Playstation Network Down: May 9

As the Playstation network down problem continues there is dismal news. It seems that Sony has sustained another attack which made it unable to come back online according to the technology section on Gather. Now the proposed date could be May 31 or it could even be later. People are already in an uproar so what will be said about this?

playstation network down may 9Some users are dealing with the Playstation network down problem quite well. They are being patient and entertaining themselves with xbox or just playing offline. There are a lot of people that have come on the site and told people to go outside and play etc. Most of these people do not realize that a majority of the people that are upset about the Playstation network down problem are 18 – 35 who play these games to relax after work.

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No matter who is trying to play it appears that no one is going to get online until at least May 31. Some people are having issues with the Netflix because of the problem but it seems some people are able to get on by doing a double sign in. Sony says they are going to offer a “welcome back” package. There will also be $1 million dollars in identity theft insurance for the people that have undergone the Playstation network down problem.


  1. dustin b says:

    well that sucks…. alot. still though… there is other stuff to do offline in games.

  2. ddfg says:

    Sony sucks. Im buying an XBOX AND NEVER PLAYING A STUPID PS3 EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Patrick Turner says:

    May 31st?! :/

  4. BiCkilla says:


  5. jon bishop says:

    between the lies and the credit card info being stolen i dont know whats worst?? i kno for a fact as soon as i can i will take my info off PSN and will NEVER BUY anything from the PSN ever. another thing that pisses me off if they didnt have proper firewall and no patches installed and members of the ps company that sit in the chatrooms and forums KNEW this was going to happen weeksbefore it did andstill nothing was done. sony is a multibilion dollar industry and they should have already had an excellent security system. u kno i paid 450 for my machine, plus controllers and games n shit and i cant use it as intended?? they think a shitty welcome back package with afew free things is going to make me happy? i want a peice of that 1 billion dolar lawsuit. free theft insurance (after its too latE) does absolutely nothing for me as i will hae noting to protect as soon as i get online and take down my info. and i also have to ask are they going to pay for the charges and fees i have for having to detroy two debit and one credit card?? i am so pissed off at sony right now it isnt funny and to think that a shitty apology and a couple of very CRAPPY “perks” is going to make anyone happy is stupid. on a brighter note, got a brand new xbox with the games i wanted for 200 bucks and im playing online as we speak. will never give another cent to sony, have sold my brand new SONy tv and will sell my PS3 if this sitation isnt fixed SOON.

  6. Mindaugas says:

    May 31? Thats way too long…

  7. Mikkkee says:

    I don’t understand why X-box is not jumping on this opportunity, If I was microsoft I would give the online for the fist year and a 100$ discount to anybody who buy a X-box and gives is PS3 in exchange.

    I would trade my PS3 in a flash…

  8. ---???--- says:

    this is just a joke, sony’s a joke everything is just a joke… im never going back to play consoles again.

  9. liammufc99 says:

    that rubbis 31 may WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!

  10. Seargent_Shart says:

    hahahahahahahahaha xbox should have dropped the prices on their systems $100 day 1 of this fiasco, woulda made a killing with Live sales, Map Pack sales, game sales, accessory sales.. people would be using their PS3′s for door stops, Microsoft wouldn’t know what to do with all it’s money!!

    May 31st??? I give them till friday (payday) then I’m buyin a 360, I’ll sell my PS3 when all this is over.. O I also wanted to add that I have been investing money into Sony gaming systems since I was 9 years old, I’ve never had another system, I’m 21, and I will never Look at a Playstation AGAIN!! nice one Sony:)

  11. jon bishop says:

    @dustin yeah obviously there is other things we can doo but i bought a ps3 simply for the plug n play effect. that is the only reason i bought a ps3 was for free online.

  12. Mike says:

    Well, unlike the rest of the idiots who think the internet should be secure. It is only as safe as you are ignorant.
    Three steps for the idiots who buy and use the internet.
    1. Never use your real credit card. Go to Walmart or a gas station and buy a per-paid gift card credit card. So if the money off it gets stolen at least it is not disposable income being stolen or the money that you keep depositing int your account.
    2. No matter how strong things should be online, you do not know how hard it is to program. People who think they use C++ are the best in the world. But the programing languages most of these companies use are a long the line of unix. In English that is basic to say 2 million key encryption.
    3. If you think PS3 is the only gaming system that gets hacked. Xbox also gets hacked every day and Microsoft does not do anything but ban an I.P. Address (which is what your computer is named online) but any real hacker who can hack Xbox can also get a new IP address. Xbox has had credit card numbers stolen, as well as games ruined for online play from hackers using mods to hack games and their service. Microsoft has failed to prevent this.

    The internet browsing you all take for granted is pretty much anarchy and if you do not understand this digital world, you best not go play in it with out the correct tools for your own protection. Starting with your own brain.

