PSN Update May 15: Playstation Network Back Up

The news gamers all over the world have been waiting to here for the past month is here, the Sony PlayStation network is back up and running. Now it is currently not up in all markets but Sony is trying hard to get it restored world wide. Currently users in much of the United States have been able to access the network, with the other states to follow throughout the next few days. For those who haven’t heard the PSN update for May 15th, the PlayStation network is back up in parts of the US.

This all started back in mid-April when the PlayStation network was hacked into. The hackers were able to get access to most of the millions of users information including credit card info. This prompted Sony to shut down the site, although at first the reason behind it was not released. After days of speculation Sony had revealed the real cause which lead to about one month of the PSN being down. Today though good news is finally here for gamers with the PlayStation network being back up, well at least for users in the US.

Throughout the whole ordeal Sony has been criticized for how it handled the situation. They were very vague with details of what happened in the beginning and then also not to forthcoming with when a resolution would be reached. Starting last night though Sony came out with statements about the status of the PSN and the need to update your PS3′s firmware. Gamers across the US are happy to hear that the PlayStation network is back up, and for those in other countries Sony says be patient and soon access will be available.


  1. ____MGO____ says:

    wooooo i downloaded the update and i still cant log in but still il wait ….

  2. Shaq says:

    I live in Jamaica i just got the firmware downloaded but i cant sign in please ill love to know when will Jamaica be getting it back?

  3. Johnny says:

    Yo dude i believe it is only up in the states right now! Hope it’s up everywhere soon i need my black ops! PEACE!

  4. Ben says:

    I live in Barbados, so I got the firmware download but no signing in for me as yet either Shaq…
    Us Caribbean people are suffering :(

  5. Shaq says:

    yea i really miss black ops man i was prestige 7

  6. sToP-ThisGuy_ says:

    Finally.. ALL PSN QUICKSCOPERS my clan will be hosting try outs soon as we have access we’ve about 30 members , we are all elite .. Interested ? Add me and we’ll test you out


  7. George says:

    Got the update but Ps3 turned off halfway through for no reason :S

  8. Quincy says:

    Ok so for me this update is a loop. I go to sign in it say there’s anew update I go to get the update and it say I’m on the latest software … how exactly do I get this going… need ….. black…..,…ops….now.!!!

  9. Shaq says:


  10. Switzerland says:

    Hi I live in Europe, Switzerland and my PS3 stil doesn’t work. Whene will I be able to be back online???????? I miss black opps

  11. STeaLTHzZHD says:

    PSN not up in Scotland :(

  12. keith says:

    After downloading the new update, I still cant log in. Do I need to change my password? I live in NC. Is this state still down?

  13. keith says:

    What is Firmware. The article says I have to update it. Is that the update I downloaded?

  14. dan says:

    i think its bad that theres such a big gap between the regions gettin their psn back up and running. psn server in cali and they are the first to get up and running. stop being racist and give it to everyone!

  15. si says:

    im in uk and wen the psn is back up willi neen to check my messages to change my passwrod?/ ?

  16. Canadian says:

    When will it be back up for west-central Canada?

  17. nancy says:

    it was so nice havin my husband actually listen to what i had to say during these 3 weeks…geez..thanks alot ps ntwk now im a single wife again….

  18. James says:

    I am now getting stressed out with Sony.keep getting told to be patient.we have waited long enough I live in the uk and now have to wait whilst America get to enjoy the service I have not seen them make a start on any other country or give any clear information as to when we will be back feel like like they left us in limbo

  19. Waitingfornoone says:

    My 13 YO came into my room about 130 AM and said a friend of his online on YouTube was saying there was a update you had to do (password change is all it made me do small download) and BAM It was up and running!! I hope they get it back to everyone very soon. My 12 YO is currently playing BlackOPS online as I type. (No worries gamers ,he’s very good as is his 13 YO brother not one of those annoying screechers you’ll hear!)

  20. Rafal says:


  21. Brudders says:

    I live in Newfoundland, Canada, the PSN is back up here!

  22. i need ps3 i got all exited when i got the update and then it said i couldnt sign :)

    HURRY UP PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Memphis says:

    Here in pa and working

  24. Clank says:

    its not back up here – Malaysia. Still says its under maintenance. :(

  25. dylan says:

    Sony is so crap , they bum america , waited so long for ps3 to come online again but it’s still not on why put America online and not other people ????
    When will it be back up I need to play FIFA 11 ultimate team !!!!

  26. says:

    when will it be back up in uk? someone answer please

  27. sandman says:

    I live in southern cali, got my update yesterday around noon but took like 4 tries to download all of the update. After I downloaded the update I could not get online till about 845 pm, kept on saying maintenance on the network. I did have to change my password and the psn store was still down but I was playing black ops online

  28. Tyler says:

    ya i got the update and signed in

  29. Chris Ezell says:

    to someone firther up no california did not get it first the northern states maine NY and the such got it. And how is that racist?

  30. brian says:

    Yea so i live in northern ohio and its still not working for me either. I did the update and now it said to reset the password but im not getting an email and now it says there is a server problem. wth sony

  31. im updating meh ps3 right nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  32. PhuckSony says:

    Mandatory update but you can’t log in until you receive the email with instructions.. up to another 24 hours. I just want my CC info OUT OF SONYS HANDS oh wait I can’t log on to remove it thx Sony!

