Playstation Network Down May 6 Update

If you are sick and tired of the Playstation network down problem I can understand your frustration. The network has been down for over 2 weeks and there are more than 70 million accounts so that equals a lot of people who are eager to play. The last deadline that we had for this issue was May 4 but that has come and gone. Now Sony is being careful not to give a deadline since there is no surety of when psn will be back up.

playstation network down may 6 updateThe Playstation network down problem has been apologized for over and over. This attack was not Sony’s fault but some believe that their security should have been in better condition. The company now assures its users that they are doing everything within their power to get the network back up and to make things much safer in case there is another attack. They do not want another Playstation network down problem on their hands again.

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Sony Subpoenaed By New York Attorney General

Howard Stringer issued a letter on the psn blog telling that they are going to offer a “welcome back” pack that will include a month of free PlayStation Plus membership for all PSN customers, as well as an extension of subscriptions for PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited customers to make up for time lost. This means there will be no real loss for anyone but there has been a lot of turmoil for avid game players. What have you been doing while the Playstation network down problem has been going on?


  1. tom says:

    all i want is the online back to play my buddies, the rest of the services can come back later

  2. xAGENTxMULDERx says:

    ive been playing my 360 and playing single player games on the ps3…..still waiting patiently laughing at all the people having hissy fits over this

  3. John says:

    All of my games are online based so i’ve been waiting patiently for psn to come back online. Its been almost a month now and still nothing. People pay a lot of money for their ps3 consoles and we shouldn’t have to suffer because of sony’s f*** ups. I personally am getting very impatient with this situation. Sony has not really told us anything other than our personal information is out there. WTF is that??????

  4. luke says:

    soo bored when is it going to be back up

  5. Savage777 says:

    And what are they going to do about netflix subscribers?? We payed for that also through PSN….And with the PSN down ive actually started to do homework and study…i guess there is sum upside!! i may never turn my ps3 on again!!!!!….naw im lying

  6. Des says:

    I really just want it back up so I can watch netflix again!

  7. nick says:

    i will never leave the playstation

  8. xX_OmegaX says:

    ive bought and returned over 15 games….this really gave me a chance to play sum good free games…..but it does suck that i pre-reserved my copy of mortal combat and dont even get to play online….but psn shud better that ever now or when they return

  9. Blazed says:

    Sony, pathetic company its their fault they allowed someone to hack into the system and now they can’t even give us a deadline of when psn will be bcak up WTF have it back by tomorrow or im buying xBox

  10. phil says:

    I’ve been biting at the nails to get back online I only play ps3 for the online cod, and I’ve already beat all I can in single player. It really sucks that I don’t often have much time to play, but since this has been down I’ve had a little more time, but no online to play. This is really aggervating, I look on here everyday for good news, but there is none. I don’t give a Shit about the free stuff they wanna give us because I don’t use it anyways! Give us the map packs or somthing of our choice. That would make me happy, not free ps plus!

  11. Ariana says:

    Well since playstation is down I now have to study for my final like the rest of the college students lol…im kind of glad that it was shut down!

  12. john says:

    Netfilix is internet based service. You don’t have to log on the PSN sever to watch Netflix……

  13. josh says:

    You can still use Netflix just try to sign in twice and it let’s you access it.

  14. Tony says:

    All I want to know is if Playstation will be held criminally liable if the network is hacked again?

  15. xX_OmegaX says:

    @bazed…your an idot do you know how long it takes to set up a gaming network that has over 70million players?…….and how would you fix the problem that thoes 70 mill who cant play also could be in jeopardy of identity theft….so how long would it take your bitch ass to fix it

  16. blake says:

    I’m just glad this is happening now andnot in august cuz I can’t go without playing my madden online though it sucks that I can’t get any new rosters or mlb the show

  17. EvilKlown100 says:

    This has gone on long enough now. The say they are working hard but for some reason I can imagine them bowling paper into empty bottles at the office.

  18. Dunc says:

    Netflix and vudu still work, u just click through the sign process.

  19. Frank says:

    Bye playstation! thanks for ruining my time with you! i already sold me ps3 for 50$ thanks!!!

  20. GO12T3X_719 says:

    with the billions of dollars you guys make you cant even come up with a decent firewall to protect against stupid childish people hacking the network???? i guess you guys are runnin a little short on cash huh?? ha ha…. im so disappointed i would have switched to xbox already if xbox didnt suck so im forced to wait so hurry up!!!

  21. mdeuces says:

    Just for the record, you’ve always been able to watch netflix. You just have to keep logging in. Eventually it will let u. Guarantee.

  22. Spartacus says:

    I find it amazing how if you look at every single ONLINE game SONY has ever been involved in, and in particular SOCOM {their’s exclusively} and the rest of the Shooter Empire…

    They all, every songle one of thos games ONLINE…has had, and will constinue to have ZERO INTEGRITY.

    Every single stat you ever aquired on a SONY sevrer means nothing becayuse for years, 8 at lkeast, SONY has known that they’re ONLINE SERVERS have ZERO integrity.

    Aside from the fact that they never have and probabaly never will, deliver information packets properly, and the fact that wen you call their tech support or customer service offices in canada snd The United States, they just don’t have a clue what you are talking about when you inform them of the exact time and moment you rushed up to someone in game and Put an M60 against their forhead and then tried to pull the trigger on your gun… only to hear a very audible “click” and watch in horror as theoir online system decided on the spot that your M60 with 2 seperate clips of 300 bullets each that was pressed against that guys head is actually an empty psitol with no way to fire.
    Thrtough out the years I actually had one Customer Service agent in San mateo get her supervisor for me qwo explained that “Yes, You Are Right…The Guns in the online game do NOT Work in Close, our advice is… Back Up”

    Somy is not just to blame here, they are the reason this happened.

    And no matter what they say, they have proven over and over and over again that they care about one and only one thing…the money. They never gaves a ratts patootie about any of us.

    I have spent a small fortune on gameing as most of you have I am sure.

    But nothing they ever say or do is going to give you back the hours you lost online… playing your playstation games this past month.

    If your board you have NO LIFE.

    If your doing anything at all except slamming SONY for the manner in which they have treated their customers for the past decade you have this entoire matter wrong.

    I couldn;t care less abiuyt the ONLINE game playing, it;s nice when it is there, and furstrating at that when it is, maybe even far more so then when it isn’t.

    My “Hit detection” this past Month actually has some integrity.

    But not one signel stat SONY has ever tabulated with regard to even One ONline Game of Tbnere’s I have ever played counts for anythign at all except FRAUD.

    All that matters Online is your proximeitey to your intenet provider and how’s SONY SERVER system defectively processes packets of data.

    So by NOT playing this past month, your stats actually have more integroty than they would had you actually been playing.

    When the online system comes back we can all look forward to the next thing that SONY messes uop completely, because this is ALL that company Does…is mess up.

    They caused this enitre affair themselves to begin with by employing shoddy sub standard server technology and not protecting their custoimers interestes bt rather ONLY THEIR OWN for the past decade at least.

