Sony Subpoenaed By New York Attorney General

Gamers are up in arms about the whole Playstation network down ordeal but Sony is not out of the woods when it comes to legal actions or popular opinion. While the country of Japan has undergone some serious disasters they are not getting a break from the New York Attorney General. Sony Computer Entertainment chairman Kaz Hirai submitted an 8 page document to the Congressional subcommittee on Manufacturing, Commerce, and Trade on the incident but apparently more information needs to be shared. The State of NY has questions for Sony.

playstation network hackedBloomberg reports that a subpoena was issued for Sony by NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over the SOE and PSN hacking incident. They are seeking information on the security breaches as well as information about how Sony dealt with the issue when it comes to the customers. Sony’s Patrick Seybold said, “We will review and respond to this request and will continue to work with law enforcement authorities as they investigate the criminal attack on our networks.”

That isn’t all of the trouble that Sony may be in though. This matter is also being investigated by the San Diego office of Federal Bureau of Investigation. There are three private security firms that Sony itself has hired to help with the investigation as well. What are your thoughts on this issue? Are you afraid that your information could be compromised?


  1. Aldito$ says:

    Please stop posting the same thing over and over again. Is annoying. so for the next post I just want to see the date, the PSN will be on….. Thank you.. Ps:WE don’t care about the hackers.

  2. PS3_lover says:

    To sony: we(loyal customers) are with you till the end of this crisis, I know it’s taking so long to get the PSN back up and running, but I’d rather have Sony take all the time in the world to do their thing to make the network more safe and secure than ever, that being said, anyone who is switching to an xbox during this time, all I have to say on the matter is: get a life losers, you won’t be missed, and enjoy wasting your money…

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