Survivor Winner 2011

Well after weeks of surviving there is a Survivor winner 2011. Rob Mariano has been on the CBS reality series “Survivor” for quite some time and has finally won the show Sunday evening (May 15, 2011). Known as Boston Rob he was crowned the champion of Survivor. This series was called Redemption Island.

survivor winner 2011This was actually his fourth stint on the program. Mariano is the survivor winner 2011 and he won by a considerable distance. Mariano earned eight of the nine votes cast against Phillip Sheppard and Natalie Tenerelli. That means that the 35 year old is going to take home a $1 million cash prize. He said he felt confident ahead of the season finale.

Mariano said,”You don’t know for sure until the votes are read, but I had a pretty good feeling. I played my heart out. I love this game, but you’ve got to get lucky along the way, too. I know what it takes”. Since he had previously competed before he had a good chance of winning. What a reward for all of the hard work to becoming the Survivor winner 2011.

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