Playstation Network Down: May 7 Update

Yes, today is yet another Saturday without your favorite games such as Black Ops and Mortal Kombat, at least for online play that is. Some people are still playing the games offline but most are just looking for some information about when the Playstation network down problem is going to be resolved. According to reports from Sony the problem may be more extensive than it had believed before. This means that the deadline is being pushed back even further with no real information about when psn will be back up.

playstation network down may 7 updateThe Playstation network down problem has cost Sony at least $2 billion dollars. The hacking group Anonymous is believed to be behind these playstation network problems. At first the group denied responsibility but Sony is pointing the finger their way. The heat is really getting turned up on Sony to get the system back online for the consumers and this leads them to considering offering a reward for finding the hackers that were responsible for this outage of the network.

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Right now there is no set reward amount but Sony is running the numbers to figure out what an attractive amount would be without breaking the bank. Right now security is first and foremost when it comes to the Playstation network down problem. Saturday Reuters reported that Sony removed 2,500 names and addresses of sweepstakes contestants from the internet after this data had been stolen by cyber hackers and posted on a website. This information was from back in 2001. This goes to show that many times your information is not as truly safe online as you may believe.


  1. Jimmer1969 says:

    Do you no they have tax revieu on may 26 so after that maybe

  2. Jimmer1969 says:

    So you no no psn till after the 26

  3. psn lolity says:

    ill give them another week to fix it before i give up

  4. El come culo!!!! says:

    Este problema ha ocasionado q yo me meara encima de mi ps3.

  5. Who do I call about the people behind the PSN problems? Because I know who is responsible for the PSN outage. There’s only one entity responsible for leaving my identity unprotected and vulnerable to hackers. Spoiler alert, its Sony. Where’s my reward?

  6. justin b says:

    Oh jeeeehhh thanks sony i got an official update for you guys, now for everyday it doesnt come back online we get another free day of PSN+. Wow cool i dont need it i just want to play F’n Black Ops but just wait guys thats not it, if you play DC universe online your gunu get a free wearable batman mask YYYYAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! I bet that one costed sony big since theres probly only five people that play that retarded game online. Everybody is callin people stupid for getting an xbox but i mean come on if that doesnt make you mad after reading it? A wearable mask?? Do they think every gamer is 5, cuz im 21 and i was disgusted when i read this let me know your thoughts on it guys.

  7. johnyboy says:

    this is starting to get really pissy.

  8. Miller_x says:

    just chill y’all. Play some single player Red Dead Redemption and go get LA Noir on the 17th. Those types of games are better single player anyway

  9. TheConvert says:

    Wait till June for a couple crappy free games? no thanks. Saturdays my only day off and im gonna have my fun , Xbox here i come. :) NO REGRETS

  10. Aldito$ says:

    These is crazy I’m tired of this. Don’t post again until you Jessica have the exact date of which the PSN is coming back on please….

  11. Mikey says:

    This is an official joke, pull your finger out sony this is taking the piss, now do your job

  12. ima buy a xbox says:

    Well I didn’t want to do it but playstation left me with no choice ….I’m buying a xbox . Playstation is wacky big time

  13. ME_DAT_G says:


  14. BEACHED_AZ_MAORI says:

    they say (sony) is trying to put a reward out if they help catch the one’s who are responsible……..
    sony you guys NEED 2 take your heads out of your ass and stop blaming every other smuck out there…
    it was your fault from the beginning…..Allowing hackers to side step your security system (which you say is the best which is not.) with ease without you’s noticing AND NOW peoples acc, email add, credit cards, etc, have been STOLEN……. SO THEY HAD TO SHUT PSN DOWN 26/4/2011 it is 08/5/2011 and still we havent been told nothing on whats happening with psn……. SHAME ON YOU SONY SHAME ON YOU… i dont blame people jumping ships to shitbox360 thats how much peps are missing the online life…. all it is at the end of the day is about competition consoles vs console’s ps3 console is down for online and the shitbox console’s rating’s, and members are increasing higher everyday…….
    YEA BOY 1 VS 1z

  15. saygoodnite13 says:

    With a name like “SONY” u would think they would have thought about this before putting out the ps3. Congrats lead designer or project manager!! Cant wait for a year or two before u come out with ps4 and charge us another $300-400.

  16. Name says:

    man i just want to kno wen PSN will be back on i tried 2 get on in april wen it got hacked the first time ive waited almost a month…maybee even longer i dnt car bout the PS3 iwanna get on my psp i just sum1 to let me kno if theyve heard anything new!

    May 7/2011

  17. ps3 says:

    This is not right sony lies to everyone saying that the psn will be up and then all of something bad news the next so bs its been going on for 3 weeks and now im thinking on buying a xbox360 also i friend had broke his ps3 because of this outage mess so more ppl are getting piss about this now its going almost 4weeks sigh…

  18. That dude says:

    Ok I don’t care if you’re pro anonymous or anti anonymous you have to admit one thing: They always admit they did it. They want the publicity. There’s no way that did it and denied doing it, that’s not there style. They admit to playing a part in Lybia and Egypt’s revolutions, ffs. Sony should just admit there wrong and that psn and soe security sucks. They’re really should be trying to find those people who stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from psn using the custom firmware hack.

