Playstation Network Down: May 9 Update False Reports

It seems that false reports are running all over the internet about the Playstation network down problem. Some random guy can say something and then the whole of the Playstation users are in an uproar. One of these rumors even said that this network would not be up until September and almost 20 people commented that they were going to Xbox. The sad thing is that report was totally false so they made a decision on a false report.

Another big false update on the Playstation network down issue is that the system is said to be up on May 31. Some say this is true and some say this is false so until it is confirmed by Sony let’s assume it is false. The last update that was on the official blog was on May 5 and said nothing about this happening. The false reports are causing quite a panic in the gaming industry and people are making rash decisions. There really isn’t much that we know so Sony is leaving people to make their own decisions and news.

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We ask that Sony would give real updates so that people would not go out and make up fake news. The Playstation network down problem is a big issue to its over 70 million users that play online. Pay some attention and give some regular updates so that no more rumors get started. The truth is no one knows when psn will be back online again.


  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for being smart. They had mentioned in the past that the Playstation Store or certain aspects might have to wait until the end of the month, and I think this is where the misconception originated. Hopefully, games will be playable online before that.

  2. Graeme says:

    Nice update dude I can’t believe how bad people are over reacting to the false rumors.

  3. says:

    Communication?…No really?…What was that Job title again?
    The only thing I’m miffed about is the total Lack Of Communication between Sony and its customers. Day after day It’s the same B.S.On the PSN BLOG Now it’s been 3 days without a single update from Mr. Seybold (Dir. of Communication)…Really?… HELLO…hello…hello…hello (Echo) I say as I stare at a seemingly abandoned PSN BLOG.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Lauren, Bloomberg is saying something differently my dear. Bloomberg is a respected source, and while you mean well, it’s tough to argue with the big cheese. They hold weight. So, many people who follow Bloomberg take it at the full monty. Check the link yourself,

  5. Xx-FALiMA-xX says:

    So what if playstation blog didnt post that the psn will be back up on may 31. it might be true it might not. all i know is that psn gave us to dates saying wen it would be back on. those are false to. like when they said it will be up on may 3, NOPE DIDNT HAPPEN. or when they said it will be up by the end of that week NOPE DIDNT HAPPEN. SO apparently sony is not even precise with what their doing or what their saying. its anyones game now to predict when psn is coming back.

  6. Eric says:

    Despite false rumors and people’s radical reactions to them. Sony is going to lose a lot of customers if they don’t take action or respond to it’s customers soon.

    While I love Sony, I think their lack of information is insulting.

  7. sony's fault says:

    Sony’s allowing the rumors to run rampant by bullcrapping everyone. A little communication goes a long way

  8. Joe says:

    Who cares it’s still to long. Now come on if it happen it will again Sony should hang it up

  9. good old boy says:

    its all true stop lying ps3 u know it and i know it

  10. guest says:

    i am loyal to PS3 and will never leave it even if i have to wait for years

  11. logic says:

    Well… PSN said it would be up last weekend……So… September is just as viable a date than next week is or last week was…. so far rumors have been MORE accurate than the official PSN statement.

  12. Really??? says:

    All i know is PS3 has been there for me and I will be there for it. AND I want some kind of welcome back gift!

  13. good old boy says:

    its not coming back up so go get a xbox sony screwed i got an xbox online for 150 new. Better get yours

  14. ramboy says:

    all the letters and written blogs have to stop. sony should just hold a live site on their situation for users to moniter the complexity of the problem. if not then, my left hand has 4 fingers that wanna bow down to them and the one middle finger standing tall yelling fudge them with all his might …

  15. ramboy says:

    if gifts are being discussed by sony execs then i want a different booth babe for 30 nights as a reward lol…

  16. Gunner55 says:

    I can only imagine what it takes to rebuild the entire network but the lack of updates has me buying an xbox. I just called a local Gamestop and they have had over 100 ps3 trade in’s for new & used xbox units. I’m a casual player but the risk far out weighs the rewards at this point. Loved my ps3 but this entire fiasco is a joke…good luck everyone

  17. JON says:

    lucky we are not paying for playstation network also they are testing thir new severs out after that they will put it back on online

  18. stargiss says:

    The May 31st rumor was a misunderstanding. At the press conference in Tokyo a while back Kaz Hirai said that PSN services would begin coming up by the end of the week and that full services would be restored by the end of the month. Full services means the PSN Store and other services, the first thing to come up is the gaming service. The recent statement simply reiterated Hirai’s statement and confirmed that all PSN services were still in line to be restored by the 31st. That does not mean that the gaming service will take that long. In fact, they are working on this and will be getting us back to gaming online as soon as they possibly can.

    Again…the gaming service of PSN is the first step in the restoration of service and is expected to be up well ahead of the other services which are scheduled to be restored on the 31st. That’s what the statement referred to…the PSN Store and other services will all be up by the 31st. The gaming service and Qriocity is expected to be running in advance of the 31st. People got bent out of shape over nothing.

    I admit that the recent statement was a little deceiving, especially to anyone that has not been following the PSNs progress closely. But it was simply referring to a previous statement made at the Tokyo press conference.

  19. …. no comment

  20. GUEST says:

    i like playstation 3, ive actually been using my ps3 more with the network down, ive gotten 4 platinum trophies since so far, working on my 6th

  21. kungfu_joe100 says:



  22. kungfu_joe100 says:


  23. kylesan says:

    @ Concerned Citizen

    Bloomingburg said this:

    “The company is in the process of adopting an improved security system and its plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged, he said.”

    Which is the original plan all along you idiot. Playstation said they’d bring up services in phases with online gaming being one of the first and the PSN store being one of the last the latter being toward the end of the month. It’s idiots like you that can’t read that are creating these “false reports”.

  24. kellie wilder says:

    rumor??? BLAH!! at the rate they are going it WILL be September before it’s up.

  25. Laughing at the retards says:

    So many retarded people out there. Yes, it will be coming back up. Yes, you can switch to Xbox if you prefer an inferior system. You will not be missed. Oh, and people who don’t even know the difference between their and they’re do not have an opinion that is worth considering. That is all.

  26. epicfail says:

    ps3 will be back up by x mas

  27. epicfail says:

    LOL thats what i think just high ball it that way when it actually does or doesnt work u wont be upset

  28. good old boy says:

    so some one is taken money out of my bank account sony

  29. JaY says:

    @Laughing at the retards – Xbox is an inferior system? I have both a 360 and a PS3, and you know what? I use my 360 a ton more than my “Glorified Blu-ray player” PS3. Live is in every way better than the PSN, better connections, more people, and best of all, NO DOWNTIME DUE TO HACKERS lol. I do love DCUO, but even on that I lost connection quite a bit. I bought this PS3 expecting it to impress me, and it has, but not in a good way. I’m on my 3rd system, and $170 each time to get a refurbished one is a joke. As for the trusty 360? I’ve had the same one since launch, and it’s still kicking. 1 problem with it, and not RRoD, the drive went out, and Microsoft actually fixed it for free. So my friend, your comment of “inferior system” is just another Sony fanboy comment that holds no meaning to some of us. The only “inferior system” out there right now is the Wii =P

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