Playstation Network Down: When Will PSN Be Back Online? May 13

Well the Playstation network down problem has been going on for over 3 weeks. There are people that claim they are switching from Playstation to Xbox or Wii but is this really going to affect Sony? It seems like the answer is no. The NPD Group reported the SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) recorded a 13 percent increase in hardware sales in US retail for April. This means that 200,000 units were sold which is up 180,800 from April 2010.

when will psn be back online may 13So when will PSN be back online? As of May 13 we are still pretty much in the dark about this. The last blog post on the official blog about the Playstation network down issue was May 10. The title of the blog was PSN restoration timeline update. Well it basically said we don’t know when we will be up but it may be a few days.

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Will gamers continue to be patient and loyal? Will some defect to Xbox or Wii? Nah, I have a feeling the PSN lovers are pretty faithful. When will PSN be back online? As of May 13 your guess is still as good as mine. *LATEST UPDATE* You can now download the new PSN update from Playstation.


  1. Sean says:

    I’m ready to switch to xbox… I’ve bought countless games, DLC, subscribed to PS+ and look where it got me…

    98% of my gaming experience is multiplayer so if Sony can’t provide the service then I’ll go to a company that can. I realize I might be over-reacting, as it wasn’t completely Sony’s fault but, it could have been prevented. I can only hold out for so long… If it’s not up by this Sunday I’ll bite the bullet, count my losses, and say buh-bye to Sony.

  2. joe says:

    well im always saying im gonna switch to xbox. but my i have to many freinds and worked to hard on my games online to give it up right yet. i think sony should give everyone atleast 1 dlc for free for any game we want to compensate. im reading they are compensating us with free subscription to psn plus. who give a crap about that.


  4. pistol9981 says:

    I disagree it is Sony’s fault those basterds. Are jerking us all around .the psn has been down for to long
    It’s time we all buy xbox’s and let Sony know that we have had enough. And that we are not going to take it anymore. So Sony your done goodbye. And good riddions. Quit playing i with your ball sacks and get the fucking network back online now.

  5. sonnybuck217 says:

    well i’ll be honest i’ve been whit sony since i wus in dipers im the most loyel of all the psn family and don’t say will i havent been on bouth sides of the fence becuse i have and i love sony so much that i gave a xbox360 elite when it just came for a 8GB memory card for psp yes i love sony that much anyway back to what i wus saying i play online 99% of my MLG carrer yes im a underground MLG and ive been going crazy waiting for psn to come back up but you no how i pass my time by playing black ops zombies and multiplayer whit the CPU on max diffulculty and the new mk9 on max becuse when you can beat 60 to 70% of the time online will be a cake so all you need to do is be faithful and you’ll be playing online against others players in no time god bless you all for reading this

  6. nukestr2326 says:

    i know it takes a wile for this stuff 2 be fixed but its really pissin me of.i havent even hade a ps3 4 a year and its already been hacked.what bull s***

  7. aaron mangan says:

    do not switch to xbox because playstation network is best and its for free and it wasn,t there fault so dont listen yo me if you do not agree but i know whats best

  8. Aaron says:

    Sony sucks now.

  9. Andrew says:

    Man please hurry up sony im so tired of splitscreen and campaign

  10. cant belive its still down but hey its nuttin we can do but w8 plus y is every1 sayn dey switchin 2 shitbox xbox sucks i would never switch over 2 xbox ps3 is a much better console then geybox plus ps3 is free online plus xbox is a console that burns people houses down lol what a console that likes 2 kill people -_- ps3 4ever

  11. MIKE X says:


  12. Jesal says:

    If your getting an Xbox it just shows how much of addicts you guys are to play a darn game console online. I suggest all of you should get a life. Besides when PSN is back, the servers will be secure and this is really the big break for Sony to go past the Xbox by having very good servers. So all you peeps that are switching you are all lowlifes and aren’t thinking correctly. I understand it has taken much time, we all have been patient but end of the day it’s not in our hands how ever much we moan, psn won’t come back instantly. Any of you who are desperate and are planning to or have switched to an Xbox you all are just filling up your temporary starvation for online gaming by switching to another console because it’s not that PSN will never come back. By the way I’ve only lost faith in Sony with the way they handle information and their customer services but hey you all wanted a deadline? they said 30th may then why are you all overeacting again just get on with your lives play football with friends or something. And nobody can loose faith in a Sony product because this is network and not the product that is the problem which everyone is getting all wrong. The product is reliable and all Sony products are reliable but this is just the network being hacked which has caused this and Sony’s laziness to react to such poor security.

  13. Da_Koolaid_Man says:

    Sony should forget about bringing the server back online. Saying that they are working around the clock doesn’t seem so. Going for a month now and the network is still not up? I’ve lost almost all faith in Sony. They have discouraged me from even turning my ps3 on.

    I’m sure that I am not the only one that feels this way towords Sony so I can care less of what other people think I am just telling the truth.

  14. Robzikie says:

    3 weeks now. 3 Fu#king weeks. I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms here.
    Sort it OUT !!
    And give me some free stuff for putting up with this Crap

  15. MorpheusZero says:

    Just because SONY was hacked and had to be shut down doesn’t mean you should switch to XBOX 360. If you’re one of those that say, “Well it could happen again…” You are very right–and wrong at the same time. Sony had one of the best securities in place for a console. Just because Sony got hacked doesn’t mean XBox is invulnerable. It just means the hackers didn’t give a shit about Microsoft–their beef is with Sony for right now. Who’s to say later down the road someone like AnonOps won’t get pissed off at Microsoft and do the same thing? Switching your consoles isn’t the answer. If it takes Sony 2 months to get PSN back up it will be worth it because it only means that they spent that much time on perfecting a nearly already perfect system. Yeah those hackers got in, but think of it this way. If someone is smart enough to make the security system–then wouldn’t you think their are others just as smart in this world that can break through it? You are never truly safe online. That’s a fact.

  16. Barnzy boy says:

    I’ve only one thing to say, Playstation rules NUFF SAID!!!!

  17. hack says:

    any console can get hacked like ps3 did, there is a reason they did it to ps3, I believe simply cause they are making people pay for dc universe monthly, games like that, but it will eventually happen to xbox for sure, just takes time, unfortunately, ps3 got it first, which sucks, I’m sure some people are going insane at the moment, but ps3 overall is the best system hands down, even tho its messed up for now….btw, xbox has been hacked 2 times, it just wasnt huge like the current attack on the ps3….so think before you switch because every system has the same security, none of em have put money into their security, so basically xbox and wii are still with low maintained security, the breach will happen to xbox and wii eventually when hackers can’t get into ps3 anymore…

  18. Wiggy says:

    I don’t know why people are kicking off so much and crying saying ‘I’m getting an xbox’ like little girls.. they’re terrible! They’re for little kids an women. And you know that as soon as the PSN is back up, your nice new xbox will just gather dust, so you might as well just hang on and stop whinging ey

  19. Kingwill says:

    If it were not for the fact that Sony has the Best Exclusive Games I would switch to Xbox but games like Socom 4, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Starhawk ect.. are some of the best games on the Market and exclusive to Sony….I really wish they would hurry the f@ck up though this is getting ridiculous at this point !

  20. jason p says:

    im a semi pro gamer and play with clan 7 hours a day mostly. now just campaign. suddenly lot more free time lol, but cant wait for psn to be back. STICK WITH PS3

  21. darksoul says:

    i really love sony but its to long for all the ps3 players to be ofline. sony you need to help out all the people who play ps3 and it more family friendly.. plus put a duel lock on top of a lock so that no one can hack yor firewall..just saying …and free gifts would good but let us pick are own gift for ps3…

  22. Joseph says:

    Listen to yourselves! Yeah I’m a big psn fan too but stop complaining! They are doing all that they can so be patient and glad that psn is still free unlike xbox

  23. Mike says:


  24. Chuck_Wagon says:

    What I dont understand is why would Sony want to charge everyone a monthly fee to be online now like xbox. That is the dumbest thing they have came up with. We pay a lot of money for these systems I had Playstation 1,2,3 and I would buy the 4 whenever it comes out, But to make us pay stupid fees for their mistakes. Sony should have had a firewall on there system so things like this would not have happened. Think about it 600.00 to 900.00 for ps3 when they first came out and now they are down to 299.00 “what a buy all by the way you have to pay a monthly fee to play online” B.S….. I think they need to let everyone who had an account when this happiened should not have to pay for anything else to play online………………..

  25. Mowjowey says:

    This issue is of much frustration to everyone, but why switch to a console (Xbox) that has a 99% failiure rate AND have to pay to play online? It doesn’t make sense. Sony know what they are doing and even though we all are slightly annoyed, they are taking extra time with it so that they can be 99.9999% sure it doesn’t happen again. I have a PS3 and I sure won’t be switching to Xbox for it to get the Red Ring of Death problem with me. Since the PSN has been down I asked my friend to lend me one of his Xbox’s (because he has 2) so I could play something know what he said? “I only have one now, the other one died” Voila! Wouldn’t buy it. PSN will be back up soon because the company that makes Killzone (Guerilla Games) said that Sony has been on their servers playing Killzone for testing purposes and they can see the activity. Only a matter of days boys and girls..

  26. Mike says:

    how come I posted a negative comment about PS3 and it didn’t show up? not like I’m using bad language or anything? what kind of comment page is this?

  27. Joe Edwards says:

    It is really hard to take seriously most of the comments posted here when they post are littered with misspellings and terrible grammar.

    In regards to Sony PSN being down, I think most people are weathering the situation just fine. It is only the vocal minority that whines incessantly in online forums. Guys and gals…PSN in will be up when Sony is ready, so until then, relax, play an offline game, or go outdoors and enjoy the big, yellow ball in the sky.

  28. eren says:

    is-int it oviyous sh*tbox hacked it because sh*tbox wants more plays so they becom richer

  29. terry says:

    i have been thru 3 xbox systems and quite frankly da psn could be down for 2 months im not getting da xbox no way . mr bill gates wants to kill us off da planet . i dont support such products . and even if some how i was contemplating x box again i wouldnt exchange the ps3 for it . da poeple have gone mad , u are losing ur minds. take a deep breathe and relax .

  30. jon says:

    i think everyones patience is running out

  31. Adrian Vargas says:

    Look first of all people can label us as addicts if they want but hey its a job for some people ( video game tester ) and i dont appreciate it when some ignorant person trys to label us… WE ARE GAMERS!!!!! And i must strongly agree when i say its sonys fault they said their security was outdated. And i think the psn users will switch to xbox because its safer. now not all psn users will but alot will if they have not done so already….. sorry sony but your security sucks

  32. Marc says:

    While i disliked how the playstation network was down for so long that isn’t going to make me go and buy other gaming systems. I mean think about it people things happens and yes things could have been prevented but hey it is what it is “GET OVER IT”. I love Sony and all my accessories, gaming systems, electronics ect are from Sony. Those who said they were going to buy XBOX or wii are big liars lol just because the network been out for a month does not mean oh okay well sony screwed us over lets just show them how mad we are LOL. Sony doesnt give a crap about those who switch. Sony makes billions of dollars not just by selling playstaions. Anyways I HOPE YOU GET IT

  33. Marc says:

    By the way those who are saying ive lost faith ive lost interest i dont play anymore bla blah blah haha this is so funny you guys make me laugh. I’m 100% sure that the minute the playstation network get back on the minute those who complained will be turning that playstation on and ready to play.

  34. BigBadWolf says:

    I would just like to point out that sony is a japanese company which is primarily owned by their shareholders. Everyone here is b*tch**g about how long its taking to get PSN back online but you all seem to have forgotten the other problems they are dealing with, namely one of the biggest tsunami we’ve ever seen which practically destroyed the country and their infrastructure…….GIVE THEM A BREAK! dont blame sony, they have the right to protect theyre intellectual property and filing a law suit against those 2 hackers was perfectly understandable reaction, and the so called hacker group Anonymous has basically wet theyre pants in a massive temper tantrum. Its there fault not sony’s. Oh no we’ve all got to wait a little bit longer to get online OH NO!

  35. ALESSANDRO says:

    Come on guys, what is this? As soon as things look grim you give up? Sony (Who has The best gaming network) Gives us free service ( unloike XBL) Better games (unlike XBL) And a better system, the PS3 (unlike Xbox). So what the ****? you guys are so addicted and lifeless you cant go without online for a month? Its a great oppurtunity to Finsh all your games and your getting a really nice compensation because Sony loves us!! They’r great! the first problem in like 4 years and your already gonna ditch em. WOW. how unfaithful are you guys? The only reason its taking so long is cuz they want to bbe sure its 100% perfect and SAFE FOR US! thats why there giving a year of credit security too! Sony doesnt care? Good one

  36. ALESSANDRO says:

    NO! first problem ever and your gonna ditch em’? WOW, thats really sad. Iguess Sony doesnt care about their customers right? OK, thats why theyve been flawless til now, have a better console, a FREE network (unlike Xbox), offer us credit security, and plan to give us a sweet “thank you gift”. Just finish all you single player games. Deep down you know XBL isnt better, its shit and cost a crapload of money. So dont settle for that garbage just cuz PSN is down

  37. mickser says:

    why whinge and moan at sony? it is not their fault. If these morons who claim to be doing this for the consumer hadnt done this (for us) wed behappily playing our games now. Maybe they should stay in and watch star trek.

  38. PS3Girl says:

    Really. switching to the suxbox is the stupist thing a PS3 owner would ever do. im sure we can all be patient here the safer the better this inccident can happen to any system so just deal with it, it’s their lost im sure their gonna be running back to the PS3 once its BACK online Look how Preetyy :D

  39. gardner2208 says:


  40. !!0BLITARATA!! says:

    Come on guys its been three weeks. I couldn’t give a shit how long it takes PSN to be back up and runin agen cus all i no wen it does it 10x better so all you pussy that r switchin bitchbox 360 r bein completly retarded and stop blaming sony for it they didn’t expect the hack or did we so lets think possitive and wate til the servers r back up XD.

  41. Jiggah says:

    Stop crying like little babys its not sonys fault Blame the hackers Btw when psn is back stop download jailbreak and bullshit all u do is support hackers and look what they did they steal your credit card info and steal ur cash an sh’t and they made sony put the network down .
    Dont switch to sh’tbox .
    Let sony work on this belive me they want it up as much as u do cuz if they cant fix this promblem theyre going to have to pay millions of dollar to every singel 77 million ps3 BTW when psn is back i want som free bullsh’t not ps+ ND Gay music i want map packs for mw2 cod4 or bo .
    oh and i hope its down longer not only will they fix the security all the kids and campers are whining and switching to sexbox godt damn virgins .
    Im out PS3 for life btw campers and tryharders leave mw2 AND cod 4 pleas sniping only . PEACe

  42. iownboth says:

    i know you guys dont want to hear it but i have had both consoles for quite a while now, ps3 does some cool things no doubt ,but when it comes to enjoying some multiplayer with buds ha ps3 way off the mark there,way, flame me now if you must but its true,both sitting rite next to each other ps3 always collected dust till dc universe ,purely awsome game xbox has nothing the liks of it. so now im dc addict paying 4 2 services dc is by far way more expensive 3 times as much for 1 game . there u have both systems rock,not in question but sony has dropped ball big time on more than 1 occasion .ill never purchase a sony brand item again .but they do need to turn psn on cause they charging me 15 fu ckn dollars a month

  43. the lemon says:

    according to sony they are restoring psn piece by piece by the end of march everything will be back up but before then online play psn store and other stuff will be available sony thought the hack was simpler than it acctually was thats why its taking time. It should be back on soon. If you turn to Xbox it shows just how impatient you are arent you glad sony is trying to safely guard our personal details and online play?

  44. tkd ward says:

    i have both so its all ok here lol but i say PS3 over XBOX

  45. Dillon says:

    Ok. Yes it is kinda annoying that the network is down but really, get a freakin life. If you can’t stand not playing multiplayer for a few weeks you got a problem. Do something else for a change, just for it being a problem doesn’t mean u should get an xbox. Save ur money and deal with it.

  46. cole says:

    screw all people who say they are switching to xbox because they dont know how to wait. Sony is being too pressured they are trying way to hard because of all you xbox fags. i have been wait for sony but its not the end of the world go outside or something you dumb fags.

  47. S3CKSHUN says:

    xbox has gone down 2 times and both of them were scheduled. ps3 has the security software that was cutting edge back in the 80′s… I think microsoft is worth paying a little money to get better connection, and added securtiy.

  48. jerome says:


  49. xkylex84 says:

    Why does everyone think they deserve something out of this? you dont pay and your damn console is fine, play single player or better yet get out your old consoles, my n64 and Nes are sitting right here and ive been having a great time playing Contra and Mario, and even Metal gear and Metal gear solid. We never used to have anything but single player and splitscreen, whats wrong with that? i miss crysis 2 online but thats about it, give sony time. i never had a problem playing single player on my PS1 and Ps2 so why now? and never owned an xbox360 cause i thought the original was the worst console ever so cant really understand why anyone would switch consoles and pay for online at this point over something that wasnt sonys fault, maybe they handled it wrong but im confident that sony is doing theyre best , its only been 3 weeks, lay back pack a bowl and play some Bioshock, thats way better than multiplayer anyways.

  50. Gino says:

    There giving out free ps+for a month

  51. eryckakayne says:


  52. REDBOI85 says:


  53. Jessdman says:

    i thank that its been down 4 way 2 long and i hope that it comes back online soon it gets old playing the computer all the time even with it on hard it still gets old i don’t won’t them 2 come back on if there is still a problem with the network i just wished they would update us better then its going to be a few more days that don’t say much a few days 4 what be 4 they no when they will have it back up or will it be back up thats the only thing that really gets me give us better and more clearly posted update 4 now thats all we can ask 4

  54. thy-money says:

    Just because the psn is down dosent mean it is the end of the world they said that first online gaming will come first thenall the rest will come later in the same month. Plus whoever says theyre switching to xbox theyre dumb because you will have to buy an xbox and then get games to play and start your gaming tag all over again. Now its only half amonth wait just for 1 to 2 weeks then you’ll be happy when the psn is up.

  55. bob says:

    ps3 is the best and idk y u guys think tht xbox is better because xbox will get hacked one day and i will laugh wwhen ppl say omg i just switched to xbox and now it got hacked!!!!

    thumbs up if u agreee!!!! =]

  56. ambo-turner says:

    wtf psn sort it out i have been thinking about getting a xbox as i have exams coming up and when i want a break i have basicly nothing to do

  57. Jakeeez23 says:

    Psn I have made my decision I’m stayin with Sony. Microsoft has more and more hackers online than you I say EVERYONE DON’T WORRY BELIEVE!!!

  58. penrose08 says:


  59. skullcrusher says:

    just as i expected this conversation is FULL OF KIDS WHO DONT LOOK OUTSIDE DE BOX. YOU PEOPLE DONT REALIZE THAT IF WE CUSTOMERS DONT TAKE ACTION PSN MIGHT NOT COME BACK FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. BELIEVE ME ONCE SONY’s STOCK STARTS DROPING TO AN EXTREEM AMOUNT THEY WILL TURN THE PSN BACK ON AGAIN. YOU PEOPLE DONT SEE THAT SONY IS PLANING TO TURN THE NETWORK ON AFTER THE FBI CAPTURES THOSE HACKERS WHICH CAN BE WEEKS, MONTHS, AND MOST CERTAINLY YEARS.. sony is partly to be blamed for this because like i said before people usually take action after something hapens and not before it does. now most of us are at the mercy of those hackers with our credit cards because of sony’s careless actions.

  60. REDBOI85 says:

    two thumbs up BOB couldn’t say it any better.

  61. sam says:

    listen jerks, it’s not about not being able to go online.

    it’s about being told “I don’t know when”….and “a few more days”….and “sorry”.

    that crap causes the people who really miss PSN to CONSTANTLY go to the PSN blog website, Google, and random other sites to get updates NUMEROUS times a day and COUNTLESS times a week.

    THAT is what pisses people off. if they told US, that it would be back ON May 31st…well, then we would have no NO need to come to various websites ALL the time…we could move on with our life and look again on May 31st.

    having us always go back to the PSN site, makes them marketing geniuses as they get millions of hits on the sites simply by not giving us an exact date.

    THAT is what pisses us off, jerks.

  62. subkiller101 says:


  63. Thomas D says:

    I just wanna say im really po’d about this but im not gunna go and pay another $400 just to find out the day after i bought an xbox psn is back up n’ runing again. just wait a little and actually do something productive with your life!

  64. G-ExTrA-mOnEy16 says:

    you kno i think i’d have a reason to be mad at sony just as much as the next guy. i used to play online pretty hard a few years ago but due to some financial issues i had to let my internet service go. recently things have gotten better so i figured i’d splurge. i bought Black Ops and got Comcast to hook up my net only to find out the PSN was down! lol I agree with some of the sony-backers on here. its not their fault they were hacked and they should take as much time as they need to rebuild the system, make it secure, and even make it better with some of the extras like cross game chat that have been rumored to be part of the resurrection. but its been said that sony knew the network wasnt that secure for a while. they could have started this rebuild months ago, shutting the network down for a few hours each night during the slowest times to effect as least customers as possible. that way we get to play and get a kick ass network at the same time. no hack, no P.R. mess, no loss business and everyone’s happy but they didnt. and now they have to clean it up. i agree cut sony some slack. but sony, this could have been totally prevented.

  65. OMGPSN says:

    sony we dont care any more about how psn got hack fix the freakin problem and give a a date when it with be up.Cuz all u guys keep sayin a week then a few more days then in weeks then untill may 31st and now may 14…. if itz not up by tommorow i give up. im done with ps3 im not buyin anything form u guyz again

  66. jason p says:

    just grab a beer, chill out or meet a nice girl or something and it will be back before you know it. every 1 is missing psn but there’s nothing we can do so stop moaning and do something else. also no buying xbox ( you might as well give your hard erned money to a bum on the street that buy that junk lol)

  67. Jack says:

    psn i just gave up on u
    im hear playin halo 3 and gears of war
    when i should be on uncharted or killzone


    Please PsN come back soon my dazzle hasnt been used for while.
    P.s if anyone wants some beast MW2 sniper on there friends list that records. Add ‘ProDazzle’ WHEN psn comes back online -.-

  69. Look I know that the aliens from Tau Ceti did the hack they are part of the invasion of the X Box agends, soon the Alpha Draconians from the Delta region will invade and we will be at there mercy b/c of of this! PSN must get back online the fate of the human species depends on it. I do not want to live out my days as a slave to the reptilian race. The only hope is if the morlocks from the below the crust of the earth decide to save us but i doubt it.

  70. kungfu_joe100 says:


  71. Ross says:

    I just can’t see why they can’t put the network online and not the store.

  72. Davey says:

    Today was the last day for me, My wife talked me into going to xbox, waiting for this long, was too long.

  73. mark says:

    If its not on within 7 hours im just gonna say stuff it and get an xbox, this is way to long without any infomation. sony said a few days that was 4 days ago. just turn it on man.

  74. riley stunna says:

    this is really unreal how can sony be hacked one of the best gaming companies ever… in get hacked really sony??? thought u guys can think about getting hacked all that money and u cant even protect your company from getting hacked into.. im unsatisfied with this problem give us the real date of when psn if going to be back online and put the money we buy our products from u guys (sony) into getting a better security program.

  75. Peeeedofff says:

    I have been with Sony since ps2 first came out I have never owned a gaybox and I’m not about to but instead of telling us a bunch of lies you could at least say u don’t know when it will be back up! I really don’t won’t to buy a gaybox360 (mostly every ps3 user I know have sold there consoles and are buying gayboxs so hurry up because I don’t want to buy a gaybox)

  76. Ekim says:

    Im buying an xbox tonight im done with this!

  77. stuart pearson says:

    i have a ps3 and 360 and this is total bullshit i paid way more for the ps than the box and ps totaly dropped the ball and now the rest of us a paying the price, f-you playstation get your shit together

  78. Steve-o says:

    Sam is on the money!! First I’d like to confront Sony fan boys. I have an xbox and a ps3 both are great (screw the wii and it’s last gen graphics) I’m playing uncharted 2 it’s awesome!! I played the online bata for gow3 it’s also friggin awesome!!! Buy an xbox it’s worth it if you have the means to do so and stop hating on the 360 it’s more then a capable system and the online blows psn away without question! Now onto this BS sony is blowing down my face cavity..grrrraaaaaaaaaaaewwwwwwww it’s such BS!!!! I wanna play socom I WANT SOCOM!!! rawr!!! Xbox went through this once and it only lasted 3 day yea that’s right THREE FRIGGIN DAYS!!! Get ya stuff together Sony your making your company look as week as your sales. Also horrible job on MAG ewww I hope MAG 2 is a massively succsedes cause it’s a great concept..get a 360 it’s with the petty 50 dollars a month trust that!! Game on people psn will return. Btw I WANT SOCOM 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Swayboy says:

    i bought and xbox today because im tired of playstation lies ._. sorry playstation but its over

  80. PvtMajor says:

    I’m tired of this, as much as they are keeping quiet about this, it could be as late as 2012 before it comes back up! I mean Playstation users are jumping ship every day by the thousands! Each day Sony goes without posting an update of some kind on the blog, it gets worse! I’ve been patient for over 3 weeks now, this has just gotten boardeline rediculous! I’m almost ready to actually leave Sony and it’s as if they don’t care. I mean give us an update, it’s friday and I know we can’t expect blog updates on the weekend! Best to worse case, we don’t care, we just want information of some kind!