  19. Mitchell says:

    Well… I’ve given up. Gonna go trade in my system. I feel I’ve waited long enough.

  20. Sagsy says:

    Ok, im not the kind of person who is complaining because i always play online, but i have played singleplayer/offline games for ages now, and it’s getting a bit boring. Seriously Sony, hurry the hell up!

  21. Cod Player says:

    AAHHH I cant go another day without PSN. I’m daydreaming in school about MW2!!!!

  22. master says:

    @ justin b
    Why do you call a game retarded just because you dont play it? Dc universe online is a great game for the ps3. On the other hand black ops is the same game as MW2, so i think that is stupid paying $120 for same game and some new features and add-ons

    BTW there are more than 5 people on dc universe even with 8 servers there alot of people playing
    . Now they are going to merge the servers into 1 server per region. I think that you cant affort the $15 monthly and that is why you call it retarded


  24. The hell is with these a-holes? Goddamnit, it has been WEEKS since the hacking has occured, and Sony only grudginly lets out tiny tidbits of information on what has actually been happening. For God sakes, they only admitted to the hacking incident days after it had occured! And now, these guys can’t even get a simple time-table for when we can expect the network to come back online. Honestly, I’m starting to have enough of this bullshit. Even if the service is free, the playstation network is also part of the playstation 3 system that we bought, and it is expected to be available on a consistent basis to us consumers. Sony has failed in this regard, in its protection of the consumers information that has no doubt been hacked, and how it willingly chooses to leave said consumers in the dark when it is our financial safety that has been compromised. Honestly Sony, your reaction to this crises can only be described as just pathetic.

  25. Chris Ezell says:


  26. char says:

    I’m past the point in believing in ANYthing Sony says anymore. It’s just b*llshit after b*llshit.

  27. fed up says:

    It would be one thing to address this situation and tell people that findings are inconclusive and the whole situation will take a while to pick a part and piece back together, so unfortunately gamers should not look forward to being back up and running for a least a few weeks. But instead its NO info or broken promises! Come on sony get it together before you lose your loyal fans!!!

  28. william says:

    i hate psn man i called at a friday and they said it will come bak until 2 days and look like weeks and months already past but i heard at japapn it came bak }:)

  29. jonjigoncalves says:

    F*** playstation ……Go XBOX

  30. B2theS says:

    Well SONY it looks like your losing customers left and right. You dont seem too be to worried about that obviously. Im done with this. And i hate XBOX, but im gettin one now. This is redonkeyless!

  31. Mike says:

    XBOX should give us an offer, $200.00 for your old PS3 if you buy a new XBOX !

  32. AngryBaseballFan says:

    For someone who purchased a $120 subscription to because of the Playstation viewing option, I am wondering where my compensation will be? Like Netflix, this does not even require their servers and I can’t see my team simply because of the PSN logon. To all of you who are giving Sony thanks and patience…Shame on You! To be crippled in this manner for over two weeks is inexcusable by itself. To compromise our personal and credit card info is criminal. If you are on this and other forums telling people to “chill” and “relax” then you are likely a smoking too much herb and have lost your motivation to rightfully and rigorously protest such a profound debacle.

  33. Locknload says:

    Well Sony I’ve been with you guys from generation one and now its time to jump ship because you are careless and thoughtless. I care because my daughter plays Little Big Planet 2 and buys 20 to 50 dollars of downloaded content from you as well as I do. You had billions of dollars and failed to update you software thinking your customers would always be there for you. UMMM wrong. I have 2 ps3′s and I’m going to XBOX 360. Enough is enough. I hope you get sued and lose everything.Sony your name is mud in my book.

  34. Rudy says:

    Sony Is The Best!!! I will never sell my PS3 I will always stick with Sony no matter what happens. People go head sell your ps3′s go buy dat piece of crap box60, but all i gotta say is if you do dat your gonna be missing out on the New and Improved Psn!! When Psn Comes bak online I have a COD BO clan called Nv~ if anyone would like to challenge us or join add TVW-LeGiT_KiLLaH!! By the way Nv~ clan is Sony for life!!!!!!

  35. Ultimo25 says:

    I think im gonna hack xbox just to show u how easy it is

  36. island_cruzer says:

    sony !!! you are loseing customers … enought talking about the Anonymous, or you dont have the evidents about who stole billions of credit .. WE JUST WANT THE PSN back .. you guys can keep your offer , just bring it back online .. your lloseing hundrets of customers every week . PLEASE !! we dont wanna let you down.

  37. Clate says:

    @ AngryBaseballFan

    People need to realize that hackers will get into anything they want to. You think when your called off on jury duty the Gov pays you for your lost wages? NO! They give you a tiny check just to say they gave you something. Stop acting like Sony is at fault. All this happened because Sony was trying to help their developers and end hacking. Sony actually cares about its customers and its developers.

