Playstation Network Problems

Gamers are all over the world are dealing with Playstation network problems. This problem has been plaguing users for over 2 weeks now. Loyal Sony customers are concerned but patient and others are in an uproar and very demanding. Sony says they are working around the clock to provide a solution.

playstation network problemsSony has come under the microscope because of these Playstation network problems. Some people do not think that they have dealt with the problem correctly because they did not tell users right away that their credit card information could have been stolen. There are over 70 million accounts on the PSN and this means a lot of potential targets for hackers. After the Playstation network problems rolled on for a couple of days Sony finally revealed that user information including credit cards could have been compromised.

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Now Sony has said that they believe they will have the network up the end of the week. The end of the week is pretty much here and users are still waiting for their favorite games to come back online. Sony is offering free identity theft coverage as well as a “welcome back package” to users. What are your thoughts on the Playstation network problems?


  1. bignasty says:

    this is BS!! im gonna buy a xbox if it aint up by wednesday. im tired of being lied to by sony thats immature as hell pick a date and stick with it liars!!!! this stuff is pathetic!

  2. Chase says:

    They just keep lying, they think they will keep there customers no matter what. It’s not cool, I’m starting to forget why I liked my ps3.

  3. adam says:

    just take your time and make sure you do your best to solve the problem this problem i can do other things while waitin. perhaps people thats desperate to play online could get something else to do in the mean time perhaps some unfinnished work or put a basketball in your hands or maybe a football.
    hope you guys get it sorted, good luck.

  4. Deitsab says:

    Don’t be so hard on Sony, they’ve provided an excellent so far with charging for online ( unlike 360 ), give them a chance to fix the problem. It’s not their fault they were targeted by hackers, so you might aswell just be patient and wait for them to bring it back online.

  5. Dek-_raM_- says:

    Total Pr nightmare and they are losing mone hand over fist for years to come, because when these kids that are 10-20 now get old enough to buy TVs they will choose a samsung or other company. This will run into 10′s of billions at this rate of current and future profit. Just because they didnt have a mutlimillion dollar back-up plan. Typical Japanese tho saving face now instead of pissing you off just so they can piss you off more later.

    Trust me i know ive worked with them and the Chinese and this is just typical. All you americans working for far east companies you know what im talking about.

  6. goon says:

    I think if sony keep their word on a date people wouldnt b so pissed. I jus beat my meat whn i cant get online but thts startn to get old.

  7. sony worker says:

    just start working out in ur house maybe outside perhaps cut the grass i work for playstation network thats all hackers are no good pices of crap no lives.

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