  81. Big mike 714 says:

    I’m staying with psn . Hackers are in the wrong not Sony. I love free online play. thank you Sony. I will stay loyal

  82. eli1 says:

    Tomorrow is your deadline, bet on it sony,dropping my playstation from a buiding and posting it on utube.

  83. big ro says:

    I am not wasting money buying an X box unless one of you want to buy my PS. I have PS for one reason COD online I can’t play so I should be able to return my PS

  84. SonyYoumakeMeSick says:

    Sony you had better fix this problem.Alot of us depend on our regular online fix.You better hurry before someone does something stupid and it will be all your fault.Time is of the essence.Tick Tock!

  85. Rob says:

    Why don’t we all just go outside and play sports instead of sitting on the computer trying to find out when PSN comes back online?

  86. liam says:

    um i wonder oh well building a summer house and putting a hot tube in it cant wait for that to be done, i want psn to be back up but i like the hot a bit more untill i get bored of it and get granny skin, hopefully the psn will be back by then!!

  87. Matt says:

    Guys give sony a break. Ive been with them ever since the first playstation came out and i believe in them. When psn comes back on we shouldnt be expecting free stuff because we aren’t paying them for online gaming. That is one if the best things ps3 has that xbox doesnt. And to whoever is complaining and saying that they are getting xboxes just shut the fuck up. You are just being little bitches. The reason why they cant open the store is because of the money in your “wallet”. Psn got hacked thanks to Geohot. He isnt the one who hacked psn but he is the one who posted the code online allowing users to hack the ps3.

  88. Matt says:

    Just be patient with sony and stop complaining

  89. Playstationlova says:

    Damm youuu sonyyyyy!!! Dammmmmmmmmm youuuu hackersss. And Dammm all u fake ps3ers that switch to xbox we don’t need u phonies in our ps3 squad.

  90. Ryan says:

    TBH im so close from sellin my playstation3 this is just winding me up its rubbish weather and bored out of my brains and its just taking the biscuit, i got told it was back on the 1st of may and it wasent and now the 13th of may and it isent cnt u just make ur minds up and sort this out? me and mate/family cnt speaking during the night unless they have a late night… i would really inpressed if its done by monday morning 16th may if not im selling :D

  91. gortex says:

    maybe if sony decided to spend a little bit more of their multy billion dollars on a decent firewall/security system and not be so selfish with it this might not have happened… this just goes to show how much sony really cares about their customers when they pretty much just hand over all of our personal information to criminals… sony is lucky they make durable equipment or half their customers would be gone by now… FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

  92. Dan says:

    I’m going to laugh when everyone leaves their PS3 to go to XBOX and only get the red ring of death 2 months after spending all that money.

  93. Rebel Boy says:

    I want to sell my 250gb PS3 slim to Gamestop that i bought for $415 and they’re only offering me $80. Bitc*es can suck my 7″ D*CK

  94. blogs says:

    psn comin up 2mmr…

  95. sergio22 says:

    come on sony fix this:( i miss the online game, ive been with sony since the original playstation. yall made my child hood great but not being able to play online while im in my twenties and its ridiculous. COME ON SONY!!!! we can fix the problem!!! i have faith in this great company

  96. ANGRY GAMER says:


  97. colby vickers says:

    I’m a Sony fan, can’t wait for it to be back up and don’t you find it funny how people are on here talking about going outside, where are you right now, doing the same thing you just protested against. Hmmm must be an xbox idiot.

  98. jimmy says:

    SONY!!!!! I TRADED IN THE PS3 TO MY LOCAL GAMESTOP TODAY FOR A XBOX 360!!!!!! i got my paycheck today came home still wasnt checked to see if japan had psn stiill off line!!!!!!!!!
    i grabbed my ps3 console and box and game and wiped my hands clean of your today!!!!!!!!!!!! you have lied to us 5 times now and i can prove the date and lies!!!!!!

    april 20 wed psn goes down
    april 21 thur told 1-2 days downtime
    april 27 thur patrick seybold press release week from yesturday april 26 we should restore some service
    may 1 sun sony press confrence japan psn restrore within a week
    may 5 thur howard stringer letter coming days till restore
    may 10 tue patrick seybold atleast few more days
    may 12 thur s.o.e. make good plan at least few more days
    may 13 still no psn or press release from sony!!!!

    i have never been ran around and lied to like this in my life!!!!! not by anyone!!!!!!!!!
    this is complete b.s. i have sat here patiently being loyal 23 days and 4 weekends no psn!!! today was my last day buying anything sony period!!!! done with you!!!!!

    if you do this customers you treat your employyes even worse thats why u laid off 200 workers at s.o.e.!!!!!!!!!!

    i guarantee they was the ones that gave up your whole network system to hackers!!!!

    i blame this all on howard stringer and the kaz sony japan president!!!!!!!!!!!! lies lies lies!!!!!!!

    you stay with ps3 your a dam fool after i just posted 5 lies made by sony!!!! well iam off to play xbox now have to decide if i wanna do gears beta or call of duty????????

  99. SirNorm says:

    Playstation Network rocks! I don’t care if it takes days or weeks to fix, I love free online gaming! You’re the best Sony. I will wait for you. No Xbox’s for me, my PS3 is my soulmate!

  100. HarnyMuddaFahqeur says:

    hurry up psn. i’ve actually been having conversations with the woman that lead to intercourse….. wait a second….. nevermind, take you time, i’m off to the bedroom!! :)

  101. henry says:

    come on sony release something! The reason people are so mad about this psn outage is because you guys never update us on what’s going on so we have no idea when psn will be back online. I love your free online but 3 weeks and still not up come on!

  102. jon f says:

    they are cornering us basically what is happening is they are giving us a reason to pay for play.they will suggest that pay for play will give them the funds to help keep psn up but we are not dumb sony so go ahead and tell us so we can pay and you can get your “network right”.

  103. Jeff22 says:

    Just got done unpacking my new xbox… mmmm i can smell online. :)

  104. Vince says:

    It’s not about playing or an addiction,I just worked 6am to 830 pm just wanna relax and game psn VinnyxMac

  105. Ben says:

    Well finally went and got a xbox today after 3+ weeks I realized they arent in any hurry and Im tired of coming home just to be let down again. good luck to the rest of u Im sure Ill see half of u on xbox before its over

  106. Steve says:

    Everyone has a right to be pissed,its been so long I lost count of the days sony has been down but we all know that as soon as sony comes back online everyone will come back and play their games. sony just better make this right and give us some free crap. i heard we get 2 free games and these better be games that we would pay $60 each games. Thank God for NBA playoffs and baseball

  107. REDBOI85 says:

    if ur going to do something do it right. and thats what sony is doing.they are getting it right this time. perfection takes time, LONG LIVE THE SONY EMPIRE!!!!!!!!

  108. Osama Bin Laden says:


  109. Ksevatheblablah says:

    Playstation, not only is this a inconvinience for all of your LOYAL playstation players..but also a bad way to introduce the new playstation users to the sony world.. in other words, take a hand full of dogg shit… n rub yur eyes with it. thats what we feel like.

  110. T. Brown says:

    OMG!! My whole fam are COD junkies. Myself, husband and ten year old are suffering the worst. I am all for securing the system from further hacking attempts, however three weeks and counting is far too much time to fix this issue and restore functionality for many loyal customers. I believe that this is some hype to begin promoting Moder Warfare 3. I am even understanding of your marketing techniques, just please restore online gaming before my family begins having full blown COD withdrawal

  111. pissedoftolong says:

    im so pissed all i want to do is play online already

  112. madman says:

    if you play xbox there is no need for you to waste you time looking at psn anyways xbox sucks because you dont get free gaming so shut up you xbox players and play w/your dumb ass xbox

  113. Dylan says:

    I bought my ps3 3/22/2011. I paid a total of $388.92 for the console and 2 games. A week later I bought an LCD HD T.V because the picture sucked on my old tv. The new T.V cost around $350.00 and the HD cable was 30 bucks. SONY YOU REALLY F@$# ME BIG TIME! I’ve betten both of the games i bought and now have I nothing else to do with them. The only reason i haven’t givin up on you yet is my Netflix 30 free trial. The trail ends in 5 days. In 5 days if the PSN is not up i will be done with SONY forever!!!

  114. Ps3forever says:

    I agree with rob, get ya lazy asses of the couch and go make use of ya life instead of giving all of your attention to friggen games

  115. jonathan says:

    i rellay hate waiting but i i dont an xbox

  116. Kristin says:

    It’s not just gaming…I am payig for netflix every month and cant watch anything!! I really think rather than making netflix suffer and lose my business, because they did nothing wrong and provide a good service…I am with the peeps going over to xbox!!

  117. madman says:

    i agree with rob hes thoughtful im playing football (off season)and dont wait because it will take longer

  118. JPro says:

    I don’t know why some are defending sony even though they haven’t been doing everything they could for us, their consumers. I am contemplating on switching because of how sony is treating me as a consumer, if some of you are happy that sony doesn’t update you everyday with was is going on and gives the same useless updates why defend them? Sure the hackers are the ones who caused this but like anonymous said “sony is incompetent” because it’s obvious they weren’t keeping our data secured to the extent that sony could have. I don’t own an xbox I own the ps3 and I’m just disappointed that we aren’t given updates everyday at least giving us a better and more specific timeframe, not just a few more days. To me a few more days is 2-4 days and if sony doesn’t have it up by sunday at the latest then sony truly doesn’t care about their consumers, I don’t know why people are defending and supporting sony eventhough they don’t tell us the truth or what is going on. Before I forget sony didn’t mention that the hackers published data of 2,500 people.

  119. DRAKE says:


  120. gardner2208 says:

    i agree with rob

  121. ellisd says:

    i cant fckn take this ai i only got online 3 wks before network outage and was just starrting to get OK at black ops and was smashing zombies got to like lvl 36 online zombies is the bomb i dont think theres a differance between consoles i want a xbox NOW my mate got one and i been living there lately lol the only reason i play these days is because youre online i been playing single player since i was 5 haha like everyone single player is poo so yea i agree go get an xbox man because the only reason we all here is cause we aint online haha thats the duck nuts right there ……..

  122. j says:

    chill with all the tlk bout geting a xbox because rite after u do dat psn will come bck on and yeah i no it has been a long time but it will come bck soon and the hackers need to stop please … and as soon as psn get bck on send j a friend request

  123. I’m staying with psn . Hackers are in the wrong not Sony. I love free online play. thank you Sony. I will stay loyal

    yea like xbox u need to buy online like…..sheeeeeeyaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  124. do_something_else says:

    Yo all you gamers just go outside and enjoythe sun or beach or whatever else you do, i have all the game systems atmy house and the only one worth play is PS3, but i’ll wait, theres a whole world out there to do REAL adventure!!!!!

  125. Big poppy says:

    Listen sony I have played all of my single player games, I am tired of the same ole in a few days crap.i just hooked my vintage atari 2600 console, if you guys are still down buy the time I finish my 50 games its over and out the window with my ps3 console.

  126. Davey says:
    May 13, 2011 at 7:31 pm
    Today was the last day for me, My wife talked me into going to xbox, waiting for this long, was too long.

    well dont listen to yo wife u shall listen to me…. PS3 no xbox

  127. goofy says:

    bye ps3 ,, hi xbox…. im gonnna betrayed

  128. Chris says:

    Seriously??? ALL OF YOU, WHY?
    “im hear playin halo 3 and gears of warwhen i should be on uncharted or killzone” Why cant you play them? WHY?

    “n! I CANT TALK TO MY BEST FRIEND U BETTER FIX IT WITHIN 7 DAYS O IM GIVING UP!” Okay, you are just pathetic if your online friend is your “BEST FRIEND”

    “, waiting for this long, was too long.” No it isn’t… Play some games with your wife or REAL friends…

    “If its not on within 7 hours im just gonna say stuff it and get an xbox,” Are you serious? If so email me I’ll buy your PS3….

    “Im buying an xbox tonight im done with this!” Done with what? The cheapest most advanced gaming console?

    i have a ps3 and 360 and this is total bullshit i paid way more for the ps than the box and ps totaly dropped the ball and now the rest of us a paying the price, f-you playstation” What price are you paying? Having to actually play the game? Im so sorry…

    Tomorrow is your deadline, bet on it sony,dropping my playstation from a buiding and posting it on utube.” Because you cant play online??? Pathetic….

    ALL OF YOU are pathetic (other than the exceptions).. Guess what I did today? I broke out the ole’ chainsaw and made some nice trails in my woods, also i got to world 7 on SMB 3, I went out to eat, and ive been inviting my friends over to play with me (one night beat Portal 2 co-op). And think I dont have it bad, RECORD rainfall here in SHITTY ohio… BTW, selling your PS3? I’ll buy it, seriously.

    I miss PSN like the rest of you but im not an Overrated COD playing poser like the rest of you, im whats called a real gamer… Oh and guess what, IM ON MY PS3 RIGHT NOW, holy shit I need a keyboard….

  129. Chris says:

    I forgot to add..

    “BESTXbox went through this once and it only lasted 3 day yea that’s right THREE FRIGGIN DAYS!!!” No no no my friend, try 2 weeks in the middle of summer, do some research…

  130. shaun says:

    i am soo pissied right now its been 3 weeks cmon sony put up the dam psn i mean i read their blog and it said “psn will be back up in a few days” few days is like 2 to 4 days its been 4 days and sony hasnt out it back on i am not even playing if sony dont put psn back up i am going to switch to a geybox.

  131. Omfg , xbox faggits why are you even here like for real? this has nothing to do with you. And Xbox had the exact same thing when it went down for 3-4 weeks in 2008. All we have to do is keep patient, it’s not worth buying another system (xbox) & no offense but the controllers kinda suck. If you’re really that desprate to play then you need help, for real. Screw your ‘cyber’ shit and get ‘real’ shit. like friends etc. Plus its not worth paying $65 dollars a year or $8 a month. PSN is free, and just hit a road block with there firewall (hackers). If you bought an Xbox , when PSN is back on, you will REALLY regret it. Trust me.

  132. swervy says:

    Turn it on right now? Yes. They’ll turn it on, and it’ll get hacked again. Duh. They still need to beef up security and possibly find the hackers, since the FBI is involved and stuff. Please think about these things before posting and looking dumb.

  133. TEPCO = SONY says:


  134. swervy says:

    Also, yes. Drop your PS3 from a building when you can return it and actually get some money back.

  135. Ryan says:

    This sux!! Im getting too impatient i like the idea of dropping my ps3 off a building and posting it on utube! Thumbs up… Thumbs down to sony

  136. Jessdman says:

    I still have faith in sony i been with them sense ps1 and u can’t complain well i can’t because other then buying my 2 ps3 and playing black ops and MW2 all the time any time of the day or night 4 free year round is great + i have put way 2 much money and time 2 go 2 xbox the resale 4 ps3 and game is not that good when i can just wait a few more days and see what happens and if nothing then i will more then likely wait some more i can say i learned how 2 pass time in county lol

  137. Sam says:

    Why is everybody complaining about the psn being down? I mean, yeah it sucks that we can’t play our video games and stuff, but seriously guys?! In 3 weeks, I have actually done something. I was finally able to fix some things, and actually make a big improvement. Plus, if you guys seroiusly want to play a game, play something like God of War 3, that was able to take 1 week from this outage. P.S. Sony, get your act together, people are getting pissed. Soon, people are gonna leave the PS3, just like the gamecube. .__.

  138. Grant says:

    Um, does ANYONE play single player anymore?? Seriously… It’ll be back up at some point, and it’s not like Xbox couldn’t get hacked too..

  139. Matt says:

    Stop frikin whinging!! It will be back up as soon as it’s ready!!! Would u rather they put a half assed version up that is unsecured or wait a little longer and know it’s all 100%??!
    stop acting like retards, buy an xbox? Idiots…

  140. Taz says:

    I think im just going to play some good old playstation 1. I’ll be happy until PSN comes the pussy on.

  141. Ryan parker says:

    God everybody talking smack. The only problem I have is the run around they keep giving us other then that everybody shut up and let them do there jobs. People act like it’s the end of the world when the truth is they are just trying to protect us from people screwing with our info. Oh last thing if you are going too buy an xbox just go do it and shut up cause truth be told Sony is still making there money

  142. pirate13 says:

    Check it out, I am a loyal ps3 COD player and I’ve had an xbox(which sucks by the way). There
    Is no reason to just give up on somethin when Sony is not at fault, whoever hacked them should
    Be shot. I not gonna pay 50 bucks a month to get a red ring of death within a month. So all you guys
    Need to think that tradingsystems isn’t gonna solve your problem. Get a life, a job,or lose your
    Virginity. Not everything revolves around you…..PS3 is the s**t!

  143. jase says:

    I hope no game developer makes any games for sony after this, let’s just make every game on xbox or pc from now on. we wll not buy another ps game or ps system. And I speak for every angry ps gamers on earth.

  144. Infamous says:

    Go to church for once while the psn is down.

  145. timbo slice says:

    last week it was in the final stages, this week it was supposed to be a few more days…loyalty to sony, we’re cosumers we dont owe them anything, i would switch to xbox but it would be my luck that psn recovers as soon as i buy it

  146. mike young says:

    I’m staying with psn . Hackers are in the wrong not Sony. I love free online play. thank you Sony. I will stay loyal

  147. Bev says:

    Seriously, this has been to long of a wait for many of you?

    Cmon guys you act like you cant live without it. Geez, do sumthing else. Its so sad.

  148. luis says:

    ok…. i’m tired… really tired with all this garbage… tomorrow im gonna get a new x box… i dont like the xontroller… but it wasnt my fault sony… im tired… bye …. u guys r suck…

  149. Dr. Honest says:

    Sony can suck it…but i can talk all i want, i aint switchin to Xbox! Same thing’s gunna happen to them…eventually. I can’t imagine using those freakin controlers with random button lay-out. And paying for playing online would make me broke… but that dosent excuse Sony from taking so freakin long to fix this. That’s all for now.

  150. joeie says:

    Holy**** wtf i dont care if the psn is free, my ps3 and games which cost more then 600$ WASENT FREE , xbox fix their probelm in 2 weeks when it got hacked, and ps3 is 3 weeks plus!!! tradeing ps3 2morrow.

  151. Biggie says:

    sam is right. but its done on purpose for publicity out of it. forget about playstation, check if its up in a month.

  152. themind says:

    its kool i mean with the free stuff and all so its worth the wait.

  153. lessthanthreeplease says:

    gamers are really pist…hope they learned that gaming isn’t their life…or maybe it is…ouch…im waiting on psn to come back on…if i could afford a 360 i would have bought one already…all the cool good people play on it…like xJawz, hutch, and Seannaners…but i still have the playstation…and ive been keeping my self busy obviously like a normal person should…walk outside its actually really nice people…the sun isnt gonna kill you instantly and forget about people…have fun outside!!!!!! People outside are just like you…go fuck someone

  154. slipknotfreak says:

    hey even though psn is down we can still play games while its being repaired so we have to wait and imagine all the cool things we’ll be able to get so for me and others it’s worth the wait.

  155. donulover says:

    wow if u bought an xbox cuz ur 2 much of a nerd not to take 3 weeks w/out gaming. its just sad. good luck paying $60 a year for ur online

  156. Dylan says:

    Im sick and tired of waiting psn, if you dont get psn back up by the end of this weekend me and thousands of psn users are going to xbox

  157. Al says:

    “A day or two”…”By this weekend”…”In a few days”…

    This BS is gettin’ old, so old in fact, Xbox, here I come…


  158. well..... says:

    first of all i just switched from xbox to ps3 and got screwed i thought it would be beter got new games and cant play online i ust on may 10th got mxvsatv alive and i preordered it and got the dlc well i cant use it so all my friends on xbox have it. love it. and make me want t play it but i cant just fix it soon and put it down at the nights and keep building it up u cant make this unpreventable just better anyone can be out there hacking it again and will try but u cant keep do work on the network

  159. bones says:

    the psn to come back 12/22/12 the day after the world ends

  160. PSN user INFO says:

    PSN will be back within 3 days, just wait and see! info dont ask!

  161. DrizzyRodgers_94 says:

    Sony, you have to fix this problem and really fast because people are switching to xbox 360 and also you have to give us an official date and not some b’s date

  162. Shaun says:

    This is funny.. All I know is we will look back on this in the future and realize that this was nothing but a lesson to be learned.. I would not trade my ps3 just to get ripped off and then pay extra for an xbox and xbox live IM sorry.. In addition no blue Ray player.. Sounds like a major down grade

  163. sinaloa373 says:

    i will wait cuz i like psn

  164. kyle says:

    its been down for me in Sacto for going on two months

    long gone are the days when the Sony brand name actually meant quality

    just the opposite now

  165. :) says:

    ok you guys that switch your stupid because for PSN you dont have to pay its free unlike xbox you have to pay why would you pay if can get it for free

  166. Corey says:

    Yeah this is ridiculous and idk how much longer I wanna wait cause this is progressing to long

  167. justintheman says:

    im tired of ths bullshit i just bought and xbox and 9 games and got xbox live fuck you sony your full of lies im tired of them so im gunna go and play my new 360 yay

  168. Death to all hackers, everywhere. Seriously, I hope they all die a very painful and drawn-out death.

  169. eric jones says:

    I just want to play socom 4 f cod. Thats for little kids or scrubs that aint got no gun skills. Hurry up. Its been like 20 some days Its Rediculous Really

  170. javi says:

    I just want to get back online. I hate that people ARE COMPLAINING!!! BTW, who knows when the psn will work again?

  171. girl01 says:

    This is BS already ya they might not suffer if ppl switch nd ya all the loyal customers will wait how ever long it takes but I’m not that patient nd am tired of the BS yes it is about playing online because that’s what ppl do now days technology is good nd Sony has no excuse there just punishing the group for the actions of one to teach ppl a lesson the ppl who hacked it weren’t after credit cards they just wanted to play there bootlegged games so is the network safe pretty much but whatever so for all of u reading my post did u no if u say gullible really slow it sounds like orange ………

  172. adam says:

    Lol let’s see how much they will be up in may. . Laughs to self

  173. anonymous says:

    just keep doing what you can dont listen to people saying “oh im switching to xbox cause im a queer” just keep working on this situation all these negative comments i know you guys dont need. it must be tough taking all these questions and comments i just dont want you guys to keep hearing bad things to the piont where you dont care about bringing Sony back online.

    this is from one of your biggest playstation fans this is anonymous.

  174. Chikofrmfl says:

    I bought a ps3 because I think its a much better system and because online is free. I will not go buy a xbox just because psn is down, im mad also but ill wait, xbox sucks.

  175. anonymous says:


    srry had to do it

  176. THEWETONESME says:

    The guy that hack Sony is five people.That help he hack Sony.he made the mode for mw2 and send it to Sony and say not.He was angry and had his friend help and as soon as he friends where told what they were doing they back out.There is only one people that try to take and steel Sony company by blackmailing Sony to get their network back,aka(PSN).He still trying to do thing be he is going to get arrest for.I hear this from a friend and the internet site where he post stuff to his friends.

  177. Sam says:

    oh yea you boys have fun with all your lies, dissect and other crap from playstation and their network. I’ve had enough and have moved on to xbox oh what a great move it was indeed!!!

  178. Barbie19 says:

    Testing! lol

  179. Barbie19 says:

  180. celestialcomeback- says:

    Im forever staying with my ps3, F*** Xbox, its stupid and hell no im not paying to play online. Go ahead and make that fatal mistake of trading in your ps3 for the xbox, because ones psn comes back on better then ever, you’ll come crawling back.

  181. John says:

    I can not see jumping to Xbox because of the PSN hack. I have plenty of games I can play off line as long as it takes. I can not stand to hear people bitch about PSN being down this long. Back in the 80s and 90s there was no online gaming and we all did just fine without it then. Just relax and be glad to have games to play.

