American Idol Results: James Durbin Goes Home

Millions were wondering what the American Idol Results would be tonight May 12 2011. There were almost 72 million votes that came in. This is a record for a top-four vote according to host Ryan Seacrest. America had picked the top three contestants on American Idol this season but James Durbin was not going to be one of these people.

james durbin eliminated from american idolJames Durbin and his ousting was unexpected. After he learned his fate he said that he had a strange feeling that he could be the one going home. One part of the show James’ eyes were watering. “You’re in tears already. What’s happening to you?” Ryan asked. It seems that James’ wife had poked him in the eye with her nose when he went in for the kiss.

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This was a hard decision for America to make I am sure. The American Idol results are always difficult when it gets down to this low of contestants. Were you expecting this to happen or did you think that someone else would go home? Only time will tell who will be the next American Idol.


  1. Rc says:

    What a bunch of crap
    American idol sucks
    Chris daughtry all over again, and he is rockin the world
    James durbinnwas by far the best singer he will be a star!
    I will not be watching the hacks in the final 3 especially the country creepy scotty

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