Meghan McCain: Naked Skin Cancer Prevention Video

Meghan McCain along with several other famous young ladies have decided to make a stand against skin cancer. They stripped of their clothing and went atop a roof. In December Meghan McCain tweeted: “Well, I’ve never been half naked on the roof of a building in front of a group of strangers b4, give it up to the girls who took it all off.” No doubt that this was pretty confusing to quite a few people but now we know what is going on.

meghan mccainThe message from Meghan McCain and the other girls was simply that you should not go outside without sunscreen. Each girl told a story of something that they did naked. Things like going on a date, walking their dog etc. The whole thing came down to if you go outside without sunscreen you may as well be naked.

The video was wholesome enough I suppose but it did get more than a few glances from people that were interested in seeing the Mr McCain’s daughter in the buff. Were you one of the people that got drawn in by the “naked” title? If you want to see the video you can watch it below.

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