Casey Anthony: Possible To Find Jurors?

It has been three years since the missing report of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. The trial of Casey Anthony is finally moving forward. The case has received so much publicity however it may be difficult to find a jury that is impartial. Jury selection has been moved from Orlando and now they will be selected from Pinellas County which is in Clearwater, Florida.

casey anthonyDo you think that Casey Anthony will get a fair trial? Most people already know all of the details that the press has released. When this first happened it was getting non stop publicity in the news. There was both positive and negative twists being thrown when it came to Casey Anthony.

The attorneys for the prosecution and defense only have five days in which to find twelve jurors and eight alternates. Many people believe that this is too short of a time and will be impossible to find a proper jury. Do you believe it will be possible to find the right jurors? More to come on the Casey Anthony trial.

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