Celebrity Apprentice Who Got Fired? May 15

Celebrity Apprentice May 15, 2011 is part one of the finale. There are four celebs that remain and they will be taking on new tasks. There will only be two that advance into next week. Who do you think will be the final two and who is going to be fired on the Celebrity Apprentice 5/15/11 results?

celebrity apprentice may 15Former season winners will come back to interview the four remaining contestants. Piers Morgan, Joan River and Bret Michaels will come to interview Meat Loaf, Marlee, Lil John and John Rich. Who do you think they will select to be in the final two? Everyone is asking the question “Celebrity Apprentice who got fired?”

The final two are going to have the task of producing a launch campaign for 7UP Retro. They will design a new can as well as produce a 30-second commercial. All of this would have to be presents at a gala event. What do you think the answer to the question “Celebrity Apprentice who got fired?” will be? Check back here for results!

Update: Lil John was fired; Meat Loaf was fired; Final Two: Marlee Matlin & John Rich


  1. Mayu says:

    I figured from day 1 it would be Marley Matlin and John Rich. Waiting to see if I’m right… but I’m pretty sure I am.

    And I called Marley Matlin to win.

    If I had it my way… it would be Meatloaf and John Rich. I love Meatloaf, and I love St. Jude’s Children hospital.

    I just thank God it’s not Star Jones.

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