    And what’s moist incredible is this track record for this company.

    I mean for crying out loud we are talking about a company that had to settle a massive law suite out of court for having STOLEN the patent to their own gaming system’s controller.

    When people try to defend SONY for anything at all I am instantly amazed at their complete and utter stupidity.

    Noone, but nooiine is to blame for any of this at all…except for SONY…this was and is 100% their sole responsibility…and from the way they have handled this whole thing…my point should be crysatal clear for all of you.

    There is nooine to blame here at all other than SONY !!!

  23. gunner165 says:

    ita all lies

  24. Relax says:

    i think everyone should consider the fact that they have other problems like the recent earthquakes and radiation problem in Japan; while ppl are suffering overseas you only care about your video games.

  25. gunner165 says:

    i went to xbox i injoyed it lots of new people try it they are giving us bs stuff for waiting they should give us a gift card 50$ to makeup the time tnx ps3

  26. gunner165 says:

    refraze they should give us a 50$ psn or something good not no bs am i right

  27. anthonywtf says:

    hahahah sold ps3 for 50$ learn how to hustle i could sell ps2 for 50$ hahahah i bought xbox the other day to keep me busy cant play GT5 so i bought xbox and forza hahahah fuccit waitin to play GT5 again though

  28. Vince says:

    Riding my bike and studying 4 finals

  29. anthonywtf says:

    another thing y used ur credit car on playstation anyways get yo lazy ass up and off the couch go to gamestop and buy a PSN card then u dont gotta worry bout this s**t hahaha dumbas*es

  30. messtup says:

    Osama bin laden is dead, its amazing what Americans can do when the playstation network goes down for a week. Thanks hackers, you helped rid the world of a mass murderer.

  31. Omar says:

    This is ridiculous .3 deadlines past already F sony they are taking forever.give us a good timeline idiots.

  32. Ryan says:

    I’ve been pretty silent about all this but its getting god damn ridiculous I paid good money for a system basically only to play online three weeks come on now give us a timeline and stick to it I could care less about ps plus this is retarded

  33. Alec says:

    The idiot who sold his PS3 for $50 should get his brain checked out.

  34. David says:

    Ha. All of u should get a XBOX!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!
    We never Ever ever ever get problems (well maybe just a download not working every now and then )
    Online is so much better and defiantly worth the £30 a year to get a good service that is updated atleast every hour and game load times are much better and online is a LITTLE faster and steady. It has a lot of good exclusives and on games that are multiplatform the graphics are much better e.g. Cod, NFS, Assassins Creed and FIFA plus every other game that’s on xbox 360 and ps3.
    And its cheaper to get a 250GB xbox 360 than it is for a 120GB by about £30 and £70 compared to the 320GB PS3. And Kinect is more innovative than move ( depends what u like tho ) The only bad is their is no Blu ray but u can buy blu ray players for about £70 now anyway.

    I have both consoles and I no all these are ( Roughly ) true.

    XBOX beats PS3 all the way.

    I love Sony tho just not the PS3

  35. PRAY_4_WAR says:

    I’m so sick of these 2 hour a week gaming noobs sticking up for Sony. Do you realize Sony was running outdated servers with NO firewall? A multi-billion dollar company running outdated servers for 77 million users? WOW! And you’re getting mad at people who are filing law suits, and hating what Sony has done? What Sony has done is the cyber equivalent of laying down with a known rapist, then crying rape. This is Sony’s fault more than the hackers. Hackers do what they do, and will try and break into anything (cyberly). Shame on Sony, I expected a multi-billion dollar company to protect it’s customers better. So I support anyone filing a law suit, good luck, and I hope you win. Sony must pay for their negligents.

  36. rob says:

    frank u r the dumbest replyer yet

  37. TRAP says:

    Nextflix does work on your ps3 I found this out a week ago. Just attempt 2x and it will just connect. But ya I just want my PSN back too.

  38. TRAP says:

    Ya the guy that did sell his PS3 is an idiot AHAHAHHAHA

  39. Tony says:

    I certainly understand the frustration everyone is having over the PSN outage as I too am an avid GT5 online player BUT, please put some perspective to this. Are you physically injured? Did you suffer the loss of a family member? Do you have a fatal illness? If so, I am deeply sorry, but this PSN thing is not that! If your life is so wrapped around video gaming that you get as upset as some of these posters, seek professional help. There is more to life than PSN. And if the amount of hard earned money you pay for the PSN is that important, you’re probably spending it on the wrong priority. Life is filled with inconvenience, cope with it and keep a prospective on what’s truly important. Do you really think Sony is dragging this out intentionally?

  40. chris says:

    can any1 explain 2 me why my playstaion keeps crashing an freezing wenever i watch stuff online??

  41. Ron says:

    Yes Sony should of had better security. But we don’t blame a bank when it gets robbed because there’s not a security guard. I’m not defending Sony because they could afford a great “security guard”! There are always going to be thugs who do these nefarious things though, but its all relative. I see alot of people saying there going to Xbox. That’s there prerogative, but I only own PS3 & have put too much time & effort into my machine to just switch. I got 2700 trophies & will not start over on another console. So Please Sony, get your sh*t together. I got trophies to sync.

  42. Craig macdonald says:

    Sony helpline said it wont be on till at least end of weekend…. At least!!! Sony are full of s**t 1-2 days it will be off…. It will be back on by 3rd or 4th… Then they say by weekend!! Stop tellin lies for f**ksake all we want to no is the date it will be bk on not ur bulls**t info on the blog give us a date and stick too it!!!!!!

  43. legion says:

    day 1 – work , porn, eat, sleep
    day 2 – work , porn, eat, sleep
    day 3 – work , porn , eat, sleep
    day 4 – etc. etc……..

  44. Pinkbunnii says:

    I’m having black ops withdrawals lol. I’m waiting and checking psn everyday!! Let’s just say I have more free time at night since it’s been down.

  45. Mo says:

    Netflix subscribers will get nothing because YOU CAN STILL WATCH NETFLIX WITHOUT BEING SIGNED INTO PSN.

    Blu-ray players run Netflix. PS3 is a Blu-ray player whether PSN is online or not.

  46. Albanian says:

    “”i think everyone should consider the fact that they have other problems like the recent earthquakes and radiation problem in Japan; while ppl are suffering overseas you only care about your video games.”"

    I’m with you…

  47. luis says:

    i was told that psn wont be back online till mid june and that if everything goes fine i was toold this by a friend from game stop so pack ur shit cause no game play till june and thats a maeby trade for xbox 360 everybody

  48. justin says:

    people need to quit sniveling about the net work being down sh*t happenes
    blame the hackers there the ones who ruined it for everyone ,and buy the way
    PSN is free not many things in this world are free anymore

  49. xAGENTxMULDERx says:

    actually, netflix still works on psn, whenever it asks you to sign in to use it, press sign in and when the error message comes up, dismiss it and netflix continues to run

  50. surprised says:

    It’s amazing to me how many stupid people choose to post on these sites. I’ve read a ton of these posts on different sites and it seems that everyone that posts need to spend less time on the PS3 and more time learning how to read and write. Most of you can’t even put a coherent sentence together.

