Kentucky Derby Hats

Sure, there are plenty of people that are excited to see the horses at the Kentucky Derby 2011. There are some other things that are sure to get comers to this event excited. That would be the fashion at this event. Kentucky Derby hats are one of the most looked forward to things that you can see when you come to the derby.

kentucky derby hatsThe Kentucky Derby hats are part of the traditions that ARE the derby. When people come to this event they are looking to bet but they are also looking to see what others are wearing. There are “normal” every day people at these events but you may also see celebrities if you know where to look. Many of these celebrities are going to be sporting some pretty amazing Kentucky Derby hats.

There are even companies that will custom make your hat for you so that your outfit can match perfectly. I have seen some Kentucky Derby hats with flowers, shrubs and even a horse head. There are literally thousands of hats to look at and through when you get to the derby. Men and women both get in on the fun.

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