Playstation Network Down: May 8

It has been 2 weeks and we are still waiting for some solid news about when the Playstation network down problem will be fixed. The last update on their blog was on May 5th and said nothing about a firm deadline. It seems that we may have to deal with this problem for quite sometime. Are you patient enough?

playstation network down may 8Some customers are opting out of dealing with the Playstation network down problem but most are being very loyal. There are plenty of fans that are willing to wait until psn gets back up and just a few that have decided to go elsewhere for their entertainment. Some people seem to have forgotten that Sony is out of Japan where the tsunami and earthquake were and this has set back the time table on things I am sure. Hopefully it will not delay things too much longer.

We understand that hackers are what forced Sony to take the the network offline but now what is going on? Right now Sony is attempting to ramp up security so that this can not happen again. Having user’s credit card information exposed again is not an option. Once again, there is no surety when the Playstation network problem will be remedied.


  1. deadbodyman says:


  2. joy says:

    Keep up the good work sony. be very honest with ur customers and they will stand by you. Lets put a finger up to the hackers and show sony our support. Dont for get it was.nt just sony they hacked they hacked ur personal details as well.

  3. get-back-n-black says:

    start a face book group an get on the main ceo’s back about it….lol

  4. devonte says:

    o my god sony yall said that it was goin 2 be on friday yall some liars im switchin all the people that have psn is goin 2 be waitin 4 a hile longer problly like a month

  5. Kkmpp says:

    Still on ps3 but I just bought an xbox 360 so I can go online.

  6. kiillzone says:

    plz sony tell us whan ur bringing psn bk on we no u got hacked but ur not telling us any thing new we need to no what going on

  7. Bee says:

    My netflix has been down along with the PSN.
    I hope they reimburse me by giving me extended subscription atleast!

  8. xGunsOfDeathx says:

    Another day… om.

  9. DontcarefortheBS says:

    Please cut the crap, Yes we know Sony is located in Japan, were no stupid but, to go as far as it’s still down because of it being in Japan’s quake and floods area. LOL… Sony is located several hundred miles away. Sony has dropped the ball… Old data, old programs, and just out dated……….. It’s sad when “they” state others are going elsewhere to play online, just say it, “XBOX” I have a friend that works in retail and they can’t keep the XBOX on the shelf…. Gamestop is flooded with trade ins on PS3.. Don’t believe me, call them…….. Most of my friends sold their ps3 within the last week, went back to Xbox…. Sorry, you just lost me too.

  10. ionlyusepumps says:

    netflix is still working just sign in two times

  11. Krenn says:

    Netflix has already been proven not to work for everybody during the outage. some ps3 were caught at a moment where they needed to authenticate or are using a different netflix version and thus were stuck not about to use the sign-in glitch.

  12. tommy2glocks says:

    It sucks, but really-all these peeps goin tradin ps for xbox….psn is FREE, and while its understandale that some people want their online gaming and are willing to pay…I dont have the luxury. The thing that sucks is that I bought PS because of its free network, not having it makes my system next to useless. But I will have to suck it up and wait, Xbox live has had a few problems too, and you had to pay for that! I will say, for a billion dollar corp-they are taking their sweet ass time, and yes-they probably have millions in payroll going to psn maint. / security, and they blew it. I would consider selling my ps, but ill never buy xbox-the controls suck

  13. Redalert says:

    I don’t mind the outage. I don’t pay for it oh well. I just have decided to go enjoy the nice spring weather and the outdoors. A little disappointed with netflix having to be down, but my xbox can stream that (although more poorly). Or I can watch it on my tv via connectivity to my laptop. So really no big deal at all. Only game I played online was Call of Duty anyway and I was getting bored with it. So perfect timing in my eyes.

  14. Kevin says:

    I love the ps3 more than xbox 360,but for now im losing my patience of psn because of their promises that they cant stand on it,they playing with us…i switch to xbox360 250gb,am enjoying playing with my friends online,especially the new map escalation…fantastic…

  15. dustin b says:

    sony says it was anonymous doing the hacking. anonymous denied it eben though they claimed they will get back at sony for whatever reason. sony has found proof it was them. sonys just making sure their network is safe again. cuz if a group gets into it again, everyone will keep away from sony. so dont blame sony for making sure we keep our credit card info. blame hackers for ruining the online fun most of us were having.

    all i know is as soon as its back up, im downloading ALL the borderland add-ons and all the blue toad episodes. i got like 200 bucks to spend on my 84+ games. sony says we all get to buy 2 out of a list of 5 games for free, free 1 month of plus, and an added day for everyday the systems down. that means a month and a half of free plus. i was already a plus member.

    and my last point is this… why pay 300 bucks, plus however much for batteries and games, plus maybe even kinect, AND pay for online gaming? its like no one has patience lol. if u really wanna game with friends… invite them over to ur house. if they live across america, then gaming isnt really bonding with that friend lol. go outside. go play an older system u already have, for free. or work on ur games single player. i bet most of you dont even have half of the trophies u could have for ur games. im currently platinum in resident evil 5 now, borderlands, wwe legends, assassins creed 2, and gran turismo 5, all cuz im playin offline and actually trying to get trophies.

