Playstation Network Down: When Will Playstation Network Be Back Online? May 12

The only update that we have truly had about the Playstation network down problem was that it would be up in a “few days”. The last deadline Sony gave said a couple of days and it has been weeks so what could a few days be? Everyone is asking “When will Playstation network be back online?” but all we get in a few days? The vague information is leaving rumors to run wild.

playstation network down may 12Sony said they have people working around the clock on the Playstation network down problem. Many gamers believe that they should hire more people to work on the problem instead of spending time litigating with the hackers. No one is really sure who exactly hacked the network but some people say it is Anonymous. Who do you think hacked the network?

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Not only have the games been offline but the Playstation store that offers downloadable games has not been able to be updated since in April. Some people are playing Wii or Xbox until the network comes back up. Some of the games allow you to play multiple players so why not get some friends to come over and play together? You can make it through the Playstation network down problem.


  1. Im That One Guy says:

    first! Well, I can wait. Its no big deal for me.

  2. Kris Shiplet says:

    The worst part about PlayStation Network being down is I can’t use NetFlix on my PS3 in the meantime. It started off not affecting it but for the last two weeks or so, we’ve had to use our Wii for it and thus sacrifice HD. I say if it continues, they give us all three full months free of PlayStation Plus. I’m a loyal PS guy. My first system I bought was a PS1 and I would never even think about trading in my PS3 for a XBOX 360 (no Blu-ray, duh!). I just want to be able to get online again!!!

  3. maverick12ga says:

    this is all a bunch of BS if you ask me,sony has done put all our credit cards information behind a security system a kid could get,dosent make no sense at all sony sould give use access to the latest games to download except some stupid classic games i mean wtf????????????????????????

  4. Philip says:

    I will never switch 2 xbox or wii I’ll just sweat it out. No big deal as long as my personal information wasn’t stolen.

  5. Aaron Chapman says:

    But I don’t have any friends. =/

  6. Cameron says:

    Bull crap it’s been down for almost a month playstation users should know exactly what is going on and when will it be back up I want to play Black Ops online but I CANT mutiplayer gets boring after you play it for 4 WEEKS we the Playstation Users of Sony need a date if not that we should have PSN credit 20 dollars in our account will do it to satisfie us from being offline for for weeks I was going to switch to XBOX but you have to pay to play online, but that doesn’t mean I won’t I’m sure if PSN doesn’t come back on I’m sure me and other PSN users are willing to make that desicion and pay for XBOX Live I have a XBOX 360 in my room I don’t use it for that problem for paying for online but I will switch to that and return my PS3 I still have th reciept. So my point is to Sony we need a date and time if not that PSN Credit $20 to say welcome back :(

  7. dude says:

    i know a guy who works at sony i was told by sunday it should be on

  8. Jonathan says:


  9. callofdead says:

    in other words, playstation wont be back on for a while. i heard that may 31 is when it officially comes back. if the date of may 31 roles by and no psn is back on, then i think psn will virtually have no customers to play it becuz everyone had already gone to the xbox. i hope that doesnt happen becuz i like the ps3.

  10. milo078 says:

    I really dont think that Sony even knows when the PSN will be back on. Seems like they need to hire a couple of hackers to get the job done. I’m pretty faithful to Sony and willing to wait for as long as it takes…..its not like im losing any money.

  11. kenny says:

    really, I been really patience, but you not what…. I am starting to get tired…… days are equals to years in sony language

  12. MLRasta says:

    Sony Sony Sony , whats the deal mang . Are you guys really testin our loyalty . My loyalty is runnin thin . I got an xbox and playin black ops wit it , while my ps3 is collectin dust . I hate xbox controller . how da hell you pay to play online on the xbox and yet its laggin . Ps3 does da the same thing and online its free . I dont get it . I just hope these xbox fan boys stop hypin up the xbox . Come on sony , i need a date from you guys when the psn will be back up not from these people , who are just throwing dates out there . I dont know why these ps3 user trade their ps3 for xbox . i wont trade my ps3 in until SONY says that the ps3 wont be back up anymore then ill trade it in . Dont hate cuss i bought an xbox , i work and i could afford it , thats why . But i still miss my ps3 .. ive been wit playstation since 95 . if playstation didnt go down da way it did , i will never bought an xbox . Sorry im a online gamer . I like those offline games to but i get bored real quick wit it . I just might buy me a wii next time , nintendo was my first console love . lol . They need to bring back Syphon filter on the ps3 or xbox . That game right there was the truth . Come on sony my 1 month membership wit xbox is almost over . lol . i need my ps3 runnin again . well i shouldnt really complain it only cost a $1 for 1 month membership wit xbox . lol . yup .

  13. uh huh says:

    yeah you can play it with friends but thats no fun having your screen get split into four different parts. and not being able to play with more than four people..gets boring..easily. I’v already switched over to’s gotta get their act together and stop lieing..then maybe i would have waited for them if they would give an exact date, but no..they keep lieing to us.

  14. Cursed says:

    Xlink guys google it you can play peope online

  15. Bob says:


  16. Russian says:

    Put it back on I want to play Cod and use netflix

  17. Ryan says:

    My Ps2 has gotten me through the Sony depression.

