Playstation Network Down: When Will PSN Be Back Online? May 14

It is the weekend again and the Playstation network down problem is going on. When will PSN back back online? Some people said they had behind the scenes information that it would be online today but obviously that is not true. Will the other deadline of May 31 that is floating around be true? I don’t think so.

playstation network down may 14While the Playstation network down problem is going on don’t listen to any other news about when will PSN be back online unless it comes from the Playstation blog. They will be the first ones that want to tell you the truth about when it is going to be up. Their last update was May 10 so we are still flying in the dark. I suppose that we are just going to have to wait and be patient.

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There have not been any reports of people that have actually had credit problems because of the hack but there is still time. Sony is offering free protection from identity theft with coverage of $1 million dollars. Have you cashed in on that? I think most people are more worried about when will PSN be back online. *LATEST UPDATE* You can now download the new PSN update from Playstation.


  1. skullcrusher says:

    im a very patient guy but i have to say that now my patience is really wearing out, because sony has been lying to us since april 20th, ive been calling them for the past week for information and all they have done is read the playstation blog to me again by phone -_-… at this rate i dont really think dey are going to achieve there deadline of MAY 31. sony is a careless company and now most of us are sitting hear paying the consequences with our credit cards because of sony’s careless actions.

  2. Fuzzamuzza says:

    SONY is probably just sitting around making pointless TV’s that are too expensive and just waiting it out.

  3. PJ says:

    Well, after 3.5 weeks of patience, not complaining about the PSN outage and the purchase of well over $30,000.00 in Sony product consumption, I have reached this conclusion: Sony doesn’t give a flying F@#* about its loyal customers (those who facilitated their fortunes). So, Dear Sony – Go F@#* yourselves. Earlier today I piled ALL of my Sony-shit planned obsolete crap hardware at the back of barn, doused the pile in lighter fluid and torched it!!! Hopefully, the black smoke of your demise reaches Japan, mixes with the radiation fallout and chokes out your entire, unprofessional, totally incompetent board of directors. I have never seen such deplorable public relations in my 30 year PROFESSIONAL career in the corporate arena. Your shareholders should force a good old fashioned ” house cleaning” starting with Stringer and Seybold. FU very much Sony. Excuse me while go out and get myself an XBox!!!! F#*kers!!!!!

  4. jahboy says:

    they needa hurry up!!!!

  5. Palladiamors says:

    Eh, I’ll bite. PJ, you’re just a regular old troll, and no one with any sense is going to listen to you. You’re post reeks of teenage whining, and your claims to being in public relations for 30 years are not only laughable but completely undermined by your supposed burning of your ‘obsolete crap’. Do the world a favor and at least drop the crap next time you do any posting. No one believes it, it doesn’t give you any credibility, and aside from a passing glance.

    On topic, yes, this delay is annoying. But I’d rather they take their time and NOT get hacked again, as opposed to just tossing out something to get the system back online. I do wish they’d communicate a bit more with the customer base, but I guess you can only say “We don’t really know.” so many times. Sit back, enjoy your offline modes ((Very few games have online only.)) go outside, read a book. You do not NEED to be online competing with people twenty four seven. Take this time to relax a bit.

  6. ty says:

    “a full day or two”……. “within a week”……..”at least a few more days”

    Need I Say anymore?

    At this point I think I would have better luck knowing when if I Consulted the Oracle of Delphi!

    I never been as disappointed in SONY As I am Right Now…….

  7. edmaci says:

    Xbox live is looking pretty good right now!!!!!! I’v had patience but its gotten to a point that all the lies and postpones or tests are kicking the date every time. Hmmmm…gamestop, best buy, or wal-mart. See ya

  8. Sony says:

    it will be back in “a few days” ( its a lie, again )

  9. doyokkoplot says:

    Japanese people are funny when they said YES it mean NO when they sais NO it mean YES so if they said that their network will be back in 1 day it could be mean 1 week , 1 month or even 1 year the reason i said this because im working in Automotive Motor Industry and i’m doing business with JAP everyday from monday to friday …

  10. PSN User says:

    Well SONY it’s been almost a MONTH now!!! I’ selling my PS3 I just bought and every other SONY thing I have and getting Samsung TV and an Xbox. I love Samsung. I’m getting rid of my SONY phone too and getting an iPhone. @!#% U SONY!

    Get back ONLINE tomorrow & I “might” be a little happy.

  11. nolan says:

    It’s SO boring not being able to play online

  12. Larry Anderson says:

    Please hurry up…..I’m 4 frying how 2 play…….

  13. corey says:

    tick tick tick……. hello….sony!! are you out there, cause we’re out here….in the cold!

  14. Larry Anderson says:

    Please hurry up…..I’m 4 getting how 2 play…….

