Kentucky Derby 2011

Horse racing is a great sport if you know what is going on. There are literally thousand of people that have poured into Kentucky to go to the Kentucky Derby 2011. This is a race that is steeped high in tradition and even fashion. This event is not a small affair.

kentucky derby 2011One of the big traditions of the Kentucky Derby 2011 and every derby since 1896 is the garland of Roses. This is a beautiful tradition and the winner’s horse gets to strut around with the beautiful garland of roses. Along with the roses people are always excited to see the twin spires when they come to the Kentucky Derby 2011. These were built in 1895.

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Besides for the great traditions this even is often graced by celebrities and even royalty. You never know who or what you are going to see when you go to this event. Some people are not so interested in the celebrities and royal however. Many people just enjoy the betting on the horses.

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