  16. ricky martin says:

    i will stay with u sony until the end, xbox could have the same thing happen

  17. Antonio says:

    Please come back on-line!!!! My son and I have waited for quite some time and find this to be a bit to much… much money as I spend, and all the time I put in, I have been a loyal customer to Sony since Socom 2, please put some kind of new information telling us an EXACT date when we can get back on-line again….this waiting business is not acceptable any more!!!!

  18. killrek says:

    @dontcarefortheBS I’m sorry but what. Read what you said (were no stupid). Ok anyway just let them do what they have todo. If it takes a long ass time to make sure this never happens again I say giver. Oh and I’m stoked for the new ps phone coming out.

  19. Idk says:

    I donk care how long takes foe more security but arleast tell us how long so that way we dont check everyday and dont waste our time looking at blogs to whrn its going to be back up

  20. zinkscott says:

    S.O.A.B! God damn Sony, I hope you go bankrupt

  21. danieliscool says:

    You people are sick, you went out and got an xbox that could still get the red ring of death just to play online? whatever i couldnt care less because i can count on my ps3. but dont say im a fanboy, because i just witnessed my friend returning his ps3 for an xbox.and guess what? it got the redring of death in a week! my win your loss. when a trusted friend has a problem you back them up, not go and make friends with the untrusted. nuff said

  22. lazygamermike says:

    Im sticking with ps3 mainly because i already have a bunch of games for it and i dont have money for xbox or live :P but if i could i’d get an xbox! this is bullsh*t give us more information sony! just because the majourity of us dont have plus and have free online doesnt mean u get to dance around and take ur time! pretend that we all pay as much as those on xbox live do! and give treat us better!

  23. D.J. says:

    I am tired of waiting for Sony or SOE to bring back its feature Playstation Network I am thinking of buying a Xbox. And by the way the tsnumi didn’t hit Sony Entertainment or SOE so hurry Sony Because I am thinking of buying or purchasing a Xbox………….and I am taking my money with me.

  24. Its been over two weeks so what is a few more days . Im shore when the network gets turn on it will be even better then before. As for the people that are going across to Xbox what a BIG mistake . Thats like if you get the COLD and your partner finds someone else until you get better. Im STICKING to SONY 100%.

  25. Joe mamma says:

    Goodbye to all you who are Paying for Xbox live have fun. Not sure why you have to come here and “brag” about paying for your online “experience”.

    LMAO have fun

  26. kisamehoshigake says:

    i was never big on online play but i still refuse to pay for it oh and netflix will work fine for me it might be somthing wrong with your netflix account

  27. Johnathan says:


  28. erk says:

    I’m not mad at Sony simply disappointed in there failure to prevent this. there’s no reason the shouldn’t have been prepared for other than they were being cheap or stupid either way it’s sad. there lying isn’t helping the situation either

  29. eddie says:

    i’m all for giving Sony the time to fix the problems, but at least give us daily updates. it’s hit or miss on when they tell us stuff. I just want to know that you are thinking of us while the system is down.

  30. dan says:

    The place Sony was hit is in San Diego not japan so don’t try to make it seem as if the tsunami is the problem. to people switching, why you’re simply droppin $500 on an out dated system, sure sony cheap, lying and stupid, but now a days you can’t beat free

  31. kevin says:

    i need ps network!!!!!

  32. Zach says:

    You people are retarded, you act like Sony cares about the 90% of you who just simply use it to play online and bring in no revenue to them. Even the people that do bring their money to them through the playstation network guess what, the playstation is hardly a fraction of where their money comes from. You forget they make mp3 players, tvs, dvd/blu ray players and pretty much anything as far as electronics. Yes they are working hard at fixing the problem because it is a business and they do make money off it. If they made no money from it do you think they would continue to run the service? To the 1% that are actually wasting the money switching to xbox, they are probably just laughing going who cares about your few hundred dollars you spend, if you want to be a retard and go to them let em.

  33. Jason says:

    I own both xbox360 and ps3, xbox subscription this year renewal got me fable 3 for free. From now on they are giving a free game to customers ever year after your first years membership. So basically the xbox online is free, you can sell that game you get on eBay for 50 dollars. Xbox is the better option at the moment, I haven’t seen so many people online on xbox since it first came out.

  34. zerotheninja003 says:

    People who are saying they can’t wait seriously need to make some friends or get a life. Sony is the best and those who are wanting to switch to an xbox go ahead and waste your money and time.. microsoft is a horrible company to buy from whats so great about an xbox? PS3 has more exclusive games, internet browser, blue ray, and it only does everything haha.