  15. LOL says:

    Sorry sony if you dont come back up by the end of may im leaving to xbox

  16. lee says:

    hurry sony every1 gettin xbox

  17. anonsucksUprick says:

    Again, I have to ask, how can you guys be so mad at Sony? If useless people like Barrett Brown and his flying monkeys would have never started this problem, we would all be playing whatever your favorite game is right now!! Don’t forget about FAGOHOT,(geohot) he should have been punished a lot more than just no Sony products, he created this downtime by allowing people to cheat and access PSN to cheat there also. YES, Sony has taken way too long and been way too quiet, but can you blame them, how would it look if they brought it back up and then it was body slammed again? Not good, and then the same BITCHY people would be crying again and saying ” I’m trading my stuff out for xbox stuff”. PJ is a douche bag, whatever he says disregard it. BE PATIENT, it will be back!!

  18. josh says:

    Wow….. GO OUTSIDE !!!!!!!! THERE’S AIR OUT THERE, I’ve seen people breath it.

  19. deadbodyman says:

    Pallidiamors the point is Sony has given us many dates for the system to be back up and they have all came and passed and still no PSN. I mean really u say theres only so much “we dont know” Sony can do ……..not once have they said we dont know……not once have they set a timetable that they have kept to……I think people are getting tired of the BS from Sony and dates for the service to be back up that have come and passed and rightly so…..If Sony spent the money that they have spent on press releases and BS postings to their blog on FIXING the network it would be up and running by now ….doesnt matter too much tom me tho. I just broke out the NES I found and am geeking out old school…I can deal w/ mario bros for a while until Sony gets their heads outta their asses and decides getting the problem fixed is more important than flashy news releases

  20. 123 says:

    I am downloading 3.61 right now, this is NO JOKE……in the states. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. GET ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. SoLongSony says:

    Well guess its time to pony up and move over to the EVil Empire known as Microsoft. If sony had done a better job keeping people informed about progress and expected relaunch of PSN people would not be as pissed. But oh well Billy Bob Gates gets my money now…headed to Gamestop to get a 360. Peace out PSN

  22. brink-cant wait says:

    im doin a system update tht came up wen i turned ma ps3 on so it must be new. currently at 20 percent. hopefully it means tht sony are doin sumthin today

  23. anonsucksUprick says:

    3.61 is available for download!!!!

  24. brink-cant wait says:

    keepin losin connection durin update. ANNOYIN. tryin again ryt now

  25. anonsucksUprick says:

    Psn blog is my source

  26. Truly dissatisfied says:

    Ok everyone let’s settle the date thing yes today may 14th developers were able to login to test the new system. As of when we will get to login aswell is unknown. But it is a sign for us, the network is back. So far my researching says that their is just a problem making an account. I would give you guys a guesstamation of when I think it’ll be back up but if I was wrong people would reply, “nasty comments” -_- but my point is Sony says it will be back fully may 31st but that’s just “fully” which means that certain parts will be back up before may 31st. Well I hope the information I’ve looked up helps you guys.

  27. abcdefgh says:

    psn is back up

  28. abcdefgh says:

    downloading 3.61 in nz

  29. harman says:

    there’s nothing to do since psn went down i hope it comes back soon i still like ps3 …… like other people my cousin swithed to xbox 360……i hope it comes back soooooooooooooon

  30. gman says:

    in the process of downloading the new software……finally a positive sign I hope that means the psn is back online

  31. KainsLegion says:

    PSN appears to be back up guys. I’m downloading the update as we speak. Get on board and see what happens. There are also articles out now saying that sony is phasing into things slowly, region by region, starting with the Americas (I’m in Canada). Good luck. lets get online, start gaming, put this behind us and make back the ground we lost on microsoft!

  32. Dillon says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Sooo, i downloaded an update… but it’s not back up… it’s just an update…. am I wrong? should I be able to be online right now?

  33. kevin-demo says:

    im doing the 3.61 update right now i hope psn come back

  34. xGunsOfDeathx says:

    Ayo… psn almost back

  35. skullcrusher says:

    wow i just downloaded the new update version 3.61 n still cant go online so i guess this means the network is still not coming back. we wer all in darkness and saw a small light of hope, we went to the light to only end up in more darkness.

  36. kosmos says:

    stop lying update 3.61 is not available !!! its a stupid joke..

  37. jayy says:

    If sony is gonna make me pay to play stuff them

  38. jayy says:

    If sony is gonna make me pay to play online stuff them

  39. Eyesux@blops says:

    I think it’s funny when some say they are loyal playstation fans or Sony fans. Give me a break, they act like they’re being loyal to their gang, mob family or even religion. Hell after week one of the outage I figured why not have both. Meaning Xbox and Playstation. Both have their exclusives, so now I’ve got the best of both worlds. When one gets hacked I’ll play the other, if both do at the same time I’ll be hacked Now, just need to convince the wife we need another 60 inch TV.

