Survivor Redemption Island Winner: Who Won Survivor 5/15/11?

Everyone is excited to see who the Survivor Redemption Island winner is tonight. The winner will be revealed when the jury decides who is the player that deserves to win. Who do you think the jury will vote for? We will find out tonight who wins Survivor Redemption Island 5/15/11.

who won survivor redemption islandMatt, Andrea, Grant and Mike have a duel and the winner will get a chance for the $1 million as they re-enter the game. There is also a chance for immunity and an unlikely pairing of castaways. This episode with Survivor Redemption Island winner is called “Seems Like a No Brainer”. The final three are going to try to get the sympathy of the jury.

The Survivor Redemption Island finale is a two-hour show. It will be followed by a live reunion show tonight as well. The show is going to be aired from 8pm to 11pm eastern. Who do you think is going to win? Come back here to find out who won survivor 5/15/11.

Update: Andrea gets voted out; Ashley gets voted out; ROB MARIANO wins Survivor!

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