The New Generation of iPhone 4 with its 3-Axis Built In Gyroscope

Just when you think you have the hottest phone, Apple reveals the iPhone 4 with dual cameras, the secondary sporting VGA capability. This Smartphone is thin, and its antenna is its surrounding steel frame. This phone has a stunning video display of 960 x 640. The feature that has everyone’s attention, however, is the 3-axis built in gyroscope.

The gyroscope is something Apple includes for handheld gamers and game makers. When this feature combines with the phone’s compass and accelerometer, gamers experience 6-axis motion sensing. This opens up innovative doorways for developers of racing and flight simulator games, and that’s just the beginning. The phone also sports a front facing camera for Web conferencing and video chat.

Presently Apple has made no indication that any other carrier other than their own exclusive AT&T will offer this phone as many had anticipated. This has some consumers reluctantly sticking to their current Smartphone models because of the limited available service area provided currently by AT&T, even with the overwhelming features including the gyroscope technology. Other news that has phone enthusiasts grumbling is the fact that AT&T is also eliminating unlimited data access at a monthly flat rate fee. This means paying a flat fee for a specific amount of megabytes or gigabytes.

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