Playstation Network Down May 7

It is Saturday May 7 and the Playstation network down problem is still going on. 70 million users are still chomping at the bit wishing that the system would come back on. The last deadline that was given to us was that it would be up by the end of this week. Well it is the end of this week, will it be back?

playstation network down may 7The Playstation network down problem was caused by a group of hackers but people are not being patient. Netflix is working for some people but not for others. When the network comes back online it is supposed to be rolled out by regions. Since this is true there have been people faking that the network is back up in their area just to get a rise out of other users dealing with the Playstation network down problem.

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Because of the problems this has caused for people Sony is going to offer a “welcome back” package which will include a free month of playstation plus. Users are pretty much saying we don’t care about free stuff – we just want the network back! Along with this Playstation network down compensation Sony also plans to provide identity theft protection. As of right now they have only done this for the US and other countries will be able to get protection soon.


  1. skyler says:


  2. WE ARE LEGION says:


  3. WE ARE LEGION says:


  4. kingmills says:

    i jus want psn back sony keep lien jus like u tell somebody u gonna pay them bak and keep sayn it every day and dont do it…i been real pateint with this but im starting to get mad son yhas lied like 3 or 4 times already dat y they not goin give a timeframe and if they say thier “working 24 hours on this” im sure psn will b back by now so thats a lie i kno people are pullin out their hairs for psn

  5. kingmills says:

    i dont care about free playstation plus it dnt matter if psn still down!!!!!!!!! >_< we want psn nothing other plz

  6. kassem says:

    when is it coming back. we cant wait any longer. if not this week that the online comes back then when.

  7. pablo says:

    Just get it working kick hackers out and send us free psp’s my son needs one and we would all appreciate it

  8. ME_DAT_G says:

    i think dat sony are taking the piss cos thay say this is the dead line and thay can not meet

  9. XBOX???????? says:

    Forget free crap …. im so angry by this point im really thinking long and hard about dropping PSN and crossing over to the other side. I keep hearing we are going back up but nothing yet. If this isnt fixed by next week (Friday the latest)…… im gone. Hello XBOX. (AND I HATE XBOX … for now.)

  10. Jerry Rivera says:

    are you guys sure the PSN is gonna be back up by tody. Because from what i could see theres been a lot of people saying that is gonna be back up on sunday and diffent dates.! why can sony pick a true date of when is going back up.! i thing is good that there gonna give us a free month of playstation plus+.

  11. Nori says:

    You ppl hang onto every word. Sony never gave a specific time. They also use words like…we are trying or hopefully. Pay attention ppl.

  12. Patients says:

    Patients guys…. Be patient

  13. Jessica says:

    I love you ppl giving an exact time that PSN will be back up, how the hell do you know this?? Cause the ppl at SONY dont even have a time….. they STILL say it will be back the end of the week, but no time frame… call 1-800-345-SONY…..

  14. Chris says:

    Unfortunatly psn in my view not up any time soon :(

  15. virgil says:

    people are stupid if they buy a xbox. only cuz the ps3 is not online for right now. cuz xbox u gotta pay for online. but for ps3 u dont so everybody shut ta fuck and calm the fuck down its not like if u payed for gettin online. now if this happened to the xbox they deserve on gettin pissed. cuz they pay for their shit.

  16. Kindprince says:

    Guys just calm down and stop your jelly rolls from moving. Remember back during PS2 days and stop your crying.

  17. Infamous says:

    Tell me this isn’t retarded. (insert from pre-released article) “Another, whom the FTcalled Kayla said: “If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it..” Well to me personally this is rationally unexpectable. So I have no affiliation with the Hells Angels, but commited a crime and said I was a Hells Angel, does that make the crime I commited actually the responsibility of the Hells Angels? No it doesn’t. If it was that easy why wouldn’t everybody who commited a crime just say they are a member of an organized crime group to avoid responsibility. Of course this wouldn’t fly in court. This has turned into nothing less then a corporate/government smear campaign to fight the evil hackers, just like after 9/11 the war on terrorism. Really it’s war on any entity that cannot be regulated by the government, if we can’t monitor and or control you, what your doing is illegal. Guilty till proven innocent. “Land of the free, home of the brave” It should really be “Land of the watched, home of the fearful”

  18. Cody says:

    No I am getting sick of this as well. “2 days. This Week. Wednesday. Saturday. By the end of the week.” They need to stop saying anything to any press, not talk to anyone outside their own company. They are obviously not working overnight because if they were the network would have been up like 2 weeks ago. If you are honest it probably took the hackers a week of planning at most considering sony had no protection. And to rebuild a network? It doesn’t take a month if you’re working round the clock. Get Your Sh*t together Sony. I always supported them and anyone who switches to Xbox is just a baby, this has happened to Xbox live as well just cause it hasn’t happened in a long time doesn’t change that.
    Sony, I advise you actually do work around the clock to fix this and fix it by this week. Nobody wants you to be down for a month so everyone can start throwing those words around.
    I know a lot of people that would be extra mad and probably switch to Xbox if this wasn’t fixed by the time that there was a Double XP thing on COD, Tuesday by the way, and would probably flat out sell their playstations indefinitely if the map pack comes out before this is dealt with.
    Honestly just deal with this problem don’t try and blame it on anyone to stall for time you don’t need to draw immediate attention to things that you could draw attention to after fixing it.