    So, PSN is down. I want to play online as much as the average gamer. But since I can’t I just decided to be social.

    Also you can still use netflix on PS3 just try to sign in and let it load. it will read the error message hit O to go back, let the screen load and the sign in will come up again, try to sign in again, but in the background the Netflix page will load. Once as you get the error message again, just hit O and you can use netflix.

    I am using it right now on my PS3.

  13. Joey says:

    May 31!! is to much for me i need something to do to kill time and have some fun, ima start playing on pc today, ima sell my ps3 and buy a graphics card right now.

  14. miguel says:

    that great what kind security u give to us what kind of company r u wow

  15. miguel says:

    my ps3 its broke down thanks to u give

  16. Mike says:

    Where did you get a May 31st date? Nobody from Sony has offered any date, their latest update stated that they were working around the clock to get the network up in the upcoming days. Don’t add a date of May 31st into your story unless you are an actual network developer for SONY.. Otherwise, you don;t know sh1t…

  17. jon bishop says:

    I think Sony needs a facelift, get rid of the CEO and execs, they are absolutely useless. I am sick of getting ripped off and lied to, and someone needs to have an ANSWER. not what ifs and could bes, but an actual answer for our questions. Outrageous.

  18. austin says:

    Lol may 31st huh. Bye Sony who wants a ps3 for fifty bucks ???

  19. coasttocoast radio am640 says:

    ps3 new slogan. it only does…huh iunno whatever everything else does

    i mean these guys sell millions of consoles to people then turn into a bunch of indian givers (sorry for the pharse) then give a playground to play in but its like all the stray alley cats took a shyte in the sand oh yah and theres pediphiles so this shyte aint safe for no one.. they only react and what they need to do is act.. consumsers are like diamonds and little perks dont cut it.

  20. xxaresxx says:

    I am very dissappointed at sony . First they lied to us by saying that psn is going to be back within a week. THen they said that they are working aroung the clock, maybe one guy is working around the clock, but not the whole company. they already work 504hours in three weeks and still cant fix their problem??/

  21. lreid37 says:

    I understand completely and I will wait patiently till the network comes on, at least our stuff won’t get recovered by that hacker group Anonymous or who ever did it, dont listen to people who are crying about psn, they will probably switch back to psn right when it comes back online. Good luck Sony, and I know it’s gonna be a way more secure network after you are finished with the psn downage

  22. Samiijo3 says:

    Well Im a big fan of the PSN i wont trade mah ps3 for an xbox cuz u have to pay to play on that shit and i think thats wack… But still i think some people need to be punished fopr being dumb enough for not putting a strontg enough firewall for hackers and shhtuff like that… All this is a bunch of Bullshit… and we should get the new call of duty maps dfor free… as well as other stuff or add ons for other games…

    This is his friend, Alex. I want to play Portal 2. I can’t. Cry face…

  23. lucas w says:

    I just got off the phone with sony and they said may31 is the date everything will be online….online gaming will be on way b4 that so stop starting all these dumb ass blogs and b patient….damn

  24. timbo says:

    i just spoke with someone at somy and they said it wasnot a new attack it was a attack that happend at the same time but they overlooked it because it was on a different server not on the psn server.

  25. Trent says:

    @Jon bishop….Do you realize how completely unrealistic that just sounded…just let it sink in for a second…yeeeeeea not so smart…

  26. Hungry man says:

    Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?

  27. adam says:

    How much is Xbox live? im switching today?

  28. nico says:

    we all have to wait about 22 mor

  29. nico says:

    22 more day

  30. nico says:

    we all have to wait about 22 more day may 31!

  31. Claude says:

    This should not be blamed on SONY. Banks, Microsoft, and all other big and small companies get attacked all the time. SONY appears to be big enough to take the network down as they do what they can to protect the customers as much as they can.

  32. DrZarkloff says:

    The way that I see it: Sony is a victim just like us gamers. Sure we paid $50 or $60 bucks for a great game. Sony has much more to loose just because some dick weed hackers decided to have an expensive temper tantrum. Why the hell are these hackers allowed to walk the streets. They should be in jail for larceny, terrorism, breaking and entering a secured domain, and a few other charges that I can’t think of right now. The POS hackers are the real problem. They should be sent to Guantanamo.

  33. !!!!!!! says:

    so i can play cod before may 31? wats “all of it will be on but can play before that” i dont get it. y can we play before that day.