  182. MR.SEYBOLD says:


  183. kody says:

    please sony come back online because all of these x box people are trying to get me to switch and there talking shit about sony

  184. KateMcKenzie says:

    God forbid anyone know how to entertain themselves without technology! What in the world will you all do?!?!? Kids, go to the park. Adults, get out of your mother’s basement, and get a job! There are more important things in life than griping about when PSN is going to be back up. Has anyone looked at the state of the economy? Does anyone realize that the US will be attacked by Al Qaeda in the near future? Grow up, and open a book, learn an instrument, anything but stare at a screen all day, wishing you could get on PSN! Seriously! What in the world did kids do to entertain themselves before Playstation? Before internet? Before television? HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID THEY SURVIVE WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY!?!?!?! *insert sarcasm here*

  185. kamel says:

    F U Sony I dont need u anyway. i Still Play online and any one that wants to play cod online look up xbslink its a lan tunneling app that you run on your comp and then u play against others.

  186. bir5586 says:

    aww someone give these girls a hanky…i have only a playstation 3 and i’m not trading it in for some crappy 360 or anything like that…who in there right minds would start over from square one just because you have some network down time…i realized most of the people who are whining so badly are COD players and crap like that…what your game doesn’t have an offline mode or is it that COD storyline just plan old suxs hmm…anyway crying and saying your switching systems isn’t going to effect them all that much if at all…and say “sony you better fix the problem” or what not, c’mon people no one on these post are going to do anything…we’re just a bunch of gamers, some just happens to be whinning because they can’t play online…big freaking deal get an offline game…you know something that has more storyline then COD lmao people now and days :/

  187. cloudstrife2507 says:

    i have been with playstation since the first day they came out and not giving up on them im happy playing ff7 until then but please try to hurry as for that stupid second rate gaming system known as xbox i will never pay to play online especially as your still on dvd format

  188. Psn NOT WORK says:

    This is getting annoying. The only words sony use are “in a few days, in a week, patience and etc” In a few days” I wonder how long it takes for you guys to walk one step -_-.

  189. James says:

    Ive spent alot.of money on fifa on players and that and I cant use them cuz psn is offline by the time its back on I bet the new one will be out I want compension.

  190. sully says:

    yeah, blog was hacked like 3 days ago, THATS why they wont tell us chizz, cuz they CANT

  191. jay says:

    I supported Sony at first. Now, I see them for what they are. They don’t give a damn about us consumers. I paid for my online network when I purchased my console. I’ve been screwed. Sony only cares about pursuing the hackers….they don’t give a damn about us consumers.

  192. anthony says:

    thats bull i wanna play b ops

  193. jay says:

    Even before this outage….Sony had a horrible reputation when it came to customer service.

    horrible customer service = not giving a damn about it’s consumers

  194. Carl Hines says:

    I enjoy online gaming just as much as the next person, but c’mon now…some folks are taking this wayyy too seriously. It’s been said that everything happens for a reason, so this little interruption of service should be viewed no differently. It’s funny to read some of the posts that appear on some of these ‘Playstation Network Down’ blogs. Is this truly what our lives in 2011 have become? I see so much “Whoa is me” and “I can’t believe they did that”. Someone had a very valid point a few days into the outage—they mentioned that the access is FREE, and yet people are still complaining. This glitch in technology should not be viewed as an interruption of our lives, but rather an opportunity for us to reclaim our lives. So what we can’t challenge our friends online line in our favorite games. Pick up the phone, and CALL that friend. Catch up on old times—the very things that caused the friendship to begin. Re-familiarize yourself with your loved ones. Let them know that you’ve missed them while you were away in PS3 Land…I’m sure they will let you know that you were also missed while you were there. These are just a couple things that you could be doing during the downtime, but if that doesn’t work for you—try going outside for some fresh air. The world is still there. Enjoy life while you still can. Don’t let it all pass you by…

  195. Jgjf says:

    Dear PSN “fans”
    I am a PSN fan and I’ll never give up on them, the only way that I’m getting xbox is if PSN will be down FOREVER. I have a message for all PSN FANS WHO ARE THINKING OF GETTING AN XBOX!


  196. sistahmonee says:

    As someone who owns all three systems i just the network back up so my husband will get off my xbox!!!!! Also no news is not cool

  197. jay says:

    Can someone from Sony please tell us when we can play online again !!! I paid for online services when I purchased my console. I demand to be informed !

  198. jay says:

    I’ve been outside for the past 3+ weeks now. I’m wet and sunburned. Can I come inside and play my video games online now ? i paid good, hard-earned money for video games.

  199. Suzie says:

    ITS OK stupid xtreme gamers jus care bout playin, i mean lyk, it will max. take a month u guys r so obsessed with all this dat u r gna buy a xbox? o.o That suks. wateveR, i aint gna giv up so easily =/

  200. Deep Smoke says:

    Sony!!! You are FSOB!!!

  201. Isaiah says:

    I have been playing Sony’s systems since Playstation 1 and every system after that and I will not give up on Sony and I will defend them from any of them Cocky Xbox players. I will not leave you Playstation just get your stuff together. Take as much time as you want so an intrusion like this doesn’t happen again. Take every Precaution necessary. Mx vs Atv Alive is something i’m looking forward to playing when PSN gets back online. add me: AfricanOps

  202. Ha i want it back on and no i got a ps3 to play not look at by my tv and no i will not by a xbox 360 had one got ps3 it dont look is good on my tv so playstaion fix it please or tell us wen it will be up that be cool have a good day and think you .

  203. fuck the ps3 says:

    yo what up with this hold network thing updates saying just a few days man its been weeks for now why dont yall say just a few more weeks psn will be back by the 4 of july i guess we should get are 300 dollars back to go buy us a x box 360 i know they hacked yall aint your falt but a problem should be fixed as fast as possible not taking your time just affecting the ppl who like online play

  204. ODIN says:

    I bought a ps3 yesterday after being told that psn would be back online Friday the 13th,,,should of known it wouldn’t of been due to the date,I play wow and they never have this sort of problem.they service the network at least once a week and do all their tweeking when most of the users are offline…mainly Wednesdays between 0500 and 1100..seems like sony should get off their asses and maybe take a leaf from blizzards book…there is noway it should of been offline for so long…i gotta brand new ps3 just sat here doing nothing until they sort it

  205. john says:

    Rob well obviously you got here for a reason and just an assumption it was from your computer.

    Anyway so it took me forever to by a ps3 cause i was doing other things were i didnt have time or never cared to play but not to long ago i have had changes in my life so i bought one and now i’m regretting it, i dont want an x box cause my opinion is they suck but sony isn’t proving that my choice didnt suck

  206. whitey says:

    calm down. I’m guessing no-one on here has GF or any friends (apart from on PSN) get outside make some, watch TV, go running, play some sport I enjoy the ps3 as much as the next man/woman but comon get a life people stop bitchin’ and go and get an Xbox if you need to play online that desperately you can pick a second hand one up for £40 now which to me shows just how good they are I couldn’t give mine away.

  207. FatBob says:

    For all the comments talking about defecting to XBOX – do you really believe that XBOX Live never goes down ? Do a search on google before parting with cash.

  208. Jumbo says:

    I got the damn ylod. Then when I finally fixed it after 2 weeks, the psn was down. So I’ve really been screwed for a month and a week now by Sony.

  209. Adam says:

    This is sheer corporate stupidity. Some douche nugget who has no people skills is directing the information flow. There should be concise, detailed, and timely information. If this is not possible, come out and say exactly what is going on. Sony has no credibility in this, our personal information which we entrusted them to keep safe is everywhere, our higher buy in cost for the console was due to free online network gaming.

    I traded a few ps3 games in for PC variants, upgraded ram and I am back to online gaming. After this, I will never again purchase any game with multi- player for ps3. They are lucky there are some good single player games to utilize the console, such as Dead Space. As of now it is a very expensive blu ray player, which cannot be updated because the network is down. Let’s say I purchase a really new blu ray movie tom row and it wants some update, well gee too bad now I can’t watch my blu ray movie.

    What about those people who truly relied on the PS3 for their sole entertainment machine, Netflix, blu ray, games, media center. Remember the ads with Kevin Butler CEO of Awesomeness for Ps3? well wtf Butler, this shit ain’t awesome now.

    When xbox went down in 2008, Microsoft from dealing with shitty products for a long time (bsd) had a remarkable PR blitz, plus it went down during Christmas!

    Sony really needs to do something, this is sadly pathetic, and when they find out who did it, send the address to the Navy Seals with some cash for expenses.

  210. dave says:

    We need updates after all this is the world wide web!! come on tell us wtf is going on, i used to love sony but after my wifes Vaio died after 15months and i had to fight for a free repair and now this ,sony oh dead oh dear is all i can say .never buying sony again

  211. nick says:

    I dont understand how a computer software tycoon can be hack so bad that they cant fix it within a week – we are going on 3 weeks now and still no response from them – this is ridiculous!!! Playstation was the best – i think they are not behind xbox with Wii catching up – what is the hold up????

  212. SuperUltraMegaBored says:

    I’m online right now… Only has web browsing but it seems that the network is coming back to life… I’m not kidding. Cant sign into account but this is better than nothing. New more colorful homepage.

  213. jacques says:

    well im up in south africa with the psn down, sony please take a look at online lag issue shit,i have a fast internet speed, rome wasnt built in a day

  214. SuperUltraMegaBored says:

    I’m on PSN right now. No gaming and cant log into my account but “PS3, it only does something”. Hopefully by the end of this my PS3 will be able to make me a sandwich when I ask it to do so. But no shit, I’m on PSN, neat new homepage. I like all the colors. Too bad the homepage doesn’t work right now. Cant “Create a New Account (New Users) >?” OR “Use an Existing Account >?” Signs of life… Wonderful freakin news NOW MAKE ME A SAMMICH!!!

  215. avatar_popco says:

    Your kidding yourselves if you think this can’t or won’t happen to X-box live. It’s only a matter of time before some hacker sees what happened to Sony and thinks I could do that to Microsoft. If the only reason your buying an X-box is becuse of this, you deserve to have your money taken. PSN for ever. You get what you pay for. But still better than X-box live.

  216. eamon says:

    u guys are all freaks u cant just go a while without online content actually do somethin wit ur life ddduuuuuuhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! so just calm down all u guys who are considerin buyin xbox anyway i thought everyone said mw2 online was crap i thought black ops online was crap well look wat happened now they cant b that crap if your buyin a xbox think about it :-)

  217. TORBOMONG says:

    Don’t forget that Sony is a Japanese company and they have got a lot of things going on since the earthquake witch caused a tsunami so in real life you have to be patient cos they have a lot to deal with and I don’t think keeping gamers happy is a priority compared to the other problems in japan…just keep playing single player for now..

  218. ben says:

    shut up and wait O.o ……………… and F*** XBOX

  219. Mrstuieeee says:

    Ok.. So i can handle abit of downtime, being that i work mon-fri long hours, and see my gf alot, these things happen. What does piss me off is liars, being given a set date which is missed by weeks. I am involved in a hugely smaller company that sony, but in our production if we missed a deadline by even a day clients would be lost, but usually regained through honesty. The issue here isnt the network being down for me, its the false hopes i keep being given, i aim for sonys set dates and am let down each time. I would never switch to xbox, my loyalty isnt that low, however i am 100 percent sure i will never trust information/deadlines from sony ever again.

  220. X_mac3_x says:

    Iv been a loyal Playstation user since the release of the first ever one and have owned all of them. I have never moaned or complained about anything but this is just fucked up. I just went on holiday for a week to have something to do now I’m back and skint unroll payday and it’s still not fixed. I think something bigger is going on because when it first happened there were endless updates on the problem but now there dwindling away and so are the players I had dozens of cod mates who all now own an gaybox and are playin cod. Come on Sony pull our finger out your suppose to be a billion dollar company not a million dollar company. Honesty is the best policy try it you might find it will be appreciated.

  221. Oshnoritsu says:

    I want to use my ps3 as much as the next person.
    But constant whining about it not being on and switching to xbox is pathetic.
    Yes I have all 3 also, but ps3 is my main console.
    A wise man once said patience is a virtue.

    I have been hacked on pc it took a week to fix. So it ain’t all bad

  222. TheDemon says:

    People should really stop bitching about psn being down.. as a few people have stated.. GO OUT and do something productive.. Screenagers these days.. omg i can’t play black-ops i’m gonna sit here in misery.. you people serious? go get laid and you might realise there is more to life than gaming.. Sony is doing what they can to get back online.. it’s the some what 2-3000 hackers you should be angry with.. it actually wouldn’t be so bad if sony upgraded their security levels to “AES 256bit” encryption method on their server/networks, because it’d take a lifetime of super attacks even with the most state of the art and advanced computers to even crack it.. and by the time they do. we’d have an elevator to mars :D .
    for the record, if sony are already using that encryption method.. then i’m sorry to say, someone in your network division is being shifty :D

  223. 808GIRL says:

    yea, i just hope this online can come back on soon, so i can talk to my friends again

  224. Liam says:

    seriously people stop getting angry at psn yeah we all want it to come back online but it is all the hackers faults… Sony is trying their hardest to get psn online.

  225. ThatOneKid says:

    Aight, I’m just an average gamer and I like both xbox and ps3. But let’s face it, when it came to the ps2 and original xbox, xbox was way better. Sony stepped up with the ps3, xbox still has better graphics, but with the ps3 I feel more free. There’s just the free feeling that I get when I play it, no worrying having to renew my membership, just straight up gaming. Xbox feels like theres more restriction on me. When psn when down, I felt like part of my freedom was taken away, I play xbox now but im still going to play ps3 when it’s back up. One thing that I hate is that bull crap there feeding us that there gonna be back up in a few days or within a week. I mean really? Just man up to the problem and say you don’t know what the hell happened but we’re making sure it doesn’t happen again and it will take a while. Just throwing that out there.

  226. Ghost_panda says:

    @kate, we do not want to think about those things (except a job we need jobs of course), we play ps3 to help keep our mind off the economy, al qaida etc. I love reading books so im good on that part but yea we love video games because it takes away all the stress of life. About learning an instrument, thats cool but music honestly is destroying american youth mostly because of hip hop and rock (even though i listen to hip hop). Kids do things that musicicans tell them. And back to the economy, al qaida etc, why in the world would we think about these horrible things? To scare ourselves and our children? No. There’s 3 things very important in my young life. Girls, golf (and other sports GO BULLS!) and PS3. so i say thats a pretty good life. especially when you have backstabbing friends. anyways hopefully the psn comes back on soon! i want my free content! lol

  227. ellisd says:

    the web browser on ps3 has always been unaffected by this outage noob …. these sony guys just need to man up and bite the bullet and put it back online this is bloody shit way too long sony i think they ve take there ” sony make believe ” slogan a little bit far by asking the consumers to make believe that sony is a dependable company to place our trust , money and personal PRIVATE details with and of course making us believe that its only a few days away when that is the only word in there vocabulary. SONY YOU’VE UPDATED NOTHING SINCE THE 10TH OF MAY IT S NOW THE 14 TH OF MAY NO WONDER USE GOT DONE LIKE THIS GEEZ HOW HARD IS IT TO UPDATE WITH REAL, USEFUL AND POSITIVE INFORMATION OBVIOUSLY JUST HAS HARD AS IT IS TO KEEP YOU’RE NETWORK SECURE ………………….. GO FIGURE

  228. damon says:

    Is it just me or have the updates for games and blu ray titles not had any issues. Everything thing that’s needed a update on my ps3 has been fine, just like before the network was down. Do you guys think just coz psn is down these things won’t update? Coz u need to try these things before moaning ur ass off here.

  229. gozza says:

    stuff paying xbox $80 bucks to use there crappy site ill wait n save money thanks

  230. Josh says:

    Oh wow… People, here’s your options

    1) go outside, bask in the sun with friends, family, ext
    2) play offline games that really don’t need any network (GOW3, yes sadly your trophies won’t sync)
    3) rent a redbox movie or two, watch them on the ps3
    4) buy a xbox 360, and waste time figureing out how to set up $50 worth of online play
    5) bitch on sites like this that won’t give you what you want because your diaper needs changing
    6) bitch some more, with out actually getting anywhere
    Sony did not do this, Sony is preventing another “this”… They are doing their best and if it is not good enough for you, then go run along and sniff some Microsoft crack and see how high you can get… Really, don’t be so damn desperate for something that is free (when is reinstated)

  231. John says:

    I think ill just stick around and wait for the psn to come back online. I’d rather have free online gaming then have to pay annually, plus Sony is 10 x’s better than the queerbox 360…..Yeah the outage is going on for a long time but u have to look at it like this, if Sony rushed and got the network back up in “a full day or 2″ like they originally stated it wouldn’t have been as strong as its going to be when they do finally get it back up, so people just sit back and relax play sum single player games and just know when the network does come back up it’ll be better than it was before it went down

  232. Jamie says:

    Fat Bob I wouldn’t even bother trying to compare the xbox online service to playstation. xbox was down for 2 weeks in 2007. I don’t know anyone who owned an xbox back then. in the last 3.5 years its been down for a couple of hours for about once a year. whereas playstation has had 3.5 weeks and counting and I remember 2 weeks before the big hack it was hacked and was down for a couple of days. psn has about 2 days a month down for maintenance. I’m not biased in anyway because I have a ps3 and xbox slim in my room and both are completely mine. if I didn’t have an xbox I probably would of sold my playstation. and people defending playstation saying we dont pay for online @#$& off I didn’t pay 300 pound to play offline

  233. Richard says:

    I’ve played Black ops on the Playstation and now the Xbox (which i brought second hand for £28 by the way) and have to say both, look the same, and play the same, but the Xbox works every time.
    Anyone who played Black ops on the Playstation will remember that alot of the time it would stop half way through a game (making it very unplayable) and its not the first time the Playstation has been down. What makes you think it will not happen again (Sony will probably now be number one on every hackers hit list). Every time an expansion pack for a game comes out I bet the network does down again. I hear Sony talk about extra security all the time, but nothing about fixing these problem.
    I will be keeping my Playstation, because I think its a better machine, but use the Xbox as a back up.

  234. Macc Daddy says:

    tired of so many wack as people talking trash about how gay box is better and shit like that fuk ur gay box, just want to get bak to casual gaming and beasting tha hommies on CoD tired of having to buy these overpriced games to have some fun, and yes PS3 is way better than Gay box 360

  235. Werzel says:

    sully says:
    May 14, 2011 at 1:56 am

    yeah, blog was hacked like 3 days ago, THATS why they wont tell us chizz, cuz they CANT

    “Really?.So now twitter has been hacked..lmao.where are you getting this info?

    jay says:
    May 14, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Can someone from Sony please tell us when we can play online again !!! I paid for online services when I purchased my console. I demand to be informed !

    “You need to chillout,PSN Is FREE,Ok You can pay for Playstation plus But sony has already confirmed that you will get an EXTRA 30 days of service Plus a day for every day there down. And what makes you so superior that you get to demand they inform you? Are you higher ranking than the other 77 million users? lol.Use your hard earned cash and get a hobby while you wait or maybe you could try the story modes? just a thought.

    Jumbo says:
    May 14, 2011 at 2:57 am

    I got the damn ylod. Then when I finally fixed it after 2 weeks, the psn was down. So I’ve really been screwed for a month and a week now by Sony.

    “How have you been screwed by sony? (1) PSN Free (2) Playstation plus not free but 30 days service for free once back up and a day for every day down if you already had playstation plus. (3) Other PSN Users who did not have Playstation plus will also get 30 days free service,YLOD is a gutter yes,but hey 99% of games come with Offline mode,Try them,you may suprise yourself.

    If you had to pay for the whole service excluding playstation plus then yes,we could all have a big pop at sony,But when something is given (FREE) unlike xbox live then im pretty sure we should just sit and wait.Try having a pop at the hackers too,there the tossers that did this,Im all for homebrew and making consoles better,but these muppets stole data and made sony shut down the Network.
    If you want to switch to xbox that are on bog standard DVD format,and with a pathetic 4GB HD (Sheesh my kids hamster can store more data in its cheeks) and then have to upgrade that HD to a bigger size Plus pay continuously for online gaming then by all means do.
    Now im going to step outside for awhile and enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the game of life.

  236. Samantha Kelly says:

    Direct your anger at THE HACKERS who caused this mess, not Sony who are doing all they can to clean it up and prevent it happening again.
    All the hackers do is destroy things and cause chaos… because they can… like little boys knocking over some other kids tower of blocks. But these idiots dress it up as some glorified freedom cause that theyre doing on behalf of you and me to give themselves justification. If they really want to do something for the worlds people why dont they get their fat backsides off their computer chairs and go outside for once where theres millions off needy and hungry people needing REAL help, theres tens of thousands in Japan still who need our help. I hope Sony do track them down and these idiots end up in jail for a very long time. Anonymous aren’t legion, theyre lame and immature.
    Hurry back Sony I miss you and all my friends on PS Home x

  237. anson says:

    Psn will be back on at the end of the month gamestop or any other retaulers are not giving any special price for ps3 systems or games but until then we will keep you updated with iinformation Thank You for your cooperation and patients : Sony Gaming

  238. david says:

    having the psn down doesnt really bother me at all because i perfer offline gaming anyways.i just really liked browsing the psn store and using’ll be back.

  239. Aaron says:

    This gives me a chance to play all those single player games that I otherwise would ignore to rock out a good FPS. (Just chewed through Drakes uncharted, Ghostbusters, Tron, in the last 3 weeks….now to finally play portal 1/ Halflife 2!!!)
    Life is what you make of it….try to enjoy every bit!

  240. TazTav says:

    Hell no wouldn’t trade in my Ps3 for any other console, im playing a great game at the moment think it’s called the waiting game, even though it does not seem to be ending i will keep playing till the end, I have in the past had pretty much had most consoles but i always end up back at the start with the good old ps3, This console war is totally daft, everyone in the world had the same tastes it would be one hell of a boring place to be :D , Sony could be letting there cards from there chests slip a little thou, Even the most loyal are getting pretty peeved with the lack of news on whats happening.

  241. NinerFan85 says:

    Well, this doesn’t effect me that much because I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360. I bought the Xbox simply because I wanted to play Fable and now that PSN is down, I just spend my time playing that and “Dragon Age”. I have always been a fan and supporter of PS3 and I will still play it online when they do come back up. Take your time guys. Just make the security better this time.

  242. Jeremy Ives says:

    I have been as patient as any patient man can be. My family of (*5*), that’s *5* separate PS3 Customers. All play PS3. Someone is always on it. Now that it has been down for 3 weeks (seems longer) is insane and I am going to loose it soon if nothing is restored.

    I have thought about Xbox, and hope Sony looses customers to it for this event.

    For any huge incident, I would expect any other company to be down no longer than 2 days, 1 week tops!!!
    Here we all are 3 weeks into it with no sign of change. I expect something for my inconvenience!

  243. Benjamin says:

    I’m a little upset I will not lie. The online crash is somewhat annoying but I have just resorted to playing single player mode and for street fighter I have just been playing training mode. I think my characters have gotten better because I am devoting more time to the nuances of each character rather than just playing online. Regardless, I want to play online haha

  244. Richard says:

    Playstation still not working = Playstation users possibly thinking about going out side = Skin cancer.

    Pllease please Sony restore your network and prevent millions of unnecessary deaths.

  245. tom says:

    i did switch yraded all my crap in and was ableto xbox black ops modern warefare and live fuhq sony

  246. Javakoala says:

    Oh, I know I’m going to get toasted for saying this, but I can’t ignore it any longer.

    It amazes me that, in almost every case, the more rabid and enraged the person posting, the worse the spelling and grammar. I see it on Twitter, Facebook, and every other venue than empowers the masses to share their innermost comments, including this place and the PlayStation blog.

    Forget going out for sunshine. Ignore your friends and family. But, for Pete’s sake, learn how to spell and how to utilize basic grammar while PSN is offline. And if you can’t pull your head out of your rump for your own benefit, do it so your PSN friends will think your account was hijacked by nerdy hackers. Think of the fun you can have messing with their minds while you spin all those perfectly structured sentences and real words as opposed to brain-dead Net-speak.

    Still, getting back to the topic, I’m just getting more antsy the longer this outage continues. I HAVE been playing my games single-player style, but nothing equals the randomness of an actual person controlling another character in the game, whether it is co-op or free-for-all multi-player.

    I hope they get the Network up soon, but the thing had better not go down again in a week after some snot-nosed kid hacks it with a Commodore 64 he found in his grandmother’s attic.

  247. killakidd says:

    saturday or sunday it will be back online

  248. Martyy420 says:

    You people are forgetting the real reason this happened in the first place.. Sony got “hacked” because Sony took away from the gamers. Anonymous is just going to keep doing this until they give back what they took away. No matter how secure they make their network it will keep happening. Don’t get your hopes up. It had nothing to do with Geohot and the case. Anonymous even said they’re planning on more attacks that don’t effect the gamers. They’ve been going on and on about how they’re trying to stick up for us in bringing back other OS and whatever else. Letting us do whatever we want with our PS3′s.. Honestly.. If you’re going to buy a PS3 use it as a damn gaming system. Not a computer.. Want a computer with Linux? INSTALL IT ON YOUR COMPUTER.. Problem solved lol

  249. killakidd says:

    and psn said they will give every one 30 plus

  250. Peck on my wood says:

    Is it uP

  251. Nell says:

    To all the holier-than-thou folks preaching about “read a book,” or “take a walk…” There’s genuine cause for concern, and outrage here. If you’re SO high above video games – why are you reading video game news, and commenting here, anyhow?

