hate how sony make up dates of when the PSN is back up it gets my hopes up and every ones else’s alll i want from sony is the right date of when the PSN is back

  82. dilly says:

    just give all the 74 MILLION the right date no fake’s the right DATE

  83. dilly says:

    the hackers who hacked the PSN network should come forward the fuk’n cowards

  84. Simus says:

    Thats good of sony wtf about the canadians I would like some sort of protection of my credit F the usa their hole country is doomed in a recession anyways

  85. DarkMaverick says:

    Honestly, i would be satisfied with a generic loading bar icon as an indicator regarding Sony’s progress towards getting the network back up and running. At least it would give us something to track. I’m sure providing a specific or even general date will result in nothing more than further frustration on both sides. As we all very well know, Sony has a serious task at hand which requires the utmost precision to resolve and thus will take time. Evidently, more than expected. I’m just saying that in the meantime, give us something more than useless, repetitive, babble which truly has little to no true importance to hardcore and casual gamers. I’ll even settle for percentages.

    As for those of you who find the misfortune of your fellow gamers to be something to poke fun at……get a clue. It’s clear that these two platforms serve the same purpose. Rather one have better graphics while another is all around superior (imo), it truly boils down to demographics. I, as a ps3 gamer, choose to game in style and with class which is why i put up the extra bucks required to do so. I could have easily purchased a 360 but found it to be as valuable as a chew toy. As i fore-mentioned, get a clue and get a ps3. you’ll see it was worth it in the long run.

  86. Oi! says:

    Xbox, PS3. its all the fkin same! same graphics. Xbox has good games that PS3 doesn’t have and PS3 has good games that Xbox doesn’t have. the only thing about Xbox is the red eye BS and paying for online play, why pay for internet service and Xbox live? and as for PSN giving us free sht, they shouldn’t owe us anything. its not their fault someone hacked their servers. plus playstation plus is kinda stupid anyways.. yalls crackas knows wat i is sayin? fo real!

  87. liammufc99 says:

    xbox are rubis

  88. Nambla Roger Young UAFS says:

    Sony is a corporation and therefore does not care about you…only your money. They will not really give you anything for the outage…Qriocity for 30 days is advertising for the company and users think it is a gift. Get even idiots. Vandalize Sony products in stores. They will need to be returned costing thousands upon thousands to sony – the root kit company. I have damaged by cutting cords on eighteen sony digital camera recorders totaling over $5,000, yes that was five thousand dollars…Now we are even sony bitches. you sold me equipment and all of the features don’t work…like all of the online features. Does not matter if the service is free, it is a selling point and one I paid for so you get “billed”. I have now cost Sony several thousand dollars more then they ever made off of me. Get with the program and lets promote this as the Sony get even program.

  89. Killzone says:

    May 7 and still no psn and no eta as to when its coming. As for what someone said about xbox being next, they have been offline once for almost 2 weeks. The difference here is microsoft let people know what was happening right away, gave a realistic eta and stuck to it.

    I just want sony to stop telling us the same message everyday and tell us what we want to know.. when EXACTLY is it coming back?

    Its pointless to keep talking about what we want from them as a reward giveaway. They already posted repeatedly what we were getting so asking for netflix is a waste of time.

    My main concern is that after this coming firmware update it is going to ask you to change your password. The password, however, can only be changed on the original ps3 that the ID was created on. This poses a problem for some people as YLOD issues put many of us on our 2nd or even 3rd ps3 may not even remember enough info to do it through email. So will starting a new psnID wash away my rights to a giveaway?


  90. Blackjack Curtis Mathews says:

    hi black here, but you can call me jack
    i have both systems true but……… im dedicated to my ps3 and wont turn on it, i agree with the lot of you that this is a mass-uisance lol, but lets give the multi billion dollar guys a slight amount of credit- sonys finally gotten hacked after all these years and where most company’s take months to catch on they were able to identify it earlier on- and ive never known anything, major or minute (i think thats spelled right), that can recover from getting hacked on a major scale quickly so im patient plus i didnt really pour alot of money into my ps3 so thank u sony for paying me back where i havent really given u anything in the several years i had ur system

  91. Killzone says:

    I cant dissagree with jack in that sony hasnt been hacked in quite some time but they were hacked once before and should have then taken the precautions needed after that. And as far as a major or *minor* companys recovering goes.. they havent recovered from this yet and wont recover until a while after this service is up which sadly, it isnt.

    im glad to hear you havent spent much on sony gaming unfortunately I cannot say the same. I have had one ylod issue and another system had a power supply failure. my 3rd and current system has seen many games as have the previous systems. when you combine that with ps+, subscription to DCUO, various movie rentals and addon packs, id say sony has got a fair bit from me.

    so when people say that psn is free they forget all you put into having that “free” service. When it goes down most people can be understanding but the terrible lack of communication, failure to provide its service and failure to provide a safe gaming environment demands reconsiliation.

    PS+ is not good enough


  92. Wraithking says:

    Why would you pay for netflix when there are many good sites you can use your PS3 to watch free movies. And new movies that are in theaters!!! I’ve been using these these sites to rewatch LOST, PRISON BREAK, and SMALLVILLE while catching up on shows like SUPERNATURAL and FRINGE. To pay for Netflix is silly.

    This is one of the features of the ps3 (internet browser) that makes it worth it to own for that feature alone. 360′s can’t do that. I”m glad mine broke down forcing me to get a ps3.

  93. Wraithking says:

    Why would you pay for netflix when there are many good sites you can use your PS3 to watch free movies. And new movies that are in theaters!!! I’ve been using these these sites to rewatch LOST, PRISON BREAK, and SMALLVILLE while catching up on shows like SUPERNATURAL and FRINGE. To pay for Netflix is silly.

    This is one of the features of the ps3 (internet browser) that makes it worth it to own for that feature alone. 360′s can’t do that. I”m glad mine broke down forcing me to get a ps3.

    On a side note Sony should send in SEAL TEAM 6 to take out anon. lol

  94. PS for ever says:

    They are going to be offering complimentary AllClear ID Plus to consumers in the United States…what the hell..are all of us in Canada left out…I hope not..I just got my PS3 and I am waiting for the chance I can play MAG again..It’s the 1 game I got just for PSN….Help us out in the north.

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