  18. I loved Sony, before this, but it has been too long. They keep promising a date, but they don’t keep it. I mean, I cannot continue to put up with Sony and the time that it is taking them to fix this. From ‘a few days; to 3 to 4 weeks is ridiculous.

    Sort your problems out Sony, and then gain my trust back. This is RIDICULOUS.

    Death to hackers!

  19. kungfu_joe100 says:


  20. Jake says:

    Why do I get the feeling that Microsoft are the hackers…

  21. Gamerkid says:

    I mad cause I just bought my pap go a week ago but I can wait for great things

  22. Paul89 says:

    The psn is down fair enough, but Sony have handled the whole thing very bad in terms of business. You would think by the size of the company they would have the knowledge and expertise on how to limit the affect of losing it’s good reputation when something bad happens no matter what it is. The communication is very poor. They should know DAILY and ACCURATE updates should be given particularly when personal details are at risk. I think they forget they are dealing with 70 odd million people.
    The message they gave on May 10 is actually so bad the guy that wrote it should get the sack. Saying stuff like we are unaware and unsure in updates is just very bad. Have Sony never heard of Business Continuity Management? Appears not.

  23. Breaun says:

    I have been playing several campaigns on playstation and now it is becoming quite boring and lonesome. I have been very patient and I can still 2 or 3 weeks, however I would not like to. I hope the network come up soon and it needs to be more secure than ever. Can’t wait to get back online.

  24. Breaun says:

    I have been playing several campaigns on playstation and now it is becoming quite boring and lonesome. I have been very patient and I can still 2 or 3 weeks, however I would not like to. I hope the network come up soon and it needs to be more secure than ever. Can’t wait to get back online.

  25. Erika says:

    Well i dnt like dat online isnt workin, but im still able 2 use my netflex jus continue 2 press x instead of o it will go thru. Hope it jus goes up soon.

  26. daddy kane says:

    Yesterday i played xbox black ops and even though it was a fun game i did not like the control it just felt wrong when i hold the ps control it feels right like it was meant for me lol im still being patient about this whole situation even though its hard. Ill tell you this i am not templ
    Ted to get a xbox! !!

  27. Ted Helly says:

    Netflix still works. There is a way to bypass. sign in and then when error message comes up press 0. Try a few times and it will work!

  28. Garret says:

    Sony just needs to get their act together, I can wait, but if its longer than another month, I’ll get pissed. I WANT MY ROCK BAND 3 TRACKS!!!

  29. Garrett says:

    Microsoft hacked PSN!!!

  30. I think it’s messed-up the system is down but you can’t blame Sony for somebody else’s folly. Everybody was playing offline before they got the blessing power of Online, but anyone with Sony need to be strong and get the people who did this outragous crime aganist us.

  31. beast003 says:

    PSN, get your sh!t together!! Everyone is trying to track the hackers and really not fosus on the MAIN ISSUE!!! The main issue is FIX PSN BACK ONLINE!!! I am sick and tired of playing the “SIT AND WAIT” game…What pisses me off the most is, all your f**ken updates are nothing but bunch of BS after BS, ohhh, and more BS after the BS mentioned before…At least give us an accurate and precise date on restoration, give us some hope…overall, we are your customers and we deserve to know WHEN WE’RE ABLE TO GAME ONLINE!!!! You first stated that online will be back up within 2 days, then by the end of the week, then by the end of the weekend, then now you’re saying it could take until the end of May, then you’re say it can be up any day?????????? WTF is going on??!!!!!!…I did not pay well over $600 + dollars and pre order games just to F**KEN babysit my PS3 and watch how good my console collects dust!!! I think I’m speaking for everyone who is a true PS3 gamer when I say “HURRY THE F**K UP AND RESTORE PSN SO WE CAN OWN NOOBS”…also, when you find the HACKERS, you have MY PERMISSIONG TO BEAT THEM SENSELESS AND TATOO “PS3″ ON THEIR F**KEN EYEBALLS!!!!

  32. Jeremy says:

    Not ALL ps3 users have abandoned ps3. I just sold my 360 a month ago. The same day they shut the network down mind you; and I purchased a ps3. I have to admit I was disappointed when I tried to play black ops online, but I am not going to jump on the “I’m impatient and spoiled cuz I can’t play online so I am going to switch to 360″ bandwagon. Well, if you guys want to switch to xbox then more power to ya. I’ve noticed the incredible difference between the systems and PS3 is still on top to me. In the long run you will spend more buying the system(unless you already have one) and paying for the use of xbox live. So, till the psn comes back online I will be working on my trophys a lot more. It’s crazy how once you get something people are spoiled and when their are technical difficulties and its gone for a short period people became rude about it and spoiled. Years ago there wasn’t online gaming with old systems. You guys didnt care then! Stuff happens…get over it. I want the network back up as much as the next person. Too people who keep making comments about go outside and do stuff..get over yourselves. I work a full time job(45 hours a week, sometimes more) I do my own yardwork, my own laundry, make time to visit my family. My down time is playing my playstation. My life doesnt revolve around gaming as I’m sure not every other gamers lives either. So, before you JUDGE; get your facts straight.