  51. legion says:

    i miss playstation home.

    i bought over 20 houses and tons of furniture and cloths.
    online my avis were popular

    now im nobody…NOBODY!!!!!

    single player of home realy sucks.

  52. Shorty says:

    I’m trying to wait it out, a lot of my friends online have gone the xbox way, but as for me i’m still waiting. Got to say tho wii & xbox is looking better. Hope you have the PS3 back online very soon, And a $5 or $10 dollar gift card in the ps store would go along way for the down time, for me anyway.

  53. scarfacedevill says:

    mans beeen finishing all the campain modes for the gun games ;)

  54. xAGENTxMULDERx says:

    thats why i dont waste real money on virtual houses and clothes that i cant use in real life

  55. glenn says:

    soo bored !!! hurry up and get it back !!!! when its back on they should make a triple xp weekend for blackops and free new map pack “escalation”

  56. Hari says:

    Im fellin so sad at the moment, and do you howmany people want to play black ops, want to play portal 2 which is a fantastic new game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. legion says:

    you are right xAGENT

    when home is back online i will no longer buy virtual stuff

    i will be a boring ugly noob avatar that shows no imagination

    i will use my money to buy gun games instead, and just shoot people online.

  58. FrancoOwns says:

    ok for the people way in the top and to whom it may concern..
    you can access netflix!! it tells you to sign in, so you sign in, then it tells you psn is undergoing maintainenece so you press O (and just another reminder you press O, don’t exit the netflix loading page) and let netflix load.
    All i do now that psn is down is watch movies on netflix….and campaign modes in my fps

  59. bill says:

    Lmao I wish I never switched

  60. Michael says:

    @spartacus: ummm… *cough* i hope you realize that you made over the 12 spelling error limit of any essay at an 8th grader’s level. also you you completely went against what you were saying in the middle of your tangent when you said,
    “If your board you have NO LIFE. If your doing anything at all except slamming SONY for the manner in which they have treated their customers for the past decade you have this entoire matter wrong. I couldn;t care less abiuyt the ONLINE game playing, it;s nice when it is there, and furstrating at that when it is, maybe even far more so then when it isn’t.”
    Then you went on to say at the end of your speech, “There is nooine to blame here at all other than SONY !!!” just shows that you have no idea what you previously said and then ended up winging it and ending it by shooting down Sony. which brings me to my next topic. if you are going to sit here and criticize Sony for their hard work then you should be better off playing a sh!tty American made Xbox. so before you start ripping a company apart like you attempted to do above but failed miserably at you should 1st think about: “ok i have this BILLION dollar online network to fix….how do i do it and who should help?” with the US Government and Homeland Security working with them i think they are doing about as much as they can do. so instead of harassing Sony, you should be waiting it out like the rest of us 77+ million consumers. i get to bed 2 hours before i used to when the PSN was online. and i love it because i can get up earlier and do more activities in my day. and one of them is ride my $1000 bike and i love it. there’s a whole world out there. Explore it.

  61. maddog707 says:

    this problem is ridicoulis!!!!

    im just wondering if netflix is different from psn?? aleast why cant they open some things up so we can watch our damn netflix!!!!????

  62. luke says:

    Since we are already going to be mandated to change passwords, how about letting us change user names as well…seeing as were starting fresh..

  63. dafatman77 says:

    I grew up playing the old Atari 2600 and have owned i bet 20 diffrent game machines but after the PS1 i pretty much have only bought sony i did have a 1st generation x box but never a 360.. the ps 2 pretty much sucked and i went trough 3 of them i am on my 2nd PS3 heck I even have Sony CD player in my old chevelle that i have had since highschool with sony speckers i bet that i have bought over 500 games for the PS 1 2 3 systems in my life in fact i am on a sony laptop right now and just got done watch my 46 in sony lcd Tv this moring before i left for work. I work in the advertising industry it sucks that psn network is down but sony has really showed that they really do not care about there customers by the way they are handing things they can take what ever extra 5 dollar pile of junk they were going to give out and stick it up there nose i face deadlines all the time and i simple do not promise more than I can do I think after work 2 day i will go by a x box 360 and black ops. I just want sony to no that i dont lie to people and try not to spend money that i have earned by telling the truth to people and working hard with a company that lets people steal from there customers and then they turn around and lie 2 everyone several diffirent times and ways I would have been fine with sony saying from the beging change your account numbers in stead of several days after the fact hereing on the nightly news that my info had been stole,and from the start saying this could take months to fix.. Just a though sony they have done stole our info turn the psn network back on what else could they take.

  64. legion says:

    i have an xbox360

    i blew the dust off it and turned it on this week.

    took 1 look at the gay ass avatars they provide you with , and was reminded why i dont use it.

    i want my ps3 home back.

  65. inZsnity says:

    @fanboy david
    Must have good dope over on your island, it was same price for 250GB xnox 360 as the 320GB PS3 except PS3 bundle came with 2 games, bluray movie & bluray remote, as for graphics, obviously you are running your PS3 on the RCA cables included not an HDMI because when both 360 & PS3 used with a GOOD HDMI cable to utilize full caacity of them there is no difference, be realistic, you making that statement is a joke, comparing RCA(480p) cable to RGB(720p) (colourstream) cable is like comparing RGB to a HDMI (1080p) do your homework, lol. As got 70 for bluray player, what is it, Insignia?Dynex? or some other junk brand or an early early display model you picked up from Fast Eddy’s, cheapest one in Canada right now is LG for 100, if you ever owned anything by LG you’ll know hy it’s cheap or will find out. I’m being realistic, optimize performance on both systems you’ll see for yourself. Before you rebuttle, game LAG is because of graphics settings in the game menu & your TV settings……

  66. Albert says:

    Because of this I realized my relationship was suffering. Now I think my girls pregnant, thanx alot playstation!

  67. Andres says:

    I built a paver patio in my back yard.

    I only play online (story games and single modes get boring quick!) so I really miss PSN.. I considered getting a XB360 but I keep telling myslef it would be a waste since I know Ill go right back to PS3 when its back online.

  68. JAMEEL says:

    SO is it bak today or what

  69. Clate says:

    Sony is doing everything it can. I cant wait for it to be back up though. Freaking hackers will get into anything if they want to bad enough. Watch out XBL >=) lol

  70. Jevez says:

    For the guy who said xbox owns ps3. Not even close. I give you the connection problem. Xbox has a LITTLE bit better connection. Not alot. Graphics wise. Xbox cant even come close to ps3. You’ve been playing way to much. Turn that xbox off go out and get some sun. Clean your eyes. Then recheck it. Lol. Check the difference on both consoles the game called folklore. Colorful game and smooth graphics. Ps3 won AGAIN on the match up. COD looks way better on xbox. Games are cheaper on xbox USED because os3 games is blu ray as xbox games gets scratch. Take your time sony. Been playing ball alot since its almist summer. Better secured than rushed and same sh*t happens again.

