Kyle Boller to Wed Former Miss California

Kyle Boller has managed to pick up a beauty queen. Carrie Prejean is a former Miss California and Miss USA.  According to most sources, Carrie couldn’t have picked a better guy.  You may remember Carrie as the beauty queen who made her thoughts known regarding gay marriage. She definitely didn’t earn any brownie points with her platform.

And, for a beauty queen to have a tough platform like that, she is obviously a very beautiful young lady.  And now, now she has nabbed an NFL quarterback. Kyle Boller played his collegiate football at Cal State and now is a member of the Oakland Raiders. The two have been a hot ticket for about a year.

And just like that, the wedding will take place this Friday. Nothing better than a former Miss USA and a NFL star getting married near the Independence holiday. The hope now is that Carrie’s luck will improve Kyle Boller’s play on the field. This is Kyle’s opportunity to make a new day for himself as he heads to the Raiders and back to the Bay Area.

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