    By the way it was nice of you not to tell anybody until weeks after it happened the reason being SONY did not want it to interfere with the new TABLET PC that was released the same week sales may have been affected and greedy corporate capitalist shit houses like SONY don’t care about compromising millions of peoples CC info it’s all about profit and shares I’d like to say a big screwyou to all sony ceo’s If I had compromised any of those executives CC info I’D BE ROTTING IN A CELL RIGHT NOW so screw you SONY

    Just put it up spineless mod

  33. Brian says:

    Its on in columbus ohio been playin since lastnight owwwllll loyal to sony!

  34. a11uguynoobz says:

    in fresno psn works alot of people playing black ops online i hope sony make psn store work cause i want the new zombies map keep the good work sony.

  35. fernando says:

    i have downloaded the firmware 3.61 but i cant log in yet i wanted to know if some one knows when will it be back in central America

  36. a11uguynoobz says:

    one thing sony why i login to my old accont tells me to make a new accont i lost all my cus and russin friends know i have to read my cus everbody…

  37. zerodante san says:

    this ia why i stick to my 360 sure iwas defective a lil but all in all its a got a bigger game library and hell i might have to pay 20 dollars a month but i know this shit wont happen to it and i know what all of u guys are gonna say xbox 360 sucks but most of u guys are just fan boys that cant see something good all the ps3 has going for it is that you can browse the web and play blu ray movies but guess what my desktop does that stuff without the blu ray drive and i can surf the web on it as well so yeah i think sony should stop being atupid and actually charge u guys for ur stuff and maybe then it would be a lil safer

  38. Furtalance says:


  39. WTFSONY says:

    While everyone enjoys the PSN again, my house got robbed three days ago.

  40. Antony says:

    This is Greece psn was online today
    I was asked to change my pass but there was an in the process
    and now the psn is again down

  41. Lgodsey says:

    It’s back down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!

  42. Lgodsey says:

    It says its undergoing maintenance!?!?!

  43. antoine says:

    im in DETROIT MI AND IT WORK FOR MY friends but not foe me

  44. Zack says:

    I downloaded the update or whatever but it still won’t let me play!

  45. Peach says:

    WTF I was on and now it wont let me back on

  46. jhhhh says:

    don’t shut the system of or ur going to have to wait then it’ll comeback i did that got mad then it cam back online sooo awwsssome :D :) :P

  47. Cod Player says:

    I live in South California and i did the update but it says its still undergoing maintenance

  48. y is it off says:

    its off again in dallas texas tell me why cuz its nt fair to me and everry one else

  49. Travis says:

    i was just playin black ops for a couple of hours and now i cant sign in again wtf !!! sony needs to get somethin right or im jus smashin my ps3

  50. Dino4muncher says:

    It was on earlier but now it says mainattendance now. Y?????!!!!!

  51. Juan says:

    I Live In Arizona, so do we get stuff for free or nawww

  52. JasonX says:

    Is back off line this is pissing me off

  53. Playing right now says:

    I’m playing right now. I live on the east coast of the U.S. No problems here.

  54. Ian says:

    I feel sorry for the stupid idiots who bought a XBOX. Money wasters.

  55. TravisD says:

    Down Again!

  56. Ian says:

    It’s down again!!!!

  57. Ricardo says:

    I was playing online in the morning in Los Angeles then i went to a dodger game and i come home to find the network back off. What the heck is going on

  58. B says:

    I live in kendleton texas and its back off this messed up

  59. XxDarkMaverickxX says:

    It’s official:
    I’m so friggin dope, it’s disgusting. For the many hours that the psn was up and running, i was utterly destroying everyone at every game i own. primarily tekken 6, mortal kombat and black ops. so sad the network had to go down. i was reapproaching my gaming prime. Get it together, Sony. They should have anticipated massive numbers of players on these servers at one time. Now the question is: How long will it be down this time?

  60. SAV_ASZ_ASSASIN says:

    Mines wnt let me sign in at all…But im glad it’s baq up =]

  61. Taya says:

    Im glad that sony took full responsibilty for turning on the psn back on thats a good thing im proud of sony for turning the service back on but to be honest with you I was hoping that sony would of allow ppl to change there psn username for security purposes since ppl accounts got hacked the username is just as important as changing the password for your account sometimes changing your passwords isnt enough the hackers still have ppl psn usernames. Now adays you dont know what these hackers are thinking about we assume they just want too bring down big companies but you dont know whatelse on there mind you cant say that they dont want ppl addresses.. if that was the case why would they hack a system with ppl sensitive information on it credit cards, addresses, names and ect If they was worrying about just sony itself they could of just hack anything sony related… but NO!! the stupid hackers target not only just sony but innocent ppl accounts and ppl information YOU SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE UR USERNAME ATLEAST JUST ONCE speciallly for ppl who had credit card information on there account yes I agree with that sony should allow ppl to change there username again for security purposes . Personally i wouldnt want a hacker having my username i rather change it so Ill feel alil bit safe not only did i change my password but my username 2 just to make sure ppl are confortable if they ever decide to purchase stuff thru there credit card again ppl will feel more secure about trusting sony again giving them there credit card infomation again

  62. David says:

    Mine was up but then went down too,
    Since a lot of people r signing in, there is
    A lot of traffic going on right now so
    Hang in there

  63. Eduardo says:

    Yeah, I’m in USA, Wisconsin. Most of the day was fine, I was online playing. But now, it say they’re under maintenance again! Don’t leave us hanging! It’s not just me either, my friends who live in my area have the same problem. Thanks Sony.

  64. Ryan says:

    Up, down, up and back down it’s sony’s evil musical chairs and it’s getting old, I’m going to need something a little more awesome than a few costume pieces and a mere 39 marks in DCUO if this keeps up, especially with not so much as a tweet from Sony as to why it’s still down after the 30 minute time frame as suggested before

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