Meredith Vieira: Replaced By Ann Curry

If you watched NBC’s “Today” on Monday you would have seen Meredith Vieira make an emotional announcement. She told viewers that she would be leaving her post at the morning show in June. Ann Curry will be taking over her position as co-anchor.

meredith vieira“This is a difficult day for me – I’m gonna try to hold myself together here – but after months of personal reflection and private conversations with my family and my friends, I’ve decided to leave ‘Today,’” said Vieira, adding that she’d like to spend more time with her family. Meredith Vierira has been dealing with the struggle of her husband’s battle with multiple sclerosis and cancer. She will be in a new role at NBC News but an official announcement has not come yet.

Ann Curry has been with the show for 14 years and will transition from her post as a news anchor. Natalie Morales is going to take over for Curry. “I feel like the high school computer nerd who was just asked to the prom by the quarterback of the football team,” Curry said on the air on Monday. But she added, “I think this day is really Meredith’s. Meredith, I just want you to know you’ve been a gift to this broadcast. You have been generous, and you have been a great girlfriend.”

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