Top Chef Masters May 11, 2011 Results

There will be a surprise location on Top Chef Masters May 11, 2011. Where do you think they will be? The chefs are going to be taking on the challenges and making it an interesting night. Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 5/11/11? Read the results here.

top chef masters may 11 2011Tonight the guest on Top Chef Masters May 11, 2011 results show is Maroon 5. The chefs must work hard to please the members of the band and see if they can make a meal fit for a rock star. Before they do this each chef must critique fellow chef’s dishes. Do you think they will tell the truth about the other chefs dishes?

There are four ladies and three men that remain on the show. Do you think a lady or man will be sent home tonight? What are you predictions about the show? Keep an eye out because we will post who got eliminated on Top Chef Master 5/11/11 soon.

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