Kentucky Derby Post Time

The hours leading up to the Kentucky Derby post time are always extremely exciting. The anticipation keeps building and building up until that magical moment when the horses rush out of the gates. Then it’s a crazy two minutes filled with eager watching, screaming and rooting, and then it’s all over and it’s time to either celebrate your winnings and predictions or ponder your bad luck and wait until next year.

Kentucky Derby Post Time

For 2011, the Kentucky Derby post time is going to be at 6:24 pm eastern. That’s a bit later than it has been in some of the recent years, when it has gone off at about 6 pm. Assuming you’re watching the race on television, it will be broadcast as usual on NBC. The NBC telecast will get going at 5 pm, which gives you a few hours of preshow talk and hype, as you get to know the horses, the trainers, the jockeys and the owners while surveying the scene.

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What Time Is The Kentucky Derby 2011?

Of course, you can start tuning in much earlier than a few minutes before the Kentucky Derby post time if you want to really build yourself up all day. For example, ESPN will have their own pre-race show as usual starting in the late morning or early afternoon. So you can sit back and watch this stuff all day if you wanted to.

Make sure you jot it down, place a reminder on your Blackberry or do anything else, the Kentucky Derby post time this year is at 6:24 pm. You don’t want to miss it, because being just two minutes late means you missed the entire race, and the only thing worse than not picking the winning horse is placing down your bets and then not getting to see the race!

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