    The game industry is my livelihood, with downloadable games being a big part of our company portfolio. Although a majority of our revenue is from XBLA, Steam, and royalties for past titles – we are still losing some revenue with the PSN outage. Some of our peers, dependent on PSN as a sales outlet, are effectively out of business right now.

    As well, there are many folks who paid a lot of money to own a PlayStation 3, and online software. Not just kids… Adults with jobs and responsibilities, who just want something fun to do like play games with friends online, during their free time. So I think it’s perfectly understandable that folks are upset about not being able to utilize their investment in online PS3 titles – at no fault of their own. As well, Sony has been less-than-transparent, leading to far greater outrage.

  252. georgieporgie says:

    Cant Sony just do a System Restore?…always works for me.

  253. nico says:

    i’m gonna buy xbox. at first i thought ps3 in better but now i can say XBOX IS BETTER THAN PS3

  254. oliver says:

    sony are incompetent silly little people … i work in gamestop ireland and xbox are flying of the shelves and so far 22 ps3 hav been traded up against xbox … are laughing at sony …… get ur finger out sony….. or microsoft will wipe the floor wit you ; oh and we have sold a big majority of xbox games compared 2 ps3 games…. looks like sony will be left lonely

  255. Soul_Seeker says:

    I have just recently brought a PS3 about 19 days ago and the network was down. I had a 360 but I traded that because I did not wasnt to pay for online gaming. Microsoft dont love there customers. They think of them as money. Sony thinks of the people that purchase there products as family in my view. What company makes people pay for online gaming. Who wants to pay for putting a wire into a console? But the 360 games were good and ps3 games are good but if XBL was free then I would not have a PS3.

    Anyway is there a date for it to be back online because I want to play!

  256. WalkinonSunshyne says:

    u guys r pissing me off i really wanna play cod but its been down for how long like 3 weeks plz restore it soon maybeee tomorow

  257. crusnikkaze says:

    sh*t happens, psn is down for over 3 weeks now, however the online aspect of the ps3 isnt its only feature and that also goes for the majority of its gaming titles. game developers put alot of effort into making a game a complete package, and doesnt solely rely on its online features as its only benefits for its consumers as to with the ps3. the initial function of the ps3 is operating a data disc ie. a game disc you have purchased or aquired, the other functions such as its online capability comes second to this. anyone that has lost faith in sony i suggest that you join the xbox or pc gaming community, if anyone needs their fix of online gaming, i suggest that you join xbox or pc gaming community, even if that means you need to sell, trade or whatever your ps3 then please do so, because to be honest serious gamers will enjoy all other aspects of what ps3 and its gaming titles can offer. im happy with my decision of supporting sony and game developers alike and i sincerely hope that they recover from this.

  258. TorturedNeedle says:

    I’ve been laying silent, watching the whole “outage” unfold. Gotta say….at first I was laughing at all the whining, but it’s gotten old. Seriously, Sony doesn’t OWE anyone crap! We CHOSE to buy ps3′s, we CHOSE to click “x” and agree to their terms of service, we CHOSE to unload our funds into games to find our escape from stress/life/reality. Hey, I’m all about dropping a bullet between someone’s eyes on kz3. Hell yes I miss psn, but the thing I also understand is that this whole “outage” is bigger than me…larger than you…greater than “US” or our “feelings of entitlement”. Fact is, psn was hacked. Not Sony’s fault. Beyond this, it’s rebuilding from litteraly scratch while letting the FBI and other law enforcement agencies comb through their data. Don’t know how many other people have dealt with police or the feds in crime scenes, but those pep’s take their sweet arse time. As for psn, it took years to build. I’d be impressed if it was back up by the 31st. Thank you Sony! Do as you must!

  259. True Hivion says:

    for about 30 years i was like a part of playstation system before we can go online on ps3 . since we did
    things went more entertaining which mean special connection that cannot be broken easily other than
    been broken suddenly . i respect sony but they didn’t seems really care . i know its giving us free online that’s something and we are greatfull but this going too far i mean we are the playstation nation
    make sure that the p s n has been restored long time ago i’m sure of it and secured too but there
    problem is with the credit cards owners which sawing the company they want to fix this first .
    painfully forcing us to join they wii and x box.

  260. Stephen says:

    Hi all,

    Sony Playstation Network has now be down for over 3 weeks in the UK and despite the fact that Sony said that it has been working around the clock to fix this hack of it’s system, I am being to find it hard to believe the experienced and professional programmers would take so long to sort out this problem and Sony must be losing loads of Money and customers through this delay to restoring it’s network.

    So come on Sony time to be honest with us and give us date for Network to be available to use again??


  261. bryan says:

    try 3 weeks thats when were back online trust me

  262. Shane Ross says:

    Yow sony i am not giving up on youll because i had been with youll since the first ps1 came out up to this point i am just telling youll hurry up i cant wait for 0s3 network get lauched again any way patience is just a virtiew i got a lot of stuff i can do in the mean while so see yah i wish youll all the best

  263. Josh says:

    I am pissed, as I’m sure many others are. I’ve about had it with sony, seriously this is pure ridiculousness, what is taking them so long it’s sony for christs sake you think they would have the resources to get it up and running within no time.

  264. HIGHWIRE says:

    Wow,,,,you all are so pathetic. Go to the gym or for a walk or something!! Lose some weight! Do something constructive!

  265. mahesh says:

    ok the bottom line is, SONY are trying their best to get their services back online. its been funny reading everyones comments across all the sites about how crap PSN is blah blah blah! ask yourself the question.. why did you get a PS3 in the 1st place n not an XBOX 360? number of reasons, blue ray, gaming quality, free online gaming service & the many other quirks PSN offer. yeh its taking for ever for them to sort the issues out, but id rather be secure than have a 2nd me around the world somewhere using my ID! a little saying my amigos “patience is the vertue”. im oldskool n have had all the PS’s upto date! in these last 3 weeks of the network being down, i’ve found my LIFE back again n quite enjoying this than just being stuck behind my PS3. yeh im missing my online buddies with playing my fav games etc. but its not the end of the world is it? like the comment by one guy on here. back in the 80′s n 90′s when the giants nintendo n sega ruled the games console industry.. there was no online gaming n us as kids then appreciated the experience of playing a single player game or multiplayer against FRIENDS! so in not so many words, STOP the moaning n girlie talking n get a LIFE until the PSN is fully restored!

  266. freddy oatcake says:

    i don’t care if i too wait a year for ps3 come back online love my ps3 had it from day one i started going the jim alot it takes your mind off thing puss u like a hell lot better SONY RULES THE ONLINE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Goniloc says:

    Lol people here, especially that jay guy, have some serious problems. They are addicted to video games. Wow, you went outside. You must be so proud of yourselves. Get some friends! Take up a new hobby! And if you’re really that affected play offline! Grow up people!

  268. Chaos says:

    Its about time they weeded out all of the call of duty fanboys and we got some real sony loyalty. I have a xbox and a ps3. It just doesnt have the same feel to it. When the ps3 network went down i turned on my xbox for about 10 minutes… I got incredibly bored… then I switched back to all of my amazing SINGLE PLAYER games that sony still knows how to make. I haven’t played a first party worthwhile xbox game EVER.

  269. OO we so sooowy no psn back for 3 months ok thank you for buying ps3!

  270. rob says:

    I dont mind how long it takes as long as when its back they have managed to ban the retarded twat hackers and all the mess they bring to COD and Black Ops. These are great games ruined by aim bots hacks and spoty dorks who,s only joy in life is cheating at a game that (and get this) doesnt really matter. Its just a game…if you all think ya so great join the forces get ya asses out to ghanas and help get it cleared up.

  271. Oshnoritsu says:

    It will be done supposedly by may 31.
    We must be patient peeps.
    Imagine that you had a network
    and that it was hacked, you would want to know exactly
    what took place, then completely want your
    network to be fully secure.

    Also ps3 does more than play games online!

  272. lowster says:

    playstation is still the best, shove the xbox up your bum

  273. maria says:

    I have one of each console and never had my Xbox360 online tilll today, it’s okay but there’s nowhere to wander around like on PSN, so I’ll just mull it over till it comes back online :D

  274. johnny says:

    i think carl hines is right my life has been so much better since psn went down. doesnt mean im happy about it being down but everyone needed a little break from gamin. i got a gf now on the football team and everything.

  275. carl says:

    Already got myself an xbox and got the new map pack for black ops are talking the piss now . i still carnt understand why they never had a back up . plus if they did have a back up they could have had their security geeks working on making it stronger . bye bye sony no more money of me

  276. Twosted says:

    WTF!!!! All these people whining. I played Black Ops everyday and do I miss it. Of course, but if the network hadn’t gone down I would’ve never bought Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat. Which by the way are both reallly great games. And what is up with all these people saying they PAID for the online service? Unless you have PS+ you didn’t pay for jack squat. You paid for a console with the ABILITY to play online. Nowhere does it say online access is guaranteed and included with the purchase of a PS3. Read your TOS, heck read the back of the box. And jump ship if you want, in the meantime I’ll be playing Mortal Kombat as KRATOS. Can you do that on a Crapbox?

  277. iboost4u- says:

    whats goin on all i play games that go online like call of duty and mag what am i suppose to do im board as mugafuddger ………. omg

  278. phish1987 says:

    Bored of reading posts from whiners thet cont spell!

    Just shut up and put up.

    1.) Why would we be interested!
    2.) Your not going to switch, you are all 12 and can’t afford to just go and buy an Xbox
    3.) Play an offline game!
    4.) Dont threat, you think Sony care… did you read this news story, the one you are posting on – PS3 sales are up.
    5.) Do you honestly think that Sony employees will be reading your posts, if so do you really think they will communicated to officials.
    6.) Why am I reading your posts… I really dont know!
    7.) Shut up

  279. Patrick J Seybold says:

    Hey there, it’s everyones favorite guy here. Haha it’s me Patrick Jackass Seybold. I just like to let you know that we have encountered another “problem”. To be honest with you though I don’t give a fuck about PSN. I’m set for life so while I probably should be working to get the network back up Im going keep jackin off in my office…. Which Im Actually doin right now…but anyways PSN will back up in approxamently 8 years or some other time eventually. I really don’t know or care! As always, no useful information. Peace niggas, Pateick Jackass Seybold

  280. Vandius says:

    Sony, I love you. You’re my favorite company and i can wait for you because this was not your fault it was that douche bag who hacked you lol but still patience is a virtue and people need to learn how to wait.

  281. Big Bad Rob!! says:

    I switched to XBOX 2 weeks ago. Sold my PS3 on Craigslist for $280. I am level 60 on MW2 an 50 on black op’s. Think i will go have me an 8 egg omelet and play some free for all now!!

  282. The1NOnly says:

    Ya’ll notice how most of the people who are complaining about the network being down can’t spell worth a damn lol. Get a life people, maybe go back to school haha. I understand some of ya’ll pay for the network, but Sony already said that when it comes back up they are giving you a free month. It’s not the end of the world. Take this time to assess your addiction. If your withdrawing that badly maybe your actually better off without it. Otherwise just shut up and wait.

  283. SQUAREZZZ says:

    i no it isent a simple job for whoever is fixing the problem but try and hurry up i think that i speak for a lot of people wen i say we are geting un ptiant and getting quite anoyd now its been 3 weeks or more the play station network is better than x box live but still x box like has never been down

  284. I being a customer and user of psn I think that sony Being The Greatest IDIOT EVER SEEN!!! First they get hacked, second they shutdown and tear their infastructure apart and third They never gave us a done date for psn…Sony does these stupid updates that take forever to load.. all because they want to scan your system for those mod chips I say You as a customer BOUGHT YOUR PS3 and if you truely own something doesnt that mean you have the complete right to be able to modify it? You spent YOUR money on the product and now sony is tryin to control its use thats bull! Then when sony sued geohot somebody hacked their network and apparently Stole personal information of millions of users. Sony should have extra security in those fields of data anyway shouldnt they?

    Should Playstation offer us some and compensation I believe not. Its a free online service unlike XBL but users of Playstation Plus should be compensated they pay money to have that subscription and have lost the ability to use that.

    I just hope Sony gets their act in line so I can get on with playin online.. Im just glad thatt netflix still works otherwise Sony wouldnt have part of my sympathy

  285. Very Disappointed! says:

    Okay Sony I get this. It time to invest more money; possibly in another newer system that probably will be introduce just in the right time for Christmas orders. NOT BUYING INTO IT SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  286. davidducks says:

    Damn gamer dorks!!!! Lol!! Get a life.. Take a shower.yall smell like burgers.

  287. Mike says:

    Oh come on Kate people have the right to choose whatever pastime they want to like. If they enjoy playing playstation and it’s offline for am extended period of time and it’s upsets them big deal!

    All this talk about being too dependent on technology. Who makes you so righteous?

    If it weren’t for technology you wouldn’t be on here telling people to not depend on technology! If you feel so strongly about everyone relying too heavily on technology why don’t you write your commer and mail it in? Oh you wouldn’t want to do that would you? No no that would be a pain in the ass!

    People bought playstation knowing there was online gaming being provided with the system. Now that has been removed and handled very poorly so if people are upset it’s their right and they don’t need your stupid speeches about going to the park ally of adults play these games too so shut youbpue hole and go do something useful like wash the dishes woman! Your place is in the kitchen and not on the Internet.!

  288. rob e lee says:

    The new socom game is dog shit compared to cod. All the peeps who traded their ps3 are gonna hate life when the new cod releases this year

  289. drew says:

    comeeeee ooooooonnnnnnnn

  290. Reality says:

    For every person that sells there PS3 theres another person willing to buy it so go ahead and defect your not going to hurt Sony your just going to wind up with a brick of a controller and be forced to pay to play (xbox) or sub par graphics for this day and age (wii).

  291. Jimmy Crossno says:

    I had 2 of my 5 ps3′s go down when all of this happened. Sony says there is no way it could have anything to do with the hack. They are fixing the new 1, but tell me im screwed on the old 1 without paying them $100. The only $100 ill be spending is on my new 360 when i trade in that new ps3 when i get it back.

  292. buzzhard says:

    Do any of you cry babies realize how long it takes to build a network this big from the ground up? And to all the people that claim to have switched to xbox, why the hell are you still reading these forums then? Do you really think sony executives read these things? Also if any of you truly believe all of your so called personal information wasn’t already all over the web you are kidding yourselves. Do you know how many sites get hacked every day and don’t even know it? Do you know how many sites sell your precious personal info without your consent? The only dangerous piece of information obtained by the hackers was encrypted cc numbers and if you haven’t changed those yet you deserved to be robbed.

  293. ryan says:

    i’ve always been a playstation player, dont see the need to switch, i got games i play offline so no big deal, plus i work and have a life other than gaming 24/7. online usage for the ps3 is free so i dont know what the complaint is. if i was paying for gaming time like those xboxers and spending or spending everyday gaming 6 or 7 hours or long a day i would be mad. but they will figure it out.

  294. Taylor says:

    cmon guys, this outage is a perfect example to just get a break, (no not from psn, thats just imposible) but from all the noobs on psn!! think about it, no noobs on COD BO no noobs on LBP 2!

  295. UltimateSonyFanBoy says:

    @Kate yo don’t hate the playa hate the game! Playstation is great don’t hate Kate. How bout them soldiers over seas what do you think they do if they have free time on base? Play with their playstations. It helps soldiers bond, relax, and make their lives a lil enjoyable when their not going thru hell. Besides playstation is a new way to enjoy lifes entertainment the best way possible with friends or family. I don’t see anything wrong with that. As long as we all respect the game, the power will be to the players! Just remember anything created by man can be destroyed, including any type of network whether it be goverment, social, game networks, even bank account info. That’s why this is a serious issue for technology, and it’s not to be takin lightly. We need to focus on tighter security so that these sneaky hackers will have nightmares or psycological problems. if they ever try to pull a stunt like this again. Stealing and obtaining personal info is wrong in my IMO. Aka Internet trespassing.

  296. Richard says:

    Well; the same day it went down; it was the day i took my vactions to have some fun… Damn! i passed the worse 7 days of my hard working life!!!
    Either ways; i was one of the wining users…
    Since was born i play games (Spectrum; Comodore Amiga; Timex; PC; Game Gears; Mega Drives; Master sistems; Super Nintendo; PS1; PS2; and PS3); and i even thought to swith into a Xbox… Although you must realize that Sony provides a free online system; and has a better hardware into the PS3; and wich games can’t (yet) match that harware.
    Xbox and Wii are weaker consoles; so i don’t recommend to switch.
    Anyways if Sony will keeps up offering full & free playable services; (they should do more work into the server performance though); than i’ll always have the Sony.
    One more thing; to those who say that have loads of games to play offline; shove your money where the sun don’t shine… Since not everyone can buy the expensive games.
    …Loads of money; but no brains…
    Just a waring to everyone and to SONY:
    “SONY WE (Gamers) “eat” lot’s of Pub in your games; that should be a way to lower the game prices…”
    Not to raise them!!! How insane is that!?
    Anyways; keep up the good work; screw the hackers who have done this. I understand why; but DO NOT BLAME GAMERS!!!

  297. chris says:

    when the end comes next year there wont be any electric so get used to the world past your door

  298. Richard says:

    P.S – Those few days… Are gone; it’s time to be OnLine!!!
    Oh; and keep up the good work!


  299. keen says:

    Hope the psn be up by may 31 cuase I missed playing cod black ops but it all gud lyfe is more important than. Game yo so sum people better do sumthing instead of sitting around waiting for psn to get up yo

  300. Nick says:

    Guys I am just as annoyed as you, but you all have to understand that Sony is working around the clock. And they are going to have to work day and night or their going to lose a lot of money. PSN isn’t everything you guys. Go out and live your life, hang with some friends, go and enjoy the outside. But whatever you do DO NOT trade in your PS3, if you must buy a 360 but DO NOT TRADE IN YOUR PS3 FOR IT!!! A 360 is a poorly built console.

  301. devin says:

    i will never give up on playstation. Just be patient you have for over 3wks. I read another article and it said it will be up be the 31st of may.

  302. shadowdragon says:

    i just got a psn card about a month ago and then the network went down.But sony said IT WOULD BE BACK SO PEOPLE AT THERE ARE GOING TO BUY A XBOX THINK ABOUT IT. I’ve been doing good without the network as i said people going to buy in xbox think again

  303. Collin says:

    People need to stop complaining. The concept of online gaming is still relatively new. This means that it is not foolproof. Let Sony take the time it needs to come back stronger and better than ever. I would rather have one long outage than having multiple outages because Sony did nothing and just threw the network back up.

  304. ea nation rulz says:

    gosh u r all dumb, have any of u heard of ea nation? if u got a psp (or mabee ps3 im not sure) then u can still play ea games online cas ea has their own server!

  305. Ryan says:

    I’m a PS3 fan and really can’t see why anyone would sell or defect to XBOX cuz the network is down..sure online gaming is great..but really..going out, spending more money just to play online..?..c’mon..can u say ABSURD…patience is a virtue people..

  306. Brendan says:

    the loss of communication from the PSN is pretty annoying, “we cant give exact dates” etc….hmm well it’s been a few days and nothing,no blog update,theres no way im going to Xbox,my mate borrowed one and brought some xbox credits to play some black ops online to get our fix on….anyway imo xbox live is WAY more laggy,glitchy,not as smooth,harder to aim/move…..the controllers are shit! and yea…wii? well im 25 so wii is out of the will be worth the wait.

  307. kingaz says:

    need to kill zombies online nw! lol, been way 2 long! cudnt sony bring the online gaming back without the need for any card details or money involved?! there wudnt be a reason for any1 to hack that, and they cud continue to secure the payment features while we play til we drop ! makes sense eh gamers!

  308. dewaltdave says:

    i am sick to death of lies from sony tell the truth when psn back on if you understand the word truth that is or are your tech people that bad at there jobs thats why you dont have a clue when psn back on maybe you should get help from microsoft there guys know what there doing

  309. jasky says:

    its the 14th and its still not up

  310. BlueXrose23 says:

    I got a xbox 3 days ago because my bro and my friends have one and they said it was awesome…..
    awesome my ass xbox sucks…… Im fine not playing online I have a lot of trophy to upload Im very close to getting a platuim :D but anyways I’m sucking with Playstation.

  311. Jay boogie says:

    Look I was fustrated but now I’m just being patient I now my fellow psn gamers are dying for psn but look would you rather have them put it up today and they didn’t fully test it properly and god for bid something goes wrong and then have to take it down much longer I would rather let them finish their testing first to make sure it’s a secure network and our data is safe guarded believe I can’t wait for it to come back for now I play fnc and mk and nfs offline assasins creed mafia2 so relax dudes it’s coming more secure and stronger than ever ps I will never trade my ps3 for xbox

  312. Johnny says:

    Those people saying get a hobby and so on you obviously don’t take other things into consideration, people are mad that it went down as I myself am but it’s the way Sony has handled all of this. May7-9 no update and then may11-14 if they don’t post up anything. Sony is acting like we as consumers don’t deserve to be updated everyday, and I don’t mean the repetetive posts that we get on the psn blog. It seems like so many are content with how Sony has treated us as consumers. I will stick with Sony until Sunday after that if it’s not up I’m getting an xbox. Missed deadlines which they set twice, now on may 10th it said a few more days correct? To me that means 2-4 days but wouldn’t it have been a lot more helpful if the update would have said we expect to have some services up in the weekend. Don’t know how people can say get a life and go play outside when as a consumer we deserve the right to be mad because as consumers we haven’t been given helpful updates just vague and repetitive ones.

  313. urmom says:

    I used to play every day for like 6 hours i cut myself now my life is ruiend

  314. LoyalPatient says:

    I still cant believe people are actually trading in their systems just over online!!! thats immature. I’ve been fine with waiting this whole time and playing single player games I haven’t even beat yet. Sure. Online is fun but come on! Oh but im in a clan!!! Big whoop. I’m still loyal and being patient. Besides all the goodies we get for waiting will be worth waiting for. True loyalists don’t go out and get 360. i aint forking 60 a year to play online! FREE is better!! Until it comes back i’ll be playing more single player games :)

  315. the one from the dark says:

    @ the kateMckenzie git
    did it ever occur to you that people play games to get away from real life? cuz tahts what i do. i get bullied at school caus of my sexuility and because i’m profoundly deaf. so think of why people do things before you go on a crazy ass rant about things you know nothing about

  316. Kid says:

    U guys are all losers.all u guys r doing is complaining about Sony they are doing the best the best they can to get psn running up, so if ur gonna bit h and moan then do it at the hackers not sony. Also it seems like u guys have no life u can’t even go 2 months b4 buying an xbox that’s ridiculus. Go out with ur gf to watch a movie and hang out with her everyday like I have and I swear psn will be back up b4 u know it

  317. quitcherbitchin says:

    I just had to chime in because there are people bitchin but don’t have any idea. Guy was saying netflix is down…nope watched it several times since PSN went down. Believe it or not, the internet didnt go down lol. Only the network that PS3 games and Qriocity. Again folks, the internet is still up, (hence, this blog)

  318. kingaz says:

    oh and ps3 wipes the floor with xbox, sony rule the gaming industry! just gotta ask yourself where was microsoft when ps1 1st came out?! playstation lovers be patient and it will soon be bak online, and probz even better than ever, with what luks like some free downloads! i wudnt dream of swapping for an xbox……..keeping loyal with the best!

  319. Ana says:

    seriously, full time loosers will switch over…their damn lives depends on a system. It will come back when it comes back. Im a daily B.O player, so isnt like i dont care either…but c’mon ppl get a life.

  320. keegan says:

    man will all of you little babys stop crying it will be up ween it will be up go do something with you’re life i have a ps3 and a ps2 so i am good and i have kids and animals to play with

  321. zman says:

    Already switched. Glad I did. Xbox is awesome!

  322. Tr0n420 says:

    People are so inpatient and need to just calm the hell down. When the online portion is
    up on the 17th(from what my sources tell me). Those of you that really have switch to xbox… I’m glad you did, I guess we don’t ps3 users don’t want any bitchy little girls complaining about everything and blaming ps3. Yes there are some things that would be valid, but all your complaining is going to do what other then waste the few seconds that took me to read it (which I will not get back) but it is nit going to change anything. If you really think about it we really don’t have much to bitch about since it’s free( unless you are a psn + user). These are facts and when it does come up I hope only the mature gamers return.