    Sony keep up the good work, and thanks for trying so hard even with all that has happened in Japan. Screw all the haters.

    btw thats my psn id. add me i play a lot of COD.

  35. bootybutbang says:

    same here vasko! i’m stayin by sony’s side forever! Even if this takes a whole month i’ll be waiting patiently instead of the bitches who switched to xbox.

  36. Robo_Emo_Wolf says:

    For all you a**holes who are switching to xbox because of this, hope you have fun. you guys can play with all those other hackers and cheaters who (mostly) don’t have any fair game play. everythings modded. PSN has PURE gameplay. Thats what makes it fun. For the most part, in multiplayer games, nobody is overpowered. So yeah, hope you have fun getting pwned until you have to cheat to win. Byye, nice not having you. (really, it is!)

  37. Redalert says:

    No problem with having multiple consoles. I like the kinect for dance central with a bunch of people its awesome. I have a wii for mario. And a playstation for everything else. Once I get the money for a nice pc ill be set since my Mac is not compatible with most games.

  38. Jared says:

    Hope it will be back on soon.. im stuck playing mw2 on xbox wich sucks… I want psn back up…

  39. Osama Bin Laden says:

    AL QAEDA!!!!!!!!!

  40. Dcap says:

    ill rather wait and let them rebuild it to a stronger network besides the hackers might mess with xbox after these kids cross over and pay 60 a month for a sub. lol funny it can happen to any system really. dont be mad at sony be mad at those sad hacking losers that dont have lives and create hack lobbies making game play totally gay. if you know a hacker punch em in the face

  41. john enriquez says:

    I just can’t wait till PSN gets back online. For people buying XBOX? dude seriously XBOX is so crap. It has the BIGGEST controller & you HAVE to PAY to play online? are you serious! Cmon PS3 is way better then XBOX.

  42. Bufu says:

    I roll playstation but for all those talking bout xbox red ring of death playstation has similar problems like that for example yellow light of death or blu ray goin out. My problem is although its a free service doesnt mean they should dick use around and if they were on the ball they wouldnt have been hacked in the first place. So yes sony I blame YOU SONY not the hackers

  43. Anonymous says:

    Psn will be back up on September 3 2011, have patience.

  44. Joe says:

    SEPTEMBER 3!! I’m trading my ps3 tomorrow.

  45. Tyler says:

    My friend was telling me the other day that it might have been x-box that did it. Now in my opinion I don’t think thats true. But I do have some belief that it might have been. The reason being this is because if the psn is down more people will want to go with x-box because some people might think that the ps3 has bad security and will go with x-box because of Microsoft. So in the end the x-box company will be making money. But i’m a true ps3 user and I am going to stick it out with Son

  46. alex says:

    ive had my ps3 for 4 years.. thats 240 bucks for 4 years of xbox live, and psn is… 0. I can wait a few weeks.

  47. XBox is the best system alive!

  48. XxDarkMaverickxX says:

    blah, blah, blah. Pointless chatter. Let me share my prediction on the situation: We will have the network back sometime this week. Security testing is no doubt in it’s final stages. I’m sure they have conducted several minor tests and are now phasing into major testing. I’m sure, at the very least, we’ll see a patch by wed and be back online by Saturday. In the meantime, do like everyone else and find something else to do. Rather it be collecting trophies from offline play, sharpening your skills in Mortal Kombat, Tekken 6, MvC2, CoD, or whatever your games of choice may be so that when it does come back up, you can continue to relentlessly wreck shop as i do. Game on

  49. XxDarkMaverickxX says:

    Btw, feel free to add me as well. This is my PSN username and i frequently game on all of the above titles and more. Hit me up if you are looking for a real challenge :D

  50. joseph says:

    Well from what I hear its suppose to be back the 9th of may but I could be wrong that’s just what I heard so I’m bein patient and I’m not switchin to xbox cause I enjoy the free online play myself cod all the way

  51. Super says:

    I can wait for PSN, but the thing that sucks is that I had just bought DCUO so I have lost half my free play time. But I am a PS fanboy so there is no way I’m rage quitting PS for XBOX. Plus I’m mainly a single player campaign guy anyway. This outage was good for me because I got sooooooo main trophies. Thanks Sony for motivating me.

  52. bir5586 says:

    first of all stop trippin…people forget before systems went online there was offline multi-player…why don’t people calm down sit back and find some local friends and play some games with….i mean online is kool but most games you can rack up tons of trophies in offline mood…and what better chance is this…i don’t know about everyone else i’m just gonna sit back and platinum out dynasty warriors 7 and some of the other games that have offline trophies…then when the network gets back up i’m jumping on that…and i’ll be dam to sell out to xbox

  53. G Marty says:

    Playstation 3 it does everything, except online.