  33. Slug_In_Ya_Nutz says:

    Not sure why some of you state you can’t watch Netflix on PS3… yeah it tries to get you to log into PSN, but just OK through it twice and BAM you are watchin’ Netflix Streaming through PSN.

  34. PRAY_4_WAR says:

    If you have a problem with Sony, email support on They always email you back, an answer to your question, though it might not be the answer you’re looking for. Make somebody do some work around there. I’ve been emailing them everyday (sometimes twice a day) letting them know how I feel about all the lies they’ve told. I suggest everybody do the same, let them know about your frustration. I’ve been a Sony customer for 16 years, spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on Sony equipment and games. WE DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT! Not to be lied to on a regular basis by these clowns.

  35. deadbodyman says:

    People read a book 3/4 of you already can’t spell to save your life and its sad too, they have spell check on the message board,the other 1/4 have bad grammar it would help you i promise. Secondly seriously people quit complaining I know it sucks I know you want it back but complaining isn’t gonna make it come back any quicker ok? Thirdly, I can wait just dusted off my NES action set figured i’d geek out old school until psn comes back on then sell it. Did you know one in the original box is selling for 200 bucks online? yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh budddddyyyyyyyy…………… MARIO HERE I COME

  36. Luke says:

    Ok lets get realistic here ppl. While all of u are siting on your couches crying over a broken TOY, why dont you show a little compassion for our japanese brothers and sisters. Not only have they sufferd from earthquakes, nuclear melt downs, and tsunamies but now their econamy is taking a big hit. So why dont we all have a moment of silence for those who have shown us what true HONOR is over the senturies and for those who were lost in the disasters.

  37. MizzThang says:

    I think xbox or an xbox fan did it!!!! ahhhh i miss my psn….but i will never cross over to the dark side…aka xbox….So people just need to get over it and be patient, because honestly, if psn came back up and got hacked again, people would be highly upset that Sony didnt take extra care to make sure it didnt happen again….So as much as im VERY FUSTRATED! i’d rather wait so that this is the ONLY TIME!!!

  38. Andi says:

    Sony your a joke i have two playstations and gear worth upto £700 and you can’t even be arsed to give us an update each day letting us know the latest if you don’t know the fkin latest just admit it, if some smart kid as beat all your overpaid researchers then just face it you ain’t got a clue and you have no idea how your going to solve this any time soon when you do update us a few days you sayeach few days update has been equivilant to a week your pathetic, try make some decent single player games because the GT and GTA are fkin sh!te!

  39. Michael says:

    Paul89, I completely agree. The communication as been very poor, to say the least. Waiting for PSN to come back doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is their lack of communication with us customers and users. It’s pretty sad, actually. They should be giving fresh updates daily. Even if it’s bad news, I would still like to know about it.

  40. johntavius mobley says:

    i cant wait when the network come its on mortal kombat who tryin to see me

  41. Bored in Alaska says:

    The cyber security director for Sony needs to take up the tradition as the days of old. He failed, he needs to take a kodachi to the gut.

  42. killrek says:

    Guys I know how much this sucks. I know that you wanna play online. Hell I miss playing mag, I miss mt netflix, I miss talking shit in lobbys. We just need to wait a little longer. Don’t go buy an xbox cuz watch u go and buy one the it comes back online. And think of this if you go out and by an xbox you have to buy the games again, then the DLC because the original maps are boring, and you have to pay for online play. So let’s just go with blops. That’s 60 for the game 30 for maps, and 60 to play online. That’s 150 not including tax or the price of the xbox. Is it really worth it? Can you not just wait save your money and buy something else like you NEED?

  43. killrek says:


    Why give an update if nothing has changed? So we can get more pissed?

  44. MV says:

    Im tired of waiting! Instead of fighting the hackers, Sony should pay a couple of those anonymous clowns to fix the whole damn thing and track the people responsible! obviously Sony cant do it themselves considering its been 3 WEEEEEKKKSSSS! Hurry the bleep up!

  45. ugene29 says:

    This is getting really old, I cant play MAG or DCU. I have to pay $15 a month to play DCU and all that Sony wants to do is give me a free month of your crappy Playstation Plus. I allready have PS Plus and its totally lame, “I want my money back – screw Playstation Plus”. Not to mention the new Mortal Kombat I just bought and cant play online. I’ll allways be a Playstation fan, but Sony your really drop’n the ball on this over and over again.

  46. Michael says:

    Hmmm, not sure why my other comments weren’t posted, but whatever.

    killrek, IMO, anything is better than nothing. I’m just tired of not hearing anything from them. It’s been almost a week since their last real blog update.