  71. Microdork Xbot 360 fan says:

    This hack could have happened to anyone! I am upset about the wait, who isn’t!! As for those of you who would like to go to microdork xbot, be my guest you disloyal pieces of shit!! Shut up and get the F#$K out of here!!! I am dissappointed about Sony with their lack of security with information and i am a sony supporter but this was ridiculous. They should have done all these things before the hack but they were over confident and now they will pay as a result of their incompentence. However, Sony is a repurtable company offering new innovations despite of what is going on now. Online gaming should be free and for all xbots out there how many times have you payed your now $60 live subscription… Common everyone, be realistic, bringing the surver up with the proper safe guards will take time…so sack up, shut up and wait…what else can you do. Im no tech expert but 70 million pple to get back online is no easy feat and having up and running right away would be asking too much of anyone. I would sue as well, but it takes too much time and money to do a lawsuit and you may end up paying more legal fees than getting what you deserve… Waiting patiently is a virtue which I see is very difficult for most of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Jevez says:

    Meant to say COD better in ps3. Lol

  73. Joseph says:

    Us black ops players are missing a double xp weekend!!!!! This really sucks.

  74. Clate says:

    I actually sold my 360 while this was going on (needed money for anniversary gift) I had if for about 4 months. ps3 is waaaaay better than the 360. The 360 collected dust the whole time. By far the worst 200$ I have ever spent. People who bought a 360 are going to regret it like h*** once psn is back up. That I can guarantee

  75. SonyLetUsDown says:

    Wow.. Of all the years I was a straight up hardcore Xbox360 Fan… Got switched to PS3 probably about a year ago.. I developed quite the addiction for the PS3 graphics and controllers. Ever since this “hacking” issue started, I have had time to reflect on how poorly their security really was.. But not just that. What REALLY got my attention was how much Sony doesn’t give a flying rats ass about how pissed their customers are.. They have gone at this attack completely the wrong way.. A little notification would have been nice.. Although shutting down the PSN was there only option, the fact that a lot of our private information was compromised is completely unacceptable. Never buying a PS3 again, also in future purchases Sony will not be a brand I immediately look for as of now.. Enjoy pissing off the world Sony! I am running some Xbox Live as we speak :D

  76. legion says:

    there is no better online game than ps3 home

    shooting people with light guns is not half as awsome as making people look stupid with chat war fare.

    and avatars make you look good while doing it.

  77. po_pimp69 says:

    This is all the fault of the hacker group called “annonymous” they are mad because the person who discovered the jail break of the ps3 was sued by sony and because sony took away some features that hackers use to steal shit. Game piracy and theft may not be the reason these hackers jail break their systems but it opens the doors to some illegal activity and while they may not be breaking laws the possibilities still exist. Annonymous has a couple videos on youtube stating what their demands are and basically say that they are standing up for our rights by attacking the corporations that supposedly screw over us consumers. The way i see it is im a grown man, if a company is not offering a service i like or a feature i like then i switch companies. It is very selfish for anyone connected with this group or helping this group to act against the psn knowing the people mainly affected is the consumers. yes you accomplished your goal of blocking service to psn and are costing them alot of money, but in the end youre onlly hurting the people that you initially set out to help. I am anti-annonymous i am sickened that these low life,self serving hacker scumbags shut down one of my favorite past times. It was bad enough you all hacked master card,visa,and pay pal affecting many but now youre messing with our video games too. You say youre not after our credit card numbers or are trying to affect us maliciously but no hacker is gonna take a risk this big or waste their time and talents on hacking a major network like psn if there is no pay off. Youre not fooling anyone “annonymous” you have to get funding from somewhere,plus we know youre capable of hurting the people with the facebook accounts you hacked and placed homosexual photos of people and ruined their lives and also used their email to infect everyone on their friend list with a virus that killed over 30 computers. Its a little much and i hope you all get caught and pay dearly for what youve done, and when you do get out of jail you should not be allowed to ever touch a computer again. But at the same time while “annonymous” are some serious hackers and this was no small or simple hack, Sony,with all the technology and programming expertise in your employment should have fixed this problem by now. I love ps3 its the best gaming system period so i will stay loyal but sony has deffenitely lost many customers behind this, and a month of free ps plus isnt gonna cut it. This is a tragedy anyway you look at it.

  78. Scott says:

    About to trade my ps3 for a x box 360 this is bull shit play station most of my game are online play only I just got the game MAG and I can’t play I got one more week til I get a x box out

  79. Jon says:

    I have been grinding gt5 non stop!!! :)

  80. Z says:

    Ok, all of you non-playstation plus users out there there who think you deserve money or compensation for this, you are idiots! Do you really think you need it? Alot of us pay for PS+ so we do deserve it, but the people who use the standard free PSN deserve nothing! And if you really want to switch to Xbox Live, have fun paying for the same standard networking you get on PSN. Do you honestly think Sony cares about your little empty threats?

  81. Riley says:

    the psn was not hacked that is just sonys cover up to make it look like a more secure network was neccessary. I believe there was really nothing wrong with psn it was probably perfectly secure, Sony just wanted to make a network that you gotta pay for cuz they know everyone will be stupid enough to pay for it. That’s just my opinion.

  82. Cizzam says:

    I’ve learned two new songs on the piano, and lost about 7 pounds I didnt even need to. I’ve cleaned my home from top to bottom, and I’ve caught up with a few friends. Certainly I’d like to be playing DCUO, but come on. We should look at the downtime as a gift. We’ve been thrust into the sunlight by Sony and this hidden hacker to live real lIfe once more. I’m actually getting tan lines. TAN LINES. I don’t see why everybody is flipping their jank over it. Go play outside, the ps3 doesnt have to become your entire life! Distribute your time more effectively. Seriously, don’t listen to the little lady from Poltergeist. Trust me in saying that this time, YOU MUST GO INTO THE LIIIGHT!!!!!

  83. inZsnity says:

    not because the servers being used by either competitor, if you want to really maximize your gaming performance I have posted other blogs on how 2. buy a wireless router says for HDvideo streaming & online gaming on box, set WEP or other security on router, replace CAT5E ethernet cables with CAT6 cables to both PC, and router also for direct line to console, keep your cables 4ft. in length or less(including phone line from wall jack to DSL, use an HDMI cord if you gave a high def tv, remember 1080p is high def 1080i equivalent to 720p, format your console to get rid of crap, save everything 1st, no different then doing a disc cleanup & defrag on a comp, get a USB powerd laptop, put it under your console, heat robs performance, keep console vented clean with compressed air, use a brushless bluray cleaning disc, regular cleaning dvd with brushes will mess up PS3/360 or bluray enabled comp or player, Maxell only one who makes it made just for PS3/Xbox/bluray, use the disc every 10 hr of use.

