Biggest Loser May 10 2011 Results: Who Got Eliminated On Bigger Loser 5/10/11

Tonight, Biggest Loser May 10 2011 results is the week before the semifinals. The final four contestants will be revealed tonight. Who do you think will make the cut? Who get voted out of Biggest Loser 5/10/11 results?

biggest loser may 10 2011 resultsThe trainers will test each of the contestants to find out what they have learned on Biggest Loser May 10 2011 results. Whoever wins is going to be seeing some serious green. The contestants are also going to be put into competition with each other in four different exercises while they play “The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout” on Kinect for Xbox 360. This will give them a chance to rack up some more points for their overall test score.

That’s not the end of the test though. They are going to have another test that involves weighted sandbags. Whoever wins the challenge gets a weigh in advantage which will increase their chance of being in the final four. Check back here because we will be posting the results of who got eliminated on Biggest Loser 5/10/11.

Update: Austin Andrews got voted off, getting two votes.


  1. Gretchen Eaton says:

    Due to severe weather the last 45 minutes of The Biggest Looser was not shown. Who was eliminated?

    As a loyal follower again this season, I want to know.

    Gretchen Eaton

  2. Gretchen Eaton says:

    I did just leave a message above!!!!! The weather took over the coverage on The Biggest Looser for the last 45 minutes of the program, so who was eliminated?

  3. Gretchen Eaton says:

    Who got eliminated tonight, May 10, 2011 from The Biggest Looser?? Bad weather in the area pre-empted coverage until 9 pm?

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