  47. Cursed says:

    Guys get xlink you can play online with your ps3

  48. Zeldin says:

    This really sucks, i agree with all you guys about the lack of communication from Sony. i only started playing online a few months ago and i was immediately hooked. i mainly play ACB and modern warfare 2 and its great fun. but unfortunately we have to wait along with 77 million psn users and hope that Sony GETS THEIR STUFF TOGETHER SO WE CAN ALL PLAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. derrick says:

    Stop complaining everyone and go get a flipping hobby!!! If you need something gaming wise it’s not like you pay for PSN so go buy some old used cheap offline games at yo local game store and catch up on games you’ve not played because you spend your life online. I admit I’m a bit upset about it being down because I’m a online FPS fanatic along with many other online game types. I do check online for updates on the matter but I in no way am going to cry about it on every blog page. I honestly get more entertainment reading all these “I’m going to abandon Sony” comments. I own a PS3, XBOX, Wii and PS3 have my vote 100% easily especially when I compare the stack of games per console. So all you little titty babies stop crying get off the tit and go get a life. I’m a adult gamer too but for some this is a perfect time to get up off your fat butts go to the gym, walk your dog, meet your neighbors, say hi to your wife, kids or girlfriend for that matter. I know all those PS3 and Xbox girl breaking videogame console should stop uploading for a while LOL…

    I’m done ranting everyone just chill and we’ll all be back online in no time because honestly I can wait a month to allow Sony to make be sure my information is safe. I don’t know about everyone else but we seem to be all missing the BIGGER PICTURE and Ummmmmm IDENTITY THEFT is no joke and I value my credit and personal information..


  50. BOB says:

    Sony doesn’t want us to know when the network is coming back up, so the hackers don’t plan an attack on them while they’re bringing the servers back up, this is an information war, if you haven’t heard already

  51. pissed off ps3 owner says:

    this sucks, im almost about done with Playstation and about to get a Xbox; i have waited and waited with no signs of PSN to come back online; i havent played the games, i watch netflix off the ps3; i paid $400 for the system and afraid it may be worthless to sell it back; maybe its time to switch to just PC games; how long do we wait until we give up on Sony; i miss playing Black Ops online, I made the mistake of getting Mortal Kombat before the PSN came back online; i want to get a few more other games that are out and coming out soon, but i wont waste my money unless PSN is back on; now rumors that it will be June before PSN is back on just sickens me; how long until i leave Playstation for Xbox? maybe this weekend i will see how much i can get for my PS3 and trade it in for a Xbox

  52. Noa says:

    I think that PSN rocks! Along with Apple i LOVE SONY! Most of all Apple, but i do agree Playstation needs to get a grip! Huh!

  53. nolan says:

    I just hope it will be back soon

  54. that guy says:

    Xbox employees hacked ps3 so they can be the only gaming system. Lol actually I wouldn’t put it past Bill Gates to do so since he has stole “Netscape navigator” and slapped “Internet explorer” on it.

  55. Sam Wilber says:

    Why does everyone think Sony can just push a button and bring PSN back up? They got hacked! Obviously they are fixing the problem, and need to make their security better. If they put it up now the hackers would just hack them again! You guys can go a couple more days without video games. Just relax and wait.

  56. beast003 says:

    ok…i lost all hopes in PSN…XBOX, here I come…I’ll be back when PSN comes back, maybe restoration will be sometime the next YEAR OR SOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  57. John Cassabria says:

    Ok, Listen guys, It took 3 years for these people to hack the Playstation 3 itself. Sony is also hosted by the Japanese, they own billions of products, the PS3 is just a video game system, if you have to sit here and complain over a Video Game its time for you to get out of the house, and spend some time out side. Like, Yea, I’m upset the PSN is down, but I’m not complaining, I’m congratulating the people who hacked a video game system produced by Sony (Japanese Company) its nearly impossible for a Kid or teenager to do that, It would take an experienced Computer Programmer or Video Game Designer to even know what to do. I’m a hacker myself, and I’ve been hacking websites, Video Games (Not Systems), Computer Games etc for 15 Years, Its my job I get paid to do what I do, and Its nearly impossible for a normal person to hack a Video game System. Its time for everybody here to stop acting like children and grow up. Also, Its very hard to trace a hacker through a Video Game System especially if they hacked it using their own System and Computer. Not to mention they most likely have an IP address randomizer and a Strong Anti-Virus; also, you can’t trace where the hackers are if the software/computer/system is turned off/unplugged or disabled. So, please study and pay attention in school if you want to succeed, Its no use trying to complain to them. When it fixed its fixed, lighten up and let loose.

  58. inospd says:

    Its dumb even with single player/split screen. COD black ops for example is too easy on hardened…. but on veterean they are retared, THEY HAVE NO RECOIL AT ALL!!!,… THEY ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU AT, even when they facing other direction they instantly turn around and shoot… THEY KILL U WITH 3 BULLETS even witha PISTOL!!! WTF!!!! FIX THE DAMN SINGLE PLAYER AT LEAST!!!! Make an update or something, because its not even fun, i been playing single player Sega Tenis… thats how sad it is. TREARCH (dunno how its spelled) fix the damn game so at least i can practice before the network goes back online.

  59. CBK_iCEMAN says:

    As Leader of my squad i have noticed that PSN being down has brought our squad closer together that we all wait for when we can Sign in. Just like everyone else im waiting for PSN the longer they wait the more money they lose i think they are working around the clock because recent PSN Bank update they have lossed 1.4 billion dollars you think there just sitting on there ass laughing at PSN? Look on the bright side every weekend weekday and hardcore gamer knows PSN is down. So do the game companys if i might add i dont think we will have problems with ppl hacking Mw2 or Black ops any time soon.