  84. jerry says:

    wow. i really had high hopes for psn to be on today. i guess ill have to wait another week. i hate x-box 360′s. they suck and u have to pay a membership fee to play it. im a little worried though that the psn will probably be hacked again and we will have to wait more longer. damn low life hackers got nothing better to do but to sit on their %^$ and drink mountain dew all day. i just cant wait to get back online agian. maybe it will be back on when the new maps come out and they will let us hav it for free. lol.

  85. Mikey says:

    Get urself a fat bag of amnesia haze a bong and a few games you have never played then complete them while your waiting for psn or play some outdoor sports go the gym or for a swim watch a few movies on youtube eat junk food and get laid, works for me.

  86. jerry says:

    hey its back on now. just checked into online. playing black ops as we speak. see ya. no more waiting.

  87. 13fox-army-101st airborne says:

    @michaell. I see you out there clowning other people about their grammer and spelling but yet you are worst than them all. Sounds and looks like you never made it to the 8th grade. Suck for you and most important sucks for you mom. I only said mom because from you improper english it seems like you don’t have a father(nor father figure). Get you life together bro and worry about yours

  88. Ben says:

    i, personally dont think we should make any more ideas for sony, 30 days of ps plus is alright but i just want psn back nothing more, no need for these things, who here agrees with me?

  89. euga says:

    For ppl who still don’t realize this netflix works and always worked
    netflix works and always worked
    netflix works and always worked
    netflix works and always worked
    netflix works and always worked

  90. jerry says:

    jamie, 360 is ganna get hacked after psn is situated. dont get ur hopes up. calm down. 360 is like the ps2 version, it sucks. hav fun paying 50 a month. with lots of love, jerry.

  91. jamie needs to calm down. she needs to get reported for language. im contacting the server on her butt. hav fun jamie.

  92. Santiago De la Puta Su Madre says:


    You Imbecile.. its $60 Dollars for Xbox Live …

  93. bob says:

    psn is back on. just wanna to tell u guys. thanks psn.

  94. jamie says:

    It might get hacked mate but at the moment am playing black ops and u aint. And if does i just go back to ps3 if psn is back up.. Il just keep switching between the 2. Dont care what machine am playing on as long as i can play online

  95. Suck it 360 says:

    Why the hell are you ps+ people complainting about not getting your service? You must be really broke if you can’t pay less then 20$ a month. Get jobs people and grow up! Ps3 should only be a spare time entertainment! Now go out & do something productive! By tomorrow you’ll have your online working!

  96. Jon says:

    Black ops sucks anyways lol it requires no skill

  97. Chris says:

    To those saying Netflix works. It does not work for everyone. Trust me. I have tried since the outage started. You are correct to a point. And clarify, it is working for some. Seems people who didn’t have to do the latest Netflix update are good. Those who had the update at the time of the outage, you cannot watch anything. You can only select something, but it will not play. It will just sit on the load screen. No matter if you sign in 1000x or hit circle instead.

    To expand, as I said, it works to an extent. You open Netflix, bypass the sign in two times, and then your on. You can view all the movies and shows available, but when you select a title, it will again try to make you sign in. If you bypass, sign in will continue to pop up and the movie loadup will only go to say 25%, and stop. If you try to sign in, it will just shut down Netflix. Just for those saying it works. It does, just not for everyone.

    Also, to those saying netflix should compensate us, unlike psn, Netflix is still usuable either through mail or your pc/laptop/smart device. So, yeah, no.

  98. Jeremy says:

    psn is not back on

  99. Trei says:

    Psn wont be back on until Sunday

  100. tyler16146 says:

    if its not on this week i might have 2 change 2 xbox:(

  101. tyler16146 says:

    i dont want 2 change 2 xbox………xbox sucks……….come on psn

  102. gabeasher says:

    xbox = garbage.

  103. R@PsT@ar says:

    psn……..come on psn

  104. adam says:

    hi ya weather or not psn back online i aint bothered least they r trying their best to keep us safe online and giving out free stuff when back on again till then play offline get trophies etc i used to be mad on ps3 since it down ive been doing more stuff like going outside etc so xbox should do same than sat on arss all day and complaning about ps its not ur console so dont complain

  105. mon3y$ says:

    dude……..psn needs 2 come back …………..i hope we get the new map pack for free

  106. griever195 says:

    would everyone plz stop ordering ppl around? Im on disability and all I have to do is play PS3…since psn has been down I havnt had much to do…but im not switching to xbox cuz I refuse to pay to play online and I think the PS3 is an overall better system…anyone recall 7 out of 10 xboxs havin red ring within 3 months of purchase? they had an issue and it was solved…just like how now sony has an issue and it will be solved…everyone just chill out…psn will be back to normal when sony is ready…im glad they r takin their time to make things right instead of temporarily patching everything…Im sure they r very unhappy at this situation cuz they r losin alot of money…so stop doggin and just be patient…it could be worse…

  107. Lacey says:

    I’ve been really upset about the games, but mostly I’m upset because we just moved and purchased Netflix to watch through our PS3. We do not have regular TV channels, or cable. I thinks it’s difficult to be in a new situation and not have anything to watch. I’m a little irritated, but at the same time I would rather have it fixed so it can’t happen again, or is better protected than to have it now with a high possibility of it going down again. Sony is not to blame and Netflix is obviously not to blame. It’s just one of those irritating things that just happens to affect a lot of people. Sorry if this sounds rude, but I think we all just need to suck it up, and be appreciative of the “welcome back” package that may be available after this mess is fixed.

  108. adam says:

    lol soz i want it back on asap jst saying xbox need to keep their business out as they got an xbox not a ps3

  109. lilfreakChicago says:

    You guys PSNetwork is back on!!! i just checked! thank you sony!!

  110. griever195 says:

    the 7 out of 10 xbox quote may not be accurate but u catch my drift…dont want to offend any xbox fans…I just dont like microsoft…

  111. g930sop says:

    psn is back now!!!………psn is still down!

  112. bigboyNYC says:

    Its official! PSN is back on!

  113. vendetta says:

    Me and my friends are suing Psn for there negligence, i suggest every Psn user do the same for all the lies and grief we all have experienced, because of there stupidity and lack of security, all of us have been effected by the hackers they aloud to infiltrate the network.. we are suing for 50 dollars for every day the network has been down… this shutdown could have been prevented by them, they chose to ignore it and now they WILL pay for it!!!

    P.s We hope all Psn users will join us, thank you

  114. sigh says:

    im going to change to xbox if psn aint working this week

  115. L.A.boyz says:

    Omg the network is back on!

  116. Cindy says:

    I agree with griever195…..and psn is NOT back on.

  117. superstar says:

    psn will be back in 1 month just heard

  118. lilfreakChicago says:

    YOu guys the PSNetwork is back online! i just checked. than you sony!

  119. Allen says:

    Lacey you can still watch Netflix during this PSN outage.

