PSN Down: Playstation Network Down

PSN Down: Playstation Network Down -

Well the PSN down problem has been making it into many local newscasts. One in Virginia spoke with local gamers and asked their opinion about the outage. Most of the users were considerably outraged about the outage that has been going on since April 20. The Playstation network down has been irritating teens and adults alike.

How have you been dealing with PSN down? Many people are worried about their credit card information being stolen. For US users Sony is providing identity theft insurance of $1 million but what about the other countries? Another thing that they are trying to do to say sorry for the Playstation network down problem is offering a “welcome back” package. How are they supposed to welcome anyone back when they can’t get the network up though?

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Everyone is going to have to continue waiting for their favorite games to be back online. Most of the people talking about getting games back online are clamoring for Black Ops. What is your favorite game and why? We are hoping that the Playstation network down problem will be fixed soon but its not looking so bright.


  1. georgieporgie says:

    I just want my Back to the Future game episodes…

  2. BigGunz72 says:

    Everyone doesn’t need to continue to wait, go buy either a: (1) Wii; or (2) Xbox360, done no more waiting for online multiplayer game.

  3. nerdie says:

    If the first update does not have other os and homebrew capabilities in the next update, it will likely be hacked again.

    No sense shooting themselves in the foot again, might as well add those features, it can only make psn better

  4. Jake The Snake says:

    I was fine until Netflix stopped working yesterday. Now I am getting pissed, I don’t get much PS time and now I get no TV time. No, I don’t have cable TV and I live to far from a major city to get antenna signals, so yes netflix is my TV. I can still watch crap on my computer but its not the same. Looks like Sony really wants to try and p everyone off….except the Fan-boys of course.

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