  34. Jay B says:

    Lol everyone is so upset I mean yea psn is down but so what 90% of the users dont have psn + so its completely free for them stop being ungrateful if playing games is all u have to pass the time after work then ur a sad individual, and plus didnt sony say no credit card info was taken? idk but going over to microsoft is still a no go for me, I dont own an 360 on account of getting red ringed i mean nobody made a big deal about those faulty 360′s a few years back nobody complained about the fact that microsoft knew they were faulty and still charged $150 to do a fix that should have been implemented in the first place but was skipped because microsoft wanted to rush and get theyre systems out first, and u still had to pay for xbox live lol so stop being lil babies and just wait it out, or get a life, i wanna play black ops too but u dont see me complaining, go live life losers, that is all

  35. alex says:

    THE MAY 31st DATE IS FALSE. Its a rumor, they werent attacked again. Other sites are reporting it false, such as gather news. these reports are made up, dont worry people

  36. thanks alot says:

    Lol may 31st huh. Bye Sony who wants a ps3 for 10 bucks ??? . thanks alot sony thanks alot I am very dissappointed at sony . First they lied to us by saying that psn is going to be back within 11 hours f sony

  37. Predutor_JJG says:

    Sorry sony ive been patient enough with yous and after work today im getting an XBOX and thats that. may 31 is FAR FAR to long a wait. thats three weeks and you probs still wont have it fixed by then. goodbye and best of luck to all the ps3 players willing to wait….

  38. Skoldzer says:

    i agree fully with the following entry in your article…….. “Most of these people do not realize that a majority of the people that are upset about the Playstation network down problem are 18 – 35 who play these games to relax after work.”

    you slave for the system everyday working your ass off.. when you get home you want to relax. .you want to let go and shoot the crap out of your friends just to let your hair down.

    but what can we do bro? is complaining like little bs going to make it come back up faster? NO.. we wait. .and so we shall

  39. DK says:

    This is what happens when you perform cost-down solutions. Damn Japanese are always costing down to bring in more profits. If they would of done it right the first time instead of complaining that it cost to much money to build a network that was secure, this would not of happen.

  40. Showuhow says:

    Sony this is taking way to long someone is hiding info.

  41. Austin Davis says:

    Yeah exactly i see why some people would be mad for having to wait a month but think about it this way… There protecting the ps3 system completely from hackers so this wont happen ever again. Free playstation +, and the playstation will be in a very fine condition…So seriously just stop getting mad at SONY and wait it out until it works again.

  42. travis says:

    @Jay B.. im with you on this one people do need to live life i mean its just a video game but seriously change your name Jay B.. Thats what people call justin bieber..

  43. Black ops says:

    Hey jay b why don’t u get a life instead of being a troll nothing better to do than read comments that u say u don’t care about and troll for someone who doesn’t care u seem to be wasting a lot of your so called valuable time being a db

  44. Dylan says:

    I believe the new update should be something on the lines of….”We are unsure when we will be back up just try in a few months we might be up by november. Thanks for all your support.”

    I’m tired of getting stupid ass updates that are never true I would rather just have a mass email sent when it’s back up instead of being on the bench waiting for their every update to see the news.

    Also To Jay B: Your an ill-informed child. They have had no major card providers report anything directally linked to them. Thats not to say peoples credit card info wasn’t taken.

  45. abc says:

    All those ppl who recommend others to go outside and live life don’t have life by their-self. U a holes every body is living life the way they like to live. If someone doesn’t want to go outside then it’s that person’s choice and this doesn’t allow us to call that person lifeless. PS3 is as important as TV in some users life now. Wat if some one cuts ur cable connection and ask you to go outside and live a life. You prolly gona go out for 2 hours 3 hours, and then come back home and then wat. IF psn had gone out in school days then it wouldn’t have that bad effect on ppl’s life as it has rite now in summer. In summer u got nothing to do except a job if you have it. You can’t fuck your girlfriend whole day either. You can’t take her outside for whole day cuz she prolly got something to do too. She won’t have enough time to stay with you for hours and hours each day. Bottome line is that PSN doesnt need to come back as soon as fucking possible, so i, u and other can play and get entertained for few hours..

  46. nerdie says:

    Will that welcome back package have this included:

    homebrew development & other os capabilities?

    Lets hope so, that seems like what the hackers are saying..

    they can’t fight the crowd.

  47. haha says:

    Gonna sell my ps3 and games for $350. Buy the 4gb new xbox, live and some games. I’ll still have money left over too hahA

  48. xxFLAM3Dxz says:

    I hope ps3 comes back soon. Here is a list of things to do while ps3 is down.
    1. Beat all of your video games on campaign
    2. Go outside and play or get some excersize
    3.Maybe go to a friends house and play xbox 360.
    4. Go on youtube and check out Black Ops videos.
    There are so many things to do. The worlds not over…..