  19. wants online says:

    like nori says they dnt giv a spcific date so dnt believe everything tht everybody says cuz it still might take some time yet to fix the problems so keep ur chin up and be patient it will be back up eventually.

  20. SOLERFLARE says:

    it will come back soon hopefully

  21. proteus says:

    The reason it is takeing so long is due to the fact that some people think its okay to have their credit card information online. I work in the industry. Nothing is truly protected. Online purchasing is a big risk. It is best to buy a credit card gift card with cash and use it for the purchases. Do not use anything that can be linked back to your account. If someone wants in they can get in.

  22. Mannyrulz says:

    I already hav psn+ and although my service time lost bein reambursed is nice and a free subscription unless they start rollin out free full ps3 games im gettin a little peeved its been 2 weeks and ive pretty much won every trophy for every game i can offline.i have my limits and ill be generous. Im givin em till june 3 wen escalation dlc for black ops is suppossed to come out if its not up by then id rather pay for xbox live than wait. They are losing users by the day. Time to speed it up sony the clocks ticking. Btw if my accounts f’d up because of hackers. In gonna smash something

  23. Sizzle says:

    switching over? what does this mean, if u buy a xbox ur not switching over ur just playin another gaming device like i play most games on the PC but when sony comes back i’ll still be usein both ps n pc so like i tell my friends this isn’t the end of the world , just relax and all will be fine again , once psn is up n running for a few weeks most ppl will forger it even went down .

  24. Blackjack Curtis Mathews says:

    i got hacked once and i COULDN’T “recover” i had to toss out the old and get a new one lol
    so if Sony can rebuild and protect better, then much luck to em- ill remain loyal to my product unless the hack makes the thing fuse into my body and dictate my actions then i guess ill be patient i didn’t really pour much into the system. but seriously no more useless announcements Sony dont add even more frustration to this mass-usiance. If u cant tell me when all will be up then dont keep prodding us with what we already know in fact they should do sumthing gangster like say nuthing get it fixed and then like 2-3 days later be like “oh yeah we got that stuff fixed” and strut off somewhere into the night like a super hero pimp

  25. ME_DAT_G says:

    sony hurry up plz

  26. Justin says:

    id say i have been really patient the past two weeks but now….. its just pissing me off.

  27. Bullock says:

    ^ exactly… Hey if your any good at zombies you should add me when psn gets back up. (kclover)

    PS: what is playstation plus??

  28. Bullock says:

    well if any of you guys are good at zombies add me cuz ima beast.

  29. Shagster26 says:

    Well its the day they said its back online…. Hrmm.. thats funny third time it was supposed to be on and its not?… shocked? I think not luckily for me Craigslist had someone wanting to trade an xbox 360 slim with over 200gigs for a ps3? Well I know what Im gonna be doing later..

  30. Anonymous says:

    Psn will be back on September 2011, be patient .

  31. SickOfTheLies says:

    It seems that Sony is into the blame game now and can justify all its incompetencies on third party hactivist groups such as Anonymous. Sony is taking this time opportunity, at players expense, to stregthen its’ network security – as it should have been doing since day one. The company is also delaiying the timeline of PSN network coming back on by tring to make players shed a tear based on this “poor me” perspective.

    Reading other blogs this morning, I can tell you that gamers are not buying into Sony’s whining. Sony shares just as much responsibility, if not more, in this data breach. Who’s outdated and crumbling infrastucture allowed this to happen in the first place?

  32. ps3 is good says:

    we are legion if that is the ANONYMOUS THE GET OUT OF HERE U AND REPORT URSELF

  33. the great one says:

    why can they just be straight up and let the public know when its coming back up for sure i mean they are a multi billion company.. they should at least know when its coming back up … i hope there not saying all this to keep the psn users from switching to xbox

  34. John Lalley says:

    Netflix can work for everyone I believe, when you sign onto netflix still try to sign onto your psn account and when it fails just try a second time, it will keep failing to log in but netflix will still load up.

  35. deadbodyman says:

    If Sony took the time to actually figure out when the network will be back up that they spent Creating all of these press releases telling people dates for PSN to be back up that have come and passed Maybe we would have a correct date for psn to come back up. Sony is so busy playing damage control that they don’t even realize that giving all of these dates is making people even more pissed off………..its like they think to themselves hey if we just tell them it will be on by the 4th or by the end of the week they’ll stop bitchin, but the problem is all of the dates they have told people have come and passed and its making people even more frustrated. Sony by my humble opinion at this point should keep their head down fix things and not say anything about a date or expend any resources on damage control until they get the damn network FIXED. What they are doing now isn’t helping their cause anyways just making people more pissed off sooooo……in closing ……..SONY STFU AND GET THE NETWORK FIXED THEN GO AHEAD W/ ALL THE DAMAGE CONTROL AND SPIN U WANT JUST QUIT PLAYING W/ PEOPLES EMOTIONS…….

  36. DoDoBiRd says:

    Im switching to xbox where i first started at least i’ll be online every follow me on xbox live in black ops

  37. A guy says:

    I think the question for some of the newer people like me is: What about people who were trying to join, but couldn’t because of the downed network? We want a reward for patience as well.

  38. Mike says:

    Wow. A free week of PSN+ ? How kind of you Sony.

    I have a better idea. Give each and everyone one free download of a game upto a max of $50.

    ‘Cause I couldn’t give a shiat about PSN+.

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