Jorge Posada: Wants Out Of Lineup

There have been reports that Yankee Jorge Posada asked to be taken out of the lineup. Brian Cashman the Yankees GM later told reports that Posada in fact did ask to be taken out of the lineup at 6 pm today. There wasn’t much information given about the why and most of the replies to the questions were a no comment. Why do you think he asked to be taken out?

jorge posada“At 6 O’clock, Jorge Posada asked Joe Girardi to remove him from the lineup in the DH spot and the No. 9 hole,” Cashman said. That was all of the details that were given. When he was asked if this was a matter of “insubordination” he said would not give a comment. If you ask me that is telling enough.

Cashman said that Jorge Posada would be able to explain his reasons after the game. Posada was born in August 1971 and is a Major League baseball catcher playing for the NY Yankees. He has been on five all star teams over the 16 year career. According to Wikipedia He is the only Major League catcher to ever have hit .330 or better with 40 doubles, 20 home runs, and 90 RBIs in a single season.

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