  38. Clate says:

    @ Locknload

    have fun paying for a terrible system and paying for online. Seriously can all you people not go 2 weeks without online? Its sad….

  39. Gary Chapman says:

    so how hard is it drop all the credit cards of sony network and go to pre paid cards buy them at the store bam. Stop the crap and bring the network back up please. And as far as security u cant make everything secure no way no how. To many people have aces , If I have my mind set on hurting some one unless you lock me up and throw away the key their going down end of story. Same with hackers they will do what they intend to do this fact has been proven time and time again. Robin Hood, Joan Of Ark, Pirates of old and new. Terrorist same thing really if you think about it anytime the invisible jerk pops out of the crowd and does damage to the rest of the world basically any time to many people have access to something one person wants to screw it up it will happen. So Make it where your costumers can buy the cards for games points in store and use them as they go put money on these cards and bam. Or u can keep fighting the hackers make it the retailers problem so if some one steals the cards they get caught on camera. Im not a well educated man but I know how to deal with criminals catch them expose them or make it way more difficult for them to steal from you its that easy.

  40. Gary Chapman says:

    Half way considering getting a nintendo wii just because of metroid title and zelda not really into the online games ive bought games online cant do that thanks to this crap wounder what my slim is going for bet not much right now.

  41. kenneth sikes says:

    its time to !#$%% or get off the pot sonys hands are tied until congress and the fbi have concluded their investigation sony cant do jack dont believe everything you hear much less when it comes to our illustrious incompetent congress

  42. lewis collins says:

    hello do you rember the old ps2 ? every one really enjoyed that with out online, sitting there not worrying about trophies and other stuff I mean of course I want psn online as much a the next guy we just have to let sony sort it out ….besides getting rid of your ps3 for an shit box 360 then you have to buy the games again just give it time . It sounds like psn is all you have lol you have to go out side a little don’t spend all day winging about it you must have some ind of life left im sure sony has engough to worry about let alone your crap what you keep feeding we are on psn for a good gaming time when somthing like this does go wrong it horriable but then sony will just come back with better things to help them i speak on half of the psn people as i am 13 yr old and getting on with out just don’t give up hope it will get worse befoe it gets better thank yo

  43. Trent Fredrick says:

    well if we cant go back up until the people are found..and it was anonymous…how are they goin to find them? What if they never find them? Im with PS3 all the way and dont plan on wasting the money i dont have for internet on a crapbox3shity when i already pay for internet.
    Thank You Sony for your free service!! :3

  44. Zirck says:

    All you kids complaining about how long the outage is going on truely have no life. I can’t believe you people complaining can’t go out and play football or do something productive with your lifes? And as for you kids saying that you are going to sell your PS3 and buy an xbox, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say NO ONE CARES. Do what you need to do but just remember not being able to wait to play online only makes you a lowlife. Have a nice day to slthose who can actually wait. And keep up the work Sony.

  45. sony worker says:

    kids dat think it wont be back online it will soon my boss patrick in playstation network he says that playstation network they are testing thir new severs out after that it be back thacks

  46. kellie wilder says:

    there should be like buttons for these comments…agree with many of them. I’m not even a gamer but can’t even get into music site, photo site, nada, nothing….I”m sick of it already.

  47. Spencer says:

    Wow- Some of you are really clueless! Sony could bring the network back tomorrow and we would all start over with new screen names but there so hung up on retaining what has failed that we are at a loss…. It’s all about the money!! I hate xbox but when you pay for service you get service not excuses… Getting a new 360 this week. F#%K @*O Playstation rich bastards who are lossing billions… Boo Hoo!! I may still have my playstaion as an over priced blu ray player but you won’t see me buying titles anymore… SAMVA

  48. Spencer says:

    Also ~ Just heard May 31st as the date for new launch… Well that does it for me… Sexbox here i come.

  49. gecko says:

    sony look if you don’t bring the psn back you will lose everything people will move to the xbox and nobody will want to buy a ps3 again and that will be the end of ps3 1 million people sold their ps3 and if you don’t bring it back for another week pretty sure its the end

  50. gecko says:

    please bring it back as soon as possible sony we have faith in you maybe in may,14,11

  51. Troll307 says:

    I understand that everything takes time but are you serious. This is absolutely ridiculous. Yeah a free month of PSN Plus….who cares. Give us some free new releases. What you give your customers will determine if they stay or jump to Microsoft. Not only that, but my Netflix has not worked since the outage. Is Sony going to pay for my membership fees? Sony get your act together, get PSN back up, and do it now.

  52. fearless-jester says:

    2 words for Sony……………………….. SUCK IT…… not everybody has got the cash to go out and buy a new console but if i did id b rolling in XBOXES right the f#$k now (SONY=LIES)

  53. David says:

    Well Sony I’ve been with you guys from generation one and now its time to jump ship because you are careless and thoughtless. You had billions of dollars and failed to update you software thinking your customers would always be there for you. UMMM wrong. I have 2 ps3′s and I’m going to XBOX 360. Enough is enough. I hope you get sued and lose everything.Sony your name is mud in my book.

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