PSN Store: What Are We Missing?

We all know about the Playstation network down problem. Besides for not allowing owners of Playstation 3s to play their favorite games online there has also been a delay in the release of a number of downloadable titles. What are you missing though? Is there anything worth getting upset over?

There are some titles that look pretty interesting but no matter what we are going to have to wait for the PSN store to get back up. We may have to wait until the end of May to actually play these games. The last date that the PSN store was up was April 19. Since then there have been two updates that were skipped.

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If the PSN store isn’t up until May 31 we will miss the below downloadable games:

Beyond Good & Evil – Ubisoft
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale – Atari (unconfirmed May release)
Gatling Gears – Electronic Arts
Hydrophobia: Prophecy – Dark Energy Digital
Outland – Ubisoft
Streets of Rage 2 – Sega
Under Siege – Sony


  1. mo says:

    well since psn has been down im geting battlefield bad company 2 withdraw symptons , come on playstation sort i out lol

  2. slakr says:

    You know whats funny i bought the ps3 partly to download FF7 and the day i bought it the server went down like it blows i have this system and i cant play the one game i really want to play shitty deal but the system is pretty cool and the games are fun and i waited this long So whats another 2 weeks right

  3. kenneth sikes says:

    yo chill dawgs xbox sucks

  4. Zarzivad says:

    i actually had to do a software update last night but i still cant get on psn though. maybe you guys should check for an update.

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