Playstation Network Outage Hurts PS3 Game Values

The Playstation network outage has hurt everyone that is involved with the situation. Some people are tired of waiting for the PSN to be back online and they want to get rid of their games. Some people are selling their consoles but many people are trying to get rid of their PS3 games as well. Anyone who wants to get rid of a game is going to have to take a hit in the wallet.

playstation network outage may 14There have been over three weeks of Playstation network outage. If you look to PS3 for your source of online gaming you have been left out in the cold but if you are looking to buy an Xbox 360 and get rid of your other system you will notice the decline in the average re-sale price for the games. Video Game Price Charts reports the site took a look at the resale prices for the PS3 and for the Xbox 360 and since the outage the titles for the PS3 games have dropped in value almost 5%. If you would normally get 24.10 you would now get 22.31.

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Some people wonder if Xbox is going to raise their price or if they are just going to enjoy all of the profits that are flowing their way and not raise the price. Either way the Playstation network outage has been no fun for anyone. It does not help that Sony is giving vague information that helps no one. Are you trying to sell your PS3 games? *LATEST UPDATE* You can now download the latest version at Playstation.


  1. Chris Ezell says:

    People i think it is up im not sure yet but the promised system update is available im getting it now. their website is running reaaallly slow i cant even get it to appear. but i think it is up

  2. Chris Ezell says:

    it appears that they are doing it by state here in the us. it isnt on yet in georgia. theyre website is pretty much useless it wont even load its so slow. so at least something is happening!

  3. Aldito$ says:

    It’s back on people yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  4. fghjjgfd says:

    people are so stupid, dont sell your ps3, keep it and get a xbox that way you have both and can get all games. i mean i understand with the economy, but hell I am still in high school and managed to get all three systems in the first year they came out without a job. i mean I just dont see the point of selling your ps3 and games (that you have spent over a thousand dollars on) when you will never make half your money back(maybe up to 300), might as well get both,

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