Weight Loss: Could Not Eating After 8 PM Help Your Weight?

Thousands of people are interested in weight loss. It seems there is always a new diet that is coming along. There is the Dukan diet and some people go with HCG. Is there really anything that is a solid fact when it comes to this issue?

weight lossThere was a study done recently about people who are night owls and eat late. The people that stayed up late got less sleep than the normal sleepers. They also had a much less healthful diet. One of the big things that went against their weight loss was that they ate more fast food.

The conclusion that was came to in this study was pretty much that you should regulate when you sleep and eat. I could have pretty much told you that much. I wonder who got to pay for all of the research for this “weight loss” study. Hopefully it was not taxpayer dollars.

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