  120. adam says:

    lol i think and hope it be back on at weekend if not then iam fcked lol got the flu off work wishing it was on to kill on ops till get new game like infamous 2 and uncharted 3

  121. Miami-Kingz says:

    All u complaining while im playing black ops hahaha. the network is back idiots!!

  122. mac says:

    its not on people,it will take a while longer.maybe monday.

  123. pitbull614 says:

    Hey guess what everyone bigboyNYC is a lier and dumb.

  124. No life, Try hard, weekend warrior Courtney says:

    PSN IS BACK UP! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  125. Lacey says:

    You guys keep saying it’s back on, but it’s not for me. I’ve checked and it’s still down over here. Maybe it’s working for some people, and not others.

  126. bobbyyyyyyyyyy says:

    sooo im at work and have no way of checking if the PSN is up and running. can someone atleast say they’re 100% sure its back on?

  127. BroSkiie says:

    If its still down u guys are f@g5 for saying its back up..because thats not coool

  128. Atlanta's_finest says:

    Yo i just log in into my psn. it feels like im dreaming.

  129. kidIcarus719 says:

    liars it’s not on…get a life!!!

  130. BroSkiie says:

    still down and its friday

  131. z` says:

    umm no psn is not up. i just checked like 4 times its still under maintinence

  132. Spartacus says:


    1st of all,

    my apologies for any spelling mistakes but that comment says a lot about you.

    anyone who attacks someone else for their spelling in an applet in which no spell checkser exists has nothing of value what so ever to add to any discussion.

    2nd of all. every single effort SONY has and is making has been 100% undeniable AFTER THE FACT.

    The system was insecure to begin with…period.

    the Only people who are crying and at the same time saying hoiw terriffic SONY is are the little babys that mniss playing game online because that’s all they do.

    How anyone can blame anybody other than SONY defys every single ounce of logic in existence on this earth.

    as for exploring the world and having a life HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    i will rip into the right people, the ones that created this situation, that GREEDY MULTI BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION THAT HAS BEEN SCREWING US ALL SINCE DAY 1 WITH THEIR B.S.

    How blaming Sony for Sony’s mistakes in a Messaage Board that INVITED MY OPINION is “Harrassing” SONY is any cionmpletekly mentally retarded person’s guess, but you quite obviously are the one that doesn’t have a clue wtf you are talking about.

    Sony’s ONline servers have been shoddy AT BEST since day 1

    every single stat they have collected is suspect because their system does not ONCE AGAIN FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW…”DELIVER PACKETS OF DATA PROPERLY” or with any integrity whatsoever.

    you need to go look up that word…INTEGRITY…cause it’s obvious from your complete B.S> that you do not undesratnd it at all.

    you also need to go look up the record of your HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT. LMFAO

    now lets adress the rest of your nonsene.

    you calim that If “you are going to sit here and criticize Sony for their hard work then you should be better off playing a sh!tty American made Xbox.”


    LMFAO !!!

    you have proven once again just how many people are completely out of touch with reality in America.

    FACT: IN March & April their network was already hacked, and it took Sony over 1 month to even notice it.



    FACT: The security of thier Network was the responsibility of SONY to begin with and none else.

    FCAT: anything SONY does now to fix it propmptly is after the fact, yet it has now been over 3 weeks

    FACT: you realy are either dumb or you cannot read properly. Just because I didn’t think the online gaming servers have ever worked properly does not negate my right to critisize SONY for it…in

    FACT…IT’S exactly the opposite…when something doesn’t work properly you blame the people responsible for it…PERIOD!!!

    so… go on living in denial…put the blame on a 17 year old HACKER from California who even SONY couldn’t arghue properly against and had to settle out of court with.

    go on and support a company after they LOST A LAWSUITE declairing that they STOLE THE PATENT FOR THEIR OWEN CONTROLLER.



    When have you ever heard of any company that had been hacked having to call in HOIMELAND SECURITY to help them fix it?

    IN relatove terms this is quote sompley the single biggest screw up in the HISTORY OF THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY and whether I like their online service or prefer it to X-Box has 100% of NOTHING to do wiht any of it.

    GROW UP and more importanlty…learn how to read and how to get your facts straight.

  133. lilfreakChicago says:

    Guess who is playing black ops!?

  134. devilhhh says:

    Psn is not back on I’m in new york psn is. Down still

  135. Miami-Kingz says:

    For those who don’t know log in to your psn. its back!

  136. mac says:

    they did say this week and this week technically ends tomorrow saturday.i know they had promises before but at least there done building network and now testing if it least you know its a bigger network and now probably has more servers too.

  137. Rynestar43 says:

    PSN not back on in ireland yet any idea as to when it will be?

  138. MeatyTexasBoy says:

    network works now! finaly i can play mortal kombat

  139. Junior says:

    No itz not stop lien

  140. ???? says:

    can someone tell me why there is controversy as to psn being back up at the moment? ive the comments say that it is and it isnt and it isnt for me. Is it only working for some people?

  141. bootyjo2005 says:

    how is it on 4 ya

  142. Healer says:

    People saying they are gonna change to xbox are stupid… why waste another 300 bucks for a whole new system… plus 50-60 for a game….. and xbox live. I LOL in your general direction….

    maybe get out and get a job or get laid?

  143. Healer says:

    Psn is NOT on

  144. Chaesi says:

    Psn is not back on. Just checked.

  145. Spartacus says:

    bigboyNYC says:
    May 6, 2011 at 3:06 pm
    Its official! PSN is back on!

    where does AMERICA find people like these?


  146. someone says:

    If you here any dates when psn is going to be back on they are lies chances are because why would sony say that so they could get hacked agine… look what they said at the start ‘a day or 2′ we are now 2 weeks into it and look still down they just said that so ppl would stay with psn i bet

  147. Matt DCUO says:

    LOL all of this has been Interesting/frustrating for me. I noticed everyone who should essentially be on the same “side” fight and call eachother out over complete non-sense or petty differences on the PS forum….I’v seen people commit to corporate blind faith (come on!? seriously…it doesn’t even take BASIC investigative journalism to know thats just ASSININE). I’v even had the delight in seeing a few greedy little mongers try and sue Sony just because… Guys? we are all in the SAME BOAT 0_0! and from my previous experiances with stranded boats…working together instead of fighting or being blissfully ignorant HELPS. Anyone on this site, PS Forum…etc are there because they WANT THEIR PSN BACK JUST LIKE YOU…so if they are Trolling or just generally venting some steam, have a word with your fellow man…you would be surprised how well that works in comparison to “Trolling” back.

  148. nate says:

    psn is not back on

  149. chris says:

    If its up anywhere what states cause it did say it will be up at different times for different region servers meaning as california would be different than me in virginia so if any is seriously online what states ty for any answers I get

  150. Jose says:

    its not back on, but stop bein a real dick

  151. Michael says:

    For those who says its back on it is not back on. I keep checking every time and I see nothing so quite BSING because nobody want’s to here it only thing I wanna here is when it REALLY IS BACK ON. So in other words STFU FAKERS.

