America’s Next Top Model May 11, 2011 Results

Are you excited about America’s Next Top Model May 11, 2011 results? This is the second to the last episode of the show. Are you ready to find out who the final two models are? Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 5/11/11?

americas next top model may 11 2011The models that are left will receive a visit from Tyra when they struggle through a talk show correspondent challenge. Finally the task turns into a shoot that will include a male model. The models are nervous. They find it hard to contain their composure on America’s Next Top Model May 11, 2011 results.

Who is the judge? Ivan Bart which is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models. Who will be his pick for the final two for next week? Do you think it will be Brittani Kline, Hannah Jones or Molly O’Connel that will be leaving? Check back here for America’s Next Top Model 5/11/11 results.

Update: Hannah Jones was eliminated.


  1. Linda Richards says:

    i wish Tyra would have a show where she goes back to season 1 and let us know where some of the one’s that did not win where they are at now. I think it would really be interesting to know if they went on to modeling or what career they took after the show.

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