  60. grow up says:

    u guys are pathetic, for the ppl that r complaining, go outside for awhile enjoy the sun. Im 16 and ya i care that the network is down too but im not complaining about it. I read this everyday at school just to see what ppl r complaining about today, its sad tht everyone is complaining about the same shit over and over. Its bs tht u guys r getting worked up over the network being down, GROW UP!!!!

    And i bet half of the ppl that r writing these reviews and reading them to make sure its coming back up soon r 40 year old virgins living in there mothers basement eating her meatloaf.

  61. Spencer says:

    These responses are cracking me up!!! I love PS3 and have never owned an XBOX but I truely will not buy another PS after the lies I have been told. Xbox people hate PS and vice versus. Anyone switching platforms are doing it because they want to… For us who can’t afford both platforms I’m pissed… A couple days, A couple days—- REALLY!!!

  62. callofdead says:

    so yeah……… i might have to blow the dust off my ps3 and get an xbox 360. yeah i said it, an xbox 360. wat is this world coming to. i cant stand microsoft software. the system and controller sucks. but at least i can play online and the new call of the dead map pack. see ya sony. ill give u one more week. with lots of love.

  63. Manuel says:

    i kno, (beast003says) iz right, i wanna play BO soooo f**kn baaad, we ps3 gamerz had waited 2 LOOOONG….juz fix da dam thing already

  64. Spencer says:

    One more thing!!! How is it that people are posting on the playstation network site and none of us can login to comment… So big brother is controling the comment as they loose millions daily… Dumb .. How stupid do you think we are!!! The new boards are sweet!!! They should pay for the new boards but I know they wont because they didn’t create them… Come up with something better than Playstation plus for a month……………

  65. benben says:

    I have been so bored i painted the bedroom, made a waterfall in my back yard, and i am trying to teach the dogs new tricks.

    Lets get some sun!!!!!

  66. Mannyrulz says:

    Dude im really nervous if ppl got my credit card stuff im screwed i just hope out of the 2.2 billion they put on sale mine isnt purchased

  67. Mohammad says:

    i hate those hackers who tried-hacking psn i herd someone say it will be back SUNDAY! I Called PSN Same SUNDAY Dang They Need To Hurry Im Pissed i Was OK With PSN Down But WTH It’s Been a Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  68. killrek says:

    I understand but remember no news is good news. Oh and peopple by May 14th the psn is back up. A friend in sony said they just need to test it now.

  69. joel says:

    really a few days i will not get an xbox360 or wii or a pc xbox controllers suck xbox just copied ps3 and its game except for halo playstation came out before xbox and wii is just to hard a controller to play with pc is stupid and you guys are saying a few days try telling the truth like a few years but i am not trying to get the psn network mad i am just saying gently i want to play BBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSS.

  70. Kyle says:

    Spencer, yes. I wish I knew how these ‘people’ were signing on to comment on stuff when a messege saying the network is down pops up when you try to sign into the website.

  71. Black ops fan #1 says:

    Guy, Guys, GUYS! Is this anyway to treat Sony? calling them names? switching systems? WE SHOULD BE IN FRONT OF THE SONY COMPANY SMASHING EM’ WITH EGGS!

  72. terry says:

    come on ps3 fanboy’s . I have just traded my old xbox 360 that i haven’t used in two years for a new one that is wi-fi and one month free xbox live. I am a cod player and I have to say the 360 has less lag and not as many 10 year old boys screaming noob….I loved my ps3 but now i can see the extras that the 360 offers . Over all the systems are almost the same and to pay $60.00 for the year is not that bad if my info is secure.This bs about xbox vs ps3 is childish crap and anyone who has both systems will tell you that it is a matter of which one you prefer and not which one is better.

  73. Greatgoose81 says:

    i got a ps2 soo im all good..

  74. Greatgoose81 says:


  75. dezman says:

    I heard ( this is not a fact) that it will be up by Saturday. May 14, 2011. I hope so guys this has become unbelieving

  76. Mike says:

    I’m not a spoiled little rich kid who can just go out and get another console, so I’m just going to stay patient. It’s kind of like an addiction, the first weeks are terrible, but at this point, I’m clean of online gaming. It’s kind of nice actually, and anyone who is THAT frustrated should seek help. lol

  77. zach says:

    u know wat i think sony is checking 1 user at a time if there safe they go on if u r on add me my ps3 name is hitofans2345-_

  78. Aaron says:

    i think anonymous are responsible… they denied involvement and for some reason people believed whatever this deceitful organization had to say… i never trusted them… i thought they were lying… why would anyone trust someone that is known to do undercover deceitful things… then later on anonymous admits they are responsible… they’re trying to help the people but they did it with out thinking straight… i understand, if i bought a product with my own hard earned money that means i can do whatever i want to do with it, it’s my property and no longer the company it was made from… but to punish sony for suing that one dude, by stealing personal customer info was absolutely STUPID… now everyone is paying for their dumb ass actions…

  79. zach says:

    any 1 on

  80. iPhoNeHAckEr says:

    Rumors are psn will be down till June… but who knows.

  81. Billy says:

    Come on Sony, you have a Giant corporation and you can’t manage to beat some little punk ass hackers? WOW that’s just sad.

