Trade In Your PS3 And Get New PS3 $200 Off

Haven’t gotten around to getting rid of your old “phat” PS3 system? You may just get a chance! When you purchase a new PS3 system Gamestop is currently offering $200 off when you trade in your old PS3. You have to have a model that is 40GB or up though. This deal is pretty sweet but there is a catch.

sony playstation 3 slimWhat is the catch? The offer is only valid in Canada. If you are in Canada and can get a Gamstop store you can trade in your ps3 for $200 bucks towards the purchase of a new PS3 system. Take a look at the kinds of bundles they are offering. You could get a Killzone 3 limited edition bundle that comes with comes with a $59.99 game and a 160 gig PS3 for only $99.99 (excluding taxes).

I have a feeling that many Canadian gamers are going to be cashing into this deal. This deal is only being offered until May 14 so if you want it you have to get a move on it. Will you be cashing in on this deal? Do you already have the new PS3?


  1. Listen here says:

    the “phat” ps3 system was better, it could play ps2 games

  2. david says:

    so really your paying a hundred bucks for a game and some extra storage,and trading in the ps2 feat

  3. Miller_x says:

    How bout I keep my phat ps3 and buy a bigger hard drive for $75. The phat ps3 is better quality anyway

  4. sadman says:

    only in canada… was getting my hopes up :(

  5. Tommy says:

    If I had the backwards compatible one I would’nt do it. But if i just had one of the reg fats, I ‘d be on it. Get a 1 year warranty again, and a new game.

  6. James says:

    I did this back when they first offered it.
    I got rid of my 80GB PS3, backwards compatible, with the SD card slot and everything, and I don’t look back on it at all. 2 of the ports were broken, and it had been freezing up a lot beforehand, so I got a new system for $50 at the time.
    Also, if you want backwards compatibility, you can buy a PS2 for like $50 now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We are Anonymous we are douche bags.

  8. ovi says:

    i did it paid 112$ for the new one
    im happy with it i had my old one for 2 years and no warranty and we all know they start breaking after 2-3 years

  9. Lostmyphat says:

    My Phat original started locking up and had tons of screen artifacts on the games, all new games would freeze in about 15 minutes. PS2 games play fine, but bought new PS3 at Gamestop and got 320 gig drive and PS Move. It’s running like a champ, so may be worth the trade in.

  10. terry says:

    Or trade your ps3 for xbox 360 of only $29.00 difference and I now am playing on live for a year for free….

  11. Jake says:

    This deal is a huge rip-off. The old backward-compatible systems are worth much more than $200.00. Why else would Gamestop be so eager to get ahold of them? Last I checked back around Christmas, my 60 GB model was selling for over $400 used on ebay. It may not be anymore but there will always be someone willing to pay more for a limited model in good condition. And if you’re worried about the warranty being expired, Sony will fix the system anyways. It just costs about $170.00 after shipping. For the older models, it’s a great deal. Also, they are better systems than the new ones. The only drawback i the smaller hard drives, which is really no big deal since you can store anything you cannot re-download on any portable hard drive or memory stick. My old 60 GB has a much stronger WiFi signal than my friend’s new 320, which is in the same room. It freezes less and loads things quicker. Overall, the hardware seems to be of much higher quality in my old system. Last, the backplay feature is great. I have a ps2 but it is much easier to be able to save everything to one console than it is to try to keep track of 50 memory cards with limited space, and it is nice to have a less-cluttered entertainment system. This supposed deal is a huge scam.

  12. fuck you sony says:

    Fact is the old fatter ps3 are louder they run at higher tempertures and consume about twice as much electricity as the slim

  13. JaY says:

    I would consider this, if I lived in Canada, and I DO have a Fully backwards compatible 60GB phat system. Why, you may ask? Hmmm.. Maybe because I’m on my 3rd system from Sony. Sure the original lasted a long time, but then after shelling out the $170 to get a refurbished one in place of my bricked system, the refurbished one also bricked… 10 DAYS AFTER THE 90 DAY WARRANTY. So, out goes ANOTHER $170… Do the math here… NEW 60GB PS3 when I got it… $450. TWO refurbished units from Sony… $340. $790 on my glorified Blu-ray player. I also have a 360, WHICH I BOUGHT AT LAUNCH, and it STILL runs fine, and I use it more than the PS3. Now that I think about it, maybe I wouldn’t do this lol I should just sell it and not have to worry about it anymore.. Anyone wanna buy a PS3? =P

  14. Dan says:

    I have the original 20 gig system. I know it doesn’t qualify for the trade in but I would never do it. My system runs just as good as it did when I first purchased it. Don’t be sucked in people…they are looking to cash in on you.

  15. Jesse says:

    Given the spotty track record for older ps3 equipment, I would say that you are definitely gambling by keeping the phat. I myself just came off a freshly factory refurbished phat that lasted me 87 days. Just within the 90 day warranty so my unit will be going back. Sadly though, this leaves me with a dilemma. Sell the replacement to try and recoup the initial $149 I dumped into the refurb, Or take my chances that Sony will get the repair right this time. Research on my part showed that problems with Sony refurbed phats not at all isolated. The playstation community forums contained quite a few posts from less than happy customers, some of whom claimed multiple failures of refurbed units. The unsettling part is that Sony does not communicate to you what has been replaced or anything so what you are getting back is a mystery. Given the massive amount of money we all know Sony lost on the front end of this generations console, would it really be a surprise to see them trying to make some of it up on the back end with repair scams. Might be the reason someone is so anxious to get your old phat. They need parts to stuff in this refurb market they’re working.

  16. Greenfox says:

    @ Jesse “The playstation community forums contained quite a few posts from less than happy customers, some of whom claimed multiple failures of refurbed units.” Of course forums show complaints. It’s just like with anything else. Satisfied customers have no need to visit such forums. I work in retail and my managers are always saying we aren’t getting enough call-in’s about our great service…..Well Duh….95% of People only voice their opinion when they are upset/ want to complain about something. Why waste your time to call in or post on the internet that the service was as good as it was supposed to be??

  17. Jesse says:

    Just trying to post some relevant info I thought might help people contemplating what to do with old phat systems. Thought it important to note the track record I had personally seen in my refurb experience. Which was a mystery box that broke again after less than 90 days. My advice, when a manufacturer wont extend your warranty to at least a year on a repair, there’s obviously a reason.

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