  49. Aaron Wilson says:

    In Sony we trust

  50. NoTroll says:

    Alright first of all I really don’t car that ps3 is free and comes with so many problems. I rather just pay 60 bucks for a year where u entirely forget about it then being able to at online with a ps3 that is such a mess as of this moment that they are even being hacked. I mean the new xbox”s don’t have red rings anymore, have cross game chat and when the press their home button everything is fast and doesn’t freeze. Not to mention that the kinect is way better than the move and the xbox has many more exclusive games. I first had the original 360 but decided to buy a ps3 too because I thought it would be better…. I mean the ont things I like better about the ps3 is that they have a blurray player and ps home. I mean even having the Microsoft points system is better cuz u don’t have to pay tax on it everytime u buy something. And I mean for those of u who yell at us gamers to get a life??? I mean ur coming on the comments saying that after being tired from work or school to go out and have fun doing exactly what? I mean it’s not like we wanna spend all our hard earned cash everyday after work to go out. I mean I have life on the weekend but it’s fun to play around with ur friends just sitting around having a good time. N btw @ jay b getting one month of ps+ isn’t really doing me anything but helping Sony out with sales aka a business strategy… SO FOR U PEOPLE COMING ON THE COMMENTS TELLING US TO STOP BEING LOSERS AND GET A LIFE, REMEBER UR JUST BEING A TROLL AND U R COMMENTING TO SAY THINGS NBDY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT…. That is all =]

  51. Lego says:

    so i didn’t swtich to the xbox. i will patiently wait for it to come back online. while making “I suvived PSN’s black out of 2011″ tshirts and hats. on a side note it would be nice to have sony tell us what is happening to keep all the rummors at ease. but i guess it’s something to talk about. instead of it’s still down… and “no troll” this is a psn thread why would a troll come on here and talk about being alll up on micros nuts… self medicate… UR JUST BEING A TROLL AND U R COMMENTING TO SAY THINGS NBDY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT…. That is all =]

  52. austin says:

    Whether the other attack is true or not is Sonys fault for not keeping us updated

  53. gman says:

    Just wait PSN will have realy good servers once turned on, even with it off right now its still better then the 360, and the move is way better then kinect, because kinect is intended for the younger group 12-sony always has the best games and online content, the only thing thats hurtful is being second to get call of duty DLC and they dont have Halo

  54. justin says:

    im buying an xbox tomorrow… this is bs.. if sony had things organized in the first place this never would have happened

  55. Palletman says:

    Sony is not a software company Microsoft is Sony sucks xbox rules

  56. b Rad says:

    I have both a ps3 and xbox360. i bought the ps bc it had a free network but to be honest beaisea tje blue ray the 360 is way better at least for fps games like COD and BF etc. The controls are a generation dead of ps3.

  57. Dono says:

    I have read a couple of time, in the comment, that people shouldn’t be angry when it comes to the “free” Playstation Network.

    Just want to add a little important major thing that the fact that the PSN is down is making a hell out of : Add-ons

    Today, more than half of the games on the PS3 (as on the XBox360) have add-on which can only be accessed from the digital shop given by each individual systems.
    Now, let’s say for exemple that you pre-ordered a copy of a new game that is coming in the month of May (or in late April). You get it and you recieve a code that unlock something or even some levels/maps. Now remove the online shop like PSN and you got nothing left except what you can get anywhere until PSN is back online. (One major upcoming exemple : Pre-ordered Brink comes with some unique stuff depending the place where you bought it. Nobody will have access to anything until PSN is back online)

    The problem of having PSN down isn’t about not playing online, for lot of us, but that it remove our access to a LOT of stuff even offline or stuff we actually have bought.

    Another older exemple which not being able to connect online make it a hell. Take Call of Duty : Black Ops. You could want to play agains Bots in multiplayer maps as there is the option, but you need to have access to your account (by sign-in) just to access that part which could easily have been accessible offline.

    So the problem of a offline PSN is that some game require that service for accessing some basic content. (if not accessing the game alone.)

  58. !!!!!!! says:

    who can tell me when exactly psn might be on? or when the new map pack is coming to playstation? i hope i can be online when the new map pack comes available. ps………………i think may 31 is a false fact. they would loose too many costumers and eventually ps3 will vanish.

  59. BLazin says:

    we can only w8 ppl soo be calm and go out and about games cant be your whole life damn..

  60. Ofna says:

    @ Jay B: Speaking of losers…you’re one. Why come here and post your condescending opinion of how people should spend their time? Personally, I think you need to read a self help book rather than come to some far away website and do your troll drooling.

  61. ves says:

    Finally they said a date – May 31 . It was fery disappointing to check PSN every day … undergoing maintenance … undergoing maintenance … .Now I will check in the end of May. Even if PS online games were free I feel robbed ,because I have invested 3 hours every Saturday an year now learning and mastering Metal Gear Online and now I cannot even switch to XBox .It’s like that game is only on PS3 :-( .Does anyone play Metal Gear 4 on XBOX ???