  323. george says:

    i agree with john i have a lot of ps3 games too i not bitching because psn will be back and people left psn for xbox360 they are traders i been with sony since ps1 i have a sony tv sony dvd player sony radio sony ps2 ps3 ps3slim i staying with sony psn sony i no trader i staying with the ps3 psn people of sony keep up the good work cant wait till the psn come back i have more fun with my friends online the best online gaming in the world its free un like xbox360 you have to pay for people left ps3 for xbox360 u have to pay for and it sucks it brakes down easy my ps3s never broke down and why bitch at psn the psn is free get over it traders stay with fagbox360 because i staying with PSN AND AGAIN SONY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOUR PSN USER GEORGE

  324. keegan says:

    all of you need to stop crying it will be up ween it will be up go do something with you’re life i have kids and animals to play with and i have a ps3 and a ps2 so don’t need a xbox 360 and i don’t want one of those shits and why would i wont to pay to play online ween i could play for free on the ps3 so ween it comebacks i will laugh because the xbox usrs will have to pay to play will i play for free hmhmhmhm hahaha HAHAHAHA

  325. Gamer says:

    I bought a 360, only because I am tired of sony letting me down. They have promised the psn will be back up” by the end of the week” twice now. But still no PSN. I do not feel scea cares about its customers. They lie to use continuously and they may as well just email our bank info to the RBN. As they have done nothing to secure it until too late. Open you eyes people.

  326. george says:

    i agree with john i have a lot of ps3 games too i not bitching because psn will be back and people left psn for xbox360 they are traders i been with sony since ps1 i have a sony tv sony dvd player sony radio sony ps2 ps3 ps3slim i staying with sony psn sony i no trader i staying with the ps3 psn people of sony keep up the good work cant wait till the psn come back i have more fun with my friends online the best online gaming in the world its free un like xbox360 you have to pay for people left ps3 for xbox360 u have to pay for and it sucks it brakes down easy my ps3s never broke down and why bitch at psn the psn is free get over it traders stay with fagbox360 because i staying with PSN AND AGAIN SONY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOUR PSN USER GEORGE.

  327. rob says:

    Ive only had the ps3 for about 3 months, i broke myself buying the system, finally decided to use the free netflix trial, then decided, a few days before the network went down, to pay for another month, I only have a few games (2), seriously i only bought it so i could download music and watch u tube and hulu without borrowing my moms laptop. I never got around to buying a music program n without being able to upgrade adobe flash i cant watch hulu, i cant watch the netflix i payed 4 (altho for a while i could anyway?) all im saying is for the last few weeks it has been nothing but a depressing black box that sits their and reminds me that i spent $400 on it

  328. SEEKnDESTROY1968 says:

    well i type something about ps3 , try buying a home entertainment system for the price of what it does , dvd , blue ray, cd player ,db true hd , dts hd, bluetooth, hdmi , anyhow i got the 400 dollar model with this motion camera and motion controller sports game came with it , a big investment . anyhow my point is look at the big pituce do the math , 770000 peaple play online , ok now the games about 50 to 60 bucks you cant play with out a game < can you ! do the math it a muti billion dollor CO. they will fix it i know it suck we can't play online black ops would be nice right about now, my whole point to this comment is do the math 770000 times at leat 300 , and just one game times that much i own several .

    if anybody cares right down my name will go out with m60 blazein in black ops a whole room has no idea what to do when they here the chug chug chuga chuga , SEEKnDSESTROY1968 , peace out

  329. Mrdiablo232 says:

    Im tired of also hearing people bitch its just online u can play offline u should be happy u can even play a game plus instead of staying at home playing all day go to somthing else take ur girl out or go outside stop playing games all day like most of yall do

  330. Matt says:

    The Sales increase was expected as it would be from any typical uninterrupted month. The Network crashed late April meaning sales would not show a decline in percentage. Most people buying hardware likely had no idea PSN crashed. May figures will likely show a lower number however I don’t believe it will be anything substantial. Did Sony lose some money on this? absolutely but the lose is worth the fix.

    There is blame to found with Sony as well as the Hackers but really if the network was so unsafe it was only a matter of time this would happen, hackers or not we are in the middle of forced outage.

    The biggest complaint aside from the network being down is the misleading updates and lack of information. This i have to agree with all has been disappointing to say the least. I and many others would and should expect more from a company as large as Sony. I would think 70+ million customers would be enough to justify some truthful time lines, “a Few Days” is just not acceptable. Regardless the time lines have never been met.

    Being involved with billion dollar companies (non related to this industry) i am deal with outages both planned and forced. There are procedures followed, schedules created and time lines for everything. Yes interruptions happen but they can always be resolved and the project can be brought back to the planned time line. There are milestones for every portion of the project meaning (being very vague) fix item 1-2-3 to get to item 5 (milestone 1) fix 4-6-7 to complete milestone 2. Now we can completed Milestone 3 and so on. The point is a schedule was obviously created and the information is there but for some reason Sony would prefer to keep the 70+ Million people in the dark. This tells me they are having some serious issues and/or the customer relations is horrible. I think we all know what it is. Regardless it needs to be improved for this outage and any others to come.

    I could go on and on with this but what the point. I want the network back up as much as everyone else but like everyone else i will just have to wait in the dark for that one day someone has posted “PSN Back Online Finally”.

  331. GoWithTheFlow says:

    Come on guys and gals…give it a break! I think we all need to stop bagging on Sony or bagging on Microsoft, whatever the case might be. Personally, I’m a PS3 customer…but I believe each console has its own flaws and its own perks. Like I recently just had issues with my PS3 due to a disc reading problem, which I had to replace the bluray lens. And then of course why we’re all here, the whole hacking incident. Then when online is actually playable, the service is free (whats to complain about that?). Xbox of course has its good dedicated servers and connection, but costs money (not much at all) but has problems with bugs. I know of someone who had gotten 3 different Xbox’s within the time frame of 6 months due to the Red Ring of Death or whatever that is? Then I have friends with PS3′s whose gotten the Blue Screen of Death and the Yellow Light of Death. And then both systems have all the awesome games for them. I personally got my PS3 for God of War 3. But lets just all chill out about this situation. I was frustrated at first, but then I got over it. The services will be restored when Sony truly believes that it is ready. For those of you choosing to switch systems, that’s your choice. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions and my opinion is Sony’s online services will come out stronger. Whether or not them as a corporation will come out stronger or weaker, who knows.

  332. texas raised says:

    well after i went through these messages i laughed at yall go outside play make friends. um your gay. oh and the best one was there was no internet in the 80s. hahaha of course not newton. go play kick the can. dust off your dungons and dragons or your nintendo and stop bustin our balls. i want the psn back and it sux i cant play what i pay for. so put that in ur pipe and smoke it

  333. joeson says:

    I believe Sony up to something. It doesn’t take this long to add a hacker shield around network. They taking advantage of the down time to rebuilding the whole face of psn.

  334. darkus says:

    hey, look wots being achieved since network is down, bin laden has been found and killed! keep network down longer and we mite get world peace

  335. Dave says:

    John hit the nail on the head. I used to play NES, SNES, Sega Genesis for hours and there was no such thing as online play. It’s a shame the PSN is down, but stuff happens. I’ll just use this time for offline practice.

    As for Kate McKenzie, you may be interested to know that 75% on gamers are also involved in sports and other physical activities, a higher percentage than the population at large. You seem to have this perception that gamers as a whole are overweight, Mountain Dew guzzling people living in basements and this is hardly the case. I own a home, two cars, have been married for 21 years and have been working full time non-stop since 1987. Nothing wrong with enjoying playing games, people have done so for millenia.

    Because Al Queda is running around we should all huddle in fear and stop enjoying our lives? Does it ever occur to you that this is precisely what they want? How will playing in the park vice playing video games help the economy? If anything buying and playing video games helps the economy – it keeps retail workers, advertising people, developers and countless others employed. What does playing in a park do?

  336. Tim says:

    1. Just for the record bitchin’ about people bitchin’ is still bitchin’…
    If you don’t want to hear it why would you open the link, scroll all the way down to the comments, and start READING.

    2. Stop telling people to go outside and go outside yourself. You can’t really be much of an outdoorsman if you still find your way to small blog comment pages to comment about being outdoors you hypocrites.

    3. Playing an instrument is considered a hobby, as with sports, and long walks on the beach or whatever the hell your into. Online gaming is also a hobby and if something interrupts your involvement with your hobby it can be very frustrating. If you played guitar and somebody cut your guitar strings in half it would certainly piss you off. It would make you even angrier if you took it in to a guitar shop to get some new ones put on and every few days they tell you it will be a few more days. I play guitar btw. Still pissed about psn.

    4. My girlfriend is hotter than yours… My last girlfriend was hotter than yours… My girlfriends mom is hotter than yours…Seriously. Enough with the girlfriend stuff… We all have one.

    5. I love sony, i need you sony, i dream about sony naked, i would never do anything to hurt you sony. Ive been a loyal sony sex slave since playstaion 1 and aaaaaaaaaaahhh…Stop dickriding for Sony. I like the PS3, a lot, but they are not paying you. You are paying them. Especially SOE users and DCUonline subscribers. If something you pay for malfunctions it would at least be reasonable to have an accurate estimated time of repair. And yeah Sony didn’t hack themselves but it happened. Now it’s Sony’s job as a service provider to keep their subscribers informed.

    6. If you want to switch to xbox then switch… Better yet buy an xbox360 and keep your ps3. PSN will be back eventually and then you can decide which system is right for you. Or you can use your new 360 as a ps3 stand…or vice versa, whatever.

    7. Yes I’m bitchin right now… It makes me feel better.

  337. davis says:

    Yea sony, few days means 3 or more days. Would be nice if we could get exact day…

  338. ShironTh3WindDragon says:

    @The Seybold comment;

    Yeah…why would a rep from SCEA post when PSN will return on a random news forum posting about the PSN outage? *sniffs the air* Smell that? Smells like 100% Grade A USDA Prime Choice BULLS$%T! Second, tomorrow is a SUNDAY, what multi-billion dollar corporation does ANYTHING work related on a Sunday aside from prep work for Monday? Sony’s Tech Dept. is at home sleeping off the hangover from Saturday (May 14th and Sony is supposedly getting PSN back up tomorrow, May 15th.) At best, Sony has a closet work crew over there on the weekend, meaning they’re not even fully staffed, meaning in all likely hood, PSN won’t be back up tomorrow. We all want it back up but whining and bitching isn’t going to make it go any faster and posing as a Sony Rep and giving the masses false hope is only gonna further piss people off. The PS 3 has a lot of features aside from the downed PSN, I mean fuck…I mainly use my console for music more so than anything else! I play games maybe once every two or so weeks, offline, unless I’m playing a friend at something. Hell, I don’t even use the DVD/Blu-Ray movie feature, yeah I got DVDs and Blu-Rays (Who doesn’t?) but like I said, I mainly use my console for music reasons. Just put on one of my mix playlists and chill in my room while I use my mac laptop to talk to my pals online. For those of you wanting to add me to your PSN when its back up, my username is: Ember001

  339. blake says:

    Okay i have to agree i am super loyal to playstation still havent switched and dont plan on it but i think bc of this , we “being playstation users” should be givin something for this trouble

  340. Mike says:

    First off Sony does care about their customers more then any other gaming console they spent 5-10 million dollars on their new system did xbox when they went down in 2007? The answer is no, secondly they are fully compensating every customer! 2 free games unlimited music download and playstation plus for a entire month so when cod map pack comes out it will be cheaper then normal. I do agree they are taking way to long and not giving us correct timelines as they should but if u really are a ps3 fan u will wait it out. Also people are bitching that we need to get a life and ect. Most gamers have a life and look forward to coming home from a long day at school and work to enjoy some online gaming with friends so u go get a life and quit bitching how we don’t have 1 because truth is most of us do

  341. littlespib says:

    wat the hell is gowing on wiv the f in network just put the fing on for god sak iv bin wating for ever for it to com on evon wen i come home from school i chec it haw long is it ganer be till the fings up agen

  342. unbrolievable says:

    I have to say, I’m dissapoited in sony, not only in the hack, but the fact that they got hacked twice in under three weeks, but I’m more dissapoited in you ps3 users that are switching to xbox just because of this. the only reason I have to thank you guys is that controllers and ps3 gear on eBay is probably dirt cheap, and I have enough faith in this company that I’m sticking with it.

  343. RamirezTDOT says:

    Honestly this has taken too long!! Sony NEEDS to set an exact date instead of saying “a few days” its getting old and we’re getting tired. Why can they set it up already, they are working with the FBI so wouldnt they know where the attack is coming from ? Ive been a Sony fan since i was little from PS1, i have never had a disappoint until now. We just want to play online kick some as$ in Mortal Kombat! Just put it back! Your losing money and fans! Remember time is money!!

  344. PRAY_4_WAR says:

    I am getting sooooooo sick of people saying “it doesn’t bother me PSN is down”, or “find something else to do while PSN is down”, or “get a life, games aren’t everything”. Who really needs to get a life? People who play video games 8 hours a day, or people who search the web for people complaining about Sony, and put up a message that obviously took them a half hour to type? If you don’t mind when PSN is back online, why are you searching the web for these sites? Why wouldn’t you just go to and check the latest lie (blog)? WHO REALLY HAS NO LIFE?

  345. Dom says:

    PS3 = Blu-ray player
    Xbox 360= Game console

    Thats the bottom line!

  346. Tony says:

    I think it is funny when people like John at the top of the blogs b*tch about people b*tching about online gaming.. News flash this isn’t the 80′s and 90′s. People that make money playing online through gamebattles and sponsors get effected through all of this. You might not be the same caliber of player as some of are, but please don’t say anything about the people who have a right to B*tch. Hey did you forget that your personal information was at risk in this attack. I have a 360 and their servers are ten times better than the free service on playstation. Everyone knows that, and I might join the crowd. P.S. the recorded incline in sales is from the first quarter profits, and just wait for the next quarterly report to show the decrease in sales.

  347. mike says:

    LOL people are funny things Kate said the best things… who cares bout it really? It does suck bout the blue ray i have so many oh well here i come!

  348. Ciderjeff says:

    I’ve been a loyal ps owner since day one w/ the ps1. I would never trade my ps3 for an xbox!!! Xbox’s are for hippies

  349. ZEROthefirst says:

    All I can say is that if someone is switching to 360 or wii because of psn it’s pretty stupid since they’re now paying the extra money for the new console, if they bought the 360 then they’re paying even more money just to get online. The funny thing is that once psn comes back up they will probably stop using the 360 or wii they recently bought just because they can’t be patient and do something else while psn is down.

  350. konfuzzd ownr says:

    I bought my ps3 the frst week it came out, and since then i have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on games and gaming equipment, and i believe it is just unfathomable that they would keep the Network down for so long……….and even though i hate to say it, that X-Box looks really good right now

  351. guy says:

    Listen i got my playstation 3 1 day before the hacking happened so i had exactly 1 day to play online. Its fine i dont mind waiting i beat all the games including black ops. But playstation Network dont say it will be in a few days when it really isnt.

  352. Don says:

    As an older player that began playing with Pong and is just as obsessed in playing PS3 online, we need to put this event in perspective. We need to all understand that events happen in life that we have no control over. There is no need to be stressed out over this. Look at those people in the last few months that have lost their homes in Japan, Southern US and not the flooding in the central part of the US. Do you believe they are concerned about the PSN being down? Place yourself in their shoes and I am sure they would rather be in mine. At least I have electricity, food and shelter and a PS3 that cannot get PSN. The adults complaining about PSN being down need to grow up and get serious about life and what could happen. I view the PSN as a social network for entertainment but it should not be our sole source of interacting with others. For those kids, you need to gain a better outlook on this and think about how you can help others less fortunate than you. Take a break from PS3, turn off the electronic stuff that keeps you tuned into the world and enjoy time with your family and friends. I grew up without the electronic age and I can tell you that I miss those days. We need to reconnect to each other and not worry about things that you cannot control. What happens to us if the whole network stays offline, what would we do? What would you do today if you lost what others have lost in the past few months with natural disasters? What would you do if a war broke out in your country and people were being killed for real? I don’t believe you would be concerned about PSN being down. I for one am looking forward to when PSN comes back on line but until then I am enjoying my time with my wife and getting more rest than I have ever had in the past. I am not critical of anyone and their posts but I just want people to put this event into perspective with their lives.

  353. Tim says:

    … It’s been a while since i’ve played anything with my friends online .. hopefully it comes back on so ian chat or play with em! I WILL NEVER LEAVE PS3 TO X-BOX360!!

  354. colten says:

    On my ps3 i tried to get on and it still wont let me and i dont know whats wrong it still said its still undergoing maintnance

  355. daniel says:

    lets hope psn will be back online in a few days if it isnt i aint gona switch to xbox seriosly just cause its ofline doesnt mean ps3 sucks balls

  356. Anthony says:

    It sucks that we can’t play online yet but i will never switch to x-box ive been a ps fan forever. Ive been playing FF VIII since the hack so it hasnt been such a horrible 3 weeks.

  357. cami says:

    I knew it was all talk!. Besides, just play pc games, online is free there too. i got a ps3 and a pc, and since about 90% of xbox “exclusive games” come to pc as well go get the best of the three worlds. I play ps3 exclusives, 90% of xbox exclusives, and pc exclusives. No need for an overiced xbox 360 and rip off xbox live, play pc online till psn is back!

  358. NBA2k11 says:

    you know ive been patient but sony really pissin me off their a billion dollar company and you let something like this happen ….. im never gonna switch to xbox even if PSN was over im loyal but im upset with the lies it seems like sony only responds when they have 400 plus users on there blog bitchin and now we cant log on on there website …..

  359. SealTeam6 says:

    I’m a long time Sony Playstation fan. I can’t sell out and go get me an X Box or..god forbid Wii. I’ll wait as long as I have to. What other choice do I have? Just hope all my cash is in my Playstation Home. From the mansion I bought, to wine bottles, fly suits, furniture, you name it. Hopefully they are able to bring it back some day soon.

  360. Max Evans says:

    Has anyone actually considered that the hackers might be from Sony themselves? I mean like they must be pretty buried into Sony in order to do so, either that or the network security was just pathetic

  361. max says:

    this sucks…and i have no idea if the cc i used online through ps store were hcked. “THEY” are not telling “US” everthing… NASA sending men into space took less time….

  362. Chanc says:

    Yo ppl i just read on tecno that psn are starting to come on in japan YESSSSS so not much longer for us ppl in the us i hope. It cant beeeeee much longer.OMG IM IN WITHDRAWS WITH OUT MGO ONLINE LMAO.. pssss ANYONE OF U A#$ WIPES THAT SIGN ON TO THIS BS CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT SHOULD BE BANNED FROM PLAYSTATION AND CAN SUCK A COWS A$$ HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! SONY Im totally devoted to ps3 fk a xbox and wii……

  363. Tony Houston says:

    I’m more pissed off about PS2 games not being compatible with PS3. In the end this could have just as easily happened to Microsoft. There PC and server platforms are hacked every day. Can’t see how the xbox live network is any more secure. If there is any weakness in a system, there will always be hackers out there capable of exploiting it.

  364. Tako says:

    I got tired of waiting and of sony’s shenanigans, so I bought an xbox. that is all

  365. colt says:

    Xbox 360 can suck my D!#%. PS3 is well worth the wait for them to get it fixed. You whining people just need to shut up.

  366. clevi777 says:

    Woah! I don’t want any flame wars around here! I just want to know when PSN is going to be online.

  367. SealTeam6 says:

    I remember the ‘commodore’? some early computer games. Might of been Bird VS Jordan. Probably next it was Atari, consoles I somewhat remember playing. Nintendo than Sega Genesis, and than Playstation. Honorable mention to DreamCast. That one was pretty sweet even though I probably only played one game on it..(tennis).(My older brother had that console).
    If some of these people on here had grown up following game consoles that way than it might of been easier to really fall in love with one. Unlike if say X-Box was the first game console you ever owned than it probably doesnt really matter. Many I imagine bought X-Box or Playstation around the same time as their first game consoles.

  368. Steven says:

    Screw ps3 they are messing up! the ceos are hiding something to make the psn network lag to get back up. Screw there tech support and customer service. Both resources dont help the consumers. Xbox and wii and lame too! if this keeps up another 2 weeks im selling my console to get my dispensary medical card. Thats the lowest thing a ps3 fan would do but since the Sony ceo and ps3 ceo are fixing up shit might as well sell it for money. If the hackers really hacked money from us the hackers would have probably payed alot of money to people to keep there mouth shut to not snitch to the police about the hackers. the hackers might of went to hawaiii or something with all that money to get away from here for all i know. the deadline waiting bs can go up its ass because making 100 milllion people wait for stupid ceo executives sitting back scratching there butts and smoking cigars isnt helping. there all no help because they they have the money. if they wanted to they can stop with the ps3 console and not make anymore and shutdown playstation for good since they have millions of dollars in there bank account and not helping the people that actually need help.

  369. Chris says:

    I’d say that the sales figures for April are irrelevant. You will want to see what the May Sony hardware sales show. The PSN hack/outage hit late in April, and many consumers probably weren’t all that concerned about a lengthy outage at that point. Now that the outage is almost a month old, consumer buying decisions will be more affected this month than last month. Additionally, many new popular titles hit the shelves in April for PS3 which helped sales, such as SOCOM and MK2. I can say I have been a loyal PS user since it’s first platform….and I just traded in my PS3 for an XBOX last week. Not because of the outage, but because of the stupidity of Sony in not notifying its customers of a possible data breach and waiting six days to disclose the info. If you weren’t sure on day 1, tell us you aren’t sure if data was stolen and that it is POSSIBLE personal data was stolen. Then we could at least have taken precautions if we thought they were necessary.

  370. tanner says:


  371. madhead says:

    all u americans r crazy u make everythin sound like life or death x

  372. D. Ellis says:

    Ive been a sony gamer since ps1. As much I miss playing online. Id rather for sony to take as much time as they need to get this right so that this hack never happens. Ill do fine with no online play and im with sony all the way on this. no matter what happens, there is no way im switching back to xbox because of this downtime.

  373. young ya says:

    yeah, blog was hacked like 3 days ago, THATS why they wont tell us chizz, cuz they CANT
    the blog is still hack

  374. im 13 i love my ps3 and sony they r brilliant with there consumers the network is down so wat it will be up sooner or later so all the loyale sony users be faithful to sony and be patiant it wont take long they will be on top once again microsoft may be laughing now but u wait!!!

  375. Vietxplicitz says:

    First of all I want to say to the people that hating and whining about PSN is down and they need to hurry to STFU. Switch to Xbox “XSux” and pay ur online gaming. Obviously the hacker don’t give a damn about Xbox and it’s a waste of time hacking something that’s not worth talking about. anyways I’ll always be loyal to my playstation world. After all this it’ll just
    Make PSN and all playstation world stronger and better.

  376. Jessdman says:

    i wish all of u xbox fans would just make the switch and stop all the bi**h’n come on its just a game its not life 4 most of us im sure u can find something 2 do mo ur lawn clean ur house hell if all else fells pick up a book and read it dam if u can’t do that just do us all 1 and trun ur ps3 off thank u

  377. madhead says:

    americans r so over the top u guys all wana get in the real world

  378. Jessdman says:

    i wish all of u xbox fans would just make the switch and stop all the bi**hn

  379. mindbender says:

    Are all you cry babies forgetting how bad the engineering is on the xbox, when is the last time your Playstation had the red ring of death, or would’nt elect your game, or you had to go and buy a new one because the piece of junk you bought six months took a crap and when you called xbox to get it replaced, all they had to say was sorry about your luck. Yeah Sony is taking longer then what they said, but the reason for that is so six months down the road we are not going through the same crap. Also you need to realize that Sony is trying to fix something in less then one month, that would take some of the best programmers 8 to 10 months. And as far as this so called class action lawsuit, 99% of you would’nt even know what the hell was going on if Sony was not honest up front with all of us. CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACKYARD BEFORE YOU START BICTHING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE’S!!!!!

  380. Xer0Tolerant says:

    Alright this is how it goes, I have both Xbox 360 and PS3. Now Xbox live does have it’s down times here and there. It sucks but at least they give you a real idea of when Xbox live will be back up, instead of pulling dates out of their asses. It sucks that the Playstation Network is down , but I completely get why people are so pissed off. I do think they are being pissed off for the wrong reasons. Don’t switch to Xbox because Sony dosen’t have their online back up. Switch because they couldn’t give a shit about protecting your personal data until they had a Public reason to. I gotta believe Sony knew that their security was like 6 years old…

  381. misterlonely82 says:

    I have been playstation lover for year ps1ps2ps3 i have at lest six units never wanted a x box but three week come on i think im going to buy an xbox these week i need some online action is that wrong of me?