  40. tmalone says:

    People the network is not back up! Don’t get too excited! And buying an Xbox now after waititng almost a month would be just a simple waste of money. Calm down and be patient, there are other things to do on this big blue planet. You guys really don’t know how complex somthing like this is, especially with world class hackers threating your company!

  41. Guess what? says:

    ps3 is beginning restoration update right now by region (usa)

  42. doug says:

    i downloaded 3.61 still wont log in anyone been able to log in yet? if so anyone in fl?


    I updated it but I still cant get on Psn :(

  44. oabarca1 says:

    ok guys it looks like psn is olmost back im downloading ver.3.61

  45. quincy white says:

    i downloaded it already its not up yet

  46. Sony Employee Todd says:

    Hey guys,

    As probably much of you know already, Playstation 3 Update 3.61 is available for download. Please be patient and hold on guys! We are doing our best to bring PSN up for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m not sure but PSN will be back up between the span of hours or a day, 2 TOPS. We are bringing it up state by state and eventually it will be back on.
    As a sorry, Sony is prepared to give you a compensation: 30 day trial of Playstation Plus and Qriocity and possibly a selection of games we pre-selected.

    Thanks to those who were patient and stuck with us, you’ll see it was worth it!

  47. djkkhsw says:

    playstation network has begun its process check the playstation blog website

  48. mike5439 says:

    they are going to put it back online by tomorrow 1:00 Am but some areas sooner than others my best guess is they will restore psn in the us by time zone so check every 2hours and 15min don’t ask how i came up with this it just took a lot of math and research to figure that out now my head hurts XD one more thing when psn is back up add me if u have naruto(uns2) or some need for speed my ID is mike5439 PS:(i could be wrong XD i am 65% sure.) (but its definitely by 1:00 AM tomorrow)

  49. PewPewPew says:

    I downloaded the new software, and nothing happen.. Psn IS STILL DOWN, dnt get your hopes up like i did.. cause i got shot down ..

  50. Rob says:

    at least it will still be freee and im sure the good people at sony are doing ther best to fix the problem right the first time so this doesnt happen again (now that cant be an easy wall to build). yes it stinks that we cant get a straight answer, but honestly there are a milllion things more important than bustin all youz guys heads online all night. i suggest you use this time to brush up your skills online against the computer on hall of fame diffuculty before you come back online with that weak ish. also netflix and the internet browser still works so for real quit cryin.

  51. nolan says:

    Its up right now

  52. Pablo340 says:

    Change ur password first duh

  53. Chris says:

    im just glad to hear that PSN will be back up by tommorow or sooner, atleast it gives me a date to look forward to, heh (Again) like others who updated we were shot down with a non psn, but showing that they are updateing gives even more hope to us all that it will be back on and will be free, to be honest they could keep the 30 day free thing, We all just wont PSN back up,


    PSN name is: CraigBoy86

    send me a msg when its back up cya

  54. dilly says:

    man i got an update and i thourght that ment the PSN was back up but it wasnt dam hmmmm!

  55. mike5439 says:

    northeast and California is up hurry up Georgia!! T-T

  56. callofdead says:

    im so happy i didnt switch to xbox. i cant stand thier systems. hopefully its up in michigan by tomarrow becuz thats my day off. oh well. thanks sony for fixing it.

  57. BeneBaccala says:

    Its up in on now. The wait is over! =)

  58. Dundee_00 says:

    Good to see some progress!! hooootie hooooo!!!

  59. daddy kane says:

    @Mike5439. How do you know this.??

  60. Reaperjohn18 says:

    it’s back up guys all but store but its back up at last we can celebrate!

  61. Ian says:

    It’s working over here in Texas. I’m playing MW2 online right now.Glad it’s back up. And sux for the retarded people who bought an XBOX. Its a stupid piece of plastic that gets hardware failer. Wasted like 100 or 200 dollars on a crap of plastic. And wasted like 60 bucks on games. And online paying. The guys who bought an XBOX because they couldn’t wait, y’all are the dumbest idiots I have ever known.

  62. Dude From Another Planet says:

    OK ITS UP IN CALIFORNIA AND U.S BUT WHAT ABOUT THE UK MAN?? We have been waiting for a month for it to be back up. HURRY UP SONY UK IS ONE OF UR BIGGEST CUSTOMERS!

  63. USAFLJ says:

    ITS UP IN KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. monkey says:

    OMG it says its sending a email but i didnt get it!

  65. JJ says:

    Working in canada 12:20 pm… getting system update..

  66. william says:

    sony is taking the piss said it would be back on in the uk at 5 its still not on

  67. Spartacus says:

    It’s back on in Montreal all today, but withiout any account mgmt or ps store fucntion which is 100% rediculous. I cannot download the downloadable content for my games and there is no access to any playstation plus, so here we are in mtl. in the end, and not one thing, not one promise sony has made have they honored. This is a company that at this point wiht regard to the PS3, does not have one bloddy clue what it is doing. The full weight of the LAW needs to come down hard, very hard on this rogue out of control company.

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