  62. jv9623 says:

    i can wait

  63. steve says:

    i will wait for the # 1 game system on the planet to come back when your ready to..i just hope that you people can stop the the way you glitchers can kiss my azz…anyways keep up the good work sony….

  64. Toby says:

    Like it says.. there are people that play to relax after work.. people are not sad to be pissed off that he psn is down.. you people are sad to leave comments that offend other individuals thumbs down for people that comment something that they dont understand ;) :D

  65. Jashuh says:

    Give them time and they’ll come back, like build it and they will come! As for anyone low brain trying to give away their ps3 and games just email me and I have lots of takers here. Look at it this way, get outside and burn that McDonalds belly off…

  66. Repo Man says:

    Since the outage I started running. I’m up to 3.5 miles a day at a 7:30 per mile pace. I feel great! At the end of the day this was a free service that merely added to the experience of your PS3. Personally, I’m glad to hear of all these people trading their consoles in for Xbox, it’ll get rid of all the crybabies who feel the need to use headsets during gameplay. Sony is going to be just fine, they’re really not concerned about losing a few minimum wage earning customers who had already maxed out their purchasing power and were depending on the “free rider” element of PSN. They’re more concerned with affluent adults like me who have the option of buying their TV’s or laptops if I’m satisfied with their quality. I think the package they’re offering is more than generous and would gladly pay a subscription fee for network access if it keeps the suckers out.

  67. jj hermins says:


  68. Jashuh says:

    Also: I also have the Xbox 360 and yes the new design has the red ring of death too, sorry to make you cry !

  69. Jess says:

    Find the Hackers who have nothing better to do than prove that they have way too much time to spend on a computer. Obviously since they hacked a network as big as the psn. And throw them to the taliban in the middle of Afghanistan, I’m sure they’d have fun getting butt fucked and their heads cut off with a kitchen knife. Seriously, what do the Hackers have to gain. They didn’t get any credit info, they didn’t get any money, what was the point? To ruin everyone’s gaming experience? Two culprits, Bill Gates. Or some game company that lost a big time contract for a sony game, perhaps the guys at infinity ward who made the modern warfare series and lost their jobs after losing the call of duty contract. Fact of the matter, I think it has to do with either eliminating competition or getting even for losing a game contract. I mean seriously, look at all the people who door stoppered their ps3′s and bought xbox’s so they could continue to play black ops online. I’d call Bill Gates…..

  70. thepopo says:

    Come on people, why the hell are you blaming Sony? I mean seriously, “its THEIR fault that someone hacked the psn, its THEIR fault that they got attacked again, its THEIR fault that they want to completely fix the psn before users can get back online” you guys are all acting like children. I mean, to each their own, but seriously, why blame Sony for what happened?! What happened to the good old days when online didn’t exist and people still hung out with friends and played split-screen? Yes, i understand that a good game session after a hard day is nice but WHY does it have to be online? As for me,I’ve been playing MHFU on my PSP and Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect sure as hell is not online. Afterward, I’ll probably go out and buy an old ps2 game for me to play. If May 31st it be, then i will patiently wait while enjoying games that don’t need to be online to be good.

  71. Nick says:

    Im going to a claymore in every doorway at playstation network headquarters.

  72. Mac says:

    It is Sonys fault because the didn’t protect themselves. A huge company like Sony should have technology far beyond what they had. And the should have had a confidence plan on how to fix it fast. If it’s down till June they will lose alot of customers to xbox

  73. Dem0n39 says:

    WTF!!!really may 31 thats a bunch of crap like wth is goin on over there thats so hard to fix it ..

  74. adam says:

    hey guys calm down and be patient youll live longer instead of checking random sites and posts by people you dont know why not try calling the company checking THEIR website and talking to directly to them and get information straight from the horses mouth. complaing and being irritating isnt helping them get their job done faster so grow up

  75. Warlord_X9 says:

    Man, when I found out about the hackers i was mad. Everyone don’t be blamin’ Sony for the network being down. It’s the freaking no-life hackers you have to blame. I can’t wait to get back to play online. If any one that is a hacker don’t hack a company like Sony just to make a billion people mad and so you can do anything. I can’t wait till the network comes back up.

  76. Dosboss57 says:

    I don’t really mind that they got hacked. i don’t really care that I can’t get online on PSN. The part that bugs me is that I paid 50 bux for Playstation Plus. I just hope they extend my subscription…otherwise they may have a wicked lawsuit on their hands.

  77. RealMadrid says:


  78. Jack Mehoff says:

    I had enough and decided to get an xbox. Best choice I ever made!
    I suggest you people get with the #1 Rated NETWORK and Game system!

