Heart Attack Grill

I would have never thought that there would have been a restaurant that was called the Heart Attack grill. This burger joint is medically themed and the owner says that you WILL die if you eat there every day so just do it in moderation. When you come in they even give you a lovely hospital gown in case you have a heart attack. Today this grill opened in Dallas and had a line of customers.

heart attack grillThe Heart Attack grill had some issues with the kitchen area apparently so it had to be shut down until tomorrow but it is still a media day. There is plenty of media coverage that is negative towards this establishment. One of the spokesmen that weighed in at over 500 pounds died of pneumonia recently and the other had been in a coma. It seems that he is out of the coma however and will be back to work.

Did you go get some flat line fries? How about a double bypass burger? These are things that you will find when you go here to eat. You will have to wait until it opens up tomorrow however.

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