Playstation Network Down May 10

As I was searching for information for today’s update on the Playstation network down I decided to check out some videos on youtube to see what users were saying. If you haven’t been on there you should check out some of the videos to see just how bored some of these people are. Apparently some people are not as bored as others as many are disliking the lame videos that were put online. Have you made any rant videos on youtube?

playstation network down may 10The Playstation network down issue doesn’t seem like it is going to be fixed anytime soon. Some people are saying that it will be May 31 but there is no real confirmation of this. Unless you see it on the Playstation blog I wouldn’t believe too much that you hear floating around online. The last blog post that Sony made got a lot of negative comments so I can see why they hate to update.

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Since April 20th players have not been able to play their favorite games. It can be very frustrating when all you are trying to do is let a little stress out after you get off work. If you’ve already watched all the movies that are good and it’s raining outside, what are you supposed to do? Maybe you’ll make a Playstation network down youtube video.


  1. alex says:

    yeahhhhh i agree. im feelin you in every thing u wrote about. but sony should atleast update with real info :/

  2. gregory says:

    playstation is DEAD TO ME !!!! if they really cared they would be honest and allow there die hard people to support them!! but no !! they are sooooo wanting everyone money !! they want to keep everyone in the dark!!! its just wrong. I was a die hard!! the least you can do is be honest. give us a date !!!! but no even the die hards are not important to sony.!!! PLAYSTATION !! YOU CAN HAVE THEM !! they cant even protect you from a 14 year old !!! they needed to go down !! hopefully microsoft will use this to just wipe them OUT !!!! PLAYSTATION STAY DOWN FOR EVER !!! WE DONT CARE ANY MORE !!!

  3. lee says:

    Just a comment, yes people can play their games. single player does exist you know. way before online was even thought of masses of people settle down for a thursday street fighter tournament! and in many ways that was much better!!

  4. Freddie says:

    i agree with you guys . If Sony Posted real updates with whats going on maybe all of this negative things wouldnt be happening . People are just really mad because most people sold their xbox for ps3 . such as “me ” i just Hope Sony gets psn running back up ASAP . Their trying their hardest but at least keep us informed with whats going on u know ?

  5. cherryblaster says:

    The bottom line is that Sony is dealing with a legal matter right now. So they can not give out too much info until the investigation is over plus this is what is holding them back from getting things up and running. I just wished people would have a little more patience. When they have solid info I have no doubt Sony will tell us whats going on.

  6. cruznik69 says:

    network network network games are different then they used to be with short single players and awesome online multi-player how is single player gona hlp me u beat it in a hour wana play the same single player game agian hour later now what?????????

  7. Fer says:

    As Iee said and very well said, online gaming hasnt only separated us from the world, it has turned peoplen into impatient as>¥£€£s people, if you still have friends, if you still socialize, if you have a BRAIN do what i do, i organize a gaming day, i tell everyone i know to come by my house, we setup 3 or 4 tvs they bring, and we make a Lan party with red dead redemption, black ops, hell we even play sports champions and its SOOO much better than playing alone online. Cuz playing online you really are alone.

  8. EvilKlown100 says:

    Uhhhh, guys. There is such a thing a single player. In the meantime my and my mates have enjoyed having a good game on GTA4. 10 minutes each then switch to the next person no matter where you are. Sometimes it can be quite funny when the switch happens in a police fight or a police car chase XD.

  9. Spencer says:

    I cannot believe this… Everyone I know has gone out and bought an XBOX because all the rumors will be true, meaning when this is all done Playstation will be charging for anline play because of there monster screw up they have lost over a million customers in three weeks.. They should fire the guy at the top for being so dumb. I’m sure the next one will be as dumb but will want to keep his paycheck a little longer.. UN_HAPPY!!! Over at my neighbors playing the NEW boards for Black Ops that we have to wait a month to get but it won’t matter because we can’t play anyway…

  10. Spencer says:

    This would be a good time for someone to start making Apps for my android so I can play online Black Ops from my phone or GT5..Never playing to buy another SONY product again….

  11. Mason says:

    How about u people quit complaining. For god sakes!! Sony just got hacked and u all r mad at them!!! I totally support sony. I’ve been a playstation fan since before playstation 1 came out. Its free, its fun, and its just the same as xbox to me. everybody just be patient!! They’ll be back online soon. Think about uncharted the game. While people are switching over to xbox, they’re all forgetting about uncharted 3. so im just saying that its not sony’s fault.

  12. tits migee says:

    well they can take as much time as they need just make it unhackable

  13. sloppy poop migee says:

    go go gah gah im a vewy hungy babyalso i love tits and boobs

  14. bir5586 says:

    really i don’t see why everyone complaining like cry-babys >(…yes sony online gaming network is down but its not the end of the world…true fans stay no matter what…and i’m staying

  15. koolbabe2010 says:

    Sony have my full support,I dont care how long it takes coz it will be bigger and better than it ever was,thats why its taking so long to come back online,coz theyre getting it right.Definitely worth waiting for,I hope all the defectors enjoy the 3 red lights on their xbox coz thats all they can look forward to,plus paying for the privilege of being online.Take your time Sony coz its just making me more excited about when we get back online.By the way,goodbye to all the jerks that gave me such a hard time online coz of my incredible scores,I wont be missing you.LOL

  16. Mike says:

    It appears Sony has posted another useless update:

    May 10
    I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

    Really????, This is the update they post… a few more days… They’ve also added the requirement of having to sign into PSN (which we all know is down) before leaving a comment on their latest update.

    On a side note is anyone aware of Cinavia? This copyright protection that actually affects the PS3. I make copies of all dvd’s that I own as I am allowed, by law, to make 1 copy. Well, Sony decided that they were going to install this Cinavia copyright protection onto EVERYONE’S PS3 via an update. Yes, if you’ve updated your PS3 you now have this degrading feature. What this does is lets you play a copied movie for about 20 minutes, at which point the sound is muted and a message comes up stating that this is not the original dvd. The same dvd has no playback problems when a dvd player is used. This message will also appear if you use a external hd as a media server.

    So Sony really is digging their own grave here. How many people are Sony going to piss off before they realize what they are doing? Even when they get PSN up again people are going to hack it. Sony has made too many enemies!!!

  17. dude says:

    now Sony is saying a couple more days yea right more like a couple more weeks

  18. haters move on says:

    to all of you haters saying “screw sony i am going to xbox” they dont care. No one cares. Shit happens people get hacked things go down if thats too much for you to handle thats just sad. If an online game being down is really ruining your life that much thats even more pathetic.

  19. nano says:

    I need a beer:(

  20. Zach says:

    I find the extent of the downtine to be a bit rediculous. I mean they’re a billion dollar corporation and it is taking them well over a month from what I have read to get PSN back online again. :/

  21. i am suing yall for not working hard!!!! i will call the company right now believe dat!!!!!!!!!

  22. i am suing yall right now believe that!!!

  23. please work hard

  24. Very disatisfied with the outcome of progress in restoring PSN. They are BSing us day by day, same story everytime we hear a response from PS3 CEO and workers. What they are doing is CAMPING, lol, NOOBZ…

  25. Aaron wilson says:

    In Sony we trust

    Lol some idiot said single player is stupid cos ya beat em in an hour! Lol u played fallout 3? Or red dead redemption? Newb!

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