  79. Jack Mehoff says:


  80. Jack Mehoff says:


  81. BLAZ3D says:


  82. jamez79 says:

    playstation is supost to know how to protect themselves against sh*t like this I mean its the psn that is all f*cked up they should have thought of this long ago and made the firewalls and infrastructure stronger

  83. joe says:

    they didnt give a release date that date of the 31st is just speculation

  84. Ralph says:

    And what about the people who have paid services??? I bought MLB.TV so that I could watch games on my TV through my PS3 and now I can’t freaking watch it for 6 weeks! What about the reimbursement of these services? They really messed up royally here, and they need to come up with a serious marketing campaign to right this. With next generation consoles coming around the corner they have lost so much credibility that it will cause consumers to choose Microsoft next time around. This is a failure of epic proportions. Not to mention that I am still terrified that my identify is getting stolen as I type this. Insurance or not, I am the one who will have to deal with this nonsense if it happens to me, and insurance doesn’t pay for my aggravation or suffering of dealing with identity theft. Law suits should be considered if identity theft occurs for their incompetence.

  85. XxDarkMaverickxX says:

    i hate to say this but with all this trouble that Sony is having to go thru for a free network, i wonder if they are considering making users pay for this network? I’m sure this whole fiasco is costing them a pretty penny. Think about it; beefed up security, regular monitoring, lost revenue, ect. I’d stay with them but still, this is getting pretty serious for them as well.

  86. Funkitall88 says:

    Ok, I can sympathize with everyone who uses the ps3 to relax after work. I know I do. And I can see how people feel that it’s Sony’s fault for not having security up to date. But, as we all know, no system is impervious no matter how you look at it and Sony, as well as all of us, were victims of an attack. Whether it be to prove a point, steal money, or weed out competition, it was conducted by people who were determined to do it no matter what security was. Xbox is not free from hackers, nor is it a perfect system. Just because it’s up now does not mean it will be indefinitely. I’ve also heard from Xbox owners that more people get hit on an individual level than anything else and nothing is done about it. But all that aside, I think people forget that Sony is a company run by people, and most of those people have been seriously affected by the recent natural disasters and residual effects from the nuclear meltdowns Japan has faced as result. I’m amazed that people are as upset about this as they are, especially when I hear that people are willing to throw away even more of their hard earned money to buy a new system just so they can play Black Ops. I own the game and it’s fun, but I don’t base all of my relaxation and enjoyment on it. People really do need to chill, shit happens and when it does either the company comes back and makes a better product or they flop and fall into the history books. Given their track record I don’t think Sony is going anywhere. As for myself, I’m going to stick it out. I still see the value in playing games for a story, and finding new ways to f#$k around in them finding glitches and such. Maybe the whole idea of the hacker’s attack was to get people outside or interacting with people face to face? I don’t think that much is a horrible idea. I dunno, I guess you decide, but just stop freaking out about Black Ops.

  87. Donovan says:

    Its either communitist or people Xbox (microsoft) hired…

  88. Patty O'Furniture says:

    I’m ok with the system being down I just want to know what they are going to do for use. We payed for a membership and now we have not been able it use it.

  89. Smith says:

    So the teens can’t play black ops for a month. I play battlefield bad co. 2 yeah it sucks not being able to play online for over a month. But it still plays Blu ray discs and the games still play. Anyone who got rid of ps3 for an xbox is probably some a-hole that plays black ops. So let them get their 300 dollar ring of death before paying to play.

  90. Lucas says:

    just get an xbox u poor psn fanboys. ps3 is dead. xbox was always better and now u see y

  91. Mercury says:

    I got my playstation 3 on Nov 5 2010 and I only have 4 games. Im not as disappointed as many of the older and more committed members of Playstation, but I’d still like to play Online again. I believe Sony is trying its hardest to get it fixed and they probably feel like the rewards we get are just to keep us from getting an Xbox in the first place.

    Also, I think the hacker(s) that got into PSN, are either wanting a bigger reward than that’s already listed, want to upset the entire community, become famous, or wanted to see if they could hack into Sony’s network. Whatever the reason is, it’s not going to change the fact that they were wrong to do it.

    If (And I do mean if) Sony gets the network back up before summer vacation, I’ll be happy.

  92. callofdead says:

    psn is ON as we speak. just wanted to let u people know. bye. ill be playing zombies. hav fun an thanks sony for fixing it.

  93. jmr says:

    forget u its not on stupid

  94. damnit says:

    I have to agree with Mercury’s comment on the matter. Ill wait until it comes back up and continue to have fun shooting folks on cod.I would like to add, I still have not found what people find so great about XBox. Just the threat of switching to XBox is one of the most stupid comments I have found on most pages with rants of how Sony did people so wrong. If you really do the home work the PS3 spanks an XBox in so many ways. For a PS3 to connect to the internet wireless is free ( It’s built into the console). For an XBox it cost $97.00 for an wireless adapter. PS3 controllers have built in rechargeable battery. XBox users have to spend $27.00 per controller for a rechargeable battery pack. PSN is FREE and XBox live is around $60.00 a year.