  82. Tony says:

    Talk about your lack of article research. May 31. Try the playstation blog before writing an article…

  83. Jason says:

    Completely agree with you mike

  84. anonsucksUprick says:

    I do think that it is a little ridiculous that so many people get mad over something they have no control over,on the other hand I guess saying I paid $600 plus on Sony stuff is a reasonable argument, but it doesn’t matter, they can’t hear you, on this site at least, and people stop telling us gamers to”go outside and play”, FU, you go outside and play, I’m 27 with a job wife and kid, I use PSN to unwind at the end of a long workday, after my kid is asleep and when the wife goes to the computer. So you idiots saying that SHUTUP!! Needless to say, let’s hurry this process up a little Sony, I’m a huge supporter of Sony and can’t wait to get back online, if you don’t like what I said then you are probably 12, if you dont mind it you are smart enough to know that this takes time, it will be back soon!!

  85. jake says:

    psn back up soon cool if they come up its black ops online catch up i bet people will seem like noobs i played zombies ascension im round 30 i sucked for a while possible temporary noob play till skills come back CANT WAIT TILL CALL OF DEAD ON ESCALATION MAP PACK sony give us double xp month to catch up i need to play against and with my online friends i hope none of them didnt trade in ps3 all though that would be stupid trade in ps3 after month of no online games i hope no ones such a nerd they cant miss a month of online gaming sony gave us it its ok if they take it away to protect us and them from hackers like anonymous those hackers come we need a hacker group to hack hackers KILL THOSE HACKERS i will hack hackers server you dont demand anything from a fortune 500 company you recommend and suggest ideas if they tell you no or reject it shut up fortune 500 companys run the economy sony is a big 1 leave them alone dont screw up online gaming over demands that are stupid and not noticeable lets ask for stuff people care about like more cod map packs get a map pack so good its the value of a normal game it would have to be good and a new cod even better then black ops that game would be a huge hit to top black ops

  86. jj says:

    sp long ps3.. 360 here i come

  87. jake says:

    dont egg sony dont want them clean up mess over fixin psn egg microsoft

  88. jc says:

    anyone who is THAT frustrated should seek help. lol i agree!!!!! does anyone have playstation move? cuz im planing to get it for my b-day.

  89. Chris Carrico says:

    I’m in the Air Force and I have a source that says Microsoft hired some hackers to disable the Playstation Network because they were posing too much competition with their Xbox 360. Why pay for Live when you can get PSN for free!! So now that PSN is down, people are finding themselves back to Xbox 360. What a good plan. Hack your competition and blame someone else…

  90. cblaze166 says:

    sony dont worry i got ya backs these is just ignorent people who was never taught patience. They think dat wat ya guys iz doing is easy work. Sony keep up da good work and take ya time so we can have a safe and secure network.

  91. Logan says:

    There was a funny coincidence actually! Heh Heh.. For a fact, the people who hacked us owe us 64.2 billion dollars worth of damage & expense.. Yeah that’s right. I read it in a book! Thank goodness, Huh?

  92. bob bob says:

    i Hav both Systems

  93. bob bob says:


  94. JoninJay says:

    It has been a killer month and i’ve spent a lot of time getting more then a thousands trophies for psn to be down for this long. I have also noticed that commenting bs on the playstation website and i hope, for the love of god, that psn is back up by June 7th for Infamous 2. I own both a 360 and a ps3 and i have to say that i prefer it over the 360. A “few days” is not good enough when you can catch just the one bad file out of god knows how many. To my opinion, i would still wait for psn to get back online for free, if they don’t hold us up for another month and don’t even get my started on if this took all summer, then pay a sh*t load of money to get online with xbox live.

  95. TREVOR CLARK says:


  96. Loyalist says:

    I agree with mike, after the first couple of days it was still a little challenging. Now after three weeks+, I’m actually fine with it. Even when i try to play RPG games like Fallout New Vegas, I get bored. Look, if your that hardcore of a gamer that you can’t wait until the best system in the world is back up then look at yourself, it’s pitiful how some people live there lives on consoles.

  97. chris says:

    This is really getting to be a bother PS3 has shown potential but this time its gone from worse to worse to worse! i mean come on i have an Xbox i really dont like it, im not a fan-boy what a dumass name by the way for the people that keep saying that i dont like Xbox because 1.$60 every year basically a band new game 2.Controllers (not use to i can change if needed).3.HD quality is ok not better than PS3 bluray/player and PS3 also has more 3D games movies ext. i have heard rumors that PSN will be up Saturday May 14, 2011 Hopefully it will be up! until then air soft, friends,movies,and Skate 3. When its up i usually play Black ops.

  98. danny says:

    To be honest I think the network being down is a good thing. I’m a ps3 fan and I used to be additcted to playing ps3 like every day. But then I got black ops and quit playing from how bad it sucked. And ever since then I was clean from the ps3. So all the people that are crazy about the network need to do what I did and just walk away.

    P.S. I didn’t even know the network was down after two weeks. How crazy is that

  99. Eli says:

    I’m soooo pissed off PS3 put up psn again, now I’m wishing i hadn’t sold my XBOX!!!!!