  382. callofdead says:

    yeah………….psn is on. just click circle twice and it turns on. just gatta tell u guys how to play today. enjoy. thanks sony.

  383. Adam, I totally agree with your comment. This problem stretches a lot further than “OMG I can’t play COD”. I use my PS3 for a lot more than games, and the update feature for bluray movies…especially 3D bluray…is now missing from my machine. Recently, my son got a used PSP, and I can’t even move any of the games I bought from PSN over to it because it requires PSN access.

    I guess this is the risk you take with any cloud product, but I wouldn’t have expected this from a cloud service like Playstation Network AND Sony Online Entertainment. Sure, it’s not their fault they were hacked, but there PR and disclosure on this has been pretty weak.

  384. DAVEROCKSF says:

    Its really Sony fault for this because they should of know something. Like this is going to happen they should of been prepared for it but now were paying for it I own weak Xbox and Wii and I would never sell my ps3 for nothing I’d rather play Wii then weak Xbox I just hope the give us something good so we can all shut up and start playing online. Again and start beastn once again! Boy! SANFRANCISCO GIANTS WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! BOY. 415

  385. i think people from microsoft did it tbh jus to make the sexboring box look good but trust me it aint i had one for 3 days or 4 and i had the red ring of death so i got my money back (my m8s told me xbox was awsome so i got one) i love ps3 sony but don is right wat if that happend to us we would be left wih nothing so please stop whinnin and bitchin it wont help us or them

  386. To the Morons says:

    To everyone who keeps saying “its not Sony’s fault so stop complaining” and “I’m still gonna stay loyal to Sony” you are all clueless. None of you get it. People aren’t mad about the PSN being hacked or about the fact that PSN is still down so get that thru your heads. People (including me) are mad about the fact the Sony will keeps lying to their customers about when the PSN will be back up just so nobody will switch to XBOX and so they make even more money by having ppl visit their blog every 10 minutes. Sony don’t say “a few days” if you don’t even have a date to give us as to when the PSN will be back online, some of aren’t as stupid as you like to think we are and THAT is the main reason people are switching to XBOX because Sony is a company full of liars and greedy morons.

  387. Abfallmensch says:

    i stick with the ps3, i use my computer for online games anyways. (cant play a shooter with a controller). although a little clarification from sony would be great for the lads who play online on the ps3. so i hope for you guy’s that it will be up and running soon. and rather they take a little longer but provide a safe and FREE online network then have it back in a hurry and not done properly. as for the xbox haters, everyone has his or her preferences. (although, to read that schoolyard like bitching has its entertainment value sometimes)

  388. brandon says:

    i just wanted to say,,,come on sony, wtf. your one of the largest companies around and you cant fix your network in 3 weeks? should you not have the best people in the world working on this? and these nerds cant get it fixed? damn, sony does suck, ill still wait it out but come on, fix the spot where they got in at and get us back online, i only play at night when i get off work for an hour or two but i miss black ops, im tired or waiting, and i have two ps3′s. and i have a 360,, which i dont play the 360 online cause it costs. and i dont want to have to buy black ops again…anyways, sony get off your a#s and get this sh#% fixed you lazy bastards

  389. SiiKGaMER says:

    Im So pissed GUNNSHOP saying it was gonna be up today n still here i am bored with no online gaming,,THIZZ SUKzzZZ

  390. TheNaughtyLeprechan says:

    just settle down for the people freaking out. it’s not that big of a deal. it’s just something to do on your free time. Go hang out with some friends or something.

  391. Josh says:

    I have a question for everyone complaining about sony and their lack of customer support. If you think their doing such a bad job at helping consumers then why did you buy any sony made products knowing they got a bad rap for not caring about their customers, and for those of you who did not buy any sony products why do you care its not like it’s going to change anything for you by complaining. Also for anyone saying they’re swithching to Xbox please do then maybe next time when I’m playing online i won’t have to connect to your dumbass and get lagged out because your internet sucks.

    And just because I enjoy reading about other people bitching I hope PSN doesn’t come back up until the end of the month because i get a kick out of reading how lost you people are in online gaming, so please read this comment despise it, hate it, who knows hopefully i’ve pissed some people off with this and they will try to go off on me through a blog. (if that happens just know you’ve made my day and I’ll be laughing about it until the Network is back up.)

  392. KG12444 says:

    i hate xbox with that big ass controller big azz ac power adpter it might over heat then u have to pay an extra 100 to get it fix

  393. Rob says:

    I will NOT switch to xbox simply because I do not already own the console. Sony will be back up some day and until then I have no problem waiting because I love my playstation

  394. Kyson says:

    when is ps3 going to be back online?????

  395. You're A Liar says:

    MR.SEYBOLD, You’re a liar. According to our recent updates, we should be launching Playstation Network back up in Mid-July. To show our apology and thank you for waiting, each account will have a small present when we launch again. As of today, we opened the server for testing at 12:32 PM and we noticed that several accounts we’re left as they were however almost 450 accounts were altered and stolen from. Again we thank you for your time and patience.

    Thomas Riley

    -Sony Online Spokesperson and Representative

  396. Hi says:

    I’m buying an xbox. Playstation are a joke.

  397. Jared van Kell says:

    It is quite sad to see that a lot of people have got so used to playing online that all other options just cease to exist for them and online play becomes more like an addiction than experience.
    I play online quite a bit with Super Street Fighter 4 but even then I do not let it become the be all and end all of my gaming experience.
    Despite the fact that the Playstation Network is down Sony are offering compensation for all of their customers to the extent of full monthly refunds for every month the network is offline and extra days free for every day the network is down for.
    I really do not understand what all the fuss is about, in the end when it does come back up at least we will likely get a network that will be a lot more secure than its previous incarnation.
    Instead of bemoaning the fact that they cannot play Black Ops people try playing something else. The PS3 has a lot of games, many of which are played offline and are amazingly good for example Vanquish or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or online games that can be played offline such as the latest Mortal Kombat.

    Give them a go, you might just be surprised.

    JvK B)

  398. ImALady27 says:

    Really missing black ops right now! It’s rainy and boring…. I know I won’t buy an xbox tho! Devoted to my ps3 :-)

  399. Pele says:

    Dear o dear what are you lot moaning about
    ITS A FREE SERVICE , if you want to go to a less substantial system ie (xbox)
    Do it , pay for your online subscription.
    Good things come to them who wait would you rather Sony rushed it and not be secure or make sure it is SECURE?
    As said above get a life and get out it will b back when it’s ready to b back


  400. xbox has people pay for online so i dont know Y people hav an xbox in the 1st place sony is way better than microsoft WHEN the psn comes online they should let us change our ids on psn

  401. TBROSEN says:


  402. dan says:

    really switch to an xbox if anyone rembers xbox live was down for 2 weeks a bit back. How bout u go outside play a sport or do something productive

  403. ruddu says:

    you all have no lives its good that psn is down so you guys can get a break from your video games.

  404. sean says:

    i already have done a straight swap ps3 slim for xbox slim playstation have done nothing to let us know when it will be back i loved my playstation but enough is enough

  405. switcher777 says:

    i solve the psn problem for me i already switch to the xbox360 and i dont regreret !!!!!!!!and i sold my ps3 sony suckssss !!!the funny thing i was loyal to them for years !!!!

  406. Its PS3 says:

    ps3 sucks

  407. Infamous says:

    I agree with Josh, hope all those noobs from psn left to xbox and bother them

  408. switcher777 says:

    the new date for the psn to be back online its may 31 2022

  409. Corey says:

    Sony, I don’t really care that PSN is down because it doesn’t effect my life but I just wanna say that you seem to be making a lot of bitchy little bitches mad because they don’t understand the concept of “you can live without video games”. When I was 7 I played video games all day long. Now I’m 17 and rarely touch my ps3, if anyone my dad plays it more. I understand now a days it’s difficult to go without technology due to smartphones and high tech shit but ps3 is not a technology needed to live your life.
    1.take out your high tech smart phone friend/look up number off facebook app
    3.hang out
    4.shut up about all this PSN down stupidity

  410. itsallme01 says:

    Four days from the last update. Playstation needs to keep us informed.
    But this is dragging on way too damn long. WTF is taking so long?
    Umm I don’t know but this sucks already.

  411. luke says:

    the best in life is always worth waiting for.
    xbox no way!!!!!!!!!!!playstation still kicks a@@…… theres still plenty of descent campaigns to play.

  412. ? says:

    I dont get why ppl r saying we have nothing to complain about. were obviously bored out of r ****ing minds and we forked out 300$ for the damn thing thinking it wouldnt do this shit.

  413. Tim says:

    Being a “fanboy” of either console is pathetic. You really give yourself away as a shill for free to a company just so you can feel like you’re part of a group? Try basing your self-worth on something real, instead of a ginned up competition designed to get you to spend more money. Ugh, it really disgusts me.

    I have all 3 major consoles, and I did play much more online on PSN than on the 360. PSN being down has prompted me to pay for 3 months of XBL so I can get my shooter fix, but that’ll probably be the end of it.

  414. ZADROeltorro says:

    what kind of small gift are we talking about? PS3 4 life!!

  415. tim says:

    this is so dumb that they have taken over 5 weeks for this they say that they hired the best tecnical people they can well that just show how sitty this world is when the best of the best cant even do their job

  416. Ps3betterthanxbox says:

    I dont what your all complaining about if your that desperate you all have no lives. There trying hard and the more you complain the longer its gonna take if you have ever that. and also i alread have a wii and a brother who own an xbox so wateva and so you people you should lives. I agree with josh to. Its actually been nice without a month of video games.

  417. ThisSucks says:

    i am trading the ps3 in to get an xbox. Ppl dont understand that u obviously spent alot of money on ps3 for you not to be able to use everything its inteded for is a waste; not only do i use it for games, i buy movies on the ps3 network and have netflix through ps3. I also do enjoy playing games online, i also play the games off line also, but id like to if i want to have the option to play online. Sony is just trying to say it will be up in a few days every couple of days to keep people from switching when the truth probably is it wont be up for months. Sorry but id rather switch to xbox even though i love my ps3 & would rather have ps3.

    – very frustrated ps3 owner/future xbox owener … grrr :/

  418. Pook says:

    Sony is ridiculous mr seybold a idiot and the ps3 is a joke i owned one for to long and now its time to go back to 360 its ridiculois a multi trillion dollar company i hope 90 percent of the world switches so ypu guys realize what you did well thanks for the free service but ill pay for the better connection and to acrually play online. I didnt buy it to play songle player or watch bluerays so what you japanesse is worth its funny yall let it go on this long

  419. Invis says:

    I agree that we should be given the option to change our PSN ID. When PSN comes back online Sony should give us a option in the Store to donate to the “Catch the Hackers” fund. I would donate $50.

  420. Pele is an idiot says:

    @ Pele– nah dude its not a free service. sony is required to provide an online service to their users. thats why most people buy a fucking ps3 man? thats like buying an internet router just to be told it wont work for a month or so. so if your pretty much talking out your a$$ like your smart or something bro.

  421. Walla walla Washington says:

    Well Josh I read you article and I think you are the Antichrist I am suggesting you go and get baptized with dielectric compound and fess up to your mother that playstation has turned you into a… Lol hope you are happy now cause you have made me so angry I feel like oops looky here a shiny penny! Is it diner time yet? So what’s up with cats any way? When can I catch the ferry home I’m missing the desert. Wait a minute mister boat man… Waaaii aiiii aii t. A waz a fruck shmee doo diddley dumb boop! And that’s all I can say in that! ???? I am totally serious don’t doubt it for a second place ain’t bad news bears win the cup of tea bag for your plane donut wha? That felt good is it bed time yet? Ooo what’s that green cigarette stinking like a skunk on the way to the store it … Shut up no you didn’t oh fweep
    Don’t bother responding I can read minds!!!

  422. Ivan says:

    Josh great response I agree with that. Lmao
    Everyone here is superman with online gaming
    But the psn outtage is kryptonite

  423. ic3dmon3y says:

    Hey guys I’m not going to Xbox cause its a total joke waste of money and service sucks I bought one when it came out first year ring of death so I gave it to a friend for parts to fix his that’s how much I hate Xbox ps3 has better service better quality has HD and doesn’t crap out on as much as the 360 does and plus 360 looks so fugly the controllers are big and fat. I can wait for psn to be back ill be loyal cause they bring the best service in the gaming world I’m a great gamer I love to game it up and sony is best way to go 100% and those kids who are switching over to microsoft I say you come back to sony and ill kick your ass on black ops I can wait for as long as it takes for psn to get back up cause I have a life I have friends a girlfriend and a job people who are addicted I say there just fuggly looking ;)

  424. ben says:

    since being unable to play online, I’ve found playing with myself very rewarding.

  425. Kevin says:

    It kind of stinks that PSN is down but it’s really not that big of a deal and I don’t get the complaining. You get what you pay for, and I’m more than happy to use PSN for free when it’s available than to have to pay for it on XBOX, which I don’t even like anywhere near as much as ps3. I’m happy to play offlline some when I feel like playing ps3, and actually go outside and do things. I appreciate PSN not rushing because they are trying to do things right and will put it back up when they are ready and its safe again. I am just glad to have such a great service for free, and will wait for it to come back. Not many great things are free anymore, so I am more than willing to put up with a setback here and there, especially in tough economic times like this. Anyone who is going out and buying an xbox along with an online subscription needs to be checked into an institution, sorry but you have a serious gaming addiction problem.

  426. marcus says:

    My advice to all gamers is to stick with the system you already have. Nintendo Microsoft and Sony are all thinking next gen gaming the Wii 2 is reportedly coming out in late 2012. Xbox 720 and Ps4 reportedly 2013 2014 at the latest EA reportedly already has the hardware for the 720. I have a 360 and a Wii and I’m not buying another console this gen I got my Wii to play all the classic games I played as a kid. I got the Xbox 360 because I had the original Xbox and liked it better than Ps2 also 600 dollars for Ps3 was to big of a price tag in my opinion. I like all three systems but none of them are perfect Wii’s graphics are no better than a gamecube 360 pay for online play Ps3 everyone talks about the specs and power but when you compare the multiplats they look or play no better than the 360 versions (madden 11 nba 2k11 gta4). Sega fans google Sega Revolution it also will be another choice in the next gen. I will just by software for the systems I already have and save money for the next gen you know the prices will be insane.

  427. River Rat says:

    so i have noticed the lack of updates by sony about the situation. I mean not even something saying hey were still working on getting it fixed here is what is going on. I honestly think they are backing off from testing because they are trying to deal with all the legal issues against them right now. there has got to be something holding them up. i just wish they would talk to us. I am also actually sick of timelines because its like pulling money from someone on a fishing hook. each time they think there gonna get it *yoink* just another few feet or in this case days. I currently own both systems. im no hardcore fanboy. i like video games to unwind. some days i like to hop online and play some MSO or some days ill get on some gears of war with buddies from work. To me system makes no difference. but at the moment im forced to side with xbox given obvious circumstances. im not gonna bash sony. im not gonna bash any hardcore PS or XBOX fanboys. im just here throwing in some insight hoping maybe sony will see some of these comments and update us again.

  428. Blazeablunt420 says:

    I agree, devoted ps3 players will remain..everyone else go to xbox..they need you impatient faggs over there..I’m an avid black ops online player, I play every day after work…since the outage I found other shit to do..I suggest you laaame no life HERBS do the same..shit makes me laugh

  429. River Rat says:

    MSO is supposed to be MGO (metal gear online)

  430. jay says:

    Playing wid my 360 for the past couple weeks and keeping me occupied till the psn goes back up, and honestly, who cares which system is better. why the conspiracy and debate about the two in black ops, they are the same game that does the same thing,OMG. honestly, i like them both, but i wouldnt choose to say im switching over to another just so sony seez it as a threat, its not gonna speed up the process. waiting for a more secure and safe network is worth the wait, otherwise, let it go on now, get your id stolen, fraud yur acount, get into bankrupcy, go through all that trouble in fixing yur idiot life becuz u couldnt wait. if u want an x box, then go buy one. keep yurself buizy or defect, who cares. its so anoying, i have one but i sure dont bitch about switching over cuz its not wut these forums are about. its just fun talking bout sony discussing the matter at hand and agreeing or disagreeing, and if yur an xbox fan, and you just choose or decide to visit these forrums and say your switching over, cmon! GET A LIFE!

  431. kenneth sikes says:

    LMFAO! 4ever sony dawg

  432. Amanda says:

    Stfu about both systems! PSN is a joke now cause they said by end of April it will be back up now may it will be but now July even if you pay xbox after 30 days of it being free you are paying for what you get at least with the points/ achievements you can use it to get maps and add ons instead of paying lots of money for add ons if you think about it I spent over 20 bucks for add ons on ps3 so I can play online with people not just by myself! That’s the whole purpose of playing online! Think about it but at least gamers who got xbox like myself now isn’t complaining about online gaming plus they have way more features than PSN :)

  433. lamar chapman says:

    i see a xbox real soon

  434. Greenfox says:

    People aren’t going to switch systems unless they already own a different system. Lets see, 200 for an Xbox, 100 for 2 controllers, 100 bucks for year supply of batteries, plus cost for games…..Who has an extra 500 bucks just laying around? I’ll play single player till it’s back up and if I get too bored, I’ll play a little wii mario-kart

  435. George says:

    its sad how the only game some people play on the ps3 is call of duty, while they neglect the the games that are actually good, such as metal gear solid 4, uncharted, infamous, resistance and demons souls. :(

  436. Jason says:

    While I won’t be switching to an Xbox, the PSN problem did affect my car buying decision this week. I was interested in a new Ford, and ran all of the costs of ownership. Between the car I eventually purchased (a BMW) and the Ford, the costs were similar over a five year timeframe. One of the X factors was the high end Sony Navigation/Sound system in the Ford. I just didn’t see myself spending a premium on a product that has left such a negative impression on me.

  437. lamar says:

    dont back down

  438. steve says:

    Complaining about the fact the network is down wont change the fact, if some mindless morons hadn’t of decided to hack the network in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I won’t be switching to xbox simply because i feel that the sony network is much better and if others want to defect, let them, like someone else has said, less people clogging the network with their slow internet connections. Maybe some people should step away from their consols and go outside, get some fresh air and maybe get a life!

  439. Josh says:

    I’m loving all these Playstation fanboys stick up for Sony.

    Firstly, I am not a fanboy, this comment is merley my opinion which you may or may agree with.

    My response to the following coment “i hate xbox with that big ass controller big azz ac power adpter it might over heat then u have to pay an extra 100 to get it fix”.

    Thats you’re opinion on the Xbox 360 controller and power supply however have you heard of something called ‘Warrenty’. Also, I would like to point out that the fault has been fixed on the newer versions of Xbox 360 consoles.

    Ever heard of YOLD? Yes Sony and Microsoft both made mistakes.

    Sony is a joke. They have now said that they are going to improve security. Well if that was possible this action should have been taken regardless of this “Hack”. If a company such as Sony cannot protect my personal information then Io guess I can’t trust anyone!

    Enough said.

  440. girl01 says:

    U no all u ppl who say get a life u get one 2 when I broke I wanna ply my game that I spent a lot of money on nd this is a crock ok I have a life I go places do stuff but I paid for the PlayStation nd the games nd I wanna ply um or I want my God damn money back mid July really them y not buy an Xbox ur first month is free

  441. ps3 rools ya

  442. Jenn o says:

    I understand Sony would like to pretend it’s not going to affect them but wo the consumer u have nothing. So I wouldn’t put up stories that make it sound like u don’t need us. The truth is we the consumer don’t need you. We like your product when it works but just like everything else you can be replaced. How about u understand we bought a product that we can’t use to it’s full until you guys get it together. When the system is up and working it’s great but please don’t talk crap about people making comments about leaving it just pisses people off. I didn’t even think about using my xbox or wii that I already own just need to set back up until I saw this story.

  443. Brando443 says:

    Ummm xbox is the most cheaply made console out on the market….ps3 is 1000 % better quality!!! I’ve had my ps3 for 4 years and not one problem…if I wuld of had an xbox for 4 Years it wuld of broke atleast 3 times… Xbox is known for braking and being junk… Ps3 is the way to go we are getting cross game chat soon soo we will have wat xbox has and more!!! Ps3 is better and I’d never sell my ps3 for a junkbox!!

  444. Party boy!! says:

    whoever gets an xbox and gives up on playstation, get a life. u have 2 pay for xbox so i hope saddos get it and the next day psn will be up and running and we’ll be playing it and u won’t be so happy then!! it’ll be up in no time and we might get the new maps for free if u wait, that’s wat i heard.

  445. Vandal says:

    Yall are sad whining about a dam online game. Get a fuckin life. Read a book. Thats whats wrong with this younger generation stuck on stupid.

  446. whynoupdate says:

    Mr. Thomas Riley,

    If what u say is true, why won’t sony be honest with its customers and give them an update?? i can wait, just don’t know why sony doesn’t keep people in the loop.

  447. zach says:

    why hs sony stopped talking? they have not posted anything on the blog for days now. “restoration timeline update”…oops we dont have one. then they dont say a thing.

  448. mr po says:

    I have a hard time believing this article is truthfull. I don’t think ps3 sales are up, I’ve ben a loyal fan for years and even I think about switchin to a xbox. Sony is all over the news and you think people are going out and buying them right now last time I checked their the same price minus psn so I need a link to show the sales are up and by that amount…can’t believe everything you read!!!

  449. Juan says:

    bored cant go outside today i hv absolutely nothing to do…im missing the psn now more than ever but im still not geting an x box. PS3!!

  450. Cortlandt overbay says:

    Man they need to hurry up and people are complaning about it because its an offered service aka a incentive to buy the playstation but now no online gaming why buy it ?

  451. aidan says:

    @Josh you didn’t piss me off one bit with your comment, you are entitled to your sad opinion. But if thats what makes your day then you are sir a pathetic individual.

  452. xbox360 says:

    I hate when people talk bad about xbox I have both systems but I perfer the xbox because of its online and other things half of you guys haven’t ever played a xbox and the controler isn’t even that big I actually like more than the ps3 it has more style and feels alot beter to me and I don’t mind paying for online I don’t know why people complain about paying unless your broke than I would stick to the ps3

  453. Smart says:

    I would switch to xbox, but…
    Cheap clunky controller.
    Ps3 has more games and better games.
    Free online still. I could pay 60$ and have it wasted if my internet is down or if im away from home.
    Xbox system has high rate of failure.
    Live has always been full of hackers. Regardless it being ‘better’
    I dont like the xbox interface or menus at all
    The live servers and psn servers are actually the same. Speeds are the same. It depends on the user, not psn vs live.
    xbox is inferior technical hardware and is stuck using DVDs.

    ~these are also reasons for other people not switching.

  454. Mack Aroni says:

    Playstation are a joke. I would rather pay the 5 pounds a month on xbox live and not have all my details stolen.

  455. BLACK OPS says:

    when will psn be back up

  456. JDMpapa86 says:

    ps3 players should be granted free maps for black ops when the playstation network comes back being that they came out for xbox already and we have bin waiting so long just to play cause of some idiots. if your with me give me a bump!

  457. ehh.. says:

    In my opinion, it’s starting to get out of hand. All these false deadlines, and we’re nearing a month now. That’s just unheard of. Don’t get me wrong, i still love my playstation, and i’ll never sell it, but i’m really wishing i had bought my 360 a lot sooner :/ i guess that’s they joy of having both systems.

  458. UndeadSplicer says:

    whoo im stoked i cant wait to get back up online i have so many trophies to sync up sony just put on your hater blockers and keep doing your thing


  459. JDMpapa86 says:

    hell with crap box ps3 all the way dont care how long i have to wait!!!!!!!

  460. Evan says:

    i will NEVER buy anyting from microsoft apart from msn wich is free i will NEVER pay bill gates any ting HOLDING IT DOWN FOR PS3 AND PSN

  461. Evan says:

    And dont forget psn users get 2 free games off psn nd xbl user get nothing

  462. Bobzter1774 says:

    Cant agree more! Ok yes, its a bit strange trying to find something else to do whilst SONY are doing there upmost to make sure this doesnt happen again in the near future. I play every night on GT5 online and am missing it yes but just be patient, those who wana go waist there dosh on an xbox then pay to play online… goooo just gooooo you dont belong!!

    The strong and faithful masses will wait, PS3 is by far the best, free online service available! Wait and see what happens when this happens to microsoft!! LOL!

  463. Kounnas says:

    I have just tried to sign in 25 minutes ago and my playstation is still signing in. Maybe it is coming back on now.