    The fact of the matter is Sony did nothing wrong,the ass clowns who disrupted PSN are to blame and thats face it FREE really is better.

  95. Rebellious Girl says:

    This is BS!!! The only reason I got a PS3 is because I like to play Call of Duty online NOT offline!!! This SUCKS! C’mon SONY get the PSN working. What’s taking so long???

  96. Huh? says:

    Huh? dont believe this articule full of lies.

  97. Ex says:

    I would like to find whoever hacked the psn and beat them into a coma with their own computer.

  98. I got tons of games and still buy games, just bought Tron and Little Big Planet 2, I love playing online but at least this down time gives me the time to enjoy the actual games (Story Modes) instead of just playing the online features. The thing I do miss is Hulu Plus. I was able to watch Netflix up to today it stopped working today. dang it. I say Sony take you time and bring us something awesome and more secure, just when it comes on please give us something good. Thanks.

  99. hungry starvin says:

    wouldnt wanna be the 31st or im goin xbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  100. kellie wilder says:

    I’m not even a gamer but I am sick of this PSN being down for weeks upon weeks….seriously???? WTF??? I can’t even get on sites for photos, music, nada. They should heftily reimburse us with some kind of rewards for putting up with this ridiculous down time. Is it our fault they had a security system which was hacked???? NO but we are the ones suffering. Seriously?? 1 million in identity theft insurance .???Phooey!! that’s like a worthless piece of paper they are handing out. I want some REAL reward for putting up with all this. Give me a free game or something tangible.

  101. Mikeey says:

    Whoever says this is sony’s fault is like saying it’s the US’s fault for the 9/11 attacks

  102. justin says:

    finally sum real news……dont start that bull where ur gettin our hopes up… they r right im 19 n psn is my “me” understanding of the problem but not so much the solution. y cant u fix it while we r playin online.. many many many many people in this god for saken world have spent BIG bucks including me on psn and games n all we get in return is a swift kick n tha ass. sony, yall need to step ur game up this shit should have never happened n tha first place but instead u let the psn get hacked again before the first one gets fixed.. im a loyal psn user but ths is fuckin rediculious…come on sony i got faith n yall

  103. some guy says:

    Yeah I think Im done at this point. Im getting La noire next week, havent pre orderd it yet because i was hoping psn would be back up by now. trading mine iin after work.So disapointed because as a former xbox owner I know the ps3 is better when it works right. problem is i dont seeit working right for a long time

  104. Justin says:

    This is ridiculous…We should at least get some type of credit on our playstation account for the inconvenance.

    I love playstation so much and i dont to have to trade it for an Xbox but i might just have to. :(

  105. plumbdumb says:

    Sony had my business until thr latest delay. I will go to xbox and sell my ps3:for whatever i can get for it. Sony has executives have been less than honest and dont deserve our business any longer. Keep your welcome back package and your inferior network. I have been a supporter untilbthevlatest delay. Sony is saying what people want to hear but not any more Sony you can kiss my backside!!!!

  106. Aaron Wilson says:

    In Sony we trust!

  107. jason says:

    I support XBOX!!! Go U.S.A!!!

  108. odin says:

    i agree i love sony… i got better things to do then game but it is nice to game the odd time im not gonna go buy a 360 f that all i can say is this is fd up

  109. Double Aught Code says:

    I wouldnt touch my PS3 to the internet with Jack Tretton’s ****! I have been seeing research of actually ‘sniffing’ out PS3′s(mostly packets and such) across the net. Until they release us with a new update that has some sort of packet moitoring or modified SPI (possibility) firewall; or other type protection, you just put your crap at more risk …and possibly make it more impossible for SCEI to deal with this to an effective manner. The Unix hack I have posted elswhere can be used to attack the side of a PS3 that uses Unix protocols (Folding, Home, etc.). YES …thats how its done folks. Please fix this Sony…?

  110. Double Aught Code says:

    …if our consoles individual security is ignored; you can bet I will sale my PS3 (profile and all…)! Hate the XBox controllers but they at least allow blocking ‘non-friend messaging’.

  111. m says:

    Ive spent £200 on Fifa 11 Ultimate team this year and really this is the only game i like to play . Im not someone who sits on there console all day but i do like to play Fifa 2 to 3 hours a night , it has now got to the stage off taking the piss , i am sick off the excuses , Sony have become has bad has the hackers now with the time there taking . I think us ps3 players should all put some money together and pay any man or men that f**** up some off these hackers and i mean a good beating , if a fund is starting i will throw in some money . Or any ps3 lover see any off these geeks out on the town or about just kick there asses and make sure the world can see there black eyes . Bunch off geeks who think there so clever i swear they will get what is coming to em . They think just other geeks play ps3 ? they have pissed off some bad men .

