Internet Kissing Machine

Okay, I had to take a double look whenever I saw that the Japanese had invested an internet kissing machine. What in the world could this possibly mean. It’s pretty obvious that it has to do with kissing and the internet but how does this work and what does it do. Supposedly this machine is going to allow you to “french kiss” someone over the internet.

internet kissing machineThis internet kissing machine seems to be pretty interesting to people that want to have long distances internet relationships. Apparently if you and your lover are far away you each get one of these devices and it will seem as if you are “french kissing”. This is a pretty funny concept to me and there is even an video.

The video shows a Japanese developer demonstrating how you use your tongue to stimulate the stick to make the other stick that would be in the other person’s mouth to make it feel like kissing. I couldn’t help but hope that people really do not kiss the way this guy was demonstrating in the video. If you want to see the video you can go to this link: Internet Kissing Machine . What are your thoughts?

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