  152. sh0tz1891 says:

    Still down up in Canada on the Atlantic coast oh well… got a ton of trophies n stuff so I’m not complaining much

  153. PSNUser says:

    Hey Sony,

    Service Restored this week means NOW. It’s Friday. It’s bad enough that some third worlder will probably steal my personal identity, the least you could do is get your goddamn network secured and back up within two weeks. Sony has so much money, why don’t they try spending some instead of swimming in it.

  154. Jack says:

    It’s NOT up.
    Everyone exclaiming it is, is just trying to get attention or finds it really clever and fun to mess with people, because they lack any real encouragement and positive attention in real.

  155. jamie says:

    Its not on in england… Who ever said its on is a @#@# lol

  156. GOODEVIL46 says:

    If NY and chicago are back on why is’nt TX. back on.

  157. Omar in texas says:

    LOL….I thought the network was really on……cmon guys…I guess some regions are working and others are not…….Cmon Sony, how long can this take….a week or two I totally understood, but now its getting ridiculous….BUT IN THE END…WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?

  158. Jesus C. says:

    finally back up !!

  159. raul says:

    in northern va. PSN is still down…….

  160. amir says:

    Psn is not on in the uk. it wont b on 4 a while. might cum on 2morow. It cant b on 4 any1 at all cos the whole network in da wrld is dwn so they’re defo lyin. if u got proof tke a pic n email me it at then i’ll beleive u, im really desperate 2 play da new mortal kombat n black ops

  161. declacito says:

    Netflix is baaaack!!!! (‘: <3

  162. chris says:

    Patiently waiting

  163. Sam says:

    PSN is back up. Just checked. Been playing BO since 3:57. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. amir says:

    in bradford uk its stil dwn

  165. ben says:

    seriously, netflix is back?

  166. amir says:

    your very luky if ur online is wrkin nw den. i stil cant sign in 2 da sony website n it says dat theyr stil oflyn

  167. Matt DCUO says:

    For those capitalist neer-do-wells that INSIST on telling us to “get a job” or call us “cheap” or tell us to “grow up”:
    Have you even taken into consideration the reccession that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for over 30% of our population to find work? Have you ever had the HONOR of looking for work for over 9 months with no success? Before you “people” speak of money as such an easy commodity to recieve maybe you would like to do a little research on the matter….I get along with almost anyone but when you start discriminating people because they don’t have as much money as you…there should be special circle in hel waiting for your ass.

  168. mac man says:

    ok im in montreal and it isnt working.. if its working for u peeps where do u live WTF im tired of waiting i wanna play some cod black ops!!

  169. vendetta says:

    If sony doesnt allow my post you will sued as well, We have a right to post here as well as anyone else, We have posted our suit against psn every where for the discrimination against us from sony as well as psn because of your ignorance. we will post this on cnn as well!!!!

  170. amir says:

    sme here i wana play mk n black ops

  171. vendetta says:

    this just proves that we are right and you owe us all money for your screw up sony/psn!!!!!

  172. justin b says:

    its not on in batesville, IN, COME ON!!!!!!!! no one in this room is even worth a #$@# at black ops if you want me to show you how to play when it comes back on add me SeEk_FlAnKeD_YoU

  173. legion says:

    netflix sucks

    see movies in theatres with people who annoy you

    then you can yell at them and feal good

  174. Me says:

    Vendetta, you are a troll.

    PSN not up in Alberta.

  175. austin says:

    Up in the VA area yet ???

  176. naes says:

    hi there just had a read of other blogs little confused at the moment. I live in New Zealand and today is saturday 7th May and still no go but if they are restoring it in other countrys that will do me gives me a little conferdence in the psn shouldnt be to far away cheers

  177. Osama Bin Laden says:

    Man i wanna pwn some noobs in black ops with my ak 47

  178. rich the 3rd says:

    was hoping it would b on 2nite IM P****D OFF

  179. amir says:

    u shud giv every1 sum free map packs like black ops or u shud atleast giv every1 some money on our accounts 2 b fair

  180. mad says:

    This is bull Sony should of had psn up at least cuz online gaming has nothing to do with this

  181. pelle says:

    Playing xbox because they are online lol

  182. amir says:

    onlyn is not even bk on im gettin pisd of nw i really wana play since ive heard other people r bein able 2 play, it’s so not fair. if i fail my gcses im blamin da playstation 4 mesin me up. iv even mde every1 of my mates get a ps3 insted of shitbox 360.

  183. justin b says:

    who cares about the politics its a video game! If its not affecting you then stfu, im not gunu cry about it i just want to know when its gunu be back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. mac man says:

    why are people saying its back up??

  185. yeahbuddy says:

    Still down in Illinois…need my BO

  186. Anon swag says:

    two weeks and still no psn. Hell not even a word about it coming up after the last eta went bust (5\4\11) Screw this and u PS. just got the phone with gamestop headed to trade in this p.o.s. and get me a xbox. hell gotta start fresh wit B.O. but at least the network works.

  187. jeahwan says:

    Is it really back on in the us??? really come on yall

  188. jeahwan says:

    i need to get back online right NOW PLEASE I have been waiting for over 2 weeks

  189. vendetta says:

    Sony has block our post to tell psn users to fight for there right to sue psn /sony for there ignorance, For the security risk’s they brought to all of us, They deserve to pay us back for there lies, and grief they keep giving to us, We are suing for 50 dollars everyday the psn has been down and for the security risk’s they brought to us, when they had been warned about using an old network with no protection, they put us all at risk, our information is now with hackers, they might have our addresses, credit card info,First and last names, Thanks to psn and there great work we are all at risk to fraud and lives now that our information is no longer safe!!!

  190. whycry says:

    go outside

  191. guillermo says:

    when is the PSN going to be good so i can play online?????????????????????????? lol

  192. Jason says:

    well, i aint mad at sony i understand their issues, and i dont want this to happen again. im just bored as a mofo chillin for a long weekend, a full weekend and another long weekend (in canada)

  193. Marty fish says:

    all you stupid gamers who are so annoyed and impatient that you are willing to buy an Xbox because you cbf waiting a few weeks for online, i mean, seriously, buy an offline game like fallout 3 if you are so upset, just build a bridge and get over it. i’m 14, i make do with what i have

  194. fk hackers says:

    stupid hackers made psn go down now i got non to do

  195. suck it says:

    i heard its goin 2b 14/15 may wen u b able 2 play online

  196. Tony says:

    Switching to xbox because of this makes you a complete tool.

  197. G_FUNK says:

    If and when they are able to get the psn back online it wont happen all at once. Region by region is what i read how it will happen. who knows maybe the people that are claiming that they are online could be telling the truth but then again maybe not. as for myself i will be patient

  198. Anon says:

    This is anonymous, we will keep hacking playstation until they take off the patch and stop harassing us and other people for doing the jailbreak, this should be our right as owners to do what we want with our console.