  464. BoNeS says:

    I own all 3 current gen systems. I can play online if I choose with the Xbox 360. However I tend to splend most of my time playing locally anyhow and I feel the PS3 is a far better system and will remain loyal to Sony. I’m just gald they are getting us a more secure network. I really only need the PSN back up so I can shop! Can’t get enough of PSOne Classics. I am a plus member and am glad they will be compensating for the down time. However I’m quite surprised we are getting anything in return. That being said, a port of Suikoden 2 to the PS Store in the U.S. would make the wait well worth while ;)

  465. screw it says:

    I have always been a customer of sony but Honestly im not waiting any longer ima go get me an xbox today, you guys have to releize that sont does not need all of your service they have alot of things that sont creats they make tons just off of there other products.. but im done maybe when they come back online ill get on here and there with the ps3 still but for now i guess gay ass xbox is the way to go

  466. ROFL says:

    @ BlackopsBeast

    Sorry you’re too stubbon to pay pennies a day for a secure service. I pay £30 a year for xbox live. That’s 8 pennies a day. WAAAAAMBULANCE.

  467. sportie1208 says:

    it’s a bummer that psn is down. now i’m stuck with the stupid offline play and i can’t play with friends.when psn comes back i’m gonna play black ops or battlefild but really i’ll play on socom 4 because it’s a bad ass hew knows when psn is gonna come back on and what sorta gift or what ever well get.

  468. tomixx says:

    sony is loyal to me!!!!!!!!!

  469. Miss_Wa3D says:

    hi guy’s am wa3d from saudi arabia i just want ask about ps3 network when back again cuz i miss ps home and all my friends and :(

  470. Job says:

    MOre time to practice quickscoping

  471. sportie1208 says:

    oh! i just made a mistake in the first comment and i hate mother f****** xbox

  472. SONY says:


  473. bob says:

    this dude is a moron….”i have a good feeling they wont switch”…guess what i switch after a week down and so did about 25-30 friends of mine. sony is a dead beat co. that wont recover from this, i hope the japs die from radiation poisioning… american….f@ck PS3

  474. Renton14 says:

    wait isnt sony giving us free s#!t when we get back on. i dont care how long they take i got other games i can play. also for those who r aggro at sony, its not like its there falt, its the ***hole who hacked it in the first place. and for those of u who say “sony should have better security” trust me any game system is easy to hack into as long as u have the tools.

    @bLaCk OpS bEaSt i think they will, in any case there gonna force us to change our pass

  475. SUMMIT RANDOM says:


  476. SUMMIT RANDOM says:


  477. animalada says:

    i had an x box brought 3 months of live 15quid got badcompany 2 10 quid been onit since
    but i no as soon as ps3 back on my xbox will gather dust again

  478. Bo beast says:

    Ps3 represent

  479. Bryce says:

    I’m an online gamer but I don’t see myself trading in my PS3. With any luck there wont be any annoying kids online, after it’s back online. So please, sell your PS3. We don’t want to play with you anyway. ;)

    I also have something to say about hackers. If you love your PS3 so much, STOP HACKING. Keep online gaming fun, fair and safe. So please Sony, keep these hackers in their place, offline.

    Take as long as you need Sony.

  480. Bo beast says:

    Sorry psn got an xbox

  481. mathew says:

    that blows that online is down so i will buy a videogame that does not have online. i will have fun with that videogame. there is this fun videogame it fun it called pure

  482. Bo beast says:

    Xbox so beast got new black ops map pack already 6 prestige 2 days played! Call of the dead sucks

  483. JJ says:

    It’s a free service, I don’t care to be compensated, I just want it to work. XBox is garbage in comparison, Sony IS and 4EVER WILL be the pioneers on how video gaming should be. It’s the not knowing when it’ll be back online, that plays into an issue, Sony’s lack of keeping us informed/updated is my only complaint. It wasn’t their fault some losers with nothing better to do with their time hacked into it, so I really don’t care to be compensated. Hackers should let their nuts drop, let their penis grow, and get a girl, boy, significant other, and grow the “F” up. It was probably a band of XBox fags that hacked it in the 1st place.

  484. skullcrusher says:

    im a very patient guy but i have to say that now my patience is really wearing out, because sony has been lying to us since april 20th, ive been calling them for the past week for information and all they have done is read the playstation blog to me again by phone -_-… at this rate i dont really think dey are going to achieve there deadline of MAY 31. sony is a careless company and now most of us are sitting hear paying the consequences with our credit cards because of sony’s careless actions.

  485. Sportbilly says:

    I would like to point out to all those wingers out there threatening to move to Xbox that I used to work for a credit card company in the fraud department and took countless calls from customers who had there details stolen from there Xbox and used fraudulently so go ahead move over, pay for an online service and have a lesser protective service than you will have from PS once they are back online.

  486. OnlyPS3 says:

    I will never switch to xbox because they break all the time, PS3s don’t break this is the only bad thing that has happened to the PS3. Sony forever!!!

  487. Nick says:

    I won’t switch. Ps3 is free and plus this has given me a chance to get off my ass.

  488. mathew says:

    online is going to be on in july 15 most likies

  489. gheitz says:

    The only real compliant that I have with all of this is that I, and everyone else that has one, paid a good deal of money for a product that I can only partly use. If you bought a car that had several options including GPS navagation but you couldn’t use it and the dealer couldn’t tell when it would be fixed you would be screaming at the manufacture to fix it or give you a new car. I bought a PS3 and I can’t use some of the functions that I have paid for…. Fix it

  490. mike says:

    If I had to guess, the exact same hackers could break into XBOX so dont go tutting your horns…butt holes.

  491. lordbonez says:

    i’m so switching to xbox so tired of waiting on this psn junk. lol j/k. i love my playstation i’m on my third ps3 and never thought about xbox. 1 burned in a house fire, 1 was stolen, i will protect this one, playstation kicks xbox ass, i had a 360 (a bday gift) but quickly gave it to my brothers to enjoy while i played my ps3, i can wait until psn is back on, this is a chance to improve skills and get some sunshine, exercise more than ur fingers, enjoy real friends why dont you and stop crying about psn being down

  492. supersonic_flash says:

    I’m not a hardcore gamer and I won’t be making a knee jerk reaction and change to xbox, however I am fed up with sony – and have had other issues with sony products before – this is the final straw with them and they have blown it – I will NEVER buy sony products again!!!
    Really piss*d off now with the whole thing and while the ps3 gathers dust I will be going back to online play with the pc.

  493. awsome hero says:

    if u guys cant wait till psn is back up then that means u have nothing to do with ur life only if ur older u should be able to chill out with friends and family for the timebeing p.s and u are to addictive control ur self just wait plz dont leave psn it would be a shame if u had a friend online and he swicthed to xbox and XBOX KINDA SUCKS PAY TO PLAY HOW DUMB IS THAT

  494. J35T34 says:

    True devoted fan here check my wrist if u think i’m playin “PSN” logo so everyone can see. I aint ever sellin out to “CRAPBOX” I’ll wait till PSN get back up…

  495. david says:

    I’ve lost 7 pounds while offline ,so its all good I’m doing insanity

  496. Adam says:

    Guys…Really? Ya it sucks that the Network is down…XBOX still pays for online usage!!!!! HA ill deal without the FREE network while they fix it. stop crying. If online play is really all you do then you really need to get outside. There is a world outside of online play…i know it may be hard to believe it but the games are pretty fun without it. so… boo

  497. Tristin says:

    i may be just the thirteen year old kid who doesnt know what they are talking about, but if the people at sony could make a console that does almost anything then why is it taking so long for psn to be back online? the people at sony are incredibly intelligent and i dont understand what takes so long to go into something that you made, find out what’s wrong with it and fix it. it should be an easy procedure, but it is taking them three weeks. don’t get me wrong, i love my ps3, it is awesome, but Sony should be keeping us informed and keep fixing the problem.

  498. Nos says:

    Well…I think PSN knows not to f##k with anonymous again…If they did they’d be plain retarded.
    Plus, I don’t think PSN will be back up until the charges are dropped against the hacker that they are suing.
    I dunno, these are just my views…

  499. John hambert says:

    My Dad works for Sony and he says word was round the office today that the sector that deals with online gaming on psn will be back online May 20th

  500. Nefertitti Ameen says:

    This just goes to show you how people have no lives anymore. Yeah, PSN is down, but how about actually going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Hell spring is here, so enjoy it. Does anyone have a job, even a life, for that matter? Online gaming has become so addictive to people that they even hang with their friends anymore. My Playstation still gets action. We play games like Midnight Club, Mortal Kombat and so on. So blow the dust off your Playstation and start playing! Life isn’t over….sheesh!

  501. makk says:

    because of this my friend is getting an Xbox 360 when will it be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  502. Nos says:

    Tristin, I’m sorry but it is not that simple
    Yes they made the console and they SEEM intelligent
    Anonymous is the group of hackers that are doing this, they tried to sue one of their members as far as i know.
    If you do not know, Anonymous is a very smart, very powerful group of hackers, much smarter than Sony in my opinion.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sony really should drop the lawsuit before PSN is permanently shut down.

  503. awsome hero says:

    u people cant live with out ps3 really guys be serous when i was 7 i played games 24/7 now im 13 and i still play ps3 but i dont play it all the time online is really big i understand that but really we can do other things like
    .play with friends and go out with friends and family
    .play online games on ur laptop and desktop anything u want
    but u cant live with ps3 its not ganna give u a million dallars is it?

  504. Riceboy says:

    Im so excited! I bought two PS3′s one for my best friend Valerie and one for my self and i bought Two Call of duty games at best buy for and they gave me a $30.00 Giftcard. Its so Exciting to know that PS3 is gonna give us a welcome back Package when they update there servers. THANK YOU SONY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  505. @@Josh top of comments says:

    Love the comment!!! Lool it does male u larf some
    The peeps on here

  506. Jessdman says:

    im selling my ps3 and going 2 xbox im selling my ps3 and going 2 xbox im selling my ps3 and going 2 xbox good i wish all of u would just do it thats all u people do is what u do best bitch let it be switch 2 xbox so u will have a hole new system of problems and u can come up with more reasons 2 bitch but at least u would be paying 2 bitch and u could not do it 4 free no more they will have it back up 2 all of u loyal ps3 fans just hang in there

  507. Mikey says:

    Lets all just get high and enjoy the Finals, the BULLS are gonna win.

  508. austin says:

    i dont care how long the psn is down im staying with ps3 it will always be better and is better but psn its may 14 and it isnt up yet so idk if its gonna come up later but it keeps saying that there is an error and its still under maintenince so idk but pz plz plz plz plzzzzzzz get it up we miss the psn so many people in the world are missing out on the beutiful graphics and awsome gameplay plz psn bring the psn network back up and thank you for the package to :)

  509. shabbadabbadoo says:

    whoo ps3 rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  510. jay says:

    i dont know about any one else …..but ive got a bit of rope now im looking for a stong branch for gods sake sort it out sony!!!!!!!!!

  511. Palladiamors says:

    People won’t switch. They do a lot of moaning and complaining, but in the end if you don’t already have an X-Box ((Switching to the Wii? Really? No.)) then its way to much trouble to change over. You may see a few people making the switch, but most everyone will sit and wait. You’ll have a vocal minority who will wail and complain and gnash their teeth, but that’s normal. Its the internet. You’ll also see plenty of people CLAIMING to switch who are just waiting like everyone else.

    Personally, I think it’s fairly ridiculous. Since when did online play become the ONLY reason why people have consoles? Maybe I am stuck in an earlier age, but my consoles are mainly used for offline play, with the occasional game dragging me online for a bit. Yes, not having access to the PSN and those online games is kind of annoying, but its certainly no reason to change over to another system.

  512. shabbadabbadoo says:

    i love my ps3 but im not a noob, like the ppl who r switching to xbox

  513. Jamesdean says:

    I will say that I have 2 of the new XBox360′s and the fat PS3, yes, I was one who spent the initial $600 to buy a PS3. I am a bit frustrated that I can not play with my friends online. One thing about PS is it does not charge. Xbox charges to just use the netflix account so you pay netflix then xbox. I do not use either console to stream my netflix as I run it through my tv.

    I am devoted to gaming so I will always own multiple units as some games are private to others. I am very much a heavier fan of Sony buy every system has UPS and downs. What will all of you who are switching to Xbox say when there system gets hacked and. Shut down for months? You will be saying Xbox sucks and I am buying a new playstation.

  514. Ben says:

    Can’t play online and someone has been trying to get credit in my name since the playstation hack. Thanks playstation. I hope we are able to sue Sony.

  515. James says:

    Ps3 are a billion dollar company, the security was so shit that a spotty 21 year old slapped this multinational network to its knees. Sony should be ashamed!!!

  516. Invis says:

    @ Pete is an idiot
    Does it hurt your brain when you try thinking? Sony is not required to offer us online services. that’s like saying Ford has to provide us with roads to drive their cars on. You don’t have to be 18 to buy a PS3, but you have to be 18 to sign up for a PSN account. Your retarded.

  517. Dan B says:

    Im happy that so many people leaving PS3 and change to rubish xbox which get’s broken oftens when PSN will be back it will by less stupid people with them bad network (thanks a lot for those who left or planing to do so) I trust soon will by back and runing with PS3
    P.S for ps3 fans stay alive ;D

  518. Chris says:

    You PS3 fanboys are completely missing the f’n point on why people are switching to Xbox. It’s because Sony didn’t give a sh$t about your personal data, and didn’t give a sh$t enough to tell you about it till six days after the fact. And don’t say “well, it took Sony that long to figure out the info was hacked and stolen blah blah….” Sony should have said on DAY ONE of the breach that they didn’t know if data was stolen or not yet, but they wanted us to know it was within the realm of possibility. This would have saved them some face and been the right PR move to begin with. This is an absolute disaster for Sony and they are losing customers left and right. The reason people have left has nothing to do with the length of time that PSN has been down, but is due to Sony’s giant FAIL on how they have handled this situation from day one.

  519. joe says:

    Psn is back online for me!

  520. dave says:

    I wouldnt care that the PSN is down, the thing is, there has been 36 days of rain in my city. I play videogames on rainy days.

    This is what pisses me off most.

  521. mitai says:

    sony why are you doing this to us! RETURN! i just got motorstorm 3 and i cant even unlock cars because you need to play online to get new cars

  522. NSkyDr says:

    I don’t usually comment but I just couldn’t help myself with this one. I just want to say that I love my PS3… My 3 boys each have Xbox360 and every x-mas when I buy the year subscription to Xbox Live I could cry. I have played on their xbox’s and I hate it. The time it takes to join a game is ridiculous. I work and have the responsibilities of being a single mother of 3 and when I have a few minutes to jump online and work my frustration out on COD or Black Ops I want to be able to jump on and play not sit around forever waiting to get in a game. As a hard working single mother I’m extremely happy that Sony is taking this time to update their security I work hard for my money and don’t want some two-bit hacker stealing and selling my information. As for all the complaining and saying your switching…go for it, to each his own as they say, but I do have to say I agree with Josh maybe when it comes back up only the real gamers will be on and make playing that much more interesting. As for paying for xbox live because it’s better than PSN well that is a matter of opinion. Personally anyone who pays upwards of $300 for a xbox 360 then another $50.00 on top of it for a year of xbox live because they can’t wait till Sony comes back needs some kind of help like a gamers anonymous maybe. That is just a complete waste of money and with the economy the way it is today it is just, well for lack of a better word, STUPID. I have had 2 different PS3′s the first I bought used and when it went up I bought a new one for myself because I loved it so much. The comment made about paying for something you can’t use…..It is no different than owning a snowmobile or a jet ski you don’t just sell it off because the season changes. It’s something you love to do or you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. So you just wait for the time when you can use it again. Just my thoughts on everything. But when Sony gets things up and running again I will be on to kick A@@ and Take Names until then I will just enjoy other things life has to offer. Take your time Sony get it right true fans are willing to wait it out.

  523. Invis says:

    @ Pete is an idiot
    Does it hurt you brain when you try to think? Sony is not required to provide online ability. Thats like Ford being required to provide a road to drive on. You have to be 18 to sign up for a PSN ID, but you don’t have to be 18 to buy a PS3. Your retarded.

  524. xboxsmells says:

    xbox smells ps3 is much better

  525. Big Ray says:

    Ok guys since everyones so concerened about when they will be able to get your fix. First off your complaiing because a free service is down you dont pay for shit. Second if you want to go to xbox go and shut up its a waste of time they suck. third if you trade your playstation in for an xbox your retarted a ps3 system costs over 300 bucks new you trade it in at gamestop and you get 100 so you lost 200 dollars. And lastly everyones blaming sony why dont you blame the lame asses that have enough time to hack into them you dont just pick up a computer and viola your in it takes weeks of work to get into a secure system like that do a little research before you talk out of your ass. So how about this be pissed at the hackers take some time and detox from the internet for a little while and go outside hang out with some real friends. Thank you and have a great time.

  526. jose raos says:

    im definitaly buying an xbox how are you going to have millions of people waiting for the network to be back up thats a joke keep taking your sweet old time

  527. Ed says:

    It’s depressing that you get a kick out of other peoples frustration. Obviously you will disagree…you’re probably laughing at me right? That’s what’s depressing.

  528. Matt says:

    Online play..ain’t really hurting me..I just miss my netflix…and with my comp going down too…I’m really hurting lol, but psn take ya time and properly fix the issue..most of us will be here when u
    You get back

  529. @switcher777, you dont regret switching 2 xbox NOW, give it 3 months. Btw, some of us dont live in a nice place, british weather is SHIIIIIIIT! When its back online, add me (TangyNuclearPie) 4 RDR, Homefront, MW2, CoD 4, W@W, SR2. (if i dnt get blindsniper973 back) Cant remember psswrd :(

  530. klg says:

    You guys need to think of what other companies might do alot will handle it much worse

  531. johnymaru says:

    im not giving up on ps3 the microsift ***** mite of hacked it dont give up lads

  532. Random guy says:

    Ok we’ve been waiting way too much but buying a different system just because you can’t sign in? That’s being really stupid I mean give away all trophies, saved data, online ranks and friends because there’s no PSN. What if you buy an Xbox or a wii and a in few later days PSN gets back up? Oh and to the people who constantly says ” go outside ” or ” get a life “, ” stop sitting behind a PC and do something “, well most of these people are hypocrites you too are sitting behind a computer checking forums and typing the same stupid crap these sites are for people who do care about the current outage.

  533. hack says:

    never falter

  534. thats crazy says:

    Instead of complaining why don’t you try to help Sony. Wining about not being able to play ps3 does not fix the situation. I’m glad it shut down It let’s kids get a glimpse of the world. I mean people play the Dayum thing so long grades drop and you forget how to talk to people. I’m not saying its a good thing they went down. But some of you guys have to understand. There working has hard has they can there even giving us a 30 day free subscription on play station plus. Doesn’t that tell you there trying to bring it up. I qoute this.”well psn needs to hury up.” That is exactly what one of you are going to say. You guys to to grow up life is not all a game. I now after this your going to speech.”you need to shut up dude.”

  535. thats crazy says:

    Psn will be back up on may 21 2011 or mid July.

  536. Yah Yah says:

    Thank goodness i already had an xbox, (which i always use) and only use playstation for select games… because, you know, the internet sucks. I’ll patiently be waiting it out on my nice, 4 year old, xbox :D

  537. gray says:

    @Pele is an idiot- Yes, it is a free service dumb ass. Your analogy about the router not working for a month was a completely useless quote. Sony is required to provide online service, but they provide it for FREE, not for $50 a month like Microsoft. Your comment is probably one of the most ignorant things I have read in a long time, think before you speak.

  538. gortex says:

    ha ha JOSH shut up dude if you dont care what people think about PSN then why you puttin your piece of mind on here im laughin at you cause you think your all slick talkin crap to everyone else about complaining that the network is down… i think your the only one who is glad to have your privacy invaded… im gonna laugh when your on the street cause your identity was stolen…

  539. Corey says:

    I have both systems. People pay for Xbox online because that money goes into development of safer servers and an overall better online experience. Its 60 dollars a year so roughly 8 dollars a month. You can find that in your couch cushions. The problem with the ps3 is the lack of information. They handled this like a 5 year old who broke a vase. What they should have done is given us an outlandish return date (say a month or two) then when they brought it back online earlier all these gamers would have loved them even more. But instead they decided to keep everyone in the dark with vague updates that all say the same thing. I was milliseconds away from converting to a full-time ps3 user. But as of this outage and playing my xbox i realized its a far superior system. You can have online party chats while playing multiple games with only your friends which is AMAZING considering sony only offers a text chat option (how the hell do you play a game and chat in text at the same time?). So yes in the end Sony’s psn is free and thats why they never update anything (unless its the psn store) and thats why it has the SAME format as a PSP. Also the reason all of your SSN, CC#, Addresses, Cell Phone numbers were all stolen. I bet psn becomes pay only in a year.

  540. ihavxboxandps3 says:

    ok i dnt know y pl are being so stupid about not having a ps3 ihav an xbox too but i mostly play outside so all u ppl with no life go outside and do sumthing with ur life

  541. Chrisj91 says:

    @ Josh,

    What a hilarious and very true comment. Mate, I am totally with you, how do people get wound up so easily??

    Good Lad, I wish more posts were like this one, classic and original!

    Josh wrote:
    “I have a question for everyone complaining about sony and their lack of customer support. If you think their doing such a bad job at helping consumers then why did you buy any sony made products knowing they got a bad rap for not caring about their customers, and for those of you who did not buy any sony products why do you care its not like it’s going to change anything for you by complaining. Also for anyone saying they’re swithching to Xbox please do then maybe next time when I’m playing online i won’t have to connect to your dumbass and get lagged out because your internet sucks.

    And just because I enjoy reading about other people bitching I hope PSN doesn’t come back up until the end of the month because i get a kick out of reading how lost you people are in online gaming, so please read this comment despise it, hate it, who knows hopefully i’ve pissed some people off with this and they will try to go off on me through a blog. (if that happens just know you’ve made my day and I’ll be laughing about it until the Network is back up.)”

  542. Eric roberts says:

    Ha ha microsoft would never have something like this happen for so long and why yall dumb asses at home waiting for the psn to come back on ima be on my freakin xbox playin black opps madden 2k etc im dat guy ericroberts37 i ought to flush my ps3 down the toilet but what the heck ill keep it but remember microsoft will always be better dummies so yall loyal asses wait till 2012 when psn might be back on im on!!!! Dont even when know when its coming back on sony pathetic

  543. rocker says:

    are u kidding ps3 is the best system in the world i had an 360 and it broke down within two years so swicht to ps3 and been using it for 5 years

  544. instant whit says:

    2 those who say this is a free service i say get a brain. we pay for it when we buy the console, the assessories, the games & they even tell u so n there adds or r u 2 stupid 2 hear or c it. If i sold u a car and then n 4 years i came & used the onstar 2 unlock the doors & took the steering wheel I bet u would do everything u could 2 get it back. BESIDES LAWSUITS complaining is all we can do 2 let sony know our position without leaving the console all together. u guys make it sound like u & sony r friends NEWS FLASH they don’t care about customers they care about themselves & U better start growing up & doing the same. STOP being naive & let sony know if u want the psn backup. IF U DONT CARE THEN WE DONT NEED YOUR 2 CENTS WORTH. IF U THINK PEOPLE SHOULDNT CARE ABOUT GAMING ONLINE, I HOPE THE NEIGHBORHOOD BULLY TAKES YOUR FAVORITE TOY!! BGFDD

  545. Sony says:

    it will be back “in a few day” ( its lie , again )

  546. Danny Davison says:

    If Sony were thinking about their customers and fans then they would of had security issues covered from day one. Technology is moving forward all the time and Sony who makes technology themselves should know as we move forward so does security vulnerability which means they have to be one step ahead. Some of us can’t play games at all if you need updates or they’re online only games so it’s abit frustrating right now. I’m really not happy with the way we are treated and lack of updates, I think even if they said what they are doing at different points of the day that would give us something but to wait days for an update is outrageous. I will not be moving to XBox because of this security breach but that doesn’t mean to say I’m happy with Sony right now. I don’t think three downloadable games will wipe away from our memories what has happend although in time it will die down. For some strange reason I can just see all of Sony personnel standing in a room scratching their heads with a cup of tea in their hands not knowing what to do.

  547. ajay boh says:

    come bak plzz :)

  548. Chris M says:

    Since PSN has been down i have completed Spec Ops nearly all of them on Veteran. I have played and finally finished Castlevania Lords Of Shadow, the Tekken Campaign and i am currently blasting up BORDERLANDS. I have also been out alot more ! This isn’t exactly a bad thing i am also stocking up on Blue Ray DvD’s. SONY have made me realise theres more than online gaming :) SONY keep it up keep going. Faithful to the end :)

  549. N/A says:

    I think its good that PSN is down… i love reading about how lost people are without their video games. and how they are really pissed off because they can no longer be glued to the TV screen like a bunch of fat zombies… ITS GOING TO BE OKAY, IT IS GOOD FOR YOU TO NOT BE PLAYING PS3 16hours A DAY!

