Mexican Governor Candidate Assassinated

A popular candidate for governor in Mexico was assassinated along with at least four other people today. Rodolfo Torre Cantu, age 46, was on his way to to a campaign event when gunmen opened fire on his motorcade. Mexican violence has reached an all time peak. As most often is the case, suspects are drug cartels in the fierce ongoing fighting and rivalry going on between two major drug traffickers known as the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel in the Tamaulipas area which borders Texas on the gulf.

The election was scheduled for July 4, and Torre, a congressman and surgeon, was trying to slip in some last minute campaigning. Torre represented the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) The PRI controls the Tamaulipas, where the major fighting is taking place. He was also ahead in the polls. So many are angered that so many useless killings are taking place in what appears to be a lawless land.

The assassination took place when two campaign vehicles were transporting Torre, his aides, and security to the airport outside the state capital. The vehicles were found mid-morning with the windows shattered by bullets, and the doors were open and bodies lay sprawled on the roadway. Torre’s face was reportedly painted on the side of one of the assassination vehicles. Interior Minister Fernando Gomez Mont was reportedly heading to Tamaulipas to aid in the criminals being brought to justice commenting, “We cannot permit these kinds of acts that affect the peace and security of Mexicans.”

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