  100. Fluffy says:

    It’s actually kinda’ funny. With PSN down I haven’t been focusing on gaming VICIOUSLY and…
    My grades have improved
    I got 4 platinums <– (Yeah I know)
    And I've been able to keep in touch with alot of friends I started ignoring.
    Maybe this little break from PSN is good, even though deep down I wanna' blast people on COD. Still hoping that what a few people said (14th) is true. 'Cause I need to update GT5!

  101. anonsucksUprick says:

    @iphonehacker- You really are kinda dumb, you must believe everything you read and hear! It’s people like you that really piss us PATIENT people off, you do no research and base your facts upon internet chit-chat. Use your brain, do some F****** research before you open your stupid ass mouth!

  102. skullcrusher says:

    you know this is a problem that is all over the world, and the problem is out of 100 people 99% are more likely to take action after something hapens and not before it does. if u walk outside and see dark clouds your not going to say oh its going to rain let me pull out my umbrella before it starts, no you wait till after u get wet to pull it out. so i guess what im trying to say is SONY SHOULD HAVE TAKIN ACTION BEFORE SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPEND AND NOT AFTER. now many people are sitting hear paying the consequences because of sony’s careless actions.

  103. anonsucksUprick says:

    Your name is iphonehacker, really think you are also one o the bad guys, again it’s people like you that screw a honest gamer’s experience. You have to be more grown up than that! Get a life!!

  104. flamez says:

    i have heard that psn will be back online either friday 13th or saturday 14th but it will only be online gaming that means no escalation map pack for a month, my opinion on this is that its good that it went offline because people got way to addicted to psn but im ready for some black ops, p.s. xbox sucks!

  105. Ryan23 says:

    Been waiting for weeks on end to play some online gaming. I’d rather have them fix PsN before trying to create a ‘Welcome Back’ program. If you have people working Day & Night 24/7 I don’t see how this could take 3+ weeks. If it’s not up by next week I’d hate to but will switch to XBox.

  106. XD_Jokes says:

    I think alot of us are missing the point, becuase in alot of theese psn offline forums i keep going to this same conversation pops up, about why this is good or bad. i agree it is good and my grades….are the same becuase its up to you not your useage of time, but the main thing i think is upsetting about this is how sony keeps smacking us in the face with estimated times and a “few days” that end up being a few weeks. when you call your friends over every day and live where all you can do is pretty much ride your bike or go to the park(which isnt much fun) you end up sooner or latter with nothing to do.anyway,i just wnna blow people up and see hatemail pile up in my inbox after obliverating some guys in black ops or gta4 or something.hope you guys find something fun to do

    PS. all i said was on point except the hatemail thing, i dont want hatemail 0_0

  107. Jason says:

    Pat Seybold should lose his goddamn job! What is the message he’s trying to send? “Fuck you guys, it’ll be up when we damn well get to it you whiny bitches” is what I’m hearing. Someone else needs to be in charge of Sony’s PR. This cloak and dagger vague crap is really annoying. If you’re having major issues JUST SAY SO and I’ll go ahead and pay for Xbox Live and get it over with.

  108. willxeyexam says:

    Do not trade in your ps3. They want you to do this because the older models are easier to hack and the new ones are not. DONT DO IT! ITS NOT WORTH IT.

  109. Loyal psn fan (not a fanboy) says:

    I agree i am a hardcore gamer and at first i didnt think i could handle this down time but its actually not bothering me anymore. But dont kid yourself when is comes back on (i can admit it) ill be ready to get back into the groove. If you want to add me my screen name is bengalsfan01 im a legit 15th perstiege player. so seeya on the battle field.

  110. Michael Fairest says:

    please don’t spout words of resentment when you don’t know the facts, Sony is currently working with the FBI as well as Interpol to apprehend the culprits, who where part of the infamous Anonymous yet Sony still isn’t sure if it was planned by the group or if some members of the group acted on their own.
    -Michael Fairest, son of Richard Fairest, President of Sony Interamerica

  111. Michael Fairest says:

    P.S. PSN is due to be back up by May 31st.

  112. ceaser says:

    this is OUTRAGIOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. John T. says:

    Here is some good news. It seems that Sony selcted a few players from Japan, Europe and the U.S. to test out the new PSN. The (NL.PLAYSTATION.COM) Dutch PlaystationTweet confirmed this. Also, there are numerous reports on this on youtube. I thought it was more BS news but as I was reading a forum on this, and this PSN name “sp-int_temp_01″ was mentioned. It seems this person is testing out Socom 4. I googled this PSN name and he’s on the Socom 4 leaderboard as last signed in May 10th, 2011. I will look at the Killzone 3 Leaderboards for any recent players but I hope this is good news for all of us. ALSO the U.S. playstation forums are down…. so maybe that’s also a sign

  114. medanielson says:

    IBASOAB……nothing to do,,,,,nobody to kill……I guess I could do some yard work,,,#%!,,,,,,,,,somebody jus shoot me.

  115. Rtum1254 says:

    I dont think playstation users should switch to xbox honestly everyone that switches over is stupid be loyal to your console i hate microsoft and xbox there controllers are awesome ans there console even look stupid

  116. medanielson says:

    maybe I could catch up on American Idol,,,,,,,great! now I’m bored AND gay

  117. Woodstock says:

    You know, I seriously don’t get why people are so pissed of at psn. This could have happened to anyone. People seriously need to get a life and stop trolling Sony because the only reason they could have a right to complain is if they know how to fix it.

