Amazing Race May 8 2011 Finale Winner

Tonight is Amazing Race may 8 2011 finale winner show tonight. As the final four teams travel from Brazil to the US the winner will soon be revealed. They are going to Florida. Who do you think is going to be the season finale of TAR 18 5/8/11 winner? Look for results here.

the amazing race finale winner may 8The episode tonight is a two hour finale. It is called “This Is Where It Ends”. This is going to be a pretty intense time since so much is on the line. Some contestants find themselves is pretty interesting positions. Who will be the Amazing Race May 8 2011 finale winner though?

If you are a serious fan you will be on the edge of your seat because there is plenty of drama tonight. There are going to be tears and pain but also triumph. It’s bitter sweet but totally worth it. Make sure you check back here for the Amazing Race May 8 2011 finale winner.

Update: Kisha & Jen wins!

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