Sergio Vega announces he is not dead then gets killed

Sergio Vega began June 27 explaining to the public, and his mom, that he was not dead. Seems fans call the radio or newspaper on a regular basis to report that he has been killed. This in turn has always forced Vega to call his mom and comfort her, and inform the public he is alive. The events of June 27 took a tragically different course than in the past.
Sergio Vega
Sergio Vega was on his way to a concert. Vega and his band were reportedly traveling in a vehicle in the Sinoloa, Mexico area. An altercation took place with the passengers of a separate vehicle, and Sergio was shot and killed in the incident. Musicians who play narcocorridos, or ballads about drug trafficker exploits, are targeted by drug lords.

Some reports state that a vehicle loaded with armed men pulled up alongside Sergio Vega’s vehicle and fired off 30 rounds. The drug violence in Mexico has reach overwhelming proportions. Vega gained popularity with his brothers as Los Hermanos Vega in Phoenix in the 80′s, but returned to Mexico and performed under the name Los Reyes del Norte. Vegas retired in the year 2000, but later returned as a solo artist in 2004 and recorded several songs that made their way to the Billboard Latin Music Charts.

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