  199. coatescity says:

    I tried to play solo zombies and the map five was blocked do ne 1 knw wf is going on with that

  200. nate says:

    i’ m from mississippi and it still down

  201. radicalroger says:

    Yeah psn. Has been down for a while, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been fine with playing offline. And for the people who have gone out and bought a 360 need to find a hobby.

  202. Johnny Drama says:

    What makes me angry is the hacker group that brought it down has no right in doing that..They are mad cause Sony is charging the guy that jail broke the PS3..Well I for one was happy when they did..I hated the fact it was jail broke..There was nothing but cheaters on every online lobby,,It was worse then this outage..I hope they all get caught and get their PC’s taking away for life..The world would be a better place without hackers.

  203. girl01 says:

    Playn Xbox escalation so when PS gets it I no where to go nd wut 2 do

  204. icanwaitforpsn says:

    I can wait but honestly who really would waste money on a 360..? Really

  205. uncas says:

    How about a free copy of the next COD….BO sucks anyway.

  206. SONY INC says:

    psn will be up and running at midnight
    thankyou all for your patients and support

  207. Chris says:

    Allan, I will say it again..NOT EVERYONE can watch Netflix via ps3. If people read what I had to say… Maybe I should just post under a female name. I’ll just repost my earlier post under the name Melissa or Stephanie. Maybe that will work. :)

  208. burnzumup says:

    i think that its psn or sony that hacked there own site. and they are taking there sweet time going over everyones bank acounts and credit card acounts. so they can say it was some other hackers that did it when it was there own hackers that did it. INSIDE JOB?

  209. thederdog says:

    This one is for Anon. F#@k u and your bulls#$t throughs on what ur rights are. You have taken the law into your own hands and have affected the globe and have denied the rights of masses. At one time I had sympathy for your cause. That has all changed for me and just about all my friends. We now see you as a threat , as Sony does. You say in your blogs that this being done, as to protect the rights of all who use this forum. I think you do it to make yourself feel empowered and above all. I hope that you and your fellow mate get what’s coming to ya, and get it right in your back side…………….deep and hard ! F@#k u very much !

  210. Satan says:

    Everyone. I will tell you this. You CAN watch netflix on your PS#. What you need to do is when it asks you to sign in go ahead and try and it will say that the PSN is undergoing maintenance, you will then press circle. It will prompt about 3 times before netflix connects. If you do that i can almost guarantee that it will work for all of you. I have been using it since the crash!! and no issues. :) To all of you that are super pissed off about it being down i understand your frustration but come on dont go wastin cash on a 360. Just be patient or go and play a sport or even go and watch some ofthe playoff games that are on. Basically geta life and get off of your asses!!

  211. nate says:

    psn will not be up at midnight

  212. Anon says:

    This is a message from your friends at Anonymous, PSN will be back soon enough. We were not trying to hurt the gamers, this would defeat the purpose of our attack. This attack was aimed directly at sony and this was the way we could get there attention. We apologize for the down time but we are just trying to enforce our right to free speech. We are also trying to get all the IP addresses back that Sony has of everyone that watched Geohots video on how to do the jailbreak. We are Anonymous. We are legion.

  213. armando says:

    will psn be back up may 6 2011

  214. Riley says:

    Wow, this update doesn’t really give any information rather than just pretending to keep us informed. I’m annoyed that the PSN is down, but I’m coping, and I’d just appreciate some information, Sony. This is kinda annoying what kind of tactic you’re using right now :(

  215. getafix says:

    I’m hoping PlayStation eradicates the aimbotting low life’s that couldn’t play an honest game to save them selves!! off the face of the earth !!!

  216. coop15 says:

    Gd dang Sony Hurry up

  217. bob says:

    to Anonymous guy, all hacker are losers who mess with other peoples lifes. they were losers who got picked on in highscool, and basically decided to be bullys to random innocent people. i think not of their dumb-founded ideas, but their want for control. hmm, mabey people like how it is.(I DO) but honestly i think hackers want this change no matter what the real outcome is good or bad. and happened to be bad. SO WHAT IF SONY RUBBED THE HACKING COMMUNITY WRONG, if they had real intelligence they would of not retaliated and would of got much sympathy(i.e. more support) but naw, they decided to alianate 100 million people from stress reliving games to show sony what their capable of(i.e. 100 million people hating them). hmm if Anonymous was playing chess well they just moved their queen to death. lolz

  218. blackmoudy says:

    well my personal opinion is that the psn will not turn on till 10 or 11 may hopfully…. other then that when we speek about a free member ship for psn for a month does that meen that its a global pack like iam from asia from the UAE does that meen i also can get this ???

  219. amir says:

    i feel like thrwnin my ps3 away nw cos i cant play onlyn, thats da whole poiny of havin a ps3 playin onlyn, ur startin 2 proper pis me of sony

  220. justin b says:

    Oh jeeeehhh thanks sony i got an official update for you guys, now for everyday it doesnt come back online we get another free day of PSN+. Wow cool i dont need it i just want to play F’n Black Ops but just wait guys thats not it, if you play DC universe online your gunu get a free wearable batman mask YYYYAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! I bet that one costed sony big since theres probly only five people that play that retarded game online. Everybody is callin people stupid for getting an xbox but i mean come on if that doesnt make you mad after reading it? A wearable mask?? Do they think every gamer is 5, cuz im 21 and i was disgusted when i read this let me know your thoughts on it guys.

  221. i had a bad stroke an playing on playstation network was the only thing i had i played with others an think playstation was out before x box an
    people new playstation was better i think somebody or people was mad
    an did tthis so people wouldn’t like playstation or sony thay play x box
    an not playstation

  222. Z says:

    @Anon Dude why are you posing as part of anonymous? Anonymous has already said that they are not responsible, so get a life & stop pretending to be part of something you are not.

  223. amir says:

    sony is takin so long to put the online bk on. i seriously cba waitin nw 4 dem, if dey dont put it on at he end of dis week i wont b plyin it until nxt month, sony can f of.

  224. jd says:

    This is getting to be a little out of hand. I will give them one more week. Then I am done. I will not spend another dollar on any ps3 products.

  225. you know says:

    Dear Mr. Anonymous SCREW YOU. You guys have a fake religion or whatever you call it and everybody hates you guys for hacking the playstation network. I dont really care what point you were trying to get across you have effected everyone who has a playstation. Mr. Anonymous you are indeed a whore homosexual. Good day!

  226. pissed says:

    so thats how it is…so when ever someones mad at someone i cant play my games. Iam pissed i just want psn back, its been 2 weeks and im anoyed.I paid $300 for a system for online not stupid single player. Thanks hackers

  227. amir says:

    If u livd near my area anymynous i wud kick da cr##p out u
    , u wudnt b getin bk of da floor.

  228. Syd says:

    I really don’t care who what or where I just want them to fix it…
    I also doubt Anonymous had anything to do with this hacking. Going up against Sony Corporation wouldn’t be in their best interest.

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