  550. Da_Mobi_Gyno says:

    Playstation Network isn’t really affecting my life. I spend maybe an hour a week on it. I only play black ops, a few rounds a night after work. Its really just been a tool so I wouldn’t have to F*#” my girlfriend every minute of the day. Sony.. I did spend 300 dollars to get this message across. Do you feel me? Help a Mobi out!

  551. Anonymous says:

    Look, it’s not that we have no lives, it’s that we gave payed $300 dollars for the system, $50 dollars per game, $50 if you bought a microphone, and some of us have friends in other countries that we may want to communicate and play with and Sony at the moment is slowly wasting the money we payed. Some people play all day and night and need to let go a little, but people who have payed a lot of money have a right to complain.

  552. BRYADON says:


  553. Incognito says:

    sony is better….

  554. Reyes says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Xbox allday!!! For those people saying xbox sucks ill go play black ops and laugh at u Lolololol I have a ps3 but only cuz i got it dirt cheap. Oh im playing the new maps for black ops even if PSN was up u still have to wait.LOLOLol

  555. Reyes says:

    Oh XBOX hasn’t got hacked in to. LololLololololol PSN they aint even telling u dum asses shit about whats going on.

  556. ty says:

    “a full day or two”……. “within a week”……..”at least a few more days”

    Need I Say anymore?

    At this point I think I would have better luck knowing when if I Consulted the Oracle of Delphi!

    I never been as disappointed in SONY As I am Right Now…….

  557. Brando443 says:

    We as gamers need our online..I game for a living i have my own channel on YouTube and get payed to just keep posting videos and keep my website up to date but without online I can’t really do anything but upload old gameplay and talk to my subscribers about psn being’s getting old and we need an update tonite from Patrick ….but just so you guys know Sony has already completed the new network and have developers trying it out as of yesterday may 13th..and there having an issue either trying to create new accounts or sighning’s an easy fix tho and from my knoledge of networks and creating patches for software it should just be a few more days..expect the earliest on Sunday and the latest on Tuesday…. But Sony needs to update us about were there at in this fix becouse it is really getting annoying..thanx Sony :)

  558. JustMe says:

    Why would anyone buy an X-Box in the first place. The PS3 has so many better features. I don’t have to pay for online play on the PS3 and X-Box charges their players. I know that the PSN being down is really pissing the kids off but I’m sure the parents are loving it. They might actually get their kids to do something around the house now. I know my kids are pissed but owell, now they know what I had to deal with when gaming first started. Anyway, I hope it stays down for a few more weeks because I can actually have more than a 2 minute conversation with them.

  559. Smart says:

    you guys are pathetic. You get what you pay for !! lol !! What did you expect from a free service ?? I mean seriously ?? You already bought the console , you’re going to continue buying more hardware and accessories , Sony is making their money regardless….. you think they think its a big deal that the network is down ?? NO because its free lol…thats why you get map packs later than xbox users , you have less online features than xbox users…just face it… Microsoft actually cares !! I honestly don’t mind paying $50- $60 a year because I can wake up every day and look forward to playing online as opposed to going weeks without enjoying online play of games that I’ve spent money to play online !!

  560. hermanator83 is the screen name says:

    xbox suck you all get one play it a while then it will break again,again,again,again and again. waste your money im sure microsoft wont mind it. i had my ps3 since day 1 and its working like it did when i bought it. i wish i could play online too its been a few days still no online but. all the haters can fu#k themselves with an xbox.

  561. Riceboy says:

    lol whoever is selling there ps3 have fun paying for your server internet gaming on xbox and dont forget to buy all your hardware

  562. Abunai says:

    This outage has caused me to send in my 360 for repairs. Sorry PSN i cant be any more patient. I need my online gaming and your taking WAY too long to come back online.

  563. bir5586 says:

    don’t put fake post saying your some kinda sony rep…everyone knows if sony was to post something saying it was mid-july (which its not) they would post it on a official sony website…no where else…and if your trading your PS3 for a 360 your a joke…

  564. Reyes says:

    Hahaha I just went 19-6 IN black ops can any of you PSN people say that? LOLOLOLOLOLo LMFAO!

  565. skullcrusher says:


  566. Stop winging says:

    I don’t understand why everyone gets so anal about not being able to get online, fair enough it sucks that its down, but it is a free service, and I don’t mind that Sony are taking their time because it’s better safe than sorry. Not being able to get online gives you chance to enjoy retro games like GTA IV, or encourages you to buy new games rather than getting withdrawl symptoms from not being able to go on COD, and as for the people saying that they are switching ‘allegiance’ to Xbox…do it, its a waste of money but hey ho its your choice (Ps3 is better though)

  567. FORFRONT says:

    To I just preordered battlefield 3 because it is way better the that same old game call of duty . even since playstation three’s been down for weeks you little bitches crying about no online game you must be some lazy little shits . Hang out with your parents go out side and play u know ps3 and x box haven’t been around for ever . It’s will probably be a better overall experience with all these traders ( bitches ) leaving and going to.the second rate online gaming system . So just go about your business and stay off the blog’s about how your life was so disrupted over pan down ( BITCHES ).

  568. Dameon_herby says:

    This is great. One, I have gotten a lot of time to get quite a bit of my single player games finished, and a lot of my other console games that I hardly get to play since the network is down. I know it’s bad that a lot of people are focused on the online play, but look at it this way. One: when the network is back up, the servers will be running smoother, the servers safer, the gameplay will be connected faster, and we won’t have these sh*ty unfaithful, worthless players who have switched over to the xbox or what have you. Personally, I think its great that we can root out the faithless and unrealistic players. I look forward to getting back online with it now being almost nothing but people that share the same love and care for our playstations. Also, I hope that they all have fun paying for Multiplayer!!! LOVE YOU SONY, Keep up the good work and KEEP US PROUD TO OWN OUR PLAYSTATIONS!!!


  569. playergoldy says:

    I was getting tired of playstation about a month before it went down. Dont get me wrong I love my playstation but those sony people really need to get the ntwork fixed, game systemsare not chep ya know. Ad what type of gift are we taking about? Ever since it was down i have been bored out of my mind, it has been raining like hell where i am, I need something to do with all this spare time. Usally I would be laughing at all the people complaining but I want to get my money’s worth this has been going on for to long!

  570. playergoldy says:

    I was getting tired of playstation about a month before it went down. Dont get me wrong I love my playstation but those sony people really need to get the network fixed, game systems are not cheap ya know. And what type of gift are we taking about? Ever since it was down i have been bored out of my mind, it has been raining like hell where i am, I need something to do with all this spare time. Usally I would be laughing at all the people complaining but I want to get my money’s worth this has been going on for to long! I will not be moning on to the 360 it will be up again some day but Im still a ittle upset the programers cant figure it out, matbe this is a sighn telling people to get up off teir buttsand go do something with thier lives. ( after the rain stops )

  571. Frank the tank says:

    Eric Thats because u got NO LIFE and we dont care if its down because we got a life hahahahahahahahaha XBOX SUXS

    Eric roberts says:

    May 14, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Ha ha microsoft would never have something like this happen for so long and why yall dumb asses at home waiting for the psn to come back on ima be on my freakin xbox playin black opps madden 2k etc im dat guy ericroberts37 i ought to flush my ps3 down the toilet but what the heck ill keep it but remember microsoft will always be better dummies so yall loyal asses wait till 2012 when psn might be back on im on!!!! Dont even when know when its coming back on sony pathetic

  572. corey h says:

    Yeah this is really pissing me of how its taking so long to come back up.Guess im stuck playing DA2 and ME2 for a while thank god i got a 360as well

  573. LOL says:

    I think the reason psn down is because some dumbass sony worker was reading a playboy magazine and spilled coffee on the control pad

  574. Johnny says:

    I’m glad Sony got hacked. They violate the U.S constitution every day on P.S Home and enforce their tyranny. It’s also pathetic how most users truly don’t give a damn about their rights and simply want to ”play” You realize how that makes you? That makes you a bunch of bondage living masses. Well, thank God that this ”hacking” went on. It serves a purpose.One purpose it might serve is that of raising the awareness of the masses. If the masses start making their rights a priority than these tyrants won’t have the choice but to give them up. And then you wonder why this company ”attracted” this mess. Ha, it’s no coincidence.

    The U.S Constitution is more important than your games because it’s part of yourself and your IDENTITY. = ) Yet is is trespassed and disrespected because you let it.Time for the masses to wake up and get a mind. A mind more powerful than they.And your minds truly are more powerful than there’s. Start using places such as P.S Home as a tool to grow rich and as a tool to sharpen your mind. You didn’t buy a product for it to enforce power on you. You bought it so that it gives you increase whether mentally,spiritually and physically. No matter how much they send you to hell for it, it is your freedom that’s a priority.300 years later, we’re still dealing with tyranny.No one in this country has a right to punish you for writing. It should be minimal. Sony are extremists with their policies. They’re uneducated. They will violate the law of the land for their perception and paradigm of what makes ”more money” But these tyrants will soon realize that you cannot make ”more money” as long as the masses are dissatisfied with current conditions.

    If I was the hacker, I’d make the U.S Constitution part of the negotiation deal. xD Enough is enough with these liberal commies.

  575. Eric Roberts Said: “Ha ha microsoft would never have something like this happen for so long and why yall dumb asses at home waiting for the psn to come back on ima be on my freakin xbox playin black opps madden 2k etc im dat guy ericroberts37 i ought to flush my ps3 down the toilet but what the heck ill keep it but remember microsoft will always be better dummies so yall loyal asses wait till 2012 when psn might be back on im on!!!! Dont even when know when its coming back on sony pathetic”

    Well telling from how badly you spelled that entire paragraph it shows you are one of 3 things: Illiterate, a chav or a 7 year old Xbox fan-boy.
    Either if you think Sony suck so much why have a PS3 or any Sony products? people like you are really pathetic but im actually enjoying the PSN being down because of all the amazingly badly spelt comments or retarded comments!

  576. Cole S says:

    hey chris see u monday.yah i hope psn comes up soon or im going to xbox

  577. matt j says:

    ij justwant psn to come bk on ne body gt any idea whenit will b back?

  578. RoDX says:

    I am ok with the PSN down. I have an excuse to 100% GTA IV and finish the campaign and beat it again! I’ll will be very happy if one of those free games is Sonic 4 or the re-release of Sonic 1 or 2. I just can’t wait till they release RE4 in HD w/ Trophies!!!

  579. Mikey D says:

    okay so i’ve never commented on any blog sites or anything until now. I’ve got something here for the angry and the passive agressive,
    First. I am potentially as addicted to online gaming as you can be. I “used” to play daily if i could. But I work 40+ hours a week, until 1am or later and on ten hour shifts. Now I am fairly furious about the lack of the network, sometimes more than others. Because I work so much, have a baby on the way, and am encountering less and less free time now a days. So I feel I have a right to be pissed. I have like 10 ish hours a week for games and have nothing to do with that now, and no I do not want to be outside, reading, watching t.v., riding my bicycle, or wtf ever else lame adults do with no games. I want to be lost in my virtual world, of weapons, explosions, greed, and well you get it. GAMES. come on. that shit is fun. haha. Now I do not feel that sony being the multi-billion dollar corporation that they are, has handled this well at all. Despite them not wanting to divulge all known information to the public because obviously the hackers would be listening. Dont know if anyone else had thought of that. But they certainly should let us the builders of there empire know what is going on a little bit more than they are.
    For the angry.
    Shut up. it sucks. We all know it sucks. It sucks as much for me as it does you, and the next guy and so on so forth. If you think sony is reading your bitching and crying, losing sleep, or caring in the slightest, then you are incorrect. haha sorry but thats how it goes. They have better things to do rather than troll looking for who’s crying today. Also please stop saying that your trashing all your sony equipment, unless of course you can provide credible video proof on your actions. But either way no ones gonna care but you when you come down and realize that you’ve just busted up over $500 in your own gear.
    One more thing, I personally am not going to partake in sonys “free shit” promotion, I suggest many of you do the same. Nothing is free, especially from a corporation with the money, power, and influence like theirs. Its all just a hook or something put in place by them to make your several second attention spans snap out of focus. I mean no hate by this, Im just stating my opinions. Idk might just be me but when your customers are ALL angry at you, your stocks are plummiting more every day, your million dollar television advertisments are playing but are not worth a damn dime, you need a hook. hell you need a whole tackle box of explosives. But I digress, Ive played playstation since I was 11 and am now 21. Thats a solid 10 years of loyalty. I owned and xbox and 360 both over 5 years ago, and personally wont ever go back. I wont sit here and hate on it. But I dont like the console, controller, or exclusives and Bill Gates is a total dick.
    Basically all Im saying is be pissed, be angry, switch systems, troll and post insane ramblings, just know we are all waiting just like you, are all just as mad, and none of us can do a single thing about it, except wait.
    P.S. Brink……sucked, glad me and 13 other people were waiting for like 3 years for another total let down.

  580. Eric says:

    Well, I just tried signing on and instead of giving me the error message, it’s making me download new software! Hopefully this is good news!!!!!!!

  581. Mike D says:

    theres an update out now that is supposed to let you change your password but it still cant sign in….

  582. Omar in texas says:

    I think the PSN is up…..had to do a update…So we will see guys…..try it….

  583. Parker says:

    ATTENTION ALL PSN USERS all of the dates that you here
    on YouTube vidios or small websites about psn
    being back up is fake only listen to Sony
    or the news or somthing I’m a regular kid
    I want it despretly back ( sorry if that did not make sence)
    were going to have to make the best of it
    I Sony was doing great for the begining of 2011
    they won all there court sentanses alot of Psn
    plus users lots of new games for them now it went down the
    drain with this please reply

  584. cod zombies says:


    psn in online!!!

  585. PS3lover says:

    why even look to see if the PSN is on because every time they say what day it’ll come on, it doesnt. so i just forget about the PS3. go find something else to play with, you know.

  586. john says:

    God of War triology is an amazing single player game, well i like it at least! i think mythology is interesting and i actually learned some from the game! and yeah i will be patient by the time i spend the money to change systems PSN will be working and i will have wasted alot of money plus i have alot of friend on PSN i play online with regularly ive had playstation since i was a child any system can F up and i will definatly laugh when xbox gets hacked and everyone loses there money by having to pay for a network that is not working! PSN free i aint complaining

  587. psn is up says:

    psn is up im not lying

  588. God Almighty says:

    Yeah thats crazy, why would it let us update software if something was around the corner . Ya see this is my issue sony doesn’t tell us anything much, nobody new about this update, why? lol. To my understanding may 31st was the projected date 4 reboot..

  589. ACTION*BASTARD says:

    Has anyone else got their update for version 3.61? Just updated mine but you still can’t log-in yet

  590. un says:


  591. Kev says:

    PSN Is working guys! Update is REQUIRED. But still its ups! SONY WILL PREVAIL!

  592. ltzsmk420 says:

    I just turned on ps3 and was able to get system update this is mor progress then we have seen in a month 6 of my local friends have also been able to download system update 3.61 has any one else been able to get it let me know

  593. Harpis 88 says:


  594. luis says:

    turn your systems on today may 13th,2011 and you will see a screen that prompts you to download the latest update, this shows that psn will be back up in the next days probably tuesday or wednesday of next week!!!!!

  595. Jay says:

    Downloading the new update now, looking forward to going back online soon!!!!

  596. phil says:


  597. martyn says:

    Hi im in south east uk. Im currently downloading firmware 3.61 ITS BACK PEOPLE! Just check system settings and check for an update via internet. Whoo hoo. Im downloading it, its at 21%! Peace

  598. playergoldy says:

    Johnny is stupid. Some people are onlt upset because they might be afraid that their info got stolen. Those wih psn acounts needs to check their personal stuff, make sure your identidy isnt stolen.

  599. Mstate says:

    Haha man (frank the tank) ur stupid cant wait till more ppl put comments like urs and u girls get hacked were a multi billion dollar company ur a billion dollar company ur dumbass’s at microsoft woukd take years to get it put up again and yet were only gonna take a month

  600. playergoldy says:

    My computer sucks it makes me look like i have no sense of grammer

  601. Nanch says:

    Well PSN you realy need to pick up your game xbox is kicking your ass i should know i have both consols..

    But i brought Brink on ps3 cant wait till its up to try it online and Mortal Kombat… But it sux that that game got band in Australia but i still got it hahaha

  602. playergoldy says:

    sorry for so mant comments but i just tried to sighn in and IT WORKED, PSN IS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  603. Jah says:

    Psn is back people, I’m downloading update now!!!!

  604. jose says:

    when will ps3 network be on f**k

  605. playergoldy says:


  606. kakashi601 says:

    just updated my system, but i still cant get online. I think this is the 1st step of getting online gaming back, hopefully by tomorrow or the day after we’re gonna be shooting the shit out of each other again on black ops

  607. Gunz says:

    Uhm yeah eric stfu scrub we can wait for somthing thats better then xbox to regain its composition

  608. jayzablazin says:

    i updated my ps3 but still cant log onto psn. it still says undergiong maintenance

  609. marcus111 says:


  610. jerome says:

    Heys guys PSN is now BACK ONLINE YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Need to update your firmware first…go ahead check it out!!!! THANKS SONY

  611. scott says:

    There is some life on PSN. I have downloaded the new ver 3.61 but still cannot sign-in. Waiting for password change capability. Don’t hold your breath but it may be on tonight!

  612. Bob says:

    Im just reading here and saw that someone said they were downloading an update so I decide to try it and im downloading the new update right now 9:20 Toronto Ontario time. So I would suggest all of you to do the same. Hope this helps….

  613. Bob says:

    I tried to download the new update but around 37% my ps3 restarted so sorry guys…it was worth a try thought, hopefully someone has success to end this madness lol

  614. bigmeetch#70 says:

    it still dose not work and it is may the14 u people need to get it back up and runing this is the badest problem ps3 have ener had jast tell me when it will come go back on line when the right time two

  615. Marcel jackson says:

    PSN is still Down i downloaded the update it still shows the error

    Parker says:
    May 14, 2011 at 7:30 pm
    ATTENTION ALL PSN USERS all of the dates that you here
    on YouTube vidios or small websites about psn
    being back up is fake only listen to Sony
    or the news or somthing I’m a regular kid
    I want it despretly back ( sorry if that did not make sence)
    were going to have to make the best of it
    I Sony was doing great for the begining of 2011
    they won all there court sentanses alot of Psn
    plus users lots of new games for them now it went down the
    drain with this please reply

  616. Billy bob says:

    Psn rocks and it tis doing all possible to fix this problem! I love ps and psn, I hope none of u start hating, because psn is awesome! Besides, it’s free. Who gives a damn if we can’t play for a few days. Emphasis on a few days, I didnt say a few weeks. I am sure it’ll be up and running soon!

  617. me says:

    there actually is a system update for ps3 but its still not online

  618. Miss_Wa3d says:

    @: No Comment just waiting ps3 back again but i dont think LOL $:

  619. switcher777 says:

    NEWSSS FLASHH the real date for the PSN to be Back online may 31 2032

  620. WOLFBOY says:

    i’m 14 and a new coming soon hot knew rap maker. i’m part wolf and ninja. i train myself. i’m mixed with black and white. anyways, this sucks yo. i keep up with sonys updates. i even got ideas for them. like security they put robo cops that walk around home that can scan users like if there being hacked. also marvel heroes and villans. and dc heroes and villans . batman, batgirl. i want there costumes of all of them yo. sony can you please hurry. i’ll do anything if you turn it on right now. besides, i’m a secret hero. secretly smart. if you turn it on you can find the trounle makers. i have some in mind that might be. and no i’m not saying that because i might not like them. think of the billions of users. so please sony. turn it on. i’m not saying all this in a mean way though, just incase you didn’t know. so please sony turn it on now and i promise i will help you. no i’m not a hacker. peace out yo. and rember, good guys like you and me always win against evil.

  621. Serge says:

    I personally dont think anyone has any right to be upset with Sony. They are doing all they can to get the network back up as quickly as possible, but also making sure its safe and secure. Its nice to see alot of dedicated PS3 users waiting patiently like me, but I am getting sick and tired of people saying “Oh this would never happen to Xbox!” Actually, It could happen. Microsoft just hasnt pissed off enough people for it to happen. Xbox lacks alot of things, and I dont believe I have the time to compare Xbox and PS3 and show you all how much better PS3 is, but I can make it pretty simple. Final Fantasy 13 is 1 disc on PS3 and 3 discs on Xbox. Also! The Xbox Kinetic, it doesnt recognize black people….so not only does Microsoft has shit graphics, its also racist. Sony would never make that mistake. They were attack by hackers and we have all payed for it. I am personally not worried about this. I can wait for Sony to be ready to put the network back up.

  622. aaaaaaaaa says:


  623. CONNOR says:

    why do u need ps3 network. just play with ur friends on modern and black ops?why the hell do u need it. r u a freak who never went outside and spent most of ur time playing vedio in a cold dark room?ur fucking retarded bitch

  624. josh says:

    its back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  625. thatonekid says:

    xbox was down for 2 weeks not 2 months retard

  626. julio777 says:

    Psn its back

  627. Old PSN User says:

    The easy way to protest is simply walk away from the PSN. There is no reason to be angry at the other folks using it, still. It is their choice.

  628. Packbox says:

    PSN is up soo can we now put all of this behined us? (~.~)

  629. Anna says:

    I downloaded the new update, but I still can’t get on….

  630. ImALady27 says:

    Wanna play with my friends…missing my buddies!!

  631. awsome hero says:

    cant any of u guys wait it seems like u cant live without games . and thank u guys that is saying with ps3

  632. James says:

    PlayStation are the best in the business You no this y’all

  633. chad L says:

    IM SIGNED INNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to change password but im SIGNED INNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINNALLLLYYYYYYYY

  634. Chrome Poet says:

    It’s baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  635. dannyhefc says:

    WTF pissed off even more now just downloaded the new update finkin I cud play online after installing it but its still not on rrrrrrrr. Talk about givin candy 2 a baby then takin it away wtfffff sony first time av sed this U R WANK

  636. gamer says:


  637. Millo says:

    All console suck there

  638. luke says:

    every1 is saying that psn is back online, i live in leeds, england and mine int back on if yours is back on where do u live.

  639. dannyhefc says:

    Sumfins defo happenin av just put socom 4 in and its downloaded an update and the ps update still cant log in tho

  640. Daud says:

    Hey I have downloaded 3.61 but when i try so sign in, it still does not work! Anyone know how to sort this out please ? or am i doing something wrong.

    Thank You

  641. Daud says:

    Sorry forgot to say, I am from Scotland!

  642. medanielson says:

    im in ohio … system came back on sometime between 1200- 600 am

  643. medanielson says:

    when u try to sign in to psn after u download 3.61 ,it will promt u to change password ,,,then u can log on. If it doesn’t let u sign in ,your areas not live yet

  644. playergoldy says:

    If your an xbox user, just shut up and walk away

  645. playergoldy says:

    Go log in, NOW

  646. somebody says:

    Haha man (frank the tank) ur stupid cant wait till more ppl put comments like urs and u girls get hacked were a multi billion dollar company ur a billion dollar company ur dumbass’s at microsoft woukd take years to get it put up again and yet were only gonna take a month
    your a dumbass your probably using a Microsoft based computer right now

  647. liam says:

    yeah finaly, everyone who was crying over this can now stop!! switch on you playstations people and sign in, play your games online im going straight on gt5 :)

  648. sham says:

    its bk

  649. noel says:

    hey i downloadded the latests firmware 3.61 and its still not letting me sing in can anyone help me

  650. XxMendez_GoonxX says:

    @Eric Roberts,
    microSOFT aint got nuttin on SONY! xbox was down for about 2 months in december so i dont know what your talkin’ about. it only took sony about a month to get back up while yu xbox lames waited 2 months. get a life bro. gamer heads i tell ya. haha! get at me. PSN name is at the top..

  651. XxMendez_GoonxX says:

    it was up for since 2 this mornig, but i jus tried logging back in and its down again because there were to many password resets and it was lagging real bad. it should be up in a little while.

  652. dseave says:

    ok so ive been waiting for 3 weeks and im hearing all this news lyk ” its bak up!” well i tried and it said its still under maintenence -_- i live in texas and im one mad red neck!!

  653. Miss_Wa3D says:

    CONNOR you moust try playing or use ps3 home and you will know why we need it :$

  654. Nah says:

    You all can go to xbox if you want, but you’re all fools if you do. Xbox is just a huge money maker. It’s cheaply made, with the whole red ring thing so you have to keep buying them when they break. PS3 doesn’t have anything like that. Plus you have to be super careful with xbox while it’s on, or the disk drive will burn a huge ring in your game. Not to mention live costs money, which is lame automatically. I have both xbox and PS3, and I ended up only using my xbox for l4d.

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