  54. stingray says:

    just hang in there people when sony comes back on line all will be forgotten

  55. Josh says:

    Think of it this way. Sony rocks & xbox is okay. Sure you have a bunch of consumers who are saying “hey” I’m going to switch to the Xbox. The truth is though that they are probably all a bunch of teenage yuppies with a silver spoon in their mouth who can afford to just have their mommies go buy them an Xbox or the like. The other 98% of us who actually know a thing about loyalty are just going to sit back and enjoy the core values of the games we so love, and wait to see how the cards fall. In the long run we know that all you “Benedict Arnolds” out their will be back as soon as the network is up and running again. It’s just an instance of natural selection when you really think about it. Sony may have suffered a multitude of tragedies in the past weeks, but through this we can weed out the weak from the strong.

  56. I play for both side says:

    1. 360 isn’t crap, some people just happened to like the ps3 because it has free online or better features. i play on both consoles and there no different except for controls, and you don’t pay 60 a month your pay 25 for 3 months and 40 for a year. i like 360 and ps3 but ps3, there no different.

  57. BiCkilla says:

    uhm what can I say.. . It’s been almost 3 weeks since this fiasco started. The only problem I have with SONY is try to inform us., we the players updates everyday!!! I mean c’mon guys we paid you to get entertainment yet all we get are bullshit reposted tiring posts @ If I was the owner of SONY, I will give a specified amount of time frame to whoever guys who work with the PSN to get it up and running or get FIRED same day for being incompetent. I mean you guys are losing stocks here.., next you’re going to lose avid ps fan gamer like me and other ones and trust me we’re getting there, from what I know, I’m speaking for everyone. I bought the ps3 for it’s free online gaming feature and now that feature is disabled. To me and the other gamers it’s really unacceptable already considering that it’s reaching the 3rd week of PSN disabled and NO TRUE UPDATE TO THE STATUS OF PSN !!! THEY SHOULD FIRE EVERYBODY WHO’S INCHARGE IN THE PSN UPDATES IN THE PLAYSTATION.BLOG .. . THESE GUYS ARE INCOMPETENT TO CALM US GAMERS WITH HOPEFUL UPDATES @ PLAYSTATION.BLOG!!! WTF THIS IS BS ALREADY.

  58. Zob says:

    Lol…offline trophies…..I’ll get the offline trophies….

  59. bir5586 says:

    thats what i’m saying just gun for the offline trophiess for now…its not the end of the world…the only people i see who should be throwing a major fit is the ones who have accounts in DC universe…thats got to be killer…COD fans you’ll live there is an offline mode…but DC i believe the entire game is online and you have to pay for it…oh and those who play free realms and stuff like that…

  60. bubba says:

    i like psn :’[

  61. tomato says:

    Playstation actually cant do everything. Unlike the xbox, ps3 cant play music during gameplay. Also you dont get points to buy stuff just by using the features such as netflix, renewing subscriptions etc…

  62. sundanceking76 says:

    I believe it is time someone from psn corporate to give us a truthful answer about how long the network will be down. I don’t care if they say two more weeks or two days just be honest and we will respect you more for it. Then people wont have to keep guessing.
    And if people leave oh well less competition.

  63. Mr. Smart Person says:

    Oh, and one more thing: ATLEAST SONY DOES SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR HACKERS!!! Microsoft doesn’t even seem to give a crap.

  64. Mr. Smart Person says:

    Xbox 360 features:
    - It’s easier to communicate with friends on the Xbox, because…
    – Headsets, for talking.
    – The menu is easy to navigate, and Microsoft makes it easy to join friends’ games and send them messages
    - Netflix
    - Character Avatars (Stolen from Wii)
    - Kinect
    - Controllers are larger and stronger than PS3 controllers, so that it won’t break when an angry rager throws it against the wall.
    - Most people find the Xbox controllers easier to use when it comes to shooting games.
    - I’m sure that some hardcore fans of the Xbox can name more features than this, but I’m not a hardcore Xbox fan, sooo . . . yeah. O_o

  65. bir5586 says:

    most 360 fans don’t know what true gaming is they just like something because the mass is…lets get real 360 had hacks and system crashes before any other game system…so before 360 fans open ya mouths you may wanna check up on your system first…the fact is if you compare both systems together PS3 will win…nuff said

  66. mb2202 says:

    PS network is 10 times better than 360 the biggest thing is that PS network is free and you have to pay for xbox

  67. Qais Hudhud says:

    Dude this sucks in 2weeks from now I have final exams I want to play video games. I beat all my frekin 1player gameplays someone do something about this!! they say we get free playstation plus for a month after it runs again, but what about people who already have playstation plus? I think we need more than Playstation plus, Sony have to take their time to fix this thing so it won’t happen again, but in the same time they need to be honest, cause there’s lots of things we don’t know about.

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