  118. that guy says:

    im going on a hungerstrike until i can play online again

  119. jasonX says:

    i heard it might be up by 2015

  120. jasonX says:

    key word MIGHT!

  121. 1taliano says:

    everyone make sure to only us prepaid gift cards from now on, and btw cancel ur credit cards affiliated with psn and quit bitching about what could’ve happened , it didn’t so stfu, p.s. they probably don’t want anyone to know the exact date it will be back so the servers don’t overflow and people can gradually assimilate

  122. blueroot7 says:

    i hope it comes back up soon i just ran out of singleplayer games i havent beat, and no more heros and mabinogi wont last forever

  123. joedaddy says:

    F+%k playstation people I love playstation but its realy pissing me off in a couple days mean 2 to 3 day dumb f#%ks not 2 to 3 months but I’ve always had a playstation I would hate to trade mine for a POS Xbox so hurry it the f#%k up playstation

  124. HmongNigguh - ThaoKidd says:

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that on May 14, It’ll be back out. Uggghh, I used to get 400+ points per minute in Black Ops. I’m probably going to suck soo bad now. :( On the other hand, I borrowed my cousins Assasins Creed 2 and got the Platinum trophy in just 2 days. Haha, I’m definitely going to buy Assasins Creed Brotherhood and the next one that’s coming out; Assasins Creed Revelations. If you guys havn’t played Assasins Creed or God of War yet, I highly reccomend it!!

  125. Justin says:

    Id like to see you whiney bitches fix it any faster

  126. dilly says:

    online gaming 14th of may

  127. pooping-on-the-side-walk says:

    people are able to post on ps blog because they were signed in before the network was turned off

  128. R says:


  129. cosmic entity says:

    you know something, I thought about getting a sexbox, I have no remorse! I cant stand having to pay your fee for joy and happiness. I dont like sucking bill gates’ dick all the time. Microsoft are tyrants and i rebelled!

    P.S.-i got my Ps3 back!

  130. BILLYKID78 says:

    Wow they say it will be back up Two days!!! They are lairs and stupid in a way!!!

  131. blazin grim says:

    psn should give us some free 30 days of Playstation Plus…they should be…right?

  132. blazin grim says:

    guys this is not like a PC computer thats gonna fix up fast…this is computer that holds thousands of terra bytes on it, and especialy the users of psn. And all of this is just like inside of a huge warehouse that is of hardwares…you understand what im sayin’ guys.

  133. kennithkaniff says:

    people need to calm down and be patient geez.

  134. Rebel Boy says:

    Who cares dude…Its been almost a month now and games are useless.I only play online.If its not back up by May 31st im getting an Xbox and if playstation doesnt like the fact that there gonna be brought down in the number one leading gaming system then they can kiss our asses cause now its gonna be Xbox if this problem isnt solved.Sony is a HUGE company…from tvs to headphones to the PS3′s they should know what to do by now.

  135. Shiv says:

    We have been patient, for about 3 week’s now.
    Keep saying patient kennithkaniff, and we’ll have to wait another 10 week’s Sir.
    I got my PS3 while the network was down.
    This is the last notice i am going to take.
    May 14- thats it, if it’s not up by then
    I will return my PS3 and get X-Box instead.
    Sure live is a bitch to pay for,
    But i rather pay then wait 10 month’s for something to get fixed when i can just get it immediately by paying.

  136. sully says:

    technically, it is back, but only for testers, producers, and i think Japan, only thing is making new info/accounts is messed up. i just hope they dont release it everywhere at once, or else it might short out, making us just have to wait even longer

  137. madhead says:

    why do people rush out to buy a xbox what u gonna do if that got hacked go back to ps3? come on get a life people its not life or death is it ?

  138. ED LEE says:

    The whole thing is upsetting , however ,sony has always had great products since the early 80s.I personally beilive it must be japans current problems with all the earthqakes and tsunami that are the real culprit,not little children who claim to be all encompassing hackers ,sure do people attempt to hack ,of course they do .There will always be cheaters and haters , I say this though when it does return ,i will report anyone hacking immeadiately.

  139. BadassVic21 says:


  140. jayab6896 says:

    if sony did think that the network wasn’t going be up by the middle of may they should have said so and no gave everyone the run around now they got everyone pissed off

  141. jayab6896 says:

    if sony did think that the network wasn’t going be up by the middle of may they should have said so and no gave every one the run around now every one is pissed off

  142. hammer says:


  143. zombie_princess2 says:

    i need some ppl who r great at black ops multiplayer to add me cuz i suk lol i need a teacher

  144. rockit121 says:

    may 14 why aint we online yet? come on get it sorted .

  145. rockit121 says:

    its now 8.00pm ftlog !!!

  146. hempforvictory says:

    I Like Turtles

  147. hempforvictory says:

    & Sony keep up the good work guys and girls

  148. ike1234 says:

    i only played 5 days on psh

  149. gina says:

    I’m using. My ps3 in baja, california I was able to play online for about an hour and then it shut down. Can anyonyone tell me if their access went down?

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