Survivor Redemption Island May 11, 2011 Results

Survivor Redemption Island May 11, 2011 results is coming down to the end of the last episode of the season with only one more to go. There are four inhabitants in redemption island and five castaways. What will their challenge be tonight? Who will get immunity and who gets voted out of Survivor 5/11/11?

survivor redemption island may 11 2011As the finale gets nearer and near tension and conflict arise. Two castaways bond as they have a common enemy. What will this bond do to the rest of the crew? With all of the trouble no one is safe.

Who do you think will leave among the inhabitants next? It seems that Andrea is the popular choice. What are your thoughts? Check back here to find out who was eliminated on Survivor May 11, 2011.

Update: Ralph gets eliminated being the 4th jury member; Grant gets voted out, getting 3 votes

Ashley wins immunity

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