San Antonio Weather: Severe Weather In San Antonio

According to the National Weather Service golf size hail is what the San Antonio weather has been like Thursday. In the morning hours there was 1 inch of rain that fell at the San Antonio international airport. Residents were seen driving their cars into garages and other shelters to protect from the hail. This was just the beginning however.

san antonio weatherBexar County is still under a flash flood warning until 1:30 pm and possibly later. Around 10 am there was hail 1.75-inch sighted in San Antonio as this was the peak of the storm. This time period also saw about 12,000 CPS Energy customers lose power. San Antonio weather is looking dubious.

There were three tornado sightings which were reported on Thursday morning. These reports came from Uvalde, Dimmit and Lee Counties. These reports however are unconfirmed. If you are planning a trip you may want to hold on that because of the San Antonio weather.

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