  112. Paul says:

    I just want to state that there couldn’t have been a better time for the PSN to go down, since i’m not forced to actually study for my exams rather than stay up til 5 in the morning playing Dead Space 2 multiplayer, so i may come out of this a happy man with some decent passes!

  113. JULIO1019 says:

    anyone has netflix on their ps3, it still works. you dont have to be sign in to psn to be able to see use netflix. yea i know it asks for you to sign in, go ahead and click sign in, its gonna say playstation undergoing maintenance, ok well click again to sign in, by this time the ps3 should have connected to the netflix servers and youll be ready to watch netflix. whenever psn was on, yea i would sign in to watch netflix, but many off my homies would send me message invites to play games online,or it would show them sign in or sign out, that shit gets annoying when im watching a movie, so i would sign out of psn and continue using netflix even though i signed out. so dont forget, u dont need psn to use netflix because you are connecting to the netflix servers ,not any playstation servers.

  114. Auraenat says:

    Whoever is hacking into the Playstation network to try and “prove” a point or whatever needs to seriously grow up and stop. All it’s doing is aggravating the millions of people that use it to relax or meet other people around the world. Or here is something for them to think about, play games with their loved ones that don’t live in the same damn STATE as them! We want the network back up so BACK OFF! Come on Sony, get some sort of security that fries the hackers systems.

  115. Rich says:

    We need more than identity theft insurance, yea that’s only if we get money stolen from us, i think sony is going to make it a little hard to get the insurance, we also need a big discount on accessories and games, maybe some coupons like 50% off all products then ill be satisfied. SONY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING FOR US RIGHT NOW, WHILE WE WAIT FOR THEM, A NEW GAME IN SINGLE PLAYER WOULD BE NICE, START EMAILING US SOME GOOD COUPONS! Anything that will keep us from getting an XBOX360, i love my PS3, i don’t care for microsoft, but im ready to play!

  116. chris says:

    Carlsberg dont do computers…but if they did they would be the best computers in the world

  117. ds says:

    How is this not sonys fault. Are they a $2 company? Or a multi million dollar company if not more. They should have been making the network stronger since its psn’s creation. I love my ps3 and im not goin to xbox because of this, but i am pissed. Like someone posted earlier, playing on the network is our down time and being without sucks. There is a plus side and a down side to this whole thing which in every post has. Sony do your thing but speed it up please.

  118. JUST GET AN XBOX says:


  119. k k k says:

    i hacked

  120. k k k says:

    jk i dident ppl are so dum

  121. lil sweep says:

    wtf may 31 ight but yall jits need to chill there doing the best they can

  122. chris says:

    I have got a playstation and like all you gamers out there i miss playing on line. But lets not forget its down because some asshole some were out there has hacked into the system and has got lots of information and bank details. And don,t forget how bad it was on line before because of stupid people who thought it was cool to hack in and use cheets because they could,nt play fairly and earn there credits so lets hope that the new security sony are installing puts a stop to it once and for all so we can all enjoy our games

  123. Monkeys and footballs says:

    True they are having to do a lot of work but this not something they are starting from scratch. i do this for a living so i know whats involved. with the money and manpower sony is supposedly throwing around, something should fixed at this point. im not so angry at the time this is taking as i am the lack of preparation sony has displayed. with a security breach occurring earlier last month, they should of been on high alert but they fumbled the ball. then there is the lack of communication. the last few updates are very vague and basically just posted to say that there was an update. its very poor public relations. and as for the people who keep saying that we should stop complaining about “free” service being down, well its not free for some of us. i play DCUO, have netflix, and hulu plus so unless im compensated in some way for this (which doesnt look promising) i will have lost roughly $37.
    bottom line, sony was unprepared and is now looking like a fool.

  124. Aaron WIlson says:

    In Sony we trust!!!

  125. Furtalance says:

    dude u trust these A**H***S Sony…I DONT…i mean cme on im a doctor..i work all week like an ass in the hospital..n on saturday i jst want to play online with my 4iends n relax but i cant now….n ok i can be understanding….BUT ITS BEEN 5 weekends..i mean JESUS cme on….this is BULLS**T..! dnt u agree guys?

  126. clayton says:

    could someone help me understand.. my PS3 has been down since April, it will not turn on, i was under the impression that it was because of the network, now i am reading that people are playing online? Is this happening to anyone else, or is mine broken? Thanks.

  127. bir5586 says:

    no i don’t agree…if you really can’t wait switch systems…people complaining about it is not making the system back online any faster…so give us all a break on your non stop crying…just sit back and play offline or local co-op…

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