Celebrity Apprentice May 8 2011: Who Got Fired 5/8/11

There is a special 3 hour Celebrity Apprentice May 8 2011. There is going to be plenty of excitement. La Toya will be returning. How many people are going to leave the show though? Who is going to get fired on Celebrity Apprentice 5/8/11 results?

celebrity apprentice may 8 2011Tonight there are two tasks for the celebrities to tackle is this show. The first one will have to do with a live comedy show. La Toya Jackson is the Backbone project manager and Meat Loaf is the A.S.A.P. project manager. One of the project managers is going to threaten to throw in the towel when the task gets too difficult. What are your thoughts on the Celebrity Apprentice May 8 2011?

The second task will have the teams creating a 60-second commercial for OnStar. One team is going to be left in jeopardy when their project manager gets sick. There is plenty of tension on this show. Keep tuned because we will be posting the Celebrity Apprentice May 8 2011 results.

Update: NeNe quits; La Toya gets fired; Star gets fired


  1. Dear Mr. Trump,
    I can’t believe that On Star made such a big deal about the woman in the video not wearing a seat belt and then two seconds later showed John Rich driving a car without a seat belt…what’s up with that??? I couldn’t believe it!
    I do love the show though…the celebrities have been doing a wonderful job raising money for their worthwhile charities.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Casinofig says:

    Well, can you believe that? After she let her big month run on for most of the season, she quits!. What a class act, not really more of a chicken considering she didn’t even tell her team. A real coward with big mouth.

  3. Linda Martin says:

    Mr Trump I love love love the show I am disappointed with Nene Leakes for walking off the show I really like her & her honesty to speak her mind. I am glad that Star Jones finally got what was coming to her. She was very manipulative throughout the whole time she was on the show One thing that I think should happen is that when someone lies the incident should be shown or the segment should be shown for accountability. Dionne Warrick lied Gary Busey lied as did Star Jones who was always quick to through her